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  1. Time has passed since alice came to wonderland and oh how dark it has got the queen of hearts little sister seeks revenge on alice sending her most skilled assassins after her. The hatter is the only one who can get into her castle but he is locked away in a mental hospital in wonderland,the white rabbit is in the dark forest and who ever enters has no way out and as for the rest in wonderland no one knows they are either dead or about to die. Only alice can save them but as she has growen up she has forgotten all about the land she once loved and cared for now she is just a stubborn girl who refuses to save the world she loves.

    Apperence(Picture is ok):
    Who they are in wonderland:
    Weapon of choice:
    Other information:

    Name:Jefferson king
    Personallity: Mad,has a dark side which shows on occassions,smart,cunning and loyal,sarcastic
    Who they are in wonderland: Mad hatter
    Weapon of choice:A cane he uses to help him walk it also has a hidden sword inside
    History: Jefferson grew up in wonderland and spent most of his time with his good friend the march hare drinking tea and going about there day to day lives but when the red queen(queen of hearts sister) ordered him to make her a hat that was to her liking he began working again day and night he spent making her that hat losing his sanity as he did so, Finally when it was not to her liking she orderd him to be executed but her advisor told her he might be of use to her one day.Now he locked up in a mental hospital he cant escape.
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  2. Jefferson sat in his cell throwing his hat in the air and catching it again.

    "Bored,bored Guard im bored" he yelled sitting on the ground of his cell

    He occassionally stood up and started hitting the halls he had been here for five years and he was gettting even more insane then he usally was
  3. [​IMG]

    Name: cheshaa kyatto
    Age: 20
    Personallity: Dark and sweet with a smile.
    Who they are in wonderland: Cheshire cat.
    Weapon of choice: her wepon is nothing. She can see ahead of time
    History: she missed Alice she liked playing with her mind now she had Hater to play with but he just mess with her mind wich is not fun. she likes things that are fun but Haters not fun and the Red queen too she just mean. she didn't like meeting the evil lady. there is nothng fun in wonderland she need to find something to do. she can find the others.
    Other information: she likes cookies and dark things. she can change into a cat or human.


    cheshaa kyatto was very bored. so bored that she wanted to die. "Hater-chan" she said with a bored smile. she poped up in frount of him with just her human head. she didnt know where her body was. she didnt care she hated being bored. "HATER-CHAN I BORED" she yelled at him bored as hell. "I bored Im bored Im boredand your bored so lets be Bored togather." she said.
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  4. "Get me out of here then ches" he said now sitting on the floor spinning his hat in a circle.

    His eyes looked up at her. He did not seem his old self all his energy seemed to have been drained.
  5. "well that would be fun but no I dont want the qween having my haed" she laughed and her haed spined. "wan an play cards?" she laughed when she rememberd her body was not there. "hey hey lets hang around" she laughed at her own joke which was so bad she had to laughed.
  6. Name: Fluffy
    Age: 3 (bunny years)
    Appearance: like my profile pic
    Personality: Friendly but Psychotic
    Who they are in wonderland: The White rabbit's dark side
    Weapon: Claws
    History: I was part of the White rabbit but it's personality was split in 2 and that's where i'm from
    other information: Loves potatoes ;D
  7. "No I refuse to play cards until I'm out of here" he said crossing his arms and turning his back to her
  8. He threw his hat high in the air and it landed on his head.He did have playing cards with him he always did he just did not want to use them with ches.
  9. she pout and winked and the door opened. "your going to have to do the rest on your own" she said and disaperrd
  10. "Thank you" he said then chucked the pack of cards at her.Then left the room smiling.
  11. she left the cards but followed Hater only her eyes where showing and so waschesr smile.
  12. "Are you going to help" hatter said knocking out one of the guards then fixing his hat
  13. nope but ill ay this there are two guards coming your way" she said with a smile
  14. "Oh thank you" the hatter said in a sarcastic tone and slipped two guns out off his sleeves the fired it at them And walked down the stairs.
  15. OH and the Little Bitch of A qween is coming." she said with a smile. "she PISSSSSED OFFFFFF" and with that she left him alone.
  16. "Really chess" he said quickly firing bullets down the stair well at the queen none of them hitting her. He backed up to the window as she walked over to him
  17. Chess was outside in her hug cat form. she looked up at him with a smile. "COMING HATER?" she called out. knowing the queen. "My Lady" she called out to The Queen.
  18. Hatter jumped out the window and landed perfectly next to chess.

    " your useless you know that right" he said a huge smile on his face.
  19. Oh says the one who can't get out of a cell." she said with a smirk. "get on my back ill get you as far away from her as I can" she said looking at him.
  20. Hatter jumped on chess " your one fucked up horse you know that right" he Said even though he knew she was a cat
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