Dark Waters

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  1. Throughout history, there have been Pirates. Pirates who dominated the seas, robbing and killing without relent. Militaries set out to kill and stop them, but no one could stop them. After failing continuously, the countries stopped sending men to their death, and anyone who tread Pirate waters were entering at their own risk. No one would save you out on the seas. If you can't stop them, join them. Or fight them. It's all your choice.

    Tallissa swung down onto the deck of her ship 'The Fireball' grinning wide. Her ship was at port while her and her crew were enjoying a little break. They had just gotten back from a great run down the british coastline. Her crew were sitting on the deck, playing cards, drinking, and having a good time. They listened to the group of guys that played music on the ship. She looked around her ship, taking in what she had accomplished. The sails were a deep blood red, with orange fabric flames curling up the sides of the sail. Her ship was a dark wood, polished usually.

    Tallissa herself wore brown trousers tucked into knee high leather boots. Her top was a loose, long sleeved white shirt. She chose not to wear a hat, and her midnight black hair was braided and slung over her shoulder. Her eyes were different colors, one was light grey and the other light green. She walked lightly across her deck, smacking her crew on the back, and drinking out of their cups. After doing a bit of socializing with her crew, she went into the Captains quarters. She had maps to review, and their next journey to plan. Her crew was easy going, and thats what made them such a force. They worked better together than any crew she's had before. All of them fought well, and all of them were friends.

    She sat down at her desk, pulling out her maps. She took her hair out of its braid running her hand through her hair and pulling out her pen. The open sea was a dangerous place, but there was a ship going to the New World, full of supplies. And supplies are worth money. She smiled and planned. This would be easy.
  2. Rurik was leaning against The Fireball's mainmast, his left hand's fingers lightly tapping against his leg in rhythm with the music being played. In his right hand he held a tin mug filled with rum. While many were guzzling the stuff like thirsty men just finding water, he was taking his time. While he easily jested with the other members of the crew, and got along with them fine, he did not join in the gambling. No, he preferred to save his share of whatever loot they wrested from their ventures. While he enjoyed the pirating lifestyle, he had plans for the future, beyond pirating. Unless, of course, his life was cut short. That was always a possibility, but he really didn't fear death coming for him. Death came for everyone, after all.

    There was a nod of his head, and a grin to the captain as she passed by during her socializing spree. His sea green eyes followed her for a moment before shifting to watch the thin clouds drifting lazily in the skies above. He'd been part of the crew for a couple of months now, and was glad he had joined this ship's crew. Sure they were pirates, but they all seemed to get along quite well. He had yet to see any backstabbing take place, as he had seen on other ships. Hell, he'd damned near been killed on another ship in a petty squabble. On The Fireball he could sleep peacefully, instead of constantly having one eye open. Still, he was cautious, they were still pirates after all.

    Lifting his left hand, Rurik absently scratched at the five-o-clock shadow growing upon his hawk-like features. Then his hand rose higher to rake fingertips through sun bleached, brown hair that hung, haphazardly, down to his shoulders. His lean, wiry form was tanned from his time on the decks of various ships over the years. His left, upper bicep bore a tattoo of a fairly detailed, laughing skull with the words 'Wyrd bith ful araed' under it. The knuckles of his left hand bore the word 'Hold' tattooed upon them, while the knuckles of his right hand bore the word 'Fast' tattooed on them. He wore a loose fitting, short sleeved, off white shirt, a pair of comfortable, sun bleached brown trousers, and a pair of broken in, dark brown, calf high boots.

    As his left hand fell back to his side, he raised his mug of rum to his lips, taking a short pull from it. What did their captain have planned for them next? Rurik was hoping for easy prey. Maybe they would get lucky and find a nice, fat merchant ship filled with an easily intimidated crew. That would be nice. Soften them up with cannons, get them to surrender without the need for a boarding attempt. That was probably hoping for too much. Life was rarely that easy. Unless you were a ridiculously rich noble.
  3. She mapped out their route, and stood up. She would go adress her men, tell them they left at dawn. She smirks, her crew would be happy to know they were about to intercept a supply ship. Those guys always gave up pretty easily. She threw open her quarters door, stepping back out onto the deck. She took stand on a barrel, stomping down on it to get the attention of her men.

    Once the ship had quieted down, and the attention turned to her, she grinned wide and threw her hands up, "Aye men! Tomorrow we set sail towards the new world! A supply ship is leaves tonight. We will intercept them not far off. Knowing the supply ships, they will not sail through the second night. That is when we will attack. We're in for a good hall my men! Prepare the ship! Prepare yourselves! We've run into a bit of luck." Her men cheer and she steps off the barrel. The clinking of glasses and yells fill the air. She walks up the steps to where the wheel is and leaned against the railing laughing quietly.

    She enjoyed watching her men get along. Among them, she felt united. Her crew didn't fight often, and if they did, she just let it happen. She never got between her crew if they fought. If they have a problem and thats how they want to work it out, let them. It wasn't a great crew to be on if you were a very personal person. They were family on the Fireball. That's why they won. That's why they succeed.

    She looked up at the night sky. Grey clouds scattered the sky, none were very thick. The stars lit the sky, and the moon shined down on the ship, its light reflecting off of glasses and the smiles of her men. If any crew knew how to get along and get things done, it was the crew on the Fireball. Pirating was a tough life. Any one of them could die. That was something that they had to get over.

    Dying was not a subject Tallissa took lightly. She has such a fantastic ship. It was her legacy. Captains like her don't get married. Don't have kids. She has no one to pass her ship onto. She imagines if she dies at sea, one of her crew members will take the ship. That or they'll take it back to harbor and let her baby rot and die. This boat, in a sense was her kid. Tallissa smiled at the thought. She loved this boat more than anything. Her share of the wealth went right back into updating and taking care of her ship.

    She uncrossed her legs and paced the upper deck, reaching the far right. She placed her palms on the banister and lent out over the water. This ocean was her home. She took in a breath of sea air, and grinned. She let out a large breath and laughed to herself.
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  4. Rurik was absently watching the stars in the moonlit night sky as his thoughts roamed. He allowed himself a bit of a smirk and shook his head as he took another pull of rum from his mug. There was an enlightening thought forming slowly, but his mind was distracted by the captain's boot thudding down on the top of a barrel. Sea green eyes sought her out as he arched a curious brow, waiting in silence for her to speak of what was on her mind. Perhaps it was news of their next victim.

    His expression grew thoughtful as she spoke of leaving for the new world, that could make life extra interesting. Then she spoke of the supply ship they would be hitting, the beginnings of a grin pulling at the corners of his mouth as a wicked little glimmer danced in the sea colored depths of his eyes. It should be a fairly easy, and very profitable haul. He readily joined in with the cheering crew, clacking his mug together with a crewmate before downing the remaining rum in it. It was a good burn as the alcohol went down his gullet. They were wolves of the sea and they had the scent of their prey. There would be no escape for that supply ship. The cost for victory should be cheap. Hopefully nothing but minor injuries.

    Setting his empty mug aside, Rurik eased away from the mainmast, stretching a bit and rolling his shoulders. Yes, things would get really interesting soon, he thought to himself as he moved to the railing on the starboard side amidships and cast his gaze out over the ocean as if seeking out the prey they would be hunting soon. Taking in a deep breath of the fresh, ocean air, he exhaled it slowly. Until he figured out just exactly what he wanted in life this was where he belonged. Things were good on the Fireball and he was content. He trusted the captain to lead them to glory and riches.

    Soon he lowered his gaze to the water, watching the play of silvery moonlight on the waves as his thoughts continued to roam. For now this was his family. He'd long ago burned bridges with those he had blood ties with. He had been far too much of a rebel for his parents liking and they had disowned him before he could tarnish the family's name. Being who he was, he had simply laughed it off, promptly broke back into his former home and plundered various valuables which were then promptly sold in shady places. That money hadn't lasted him very long, though, as he had spent it quite freely. Shortly after that he had been pressed into the royal navy.

    The ship he had been assigned to had been captained by a pompous nobleman who had treated the crew poorly. In the end they had mutinied, killing most of the officers and butchering the captain. Then they had gone pirate, a venture that had ended quite poorly, but Rurik had survived. From there he had been on two other ships before finally joining the crew of the Fireball. For now this was where the winds of fate had blown him. Wyrd bith ful araed, fate is inexorable.
  5. Charles stood aboard the supply ship he would have to defend on the coming trip, him and his small crew had been hired and supplied by the navy to defend a supply ship from pirates. Although being a mercenary didn't make him much better. He felt the sea breeze run through his blonde hair, while his gray eyes scanned the ocean.

    The moonlight made the area feel mystical, and he quickly reached into his pockets felt his tarot cards and pulled one out. The Ace of Swords, upright, "Seems like I've got something to look forward to on this trip." He muttered.
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  6. She leaned forward, on the railing that viewed her lower deck. Her man danced and drank. She sighed. She didn't want to lose any of them in battle. She knew all of them on a personal level and setting off out of port came with its own set of worries. The open ocean, full of storms. She could loose someone over the railing, or she could watch them die on her deck, staining the dark wood with their blood. She shivered at the thought.

    She tried to block out the dangers, and smiled and nodded, raising her own glass to the men that looked up at her. She pulled a bandanna out of her pocket and typing it around her head, keeping her dark wavy hair out of her eyes. She hopped up and sat on the railing, taking a drink of her own cup. She quickly lost herself in her own head. Blankly watching the moon ripple on the black water.

    She thought about the supply ship. Already running battle tactics through her mind. She hoped they wouldn't have to board until after the ship has surrendered, but that would be unlikely. Among other things. She drained the rest of her glass, wiping her mouth on her sleeve. It wouldn't be but a day of sailing until they caught the ship in course. She hoped her team took this seriously. When they got cocky they made mistakes. And mistakes cost lives.
  7. Aerith Sat At her room,Checking her supplies. A Lesson she learned from their travels,being prepared wont kill her.
    As The Fireball's doctor,Aerith made sure that her crewmates wont die on her..never again.
    Her room doubled as the infirmary, a bed for the injured,her desk with a lampshade that has all her records and scribbled notes,a crammed bookshelf full of medical books,another bed for herself,and a cabinet.
    Aerith,Even if she was the doctor, she learned how to fight. oh no,she would rather be the one who has a knife down an enemies throat than the one being rescued,she doubled as an assassin afterall.
    Dusting of the imaginary dust on her clothes,Aerith decided to go out for fresh air.
    Her Darkened golden orbs gleamed as it narrowed down to their captain. Aerith walked to her,her footsteps silent. She was always like that,somehow,her presence was unoticed until she announced that she was there.
    But Somehow,their captain could always pinpoint where she was even if she was given a handicap.
    "Are You Worrying about something again?" Aerith asked,tucking a strand of her bright scarlet hair behind her ear.
    But Aerith cant lie to herself,She was worried about it too.
  8. "Of course not. What do I have to worried about? I have the best crew around." Tallissa laughed and shrugged. "I have complete faith in my men, and I know they've been waiting for this haul." She glanced at her ships doctor. Aerith was a great addition to her crew. She had saved a few lives on the Fireball. She could fight too, and she was good. Tallissa leapt down from the banister, wrapping her arm around the doctors shoulders, "Are you ready for this? It's gonna be a big hall. Best one of the year I'd say." She grins and swigs from her glass.

    Tallissa hides he fears well, always has. She is such an easy going person, slapping on a fake smile and telling jokes is nothing. She could fool anyone. And that's what she did best, she fooled people. WHen she was a little kid, she was a decoy. Her father, a famous pirate, he captained The Juliard. Best ship in the lot. They'd put her in a row boat and send her towards a merchant ship. They were soft hearted fools. And when a 5 year old girl signals for an attack, it doesn't really seem real until she has a knife and is cutting the tendons in your ankles.

    She didn't have a hard life. Always out in the open ocean, her hair bleached from the sun. Skin tanned like that of an Islander. She couldn't think of a better way to live. Probably because for her, there is no other way to live. Pirating is her passion. And she lived at sea, and that's where she'll die.
  9. Rurik allowed himself a big yawn as he leaned against the railing, closing his eyes for a moment. Perhaps it would be a good idea to go below deck and crawl into his hammock. A good sleep would be a good idea before everything was set into motion. Maybe in a little while. For now his mind was far too active, despite the yawn that had over taken him. Allowing his light blue eyes to reveal themselves once more, he absently watched the water lapping lazily against the side of the ship.

    He didn't know about the rest of the crew, but he was definitely taking matters seriously. One foolish mistake in a boarding attempt would mean death one way or another. Unless dumb luck came along and saved your miserable hide, of course. Of course that was as long as you didn't get killed or maimed in a volley of cannon fire before you could get close enough to board your prey. But hey, if it wasn't a dangerous life it would be a boring one. Nothing was worse than living a stagnant life, in his opinion. Though surely his opinion would change over the years.

    Glancing over his shoulder, he sought out the Captain with his eyes once more. What was going through her mind right now? Likely she was thinking of logistics and tactics. He took note of the ship's doctor moving to speak with the Captain. Lives would be depending on the doctor, if injuries were taken. The woman was competent, so he wasn't overly worried if he should be injured. Once more he shifted his attention to the water, content to lose himself in thought once again. Whatever happened would happen. Wyrd bith ful araed.
  10. "Best Crew? I Beg to differ,for all i see is a ship full of idiots and drunkards who always makes sure to make a trip at my office." Aerith scoffed,but her eyes gave her away. her eyes told a different story,she trusted the crew,band of misfits they may be,it was better than being alone.
    Fear,it was such an interesting was it? Everybody has their very own fears. Aerith has one too,she was just a human being afterall.
    Aerith's fear was the fear of being left alone.
    When she was a child,Aerith dint grow up with rainbows and sunshines. not everyone does, instead, Aerith grow up with scoffs,cold-heartedness,and rejection.
    When she was a teen,she decided to break her shell,and set off to find herself.
    Aerith's Golden orbs turned to Rurik. "Good Evening." She greeted,then turned back to her Captain once again.
    "Of Course im ready. Now,if you'll excuse me,i shall prepare my supplies. i dont want somebody losing an arm or a leg afterall." Aerith said,bowing curtly as she turned her heel and marched back to her quarters.
    None of them missed the small smile on Aerith's face.
  11. She shrugged her shoulders, smiling as she hopped down onto the lower deck, dancing to the music. It was very late. She was tired, but her men were still having a party. She danced around the deck, stomping her boots along with the others. She sat on the barrel, and stood up slowly, yawning. "Alright men! Its time to settle. We sail off tomorrow and I don't want hungover idiots scratching up my deck. Prepare the supplies and then sleep." She was loud and the music stopped, and men started groaning and cleaning up from the celebration. She hopped down, stretching and heading below deck.

    She walked among the hammock and into the supply room. She just wanted to do a quick inventory before they set off tomorrow. She quickly counted and everything was in order. She turned around, and stretched again. She was ready to set sail.

    Despite everything. Her fears didn't matter. They were getting that supply ship, and maybe this year she can replace the old mast. Plus she needs a new crows nest. She walked back through the hammocks, dodging the guys that were clambering towards their beds. She entered her own quarters. A hammock of her own in the corner, sleeping on a real bed always felt wrong to her. So she hopped into her hammock crossing her feet and sliding an arm behind her head, taking off the bandanna, her deep black waves falling down past her shoulders. She kicked off the boots and swung lightly with the sound of the waves hitting the ships side.

    She couldn't fall asleep for the life of her. She had a feeling, and she didn't know if it was good or bad, but it was stirring in her gut. She breathed out, and sat up in the hammock. "Guess I won't be sleeping tonight." She stood up and snuck barefoot back onto the deck. The deck was bare, except a few scattered barrels and ropes. The sea breeze was warm this evening. And she breathed in, trying to figure out what other tactics they could throw at the supply ship. Just in case.
  12. "Captain," Jordan, the quartermaster, a large dark skinned man from the Bahamas with startling red eyes, said as he approached Tallissa. "You should be resting. We need you at your best tomorrow if we want to avoid unwanted injuries. If you're worried about the ship, don't be, I'll take good care of her." He was present at the announcement that they would be attacking a ship and instantly a grin had appeared on his face, some fun at last wouldn't hurt, the ship seemed as if it had been idle for too long.

    He walked up to the helm and placed a hand at the wheel, his red eyes gazing intently at the moon as the small waves rocked the boat in a motion that could either put one to sleep, if they had a strong stomach, or make them hurl if they didn't. He was of the former, but sleep didn't come easy for Jordan, it rarely did, and when everyone was asleep, he was often the only one awake at the late hours making sure everything was running smoothly on the ship.

    The pirate wore a leather vest that was sun dried and well oiled with a large red sash at his waist that held a massive sabre he had taken from a Chinese pirate some years back. He named it Blue Jay for it's blue hilt and the music it made every time he swung. Casually placing a hand on Blue Jay his gaze shifted from the moon back to his captain, his dread locks resting on his shoulders and chest.
  13. "I appreciate the concern, Jordan, but I'm fine. I slept most of the day today anyhow." She turns around to watch him carefully. She had a bad feeling about this raid. It stirred in her gut like a brewing storm. She had felt like this before, but when she did, the raids went fine. She shook her head and turned back around. She was worrying about nothing.

    Not that it mattered. She couldn't get any damn sleep anyway. She hopped onto the rail, walking it heel to heel, balancing in the wind. She had been practicing walking on rails since she was a baby. She didn't fall overboard anymore. Unless someone pushed her, but they didn't because she would end their life. She closed her eyes, and thought about what her father taught her. Sometimes its better if you ignore yer gut. But then again. Her dad raised her on the Juliard. She grew up on pirate ship. Most people would say that it would set her up for greatness, make her want to get away. Go to college. But she always wanted to be at sea. She threw fits when her dad docked the ship overnight.

    She opened her eyes and stared at the sky. It was starting to get lighter, but the moon and the stars still glowed in the sky. She was happy to find out that nothing could dim their light. The stars were out somewhere. She thought about following the sunset. Never letting it out of her sight. But instead she got the Fireball, and became one of the most well known captains on the high seas. And she didn't mind it.
  14. Aloe-External-Burns,Bites,cuts or scrapes.
    Chamomile-External-bites,skin irratations,stings. Internal-soothes stress and relaxe--
    Aerith Placed her pen down,as she stretched her arms.her inventory was fine,enough for all of the man who would be possibly injured tommorow.
    She tapped the frame of her glasses,turning to a corner of her room. there,sitting innocently,was her sword.
    She snorted,innocence was the least word to describe it. Aerith stood,walking to her sword and picking it up.
    she balanced it on her hands with perfect ease,A Broadsword,Thirteen inches,the blade was made by Damascus Steel,the grip was made of metal and leather. Aerith's fingers brushed upon the metal,a small smile on her face.
    The Sword,it may even took lives,for Aerith,it was a sign of her freedom.
    A Yawn escaped her lips,and Aerith placed the sword back down. time to get some sleep. Aerith thought,removing her glasses and placing it to her desk.
    she turned off the lights and lie down at her bed.
    Benedicat nos Deus. Aerith thought,before letting sleep take over her.

  15. Rurik had returned a nod in response to Aerith's greeting, before his attention had shifted back out over water and the woman left the deck. Rarely did he speak, unless he'd partaken in too much alcohol. For a moment he pondered over past choices he had made. If he had acted in such a way as his family had expected and demanded. He could have had a comfortable life and rubbed elbows with nobility. He gave a quiet silent snort at the very thought of such, not regretting his past decisions. Pampered nobility disgusted him, a bunch of foolish fops worried more about their own comfort than anything else.

    When the Captain announced it was time for the crew to seek rest, Rurik remained where he was, still lost in thought. Sleep wouldn't come easily and he wasn't about to try and force it. Whenever he did that he always ended up tossing and turning restlessly, failing to get a restful slumber. If anything it would leave him worse off than if he didn't sleep at all. As the deck of the ship quieted down, he pulled away from the railing and walked to the bow of the ship. Once there he lowered himself to sit upon the deck, resting his back against the railing and allowing his eyes to close. He wasn't sleeping though. Not yet at least.

    He failed to take note of the Captain's return to the deck, or Jordan's arrival. Likely it was hard to spot him where he was currently resting, at the front of the ship. There he hummed a quiet tune to himself, one he had heard sung in a tavern in the past. It was called The Parting Glass, and it had stuck with him from the first day he had heard it. He hoped that if he died, friends would sing it over his grave or in his memory at the very least. He didn't let his mind linger on the thought of his own demise. Instead he let his mind turn to how he would spend his share of whatever haul they would take soon.
  16. Fire.
    "You Cursed Child!You Cursed,Cursed Child!If Not for you,Daemon would still be alive right now!"
    "Child,Medicine is to heal people,not kill. always remember that."

    Aerith woke up,short of breath. sheen of sweat rolling down her forehead.
    her golden eyes blinked,as she shook her head. nightmares never faired with her. nobody does.
    Aerith turned,begging herself to let her sleep once again. She needed rest,tommorow was a big day for everyone.
    Seconds turned to minutes,and sleep was out of option now.
    Aerith stood up,deciding to get some fresh air. nothing else to do now.
    as she found herself at the deck of the ship.
    so quite.. Aerith thought,as she walked over the railings.
    her bright scarlet hair flew passed her,as her golden orbs steadied at the ocean before her.
    Aerith smiled a little,the Ocean could always calm her down after her nightmares.
    Soon,Aerith heard humming. curious,Aerith followed it to the front of the ship.
    There,Humming by himself was Rurik.
    Aerith closed her eyes,listening silently to the song.
    She recognised the tone,Her Teacher would always sing that song whenever he was on a good mood.
    Aerith sat behind a pillar,singing silently to herself.
    "Of all the money that e'er I had, I spent it in good company
    And of all the harm that e'er I've done, alas it was to none but me
    And all I've done for want of wit, to memory now I can't recall
    So fill to me the parting glass. Goodnight and joy be with you all"

    really, the song brought back memories. but Alas,memories cant be brought back in the real life.
    "Of all the comrades that e'er I had, they're sorry for my going away
    And all the sweethearts that e'er I had
    They would wish me one more day to stay
    But since it falls unto my lot that I should rise and you should not
    I'll gently rise and I'll softly call, "Goodnight and joy be with you---"
    Aerith stopped singing when the humming stopped.
    Did he perhaps notice? Aerith thought,sitting very still.
  17. Rurik failed to notice Aerith's return to the deck, perhaps he was letting his guard down a little too much. Maybe, however, it was a sign of his trust in the crew of this ship. The faintest hint of a smile pulled at the corners of his mouth as he continued to hum the tune, not realizing it had drawn attention to his whereabouts. His thoughts had drifted once more. This time focusing on memories of those he had called friend on the few ships he had been on in the past. A few of those friends had died, be it in a senseless tavern brawl or on the high seas, pirating. One of those friends had died by Rurik's hands. It had been a case of self-defense though, not a cold blooded act.

    Before his mind could go further down the path of that last memory, he was distracted by a quiet sound. Was it someone singing? Perhaps he was just imagining things. However the faint sound persisted, a feminine voice singing the very song he had been humming to himself. If he was hearing right, of course. He allowed his eyes to slowly open as he tilted his head to one side, listening for a moment longer before allowing his humming to trail off into silence. He could see anyone from where he was, but it sounded like it was coming from near the foremast.

    A curious brow was raised as the singing fell silent after he stopped humming, though Rurik made no move to rise from where he was sitting. For a moment he toyed with the notion of remaining silent, acting as if he had heard nothing. After all, the one singing had done so quietly. Maybe they hadn't wanted to be noticed. However he broke his silence, "Your voice does the song justice," paying a quiet compliment to the singer, sure his voice would carry to her ears.
  18. "the only thing my voice did was sunk a few battleships." She replied,laughing quietly.
    Silence lingered after that,Curiousity won over her.
    "How did you know about this song?" Aerith asked,biting back a sigh. The song was too sad for her taste,but nevertheless,she knew the lyrics by heart.
    She dint move,she dint stand. Aerith just sat there,waiting for Rurik's reply.
  19. Rurik chuckled a bit at her words, "Well, I was just offering the opinion on the matter. Though I think you belittle yourself with those words," speaking truthfully. She had sung the tune well, if quietly. He wondered what other songs she might know, but left the question unspoken. When silence seemed to linger he allowed his eyes to close once more, folding his hands over his stomach.

    When she spoke her question, he pondered in silence for a moment, one hand rising the scratch at one cheek. Finally he spoke, "There was a tavern I was at, in a port a few years ago. A pretty lass sang it for a few sailors celebrating the memory of fallen friends," his hand falling to rest over his stomach once again, "It has stuck with me ever since then..," smirking a little.
  20. "Ah..So you heard it from a travern? i heard it from my teacher. he sung that song till my ears bleed dry." Aerith said,chuckling a little by her words. she dint know why she was telling him this. but somehow,it lifted some weight off her shoulders.
    Awkward silence was on their shoulder's once again.
    "Cant sleep?" Aerith asked Rurik.
    the Moon never shone so brightly. Aerith noted,Gazing at it.
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