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  1. A groan pours from your lips as your eyes slid open. The first thing you see is the blurry image of a blonde man standing in front of you. He appears to be wearing a red flowing coat and looking at you with a wide grin. You attempt to get up only to take note that you're chained to the wall. Glancing up once more, you realize the man is laughing. "Welcome to my world, pet." He says as he takes a step closer to you.

    "Your...world..?" You manage to moan pitifully causing the red-clad man to laugh harder.

    "Yes, you silly goose. My world." He says as he motions to the cell that you're currently in. Absently, you take not that there are other people chained to the walls... deformed people... "I have brought you here and... fixed you." He chuckles. "...and you will perform in my circus." You open your mouth to object, but he notices this and cuts you off. "If you refuse... Well then, you will simply end up like the others.." He says with a sense of grim satisfaction before turning on his heel and leaving the room.

    What others..? You wonder to yourself. You can't help but try to imagine how many others there are... or were. You try to take a moment to process things. You were taken from your home and brought to this.. this circus only to be changed into... you don't know what. "It's best just to listen to Master..." A small voice says from across the room.

    You glance up to see the voice came from a rather small girl that is also chained to the wall. You instantly note that she has black wings and blood soaked bandages covering her eyes. You think she's looking at you, but you can't be quite sure. "If you don't... well.." She paused, raising a pale hand to pitifully motion to her eyes. "Our only hope is to escape..." She said softly, a look of what could only be described as determination crossing her face.

    Escape... You glance around at the others as they nod in agreement. You suppose it sounds like a good idea. First, however, you have more important things to worry about. Such as things like what that monster of a ringmaster did to you. Steeling yourself for the worst, you glance down to see what you've become...


    Character Sheet

    Act- (What they perform)

    Acts Taken
    Ring Master
    Acrobatics and Aerial Show
    Aerial Silk


    Aveline Kimberly Angelo
    Gender- Female
    Age- 18
    Deformity- Black wings. (Also blinded for punishment)
    Act- Acrobatics / Aerial Show
    Personality- Aveline is very quiet. She doesn't speak out much except for when she or someone she cares about is horribly wronged. She is neither an optimist or a pessimist, often simply stating what she believes to be the truth whether it's positive or negative. She's not really the type to rise up and be a leader, but can handle herself fine when forced into the position.

    Name- "Ring Master" Killian
    Gender- Male
    Age- Unknown
    Deformity- None / Is a natural and powerful magic user
    Act- The Ring Master
    Personality- Unknown

    Name- Tristan Averian
    Gender- Male
    Age- 19
    Deformity- Physically none, but is infused with magic from the Ring Master through markings he hides under his clothes.
    Act- Magic act.
    Personality- When he's himself he's kind and helpful. He enjoys helping other people and wants to help the others escape from this hellish place. However, with the Ring Master in his mind and able to control his movements and see through his eyes, it makes it rather difficult to get anything accomplished. The Ring Master enjoys tormenting him with thoughts of hurting his friends and sometimes almost forces him to do it through the control he has over him. So, while being kind, he has to act indifferent towards the other members of the circus lest he risk hurting them.
    Extra- Tristan is not kept in the holding cell with the rest of the circus members. He is kept in a tent next to the Ring Masters. Seeing as the Ring Master can control his every move if he so wished, Tristan has special privileges.

    Accepted Characters
    Killian ~ Helena Sky
    Aveline Kimberly Angelo ~ Helena Sky
    Tristan Averian ~ Helena Sky
    Antoinette Maria Polarma ~ Princess Poisoned Rose


    1. Obvious. No god-modding.
    2. Respect the other people. If your character wants to bitch slap another character and cuss them out, go right ahead. If youwant to bitch slap another person and cuss them out, take it out of the thread and preferably to a moderator. I'm not going to handle your petty arguments. At least not nicely.
    3. Damn, shit, ass, etc... If you don't like it, don't continue because there is going to be much more of it in the future.
    4. Literacy. Learn the word. Love it. Because I do. I'm not going to go all grammar Nazi on you, just please... please... respect the English language... After all. Good grammar is the difference between helping you Uncle Jack off a horse, and helping your uncle jack off a horse. I will behave. Until i 2ee 2hiit liike thii2. OR SHIT LIKE THIS. I do not want to feel like I am being screamed at through text. I, however, will not murder you for one or two misspellings. Everyone makes mistakes. I understand this. Just, like I said. Please don't abuse the English language. It is a beautiful thing.
    5. One liners are the enemy. Can we have at least a paragraph? Is that too much to ask? If I see a single sentence post, I will go beyond flipping my shit. I understand writer's block is a common issue, just please don't drop below three sentences.
    6. If you have read these rules in their complete glory, please put "Master is the Enemy" in your character sheet. If I do not see this, you do not get accepted. Plain and simple. I will tell you that you can have a place once you've read the rules.
    7. All characters must be approved by me before joining the role play. This is to prevent stupidity and, once more, to prevent shit flipping.
    8. This role play is NOT for children. 13+ please. There will be some screwed up shit in this RP and I don't want to mentally scar children.
    9. Only two characters per person. That's it. No more. We're not having the RP revolve all around one person and their gazillion characters.
    10. If you are gone for more than a week without giving me a valid reason before you disappear, you will be removed from the RP. We're not all waiting on one person, we want to keep moving. If you are going on vacation or something tell me before you leave.

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  2. Name-
    Antoinette Maria Polarma
    Living Marionette Doll
    Aerial Silk
    Annie is a very introverted girl and always felt like she had not control in her life. She always did what her parents wanted her to do and was going follow the career path they wanted for her. She is rather shy in nature but is usually pretty up to the most daring things to do. Once you earn her trust however she is a loyal person and is more than protective of her friends. Annie can be a big pushover when she feels that her decisions were going to hurt or damage someone's feelings.
    Although she is nineteen Annie is a petite girl standing only at 4'8'' tall. Her body is slim with small delicate curves. Her hair is a chocolate brown in color and is completely straight. Her joints are all articulated and now made to look like a marionette doll. Annie's eyes are hazel in color but changes to a green and a dark blue at times.
    "Master is the Enemy"
  3. Hello. Is this rp still active? Because I'd really like to join if it is.
  4. Is this RP still active? If so I'm also interested in joining.
  5. May I join? I'd like for my character to be the beast tamer if that's ok.
  6. I had two ideas and was thinking to ask about either. So it depend on the deformity. I was thinking maybe a part monkey character to be a clown? The other Ill mention when I have a better idea on how to explain it. But if no on a half animal character Ill rethink both ideas all together.

    The second one was involving a fox.

    @Helena Sky
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  7. Alright I'll probable have a character up this weekend then.
  8. Current Appearance-Fur is black and eyes are blue[​IMG]
    Old Apperance

    Except his fur is black, and eyes are blue.
    Name-Kevin Smith
    Show Name-Bananas the Clown
    Deformity-Is literally now half monkey
    Act- Clown act
    Personality-Basically a care free guy, Joker. Some of his jokes is when he is hiding pain or trying to cheer himself and others up. He isn't the brightest either and can be extremely curious. He's also extremely talkative and often gets in trouble for that. He can be rather clumsy at times. Normally he just seemed accident pron but once he became part monkey it seemed become worse when he walks normal on two feet. Now he often walks like an chimp as well as looking like one.

    "Master is the Enemy"

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  9. Male or female because you have both pronouns there
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  10. If you meant the CS sorry I keep changing it back and forth when I thought I had found pictures but in the end decided on a male and thought I had fixed it back. Haven't yet finished the personality though so I'm now just about done. Sorry for the typo there.
  11. @Helena Sky

    Considering this. How about a one armed girl with a snake tail instead of legs?
  12. @Alexis Dawn Snake tail is fine, but how did she lose her arm?
  13. @Helena Sky Sorry Mondays are awful for or would have replied sooner.
    Was thinking similar to why Aveline is blind, as punishment, with the threat to make her fully 'snake-like' i.e. limbless if she misbehaves again. I was thinking Snake Charmer for the act as the snake.
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  14. Name- Sasha 'Scarlet' Jones
    Age- 20
    Deformity- legs replaced by a snake tail, and 'dances' uncontrollably at the sound of a flute, (left arm removed as punishment)
    Act- Sasha is part of the Snake Charmer act, as the snake
    Personality- Sasha used to be a friendly and open person. But her fear of snakes combined with her 'deformity' and recent punishment has left her depressed and withdrawn. Sasha used to love to dance, but now only being allowed to do it in the act robs it of the joy. She craves freedom, but fears the promise of Ringmaster to turn her fully into a limbless serpent if she caught misbehaving again.
    History- Sasha was a dancer under the stage name 'Scarlet' due to her bright red hair. She was a rising star in a ballet company until she never made it home one day. After waking up in circus with a snake tail, she was minor discipline problem, culminating in an attempt to escape in the middle of a performance.
    Appearance- Sasha is fit and beautiful woman with strikingly bright red natural hair and eyes. A lithe dancer's body that becomes a scaled snake tail starting at her hips. The scales of her tail are snow white with red markings. She wears numerous gold bands and other accessories, though seeming to jangle as she dances most are attached via hard to remove piercings.
    A series of bandages cover her left shoulder, as that is all that remains of her left arm after being punished for attempting to escape and nearly ruining a show.

    (the above picture is Sasha except for her missing arm and appearance of her tail. Look under spoiler for an idea what her tail looks like.)
  15. @Helena Sky If I need to change anything let me know.
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