Dark World

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  1. Background:

    In the year of 40XX where technologies are within the grasp of humanity. An unfathomable phenomenon befall the world wiping out human race and was replaced by multilated species that barely resembles the human features. Earth gone dry and toxic. No life can survive in the surface anymore. And so bit by bit the population began to decrease.

    Brindenburge Facility. In the past few years this facility or formerly known as medical center reign the modern art of medication. The Brindenburge medical center made the diseases that once crowned deadly became a common sickness and saved many lives.

    When the unfathomable phenomenon strikes, tarnishes the world with death and chaos. The Bridenburge facility became the last standing sanctuary for the human race.

    With a goal in mind to reclaim the lost lands, the Brindenburge became the new cradle for the new human race.


    1. No GOD-MODING.
    2. No one liners, the minimum response will be 1-2 paragraphs.
    3. Respect each role players.
    4. No bashing, if you do not like someone settle it between yourselves.
    5. No character limit.
    6. Please check on your spelling and grammar. (Don't worry I'm not that strict with grammar. The most imporatant point is that it's understandable.)
    7. Each role player has a right to post 2-3 per week minimum.
    8. If your going to be away, please let me know.
    9. Intimacy... make it fade away and for the explicit ones do it on pm. (I want this group to be available for all ages.)
    10. All events are decided by the creator and collaborators.

    [There will be more to add...]


    Pre-made Characters:

    1. Brindenburge Founders. (3)
    2. Gate Keepers. (2)
    3. Rankers/Jury. (3)
    4. Head Scientist.
    Character Sheet:


    ◇ Name:
    ◇ Age:
    ◇ Sex:
    ◇ Appearance: (Narrative or Image)
    ◇ Biography: (Optional)


    ◆ Name:
    ◆ Sex:
    ◆ Age: (10-above)
    ◆ Ability: (chose one)
    ◆ Appearance: ( Narrative or Images)
    ◆ Biography: (Optional, only applies if you want the OC have a past or a human memory of who they were once was before the rebirth)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.