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  1. Sign-up and OOC discussion for Dark Whisper.

    Dark whisper is an rp based on the stories of the Dark Knight movies and the Batman series, it is set in the future where Batman has not been seen for over fifty years and criminals are again roaming the streets and the city has fallen to corruption.
    Jokers can be seen on the subways and gangs are not an uncommon sight out on the streets and people are becoming too afraid to leave their homes, or if they do, they leave them for good. Gotham City is no longer an even remotely safe place to live.

    Name: Elize Briarson
    Age: 16
    Height: 165cm, 5'4"
    Weight: 60kg, 132.2 lbs
    Occupation: Student by day, rookie vigilante by night.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Other: Elize often skips school in order to follow the Jokers around and see if they can lead her to the one that killed her father three years ago. She lost her mother at birth and was raised by only her father who was also a well-known police officer.
    During the night, she wears a fully covering black leather suit with a mask that covers her upper facial features and only her eyes and her face from the nose and down is visible when she wears the mask. She lives on her own in an apartment while she also has a side-job as a waitress after school hours.
    She is extremely stubborn in her ways and she refuses to give up even despite the many set-backs she might receive if she continues. People often call her the "Silent crying Wolf" since she is often seen alone and the only time she has been seen crying was when she attended her father's funeral.
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  2. Name: Alexander Travonski Harbinger of Nightmares
    Age: 28
    Occupation: Billionaire play boy by day, and sociopath vigilante by night.
    Appearance: Slick black hair with grey eyes. Wears all dark clothes with his black military trench coat unless he goes to a party then he dresses in more rich clothes.
    Other: Alexander was kicked out of the army at the age of 20 for disorderly conduct. His military training mixed with martial arts learned when he was a kid have given him a distinct advantage to others. His IQ score is above 180 giving him a unchallenged mind on the field. He originally grew up in Metropolis but moved to Gotham. At a young age he easily surpassed others despite several college offers he joined the military. Once he was discharged he has moved back to Gotham to see it wrecked by gangs and thugs calling themselves Jokers. Once he moved back he discovered the wealth his parents had left him. With his network of wealth safely secured he moved onto creating a second ego for himself. His costume was developed with a mix of things in mind. Yet with the costume he had still no means of combating the villains that had taken over the city. After doing some research he decided on his weapon of choice, fear toxin. Scarecrow had used previously and now Alexander wanted it. With Johnathan Crane still living Alexander paid him a visit. After a few sessions Crane began to warm up to what he viewed as a successor. Alexander learned the secrets of the toxin only found in the flower. Once learning the secret he moved to find the flowers Crane had mentioned. It took him several years before finding the plants. He took several samples back to Gotham which he studied in his lab. After nearly a month of work he was able to recreate a successful toxin that would induce horrible visions. Alexander had done it he had the means to combat the tyranny that ruled his city. He looked at the original costume and decided it did not match the vision of his current style. He adjusted the costume to include a scarecrow like mask, a suit of light weight bullet proof armor with two wrist devices that would be filled with fear gas ready to deploy on a moments notice into the face of his opponents. A belt was necessary to include a mix of gadgets including knives, bullets, a small handgun, and a lock picking set. His obsession with fear toxin did not end at its discovery having being troubled as a child with fear he decided to get rid it permanently. He went back for one last session with Doctor Johnathan Crane to ask if there was a way to remove fears. Crane told him about locking himself in a room and sitting in the fear gas until he no longer feared anything. After Alexander left they discovered Crane dead in his cell from cuts on his wrists the police ruled it a suicide. Alexander did as Crane told him and locked himself away to let the toxin take control of his fears and eliminate them. After a week of bathing in the gas Alexander stepped out of the room free of fear and ready to fight the tyrants that ruled the streets of Gotham. He was no longer Alexander Travonski he was Harbinger of Nightmares
  3. Real Name: Benjamin Crawford.
    Current Alias: Silencer.
    Age: 35.
    Height: 193 centimeters (6''3').
    Weight: 95 kilograms (209 lbs).
    Eyes: Icy Blue.
    Hair: Black.
    Occupation: Mercenary, Assassin, Anti-Hero.

    General Description: His features are that of a middle-aged man, slightly worn through age and other challenges he has encountered. His hair is jet black and slicked back. His eyes are of an icy blue color. He keeps a full, trimmed beard around his mouth. His physique is muscular due to training, exercise and his occupation, his skin possessing a few scars. He is usually clad in his armor, a pitch-black operative armor highly resembling that of military make, created out of a special metal alloy which causes his armor to leave him near-invulnerable. He on occasion uses a balaclava during assignments, disguising his appearance.

    Background Summary: Benjamin has a background with service in the military, possessing a renowned reputation for his capabilities as a soldier. At some point, Benjamin was transferred to an undisclosed location, the reason for this remains unknown. Officially, Benjamin Crawford died sometime after this re-location. Instead, he later re-appeared after abandoning the military, with the alias Silencer, a deadly assassin and mercenary trained by one of the world's deadliest assassins: Slade Wilson, a.k.a, Deathstroke.
  4. On a note, I have permission from Morywin to write some emotes freely, leading what happens in the roleplay and such in regards to her emotes, such as the way my character deals with his foes, responses and results. The benefits of being the boyfriend.
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  6. So this is basically your take on Batman Beyond...
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