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  1. Elize stood on the subway with her backpack resting on her back, she gave out a heavy sigh as she looked out of the window and she mumbled something beneath her breath. She narrowed her eyes when she saw some jokers stepping on the subway on one station. Her grip tightened around the shoulder strap to her backpack and she did her best to control herself.
    One of the jokers punched a man who hit the floor and Elize flinched as the joker then approached her. "Pay up, sweetheart." He said while he leaned closer. "Pay..? For what?" Hissed Elize.
    "For the joke I made. I give you funny, you give me money." The joker then replied.
    Elize let out an annoyed grunt before she swung her backpack and hit the joker so he was sent flying into the wall. "How's that for payment?!" She snarled as the joker was trying to get up. Elize let out a small snort and walked past him before she helped the man that was punched up to his feet.

    She stepped off the subway once she had reached her destination and the jokers ran off, she mumbled something about them being cowards and she then began to head towards the café where she worked as a waitress, she had changed to her job uniform and she instantly began with working.
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  2. Alexander, no, Harbinger had never been one for just fighting. He liked interrogating his suspects. He skulked around the rooftops of Gotham watching a gang move in the alley ways. He didn't really take attention to them until they began to mug a girl who appeared to have just started college. He worked his way down by jumping off the roof then using magnet like devices built into his gloves and boots to latch onto the a ladder which proceeded to drop to the ground.
    "Hey who's this guy?" One of the thugs asked as they pulled out a knife.
    "He ain't a Joker that's for sure. Just another freak with a mask. Kind of looks like one of 'em Scare crap fellas."
    "Well he's going to enjoy this then." One of the three thugs charged with his knife drawn. Harbinger loved when they ignorantly attacked. He grabbed the man's arm turning in one fluid motion twisting the arm behind him. Then snapping it with ease that was music to his ears as he smirked behind the mask. A second thug tried to catch him off guard and stabbed at the back but the knife barely penetrated the armor. Harbinger turned and back handed the thug sending him to the ground. The first thug now laying on the ground groaning in pain while the second lay on the ground unconscious . He was slightly amused by their attempt and enjoyed beating them then he snapped to attention when he heard the click of a gun.
    "Don't do it man or else I'll shoot her." The thug had the gun against her skull. Harbinger was amused with these guys.
    "Pull that trigger and you die." His voice distorted by a small device built into the mask which was programmed to distort his voice into a lower darker voice.
    "You like Batman or something 'cause Batman don't kill people!" Within the few seconds of smack talk the thug wanted to dish out Harbinger had enough time to pull out his small handgun and fire the bullet easily met it's target. He then turned his attention to the thug groaning in pain. He grabbed them both then clicked a button on his wrist sending out a single for his custom built car to find him. The car wasn't anything special just a rigged up sports care with bullet proof glass, tinted windows, and bullet proof metal reinforcement to the body. Tires built especially to take bullets, spike traps, and etc. It looked like a regular sports car but was designed specifically for him. As Alexander he never drove it of course it just sat in under Alexander's personal garage. Hidden from public views. When the car arrived he threw the two guys into the car not caring if it inflicted more pain, actually he liked the idea of them being in pain. He got in the car and accelerated trying to get back to his lab as quickly as possible.

    When he arrived he threw the two thugs into a chair and woke them up the first was in to much pain to talk so he easily snapped his neck. Then he focused all attention on the second thug a bruise already appearing on his cheek.
    "So I need information." He had strapped the thug down who had broken into tears like a coward.
    "On what man?" He pulled out a picture of a man who went by the name Jack of Trades.
    "Who is he!? I need a name!" He shoved the picture close to the man's face.
    "I don't know who he is man can you let me go?"
    "Fine be that way I enjoy this part." He sprayed the thug with his fear toxin who quickly began panicking. "Tell me who he is!"

    After several hours of attempting to extract any data he could at all he terminated the thug. He looked at the bulletin board which consisted of several pictures and was labeled Valus Crime Syndicate. He put the picture at the top next to a posted note with several question marks on it. Several other pictures attached with red string led to the picture along with newspaper clippings and police records.
    "Who are you Jack?"
  3. Elize let out a content sigh once her shift was over and she stretched out her arms as she had changed into her caudal clothes and she packed her uniform into her backpack. She began to walk home, even though it was a long walk. She took a turn into a dark alley as she wanted to see if she could spot any jokers that were perhaps gathering, but to her dissapointment, there were no jokers in sight.
    She sighed heavily but then came to a halt when she felt like she was being followed, she reached into her backpack to pull out the leather suit she always wore during the night, but this time, she had forgotten it and left it at home. "You've got to be kidding me!" She thought to herself and soon enough she found herself surrounded by four masked men. Elize frowned deeply as she slowly stood up more properly. "Well lookie here, fellas! A small little lamb lost and lonely. Why don't we take that bag for you so you don't have to worry about it weighing you down on your ride home?" One of the men said and he approached her. However when he got in range, Elize swiftly spun on the spot and kicked him in the side of the head, sending him straight to the ground. Another one of the men charged at her and Elize raises an eyebrow as she simply sidestepped and then held up her foot, tripping the man so he fell over the other one. However, while Elize as occupied with looking a the man she had tripped, the third one had snuck up behind he and now swiftly grabbed her arms and he pulled them so that they were behind her back. Elize snarled as she kicked and struggled to break free, but no matter what she did, it seemed as if it had no effect on the man and her eyes widened slightly in horror as she looked up at the man that restrained her while the other two got up on their feet and the fourth one stood watch to make sure that they weren't disturbed. "W-what the hell?! Why isn't anything working on this guy?!" She thought to herself.
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  4. He appeared without a sound, the armored male, and what happened in the moments that followed went without a sound as well. Silencer leaped down from one of the rooftops of the alley and landed behind the man who acted as a scout for the rest. It would not remain so for long, as Silencer grasped the male by the head and twisted with a sickening crack, the man's body dropping limp and without movement on the ground. Before the others would even have the chance to act upon it, Silencer had turned and in the process tossed a dagger towards the one who restrained Elize. Once more, it was over in the blink of an eye. Ironic, as the dagger impaled through the man's right eye. The next moment passed, and Silencer had drawn a pair of pistols, wielded with expertise, he only fired two bullets - one from each gun - and put down the last remaining pair of men. The last men, silenced.
  5. He had slept through the night as well as he could anyway. When Harbinger awoke he was no longer Harbinger he was Alexander, the billionaire kid who had died in that room not even a month ago. The man who had been taken over. Alexander was just a disguise for Harbinger. He smelled the air and then began to work out. After an hour of working out he got up and decided to make himself breakfast. It didn't take long for him to get dressed in his expensive clothing. Black sports Jacket, a red dress shirt and a pair of black dress pants. He tied his dress shoes and went to his car getting ready for a stroll around Gotham if such a thing was even possible without getting mugged. His first stop was at Alexander's favorite restaurant a mysterious place called 'Gotham's Darkest hour.' He ordered the same thing everyday around noon. A medium rare steak, with a side of mashed potatoes, and a nice glass of ice water. He would enjoy the meal while listening to classical music then quickly retire to his home. Well that was the idea until he got mugged at a red light. More of Jack's guys pointing guns at in his face. Alexander disappeared in a flash and Harbinger took over. He stepped out of the car but when he got close enough he grabbed the fire arm and twisted behind the mugger and pointed the gun at his head.
    "Now you drop your gun or your buddy's brains go every where." His voice cold calculated and smooth. They could tell he was serious but they didn't lower the weapons. He didn't want to get rid of his human shield and it would look bad if Alexander killed someone so instead he shot the other guy in the shoulder then slammed his hostage's face into the car and quickly climbed in and took off. He took a mild amount of joy in humiliating those two idiots. He was confused though usually Jack's guys were never bold enough to step foot in this part of Gotham. They were getting bolder which he didn't like. There had to be a reason and he was going to find out. He was tired of going after the small guys. Time to hit a high ranking officer of the Valus crime syndicate, and he knew exactly who to hit a man by the name of Richard Valor. Richard wasn't to high on the chain but he was a big guy too. He dealt most of the drugs to the lower members and was a well known arms dealer in the more poverty stricken parts of Gotham. Alexander was completely gone for the day it was time for Harbinger to come out and play for the night. He'd soon have the information about the upper members of the syndicate. He just had to wait for night fall.

    As night fell on Gotham City Harbinger put on his suit. Then to cover up the armor a little more he slipped on a lot of brown rags to even give him a more of a Scarecrow look. He got into his care and headed out into the poverty part of Gotham and there he waited for the gangs to come out. A few jokers here and there but those weren't the men he was looking for. He turned his attention to a group of Jack's men walking towards them. Harbinger knew exactly what was about to go down. A turf war between the two rival gangs. Harbinger watched preparing to swoop down and attack the gangs. He looked around adn saw a greater opportunity Richard and a group of armed men were sitting in a small court yard not to far from where he was. He knew that the sound of gun fire would send Richard into hiding for the night. He decided to run to the courtyard and try to get his hands on him before it was to late. He ran jumping from roof top to roof top using his magnetic gear to keep himself to the roofs until he was above them. He jumped straight down on one of the armed men crushing his shoulders and spine, death was instant. Harbinger felt no regret of course just the snapping under his feet. Before the others could react he sprayed them all with the fear toxin in his wrist device on his right hand. They began to panic and shoo at each other. He leaped forward and tackled Richard to the ground as the men fired at each other until none were left standing. Richard was clearly still panicking from the toxin.
    "Tell me about Valus Crime Syndicate!" He lifted him up off the ground and Richard began to scream gibberish. "Tell me!" He threw Richard through the door of a slum. Richard tried to stand but his feet couldn't find a good grip.
    "Oh god please don't kill me!" Harbinger grabbed him and tossed him against a wall. Richard's head came close to touching the ceiling.
    "Who is the Jack of Trades!?" His patient was running thine as he once again tossed Richard this time through the wall to the left and stumbled across a group of nestled up homeless men and women who scattered at the sight of violence.
    "I don't know who he is I just deal the drugs that Victor sends me!" He was truly scared now and that was good Harbinger liked it when his prey was scared. He liked when they panicked.
    "Victor Valus!?" He grabbed him and punched him in the gut reducing Richard to a coughing idiot, and he still found a way to answer him.
    "Victor Valus yes, yes. I meet him down at the docks every Thursday for a shipment of the usually stuff. Coke, weapons, all of it!" he was trying to crawl on all fours away from Harbinger who kinda chuckled behind his mask.
    "How cute. Now tell me what dock!" He grabbed Richard by the foot and dragged him back. Richard rolled over and was muttering something quickly and quietly. "What dock Richard!?"
    "The old Falcone docks okay! Can you let me go now!" Harbinger debated it for a second but Richard's fate would be the same as all criminals that got in his way. He put his boot on Richard's face.
    "Thanks for the info Richard but you are no longer of use to me."
    "No, no, oh god no!" With a little pressure Harbinger heard the bone beginning to snap then he raised his foot high and stomped down and the whole skull crushed underneath his boot.
    "No forgiveness."
  6. Elize stood and watched the man that had saved her, her eyes were widened as she couldn't really comprehend what had just happened, but before she could say anything to thank him, she heard the sound of police cars coming closer so she quickly ran away from the spot and straight home. She fell asleep the moment she laid down on the couch and she slept through the whole night. She woke up when her alarm went off and she quickly sat up and packed her backpack for today's classes, she hurried out the door and to school. A deep sigh escaped Elize's lips as she was sitting in class and she looked out the window, not having been able to let the man go from her thoughts. Who was he? And why did he save her? She didn't know, but she was determined to find out.

    As school ended, she walked down the road, having skipped her last class as usual and she raised an eyebrow as she saw a car speeding down the road, granted it was not unusual, but she had managed to catch a glimpse of the driver, he had been wearing some form of mask. Elize shook her head and then continued home, she was free from work today so she was going to take the time to relax. However that relaxation did not last long once evening fell and she changed into her leather suit and she put on her mask before she went up to the roof of the building and then leaped from rooftop to rooftop. She had gathered information about a meeting place for the jokers so she decided to follow up on it and see if she could get anything out of them. However she skid to a halt on a rooftop as she saw that someone was already there, it was the driver she had seen in the car! Her eyes widened a bit as she saw him press down his foot on a man's face and she placed her hand over her mouth as a loud gasp escaped her lips when she saw him stomp down and crush the man's skull. Realizing that she had gasped rather loudly, she quickly ducked down to hide and she took panting breathes, her body trembling a bit. The most gore she had ever seen when she was fighting was perhaps a bullet wound, never had she witnessed something like that before. She laid on her stomach while she kept a low profile. Yes, she was fighting evil, but she was still very inexperienced and she always went on the few moves that she had learned when her father had her go to self-defense classes.
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  7. Silencer had witnessed it all. Victor Valus. It appeared that it was not solely Silencer who had business with him, now that there was some other vigilante looking for information. It had not been difficult for Silencer to learn all the information, but his assignment was greater than some pawn like Valus. If someone else were around to interfere with his assignment it could become a liability. No, not even a liability, but a simple bother. He stood upon the rooftop as he regarded what just happened when his eyes fell upon Elize. Yet another looking for answers? Too many could prove to be a liability at this point, but Silencer were fully aware about how to deal with liabilities. He turned away and without a sound disappeared into the shadows.
  8. Harbinger heard a slight gasp. He turned quickly to look around he wasn't sure for what but he knew someone was there and they had seen him. He couldn't see any standing person but that didn't mean someone wasn't watching. He looked up towards the roofs. He knew he'd have a better chance of spotting someone from the roofs. He pulled a military grade flash bang out of his belt and threw it out and then sprinted out into an alley way. In the alley he found a service ladder which he easily climbed to get to the roof. When he reached the roof he stumbled over some trash but then he noticed them. The girl was trying to hide clearly scared out of her mind. He noticed her strange outfit but gave it no real thought. She wouldn't be much of a threat if she was cowering on a roof. He decided to make his way to the spot he had sighted earlier where the gangs were about to attack. He didn't much care about the Jokers they were a gang of mindless thugs but there was something different about the Jacks they were smuggling some heavy weapons, and drugs into Gotham. He wasn't as curious as he was sure of their destruction. He moved and looked over at the two gangs which were yelling at each other about the turf. He thought and decided that it would be meaningless to really attract that much attention besides the two would most likely obliterate each other. With that note he decided to get back down and await for his car to arrive. He better things to do with the rest of his night then stop a gang war. When his car arrived he got in and decided he was going to head down to the docks and see if he could catch any more information there.
  9. Elize felt her heart stop did a second as the man stumbled over her and she looked at him for a moment before she stood up and she narrowed her eyes, as she heard that one of the jokers snarled something about an abandoned warehouse near the docks, she quickly turned and started to make her way down there as fast a possible.

    It took her a while to reach the docks and once she was there, she carefully looked around as she walked, she swallowed once as she was still frightened over what she had witnessed earlier. "How can a person do something like that without hesitating...?" She thought to herself and she then raised an eyebrow as she heard something. She quickly pressed her back against one of the large containers to hide herself in the shadows. She then peeked around the corner and the sound had come from a arriving truck. She silently observed while she kept herself hidden as much as possible.
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  10. ''Should you really be outside at this hour?'' In a sudden moment, Silencer had sneaked up on Eliza, despite her attempt of remaining hidden. Not that it was difficult for Silencer to find her. He appeared just behind her as he stepped out from the shadows, and while due to his balaclava she would be unable to even gain a glimpse of his appearance, he was fully able to see her. ''Go home. This is a matter for adults.''
  11. Elize jumped a bit in surprise as she heard that someone was behind her and she quickly turned around and she tried to punch him in the ribs while she turned. However her eyes widened when she saw who it was and she swallowed once.
  12. He arrived at the dock to see the massive truck. So there was a shipment tonight but it wasn't one of Victor's shipments he was no where near the site. After monitoring the docks he looked at the truck and read the logo on the side. Valus Shipping Corp. You order it we ship it! It was a lame logo all together but it worked as a cover. Harbinger waited not sure if this was a civilian shipment or one of the Valus' drug and weapon shipments. He waited for them to unpack That was when he heard some talking not to far from where he was. He dashed behind a crate not sure who the voice belonged to but carefully assumed that it was just a dock worker and that they were most likely armed.
  13. He caught her hand with his own. Such was not even remotely an issue to him. ''I warn you to not become involved in this business.'' He stated as he turned and began to move away - and in an instant, he would be gone as he disappeared into the shadows.
  14. "You can't tell me what to do." Elize snarled and she then frowned as he had catched her hand and she looked around a bit as he had disappeared. She let out a small snort before she turned as she heard footsteps and she then flinched as she saw the man that had tripped over her before, she gritted her teeth as she backed away but came to a halt as her backing bumped against the container behind her. She stood speechless as she looked at the masked man.
  15. That time he knew he heard something. Harbinger kept close to the wall and didn't make a sound. He moved behind the crates until he heard a noise behind him.
    "Hey you!" Harbinger turned to see a guard ready to shoot him down. He had focused on that other voice so much that he wasn't paying much attention to his surrounding. It was foolish of him and a rookie mistake he wouldn't let it He responded the only way he knew how. He dashed across the hall of crates into another row then used his magnetic gear to scale it easily managing to get to the top.
    "We've got an intruder get all the men ready!" Shouted the guard into his radio. Harbinger found the idea that everyone was on full alert a fun idea. He leaped down and broke the neck of the guard that had found him. With everyone on full alert he'd have to be extra carefully. He did not take extreme pleasure in the fact that he had been caught but he certainly did like the challenge that would follow.
  16. "Uh oh.. Full alert... Not good! Not good at all!" Elize thought to herself before she began to run towards the exit. She used the shadows of the crates to hide as she ran and she came to a halt close to the exit. She let out a small whistle, luring them close to herself before she knocked the both of them unconscious. Two more guards then appeared and ahe manage to knock them out as well before she ran outside and towards the sea. She skid to a halt and then looked down, however before she was able to turn around, she had been shot in the shoulder by a fifth guard that she failed to notice. Her eyes widened before they shut as she fell over the edge of the docks and down into the sea below while she fell unconscious, a loud splash was heard as she hit the water head first.
  17. The gun shot rang and Harbinger went after the noise. If they weren't shooting at him then who were they shooting at. He arrived in time to see the girl from earlier fall and splash into the water. Even if the guys were going to get away he had a code and that code said Civilians come first. He wasn't a bad guy. He leaped into the water and swam his gear slightly weighing him down but that was why he worked out wasn't it? So that when the time came he was strong enough to help those in need. Strong enough to be the hero even if it was pushing his body to the limits. He swam over to her and managed to get a hold of her. He swam back to the surface and tried to get her on land without them both getting shot by the thugs on look out. He finally found a spot where there weren't any guards and he helped her up on land then climbed up himself. He pulled out some wet bandages and wrapped up her wound. It was a flesh wound nothing she couldn't survive from but he had to make sure if she was okay. He wanted to investigate more but civilians first. He picked her up and headed for the exit his car not to far from the entrance. The guards had all moved back to shipment falsely assuming that she was the intruder and that she was dead. Once they arrived at the car he put her in the back seat and made sure she was okay. He drove her back to the lab not sure where he was suppose to take her in that outfit he couldn't take her to the hospital.

    Upon arriving at the lab he carried her to one of the guest rooms and layed her down to rest. He had come to wonder why she was at the docks and why she was dressed in that suit which clearly hadn't protected her much from bullets. If she was a vigilante like him she could be worth some good to keep around. He moved his hands to her mask and gently removed it. He was slightly shocked at her age. She had to be a teenager no older than 16 possibly 17 if he was lucky. He sighed and stepped away from the bed leaving her to rest in the morning he would make her breakfast then send her on her way.
  18. Once Harbinger had stepped out of the room, Silencer stepped out of the shadows. He had witnessed what had happened, but had done nothing to stop it. He was not a hero, but quite the opposite and besides, he had warned the girl not to continue to get involved. She had not listened. She needed to be taught a lesson. That was the general thought he had about the matter. Still, she was quite young to endure a gunshot. He looked her over as she were in bed, but he was not about to remain for too long. His presence was not yet to be discovered too much and too frequently. He had other matters to attend. It did not take long before the assassin had gone on his way once again.
  19. Elize let out a small groan as she started to wake up and her eyes opened halfway. But when she saw that she wasn't in a hospital, she quickly sat up in the bed and the heart monitor began beeping at an alarming rate. She quickly stood up from bed and she cringed as her shoulder was still aching, even if it was bandaged. She felt panic strike as she could feel that she wasn't wearing a mask, had she been kidnapped? She wasn't planning on staying long enough to find out. She stumbled out to the hallway and then tried to navigate her way out of where she was.
  20. "Hello," Alexander said from behind the girl, "I didn't catch you name last night?" He smiled politely and then bowed slightly.
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