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  1. Earth. A planet name a certain gem had heard a lot about by now. Said she'd like to go there someday. Expressed her excitement for being able to do so, even. It wasn't until recently that she was finally promoted to a class that was allowed to do so.. And, wouldn't you know it, the first mission was to survey it.

    The preparation time was short. The trip over, not so much. She couldn't take a warp pad over there, unfortunately, as it seems they were either not in use or not working. By the time she finally got to her destination, nightfall seemed to have already passed. Once she woke up, the gem from straight out of Homeworld-- Onyx-- exited hurriedly and escaped to take in the sights. She lived for exploration, learning more about planets, their culture, delicacies, everything that made their environment how it is. If one from the very same planet she came from didn't know any better, they'd probably think that she had no clue what Homeworld wanted from her soon-to-be analysis of Earth, and to her, it was just a field trip. A small journey into the unknown. An short adventure of history. If only she knew, then she would probably save herself needless trouble.. Nevertheless, she was glad she got promoted! A real good way to see the world.. Or, worlds, rather.

    As she walked, she noticed a lack of details. A grassy wasteland. All she could hear was wind and the rustles of trees nearby. But soon, she heard what seemed to be a commotion, and a few sounds of running motors that got quieter as they seemed to pass by. Civilization? She didn't expect to find inhabitants so soon! Pushing up her oddly-shaped lenses against her face, she took off towards the slowly increasing noise of clamoring.
  2. For Pyrite, Earth was her home. It was where she was made... and where Homeworld had left her. She never had a single glance at the planet that she was supposed to be fighting for so long ago in the war, but y'know what? She was better off that way. She knew all she needed to know about Homeworld, and it was that they didn't care about gems... and the ones they did 'care' about, they were more like tools to them. For thousands of years, Pyrite was able to temporarily forget this... she spent time with the humans, and forged a new identity through their western-culture, the very image of a cowboy. Once the wild west era passed, she became a lone traveler, moving from one sight to the next. Was it lonely? Maybe. If there was anything she knew, it was that humans were entertaining, but tended to live very short lives. While gems... well, the only gem she should trust is herself. She wouldn't be taken for a fool again.

    Pyrite walked through the grassy landscape. A bit of a new sight, considering that she was more used to the desert. Had she walked through here before? She wasn't so good at keeping track of that sort of stuff, and she never bothered to. She could hear some machinery in the distance-- must be one of those new-fangled human inventions. She moved forward, curious as to what the humans would have come up with now. She recalled once seeing something that she would describe as a smaller and shorter version of a train, yet it didn't depend on any rail-roads... was it one of those things? As she walked, she could see something else moving. She got closer and closer, seeing the grey figure in more and more detail until... wait. Was it...? Unless humans could be in those sort of skin colors, then... She drew out her gun. Just in case.
  3. Onyx continued to run forward, taking note of every feature she ran past visually. A passing glance counted as research, right? Especially if you can describe it easily. When she saw something in the distance that seemed.. different. With a simple adjust of her glasses, she could see that it was definitely a girl, but even with that in mind, there was so much more that was out of place with her. A gem? Here? And here she thought she was the first.. Or, at least, the first one sent for exploration.

    Then she took out something. A weapon? Why would she-- wait, a gun?! Oh, no; she can't possibly think she's an enemy, can she? Onyx stopped getting close and quickly raised her hands up, having a worried look. Perhaps if she stood motionless, she'd think she comes in peace, whether it were a human or a Gem she was facing. Then, she walked the rest of the way there. Slowly. Sudden movements equal hostility, if she's learned anything back home.
  4. There was no mistaking it-- this was a gem. And, as Pyrite approached... a Homeworld gem. The symbol was clear as ever on her. The gem had raised her hands, but Pyrite only raised her gun. She wasn't about to let this gem get the jump on her, "Just what's one of you gems doin' here? Ah woulda' thought Homeworld left this place a long while ago." Pyrite said, looking over the other gem, "Or did Homeworld up an' decide this here planet was worth a lil' bit of their time after all? You got any others with ya'?" Why did she ask? She knew that she didn't expect an honest answer.
  5. Onyx approached very slowly before stopping at a reasonable, interrogating distance between the both of them while keeping her hands raised. The last thing she needed while being questioned was distrust, after all. Wait.. If that's what she wanted, wouldn't she put her hands down..? Considering her gem is essentially one of her eyes, which is where her hands are nearby currently, it'd make more sense. Unfortunately, it might be too late to make a move now..

    Onyx gave the fellow gem a reassuring smile, something that she'd more than likely not fall for if it were any other, but with her, it was.. genuine. As if she means no ill will, which she doesn't, really-- her mission doesn't call for that, and, honestly, she probably doesn't even have it in her.

    "No, just me. I'm on a.. what did they call it..? 'Special' mission!" She responded clearly with a widening grin, not even thinking to introduce herself first.. Though to be fair, Pyrite hasn't asked. "They want a good report of Earth, like its environment, inhabitants, and missing gems!" She sounded so enthusiastic about being given this objective that it's almost impossible. One might say crazy, even. Such was the devotion towards Homeworld, a native Gem would suppose, but was it really only that?

    Suddenly, she gasped, looking Pyrite over from where she was like it was her turn to interrogate. "Wait, hold on.. Are you a Homeworlder, too? Or were you left behind?"
  6. Pyrite raised her eyebrows. This gem was acting... differently than she'd expect any Homeworld gem to. This gem gave an avid energy, full of optimism, far from the steely-cold, 'above you' attitude of most Homeworlders that she was convinced all of them had. Pyrite did lower her gun, if only because she was somewhat perplexed, "... Huh. Is'that so now?" Be careful, Pyrite. This could be some act. A facade. Let you think they're harmless before they go and do some real damage. She wanted to be wary and cautious, yet this gem, they seemed too genuine, the 'too wide-eyed for their own good' kind.

    Pyrite chuckled, like Onyx had just told her a joke, "Heh, y'could say that... Yeah, pretty much." she rubbed the back of her neck, looking away, "... Word of advice t'ya'. If you're really so loyal to Homeworld, better make sure they still see some use in ya' or else they'll go and throw you out quicker than a scoop of water from a sinkin' boat... Not that it's all that great t'really be with Homeworld, take it from me. Better off without 'um as my own gem..." Wait. Didn't this gem mention 'missing gems'? "... and I want it t'stay this way, y'hear?" she quickly became defensive again, "Y'might be real determined to make sure every nook an' cranny of this 'mission' of yers is done, but leave me out of whatever y'tell 'um. Alright?"
  7. Onyx seemed to understand, despite her mission, what Pyrite asked from her. For some reason, she felt like Pyrite had her reasons for not wanting to be involved with Homeworld anymore. An argument? It must have been pretty bad for her to just up and leave like that.. Hopefully she'll be able to make up with whoever made her quit. She saluted the fellow gem (and the term 'fellow' is possibly used loosely, considering her current status) after she discussed her terms. But.. What exactly did she mean by 'hoping Homeworld still sees use in her'? Isn't the reason why she was sent here because they trusted in her abilities? "If you say so. My primary goal is to collect information on this place, sooo.. I guess I could say I didn't see any gem here." She winked at her knowingly, trying to show what she was getting at. "But, um.. You're a Pyrite, aren't you? I've heard talk in Homeworld saying they were working on more efficient ones.." She walked up closer to her, sizing her up more.

    No doubt about it-- She was the 'old' Pyrite. The kind that was first hatched from Kindergarten bases. Ones thought to be brushed aside and eradicated.. But Onyx didn't know the latter fact, and clearly it became false since one was clearly in front of her. "..But you don't look incapable at all.. Hm.."
  8. "... 'Mighty thankful." she said, awkwardly holding her gun before she placed it back in her gem. She thought there would be more resistance. More... determination from this gem to really cross their ts and dot their is. Maybe Pyrite got lucky with one of the 'easy' ones. Pyrite stiffened with the mention of 'a' in front of her name. A part of the batch of 'old' pyrites, so to speak, used in the war... she shook her head, "Mah first name ain't 'A', just call me Pyrite. What the hay is this now," she threw her hands up, "some sort'a examination? So am I passin' this inspection of yers?" Pyrite crossed her arms, "What're ya' so surprised about? Did ya' expect me t'be 'defunct' or somethin'?"
  9. "No, it's just.. I don't understand why they'd be replacing old Pyrites with new ones.. Especially since the one I first run into doesn't look as obsolete as they say.." She muttered out loud, circling around Pyrite a few times. "..Why they would have the idea for new kinds, I have no clue." She finally backed away, scratching her head. Homeworld, for as long as she's been there, still has particular plans she has no idea the reasoning for. Perhaps, due to her curious nature, this might have to serve as questions for later, she still had a mission to do. "Aw, well.. I s'pose it's no big deal. I'll keep my mouth shut for you.. if you can tell me a few things about Earth here. Before I head off, that is." She raised one index finger, having a bright smile plastered on her face.

    Maybe just asking people, especially gems, about the inhabited planet will also serve more of a purpose to relay her eventual report on it back to Homeworld. Seems a whole lot easier than just looking around and mentally taking in everything she sees. "Of course, if you're busy, then that's fine too-- I have to make it quick."
  10. "... 'New' kinds'of Pyrites?" Pyrite looked interested for a moment, before shaking her head, "Actually, nah, don't bother tellin' me. Ah don't need t'hear what Homeworld's been replacin' me with." She should have figured as much since her departure from Homeworld. Maybe it was ignorant on her part, but she'd sworn to wash herself of Homeworld long ago, and, well... the thought of a... 'better' Pyrite-- a better her-- discomforted her somewhat. She tried to shake off those feelings too.

    Pyrite opened her mouth, she wanted to say that, yeah, she was pretty... busy? With what? Wandering around until she found something interesting? It wasn't that bad of an existence, but... she certainly hadn't seen a gem for a whole while. She was from Homeworld, but seemed pretty ineffectual for one of those gems. Would it hurt to tell this gem a few things about Earth? The more she thought about it, the sillier it seemed to be so guarded about what tidbits she knew about Earth-- she doubted that it was the sort of stuff that this here gem was supposed to be finding out, but they looked pretty interested none the less... ah, what the hell. Why not.

    "... Well... hm... what ah know about Earth-- pretty general question, don't cha' think?" she said, idly tapping her thigh, "Uh, lessee... oh! There's some pretty interestin' creatures on Earth. Like, say, humans. Imagine gems, but... lackin' what makes us gems other than our general shape. Short as heck lifespans, but they're pretty fun t' be around if ya' ask me." You didn't have to ask her, anyone who knew something about human fashion could see that she modeled herself after what humans wore at some point, "... Y'got anything that ya' wanna know specifically?"
  11. Onyx seemed to be a little more interested in what Pyrite got more into. Humans, huh? She'd seen a few beings pass by in the distance before she met Pyrite.. Were those humans? They looked interesting enough, but did they really have limited lifespans? How do they reproduce, in that case? Do they have something similar to gems that allow them to live and keep them going? What's their drive? She wanted to know that. She needed to. When she settled on her line of questioning, she crossed her arms, smiling up at the taller gem.

    "Tell me more about humans! I've only heard of them briefly, but never in depth, I'm afraid.." She adjusted her lenses. "They're the ones who make and eat.. food, right?" She asked, staring up into the sky as she was brought right back into thought. "..I've kinda.. heard of that, too. That they need to eat to keep going as well. Is that true, or..?" She tilted her head, not even seeming to direct the question to Pyrite at this point. "..Actually, no. I'll figure that out soon enough." She waved off her previous question with a smile, then walking past Pyrite, once again taking in the scenery as she did.

    However, from where she was, Onyx was slowly exiting the peaceful landscape, and walking towards just a small part of civilization.. starting with a straight road, on which she didn't pay much attention to the vehicles passing by before she made her first step. "I think hearing about humans might help me out here! I mean, the more I learn more about humans, the more I can blend in, like I'm one of them! Eat food, live somewhere.." She joyfully walked through the traffic as if she weren't in any danger, then suddenly stopped in the very middle of the street and threw her hands up in a fit of exhilaration. "I can finish this mission without any commotion, no biggie!"

    Little did she know she was about to start one with one little variable: a car coming right at the gem. The blaring of the horn just a second later caught her off guard, and it seemed she only took the very next second to turn her head with surprise at the danger coming at her.
  12. Pyrite nodded, "Yeah, that's one aspect of 'um. Now, ah know that Homeworld thinks this is pretty inconvenient when it comes t' efficiency or whatever they wanna' lecture about, but human food ain't half-" Pyrite stopped once the gem decided she wanted to find out on her own. Pyrite shrugged, keeping an eye on the gem, "... Uh." She stepped forward, "Y'might- I know you're real excited 'bout livin' with the humans and all, but maybe y'wanna..." The mechanical devices of the humans whizzed past them. She had no idea of just what they were, but Pyrite knew well enough that it didn't look too wise to tread where these things were going, especially since they sure had no indication of stopping anytime soon, "Y'gotta--" she saw a car coming towards her, "Get out of the way!" The sound of the car horn filled the air.

    Pyrite grabbed her arm, yanking the other gem towards her. The horn continued in the distance, followed by some yelling that was too far to really make out. Pyrite looked at the other gem harshly, "Just what the hay did you think you were doin' there?!" she scolded, "Does this mission of yers require that ya' go ahead and put yourself in harm's way?! Did those things," Pyrite pointed at more of the machinery going past them, "give ya' no indication that, hey, maybe it wouldn't be such a good idea t' travel on that there path?" Just what was this gem thinking?! Did... did they have any sort of common sense to them? Or was it that they were a tad too trusting? Now, granted, gems could handle harm to their body, it'd just poof them, but... she might not be as used to it as Pyrite was. And harm to your gem wasn't something that could be fixed so easily.

    ... Pyrite looked away in serious contemplation, finally letting go of the gem. She didn't want to involve herself with this Homeworld gem. She was done with Homeworld, whatever they did, keep her out of it. That'd been her policy for a real long time. But... this gem here... Pyrite was a tad worried how they'd fair against anything else if they had a hard enough time watching what was around them.
  13. The moment the gem braced for impact was the moment the other one grabbed and took them out of the way of the car's path, followed by Pyrite's scolding afterwards. She didn't even seem to be all there, as if the near-death experience knocked the wind out of her along with the sudden life-saving yank that Pyrite had done. "...Is that how they work?" Onyx answered Pyrite's questions born from anger with one that didn't even seem to address what she was thinking. "I thought they'd go around me or something, but they.. kept moving. Huh." That's another thing to keep in mind; maybe she should just make a mad dash forward next time and avoid all of that..

    "Anyways, thank you for the save! I'll be more careful next time.. Which might be something else humans do when it comes to.. here?" She pointed at the road, where the outflow of traffic was normal once again, with the very subtle looks of passerby drivers. Truly, Earth was an odd place sometimes. In the good way, though; and one she wouldn't have in any other flavor. "Right! Well, I'll come to you with more questions later. You seem.. a little focused on something right now, so I'll leave you to it. G'bye!" Right after Pyrite let go of her, she was off on her own again, merrily walking-- and then running across-- the road once there was a good clearing, not even saying goodbye to the rebel gem as she took off. That's mostly because she had a feeling that it wouldn't be the last time she'd be seen, but.. Maybe their next meetup won't even be later on, or even soon..
  14. ... What the gem said next only confirmed it for Pyrite. This gem didn't exactly have the... clearest sense, at least not to Pyrite, if she'd expect things like fast moving objects to just move around her, apparently. So, what the heck else did this gem expect? If someone threatened her, would she just think it was some sort'of weird greeting? Various situations went through Pyrite's head, and just about all of them didn't have the most pleasant end for this gem.

    Oh, come on Pyrite, what're you getting yourself so worked up about? They're a gem. Maybe she'd be a little more worried about a human, but a gem? They can regenerate! ... Has this gem regenerated before? What about that gem of theirs? ... It takes a lot to really crack your gem, right? And even more to shatter them, right? But Pyrite, this here, this is a Homeworld gem. For all you could know, this gem they could be faking it... For what, though? There was an opportunity to poof Pyrite now, especially with her weapon put away. Just leave this gem alone, be alone, from other gems. It was always the safest option. For herself, that is. But what about this gem? Would they be okay, alone? Could they be okay by themselves?

    Pyrite snapped out of it once they began talking again, almost pulling them back once more until she saw that the road was clear of the fast-moving human machinery. Thank goodness for that, Pyrite thought that she might not have learned... Pyrite was still pretty unsure about that, actually. "... Uh, yeah. See'ya." Pyrite waved briefly before turning away. It was out of her hands now. If something happened now, or later, then it wasn't any of her problem. Certainly none of her problem, that she didn't... At least make sure she crosses the road safely. Pyrite looked back, another one passed by before Pyrite saw that the other gem had gotten to the other side continuing to... wherever she was gonna go. Not your problem, Pyrite. Not your...

    Pyrite closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. Aw, heck. Disregarding her own lesson, she ran across the road, and didn't stop until she caught up with the other gem, "Hey now, y'think that maybe... Y'wouldn't mind a travelin' companion? Now, I understand if yer real busy, maybe this mission of yours, whatever it is, is far t' confidential to have little ol' me coming along, so, really, don't feel pressured t' say yes or anything." If the gem said no, then that was it. Turn away and walk your own path.

    Pyrite had a feeling that she knew what the answer was, though.
  15. Onyx just kept her head high and her smile wide as she adjusted her glasses, taking in the fresh air and making sure to look one way and then the other to make sure the recent near-accident didn't happen again. Of course, she couldn't let something like that stop her from her mission! She had to complete it, for the good of Yellow Diamond! That was the goal.. right? Why else was it given to her as her first ever mission? That clearly meant that the gems in Homeworld-- that Yellow Diamond-- trusted her with scoping out the planet from the area where she had landed.

    She didn't spend as much time with Pyrite as she had hoped to. Perhaps it was due to the urgency of the mission she felt that she had to cut the questions short, or maybe even because it looked like the gem had other important things to tend to, like Onyx had vocally assumed. Not that she knew, though; that wasn't part of her line of questioning. But the idea that she rebelled from Homeworld to make a living on Earth intrigued her.. Like she found no reason to be in Homeworld anymore. Was that why she gave her that advice, hoping that 'Homeworld keeps seeing use in her'? Gems always have their uses, no matter what.. But if that's true, then Pyrite and the rest of Pyrites before and after her have outlived such usefulness with the rise of the new ones.. And that just gave her the chills. Being suddenly disposed of and replaced.. Would they really do that to her?

    No, of course not! They trust her; why else would they give her an important task? She looked down at her shoes as her walking began to slow, keeping the idea reeling in her head. No way that would happen.. But if it did, what would she do now? She has no shelter, no comrades (at least, none that she had kept in touch with).. she was by herself, with nothing but what she's learned to protect herself with.

    Before she knew it, though, her doubts were dispersed somewhat when she heard footsteps just behind her, causing her to turn around to see who it was.. and sure enough, it was Pyrite! Before she could even ask why she came back, the question was suddenly raised.. as well as Onyx's pensive frown into a hopeful smile. It seemed like Pyrite expected a no, from what she said after the question, but not even Onyx was quick to turn down a good opportunity. "I can't refuse someone who did me a favor.. So, sure!" She answered quickly, looking her in the eyes with a nearly childish smile. "You answered the questions I asked, for instance! That's gotta count for something!"
  16. S'of course, this gem had said yes, and Pyrite couldn't take back the offer now. She wasn't the sort of gem who liked to go back on her word. ... She'd noticed the frown the gem had before-- Pyrite didn't think she was that harsh on her, really. Better have a hard talking to than a hard landing on the street... Or was it that she'd had some contemplation? Ah, better not get into it. Pyrite just wanted to make sure this gem didn't get herself into any trouble too deep, and she didn't feel a need to pry... 'specially since she wouldn't appreciate being pried into herself.

    "Ah guess it does if ya' insist so." Pyrite said, shrugging, "... Since we're gonna be travelin' t'gether and all, how's about ah get somethin' ah can call ya'?" Pyrite said, having not bothered before because she was sure she'd convinced herself she didn't need to do this in the first place. Then again, there were many things Pyrite thought she'd never do but went along with anyways. Pyrite might have called this gem by the name of their gem, as most gems did... although, Pyrite wasn't exactly the expert of gems; the most she knew was some techniques on how to spot real gold from the fake stuff (she was well aware of the irony).
  17. "Call me Onyx! Nyx for short, if you want!" Onyx answered her new acquaintance clearly, complete with a respectful salute. How fun! A temporary companion to explore with? This'll make the search for information that much quicker! And more of that equals more time for exploration, maybe even to other parts on Earth as well as other planets! And if she was willing to cooperate with her, then that means that all of this will be a breeze to do! Well.. as long as she doesn't plan anything while crossing the street from here on. Really weird travel system, there; still can't wrap her head around that.

    "I guess you've already introduced yourself.. Well, I've already, um.. introduced your introduction, since I already knew you were a P-- um, were Pyrite." Onyx said, feeling slightly embarrassed for bringing up that slightly touchy subject before she caught herself, continuing to walk ahead to find some sort of civilization to rest. She passed by a road, so there must be signs of this nearby..
  18. "'Nyx it is then, ah suppose." Pyrite said, tipping her hat slightly, "Guess it's... nice t' formally meet ya'." There was an amused smile from Onyx's enthusiasm, slowly finding herself lowering her guard around this gem. She wanted to firmly believe Onyx could do some sort of harm, any sort, but it seemed less and less likely that this gem was capable of harming a fly, even accidentally. Pyrite doubted she knew what that sort of bugger was.

    She gave an appreciative nod to Onyx, regarding the whole 'a' subject, "... Ah guess you could go ahead an' call me 'Rite if the first two letters get in the way too much." she said, walking with Onyx. She too recognized the signs of nearby civilization, and reckoned that somewhere here must at least be a town they could stumble upon. No telling when, which was just fine with Pyrite. She was more than used to traveling long distances, "... So, about this mission of yers... It's basically just a big ol' report of Earth and what it's doin'?" she asked, more curiosity than suspicion (it hadn't completely gone away, however). She purposefully left out the part about 'missing gems'... Onyx promised not to report her, and that was enough for Pyrite.
  19. "Why? Is that 'cause, to everyone you know, you're always 'Rite?" Onyx turned her head to ask her this initially seriously.. But then couldn't help but giggle as she realized the play on words just seconds later. "And it's nice to meet you too, ex-Homeworld Gem!" She nodded to Pyrite, meaning to be respectful in giving her such a title.. but, alas, a title like this wouldn't be something Pyrite would be willing to wear with pride. Just what did she do to decide to leave Homeworld, exactly? She knew she wouldn't get the answer any time soon, but it still perplexed her. Was it something she did? Was it something they had done?

    She didn't dwell on it too much, as they kept on walking and seeing many hints of a town ahead, which only pushed her to continue ahead. The more they stopped and twiddled their thumbs, the more time they'd waste finding a place to stay, after all. "Hm? Oh, right.. Yeah, pretty much.. How it operates, what its cultures are, how the inhabitants travel.. An extensive report on what Earth is like for them." She explained, blinking her one eye to Pyrite (her other eye was pretty much her gem). "I'm pretty excited for this, 'cause it means a hands-on approach on this planet to check out what goes on here! Oh, right, and missing gems. Except you, of course." She mimicked zipping her mouth shut at Pyrite, giving a small grin and a thumbs-up.
  20. It took Pyrite a moment to see the unintentional pun Onyx had made, an amused smile breaking out on her face, and it seemed that Onyx had noticed it too. ... Well, Onyx wasn't wrong about what she called Pyrite-- an ex-Homeworld gem. One of the kinder things she would have expected a Homeworld gem to call her, honestly, a step above rebel or traitor. ... Best to stop thinkin' so much about Homeworld, Pyrite. You know why you left them. No need to remind yourself, it's never all that great to 'reminisce' about those days. Despite this, her mind lingered on the thoughts of Homeworld, until Onyx spoke again about her mission.

    "... Huh. Wouldn't think that they'd want so much detail. Ah thought that..." she paused, "... They wouldn't be so interested in this here planet, given what sort'a... happened last time w'it an' all." Pyrite wasn't sure about if Onyx really knew about what happened with the war. Depended on how old she was, if she was around during that time, or if Homeworld might actually bother to teach gems about the war in the first place. She wouldn't be surprised if they didn't. Looking at the town ahead of them, she quickly changed the subject, "Looks like you'll be able t' get that 'hands on' experience with humans pretty soon, we're gettin' close to one o' those human towns." she continued walking towards it, "Now, if ya' didn't guess already, I've lived with humans fer a number of years-- geez, ah sure do have some stories t' tell." Unlike when she remembered homeworld, she was far happier recalling her times in the Wild West, "So, if ya have any questions about humans, just ask away." she offered... not mentioning that it was another number of years since the Wild West era that she would become a lone traveler. She left once she could tell that her usual way of life was ending. Since then... she hadn't kept any tabs on how humans were developing. Surely, these humans could'of gotten that far since she left 'um, wasn't that long. At least it wasn't that long in gem years.