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The day before:

Sasha woke up early that morning knowing that it was going to be a long day ahead of her for packing and getting things ready. It wasn't easy for her to leave home or to be around a bunch of people that she didn't really care for. It wasn't that she didn't care for them, she did-- though she didn't get into much detail about her life with them. She was excited to finally get away. Away from the city of Chicago. She swore the city never slept but, it wasn't exactly true. They called it the Windy City. A Typical name. It was right on the border of Ontario, Canada almost; and there was wind EVERYDAY.

That morning Sasha crawled out of bed, and looked at herself in the mirror. She was ready for this. Ready to leave her family behind. Nothing was going to be the same; but she made sure that she had lots of extra clothing, and lots of extra food for everyone. Pulling out her suitcase, she started packing things in a neatly order fashion. Sasha was definitely particular about this. It was just so things were easier to find, instead of being frantic about it all. Her check list considered...

Map = Check.
Toothbrush= Check.
Raincoat= Check.
Boots= Check.
Food= Check.
Ipod= Check.
Cell Phone= Check.
Toothpaste= Check.
Clothes= Check.
Hair Brush = Check.
And last but not least,

A few good books. = Check.

Zippering up the suit case, she pulled it off her bed heading down the stairs. She placed the suitcase in front of the door, then looked around. She seemed to have everything. The plan was, that her and her friends were going to sleep over at one person's place for the night then leave bright and earlier to Dark Woods Campground. It was only for a week, it wasn't going to be anything too serious. Just friends hanging out, having fun...
Sean woke up early, sprawled across the floor of his room, surrounded by empty beer cans from the night before. As he blinked the sleep away into the morning sun, he tried to pick the events from last night out of a jumble of drunken memories. Although this turned out to be useless, he did have a hazy recollection of agreeing to meet up with his friends...to spend the night at someones house and then go on a camping trip the next day, but that was all. He rolled off the pile of clothes he had passed out on and slowly stood up. His head felt like someone had taken a hammer to it, but it was nothing a couple aspirin and some coffee wouldn't take care of.

After a hot shower, Sean got dressed. He put on his faded Levi's and a white shirt, over that he wore a green hoodie. After he dressed he grabbed his backpack and began packing some things for the trip. Flash light, an extra jacket, a few pairs of socks, toothbrush, pocket knife and last but not least a bottle of Jack Daniels. After all, what was a camping trip with out a little booze? He imagined the others would be bringing stuff to drink as well, but if not he would gladly share. Although Sean did drink alone -quite a lot- he was never opposed to having people to get drunk with, especially his friends.

First thing first, he decided to head over to Sasha's house. At least from there he would be able to get an idea of what was going on, and she was the closest one to Sean, distance wise, so the trip would be easy on his hungover body.
Giving a monsterous yawn that made her cat startle, Janie stretched out and hopped out of bed. She was unusually excited for this camping trip, she was eager to go hiking to see the animals. Hopping into the shower, she belted out her favourite tune, "7 Day Fool". After being refreshed, the morning-go-getter quickly brushed through her orange-ish hair.the hairdresser was supposed to bleach it but it didn't turn out so well, but she was okay with having copper hair. After making herself presentable, she frantically got everything packed. Cat food, clothes, cat toys, toiletries, litter box, some books, appropriate footwear and finally, Chica, her kitten. Janie hoped her friend wouldn't mind that she had brought her precious feline.

Once she was done packing everything away into her and her cat's suitcase, she had a blueberry smoothies and glanced at the mirror. Her large light brown eyes blinked back at her, her pale cheeks and nose dotted with freckles. Whistling to herself, she loaded up her vehicle and paused, damn, where am I going? Janie shrugged her shoulders and decided she would eventually find her way there, she knew the general area. She placed her cats cage in the backseat and let her cat roam the car as she drove, this was going to be a great trip!