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  1. Impmon/Beelzemon (open)

    Impmon sat in the branch of a tree, gazing out over the barren desert at the edge of the forest he was sitting in. It was sunrise, and Impmon felt that today would be different. He clenched the black octagonal device, the Digivice, that he had around his neck and scowled. "C'mon, dammit," he growled, his grip tightening. "I can't wait forever! Master Daemon will be upset if I don't get my partner soon." He smiled a bit, cruel and malicious. He could just see the Control Spire in the distance. How he longed to knock it down! But at his power level, that would be impossible. He needed to Digivolve. And to do that, he needed a partner.

    The Digmon Emperor's dark Digivice and Control Spires should block all Digivolution, but Daemon had found a work-around. Most Digimon Digivolved due to positive energies, usually from humans, or they had simply grown to that level of power. Digimon with human partners had a connection, but the Control Spires blocked that connection. However, it only worked on positive connections. Daemon's creation, the Inverse Digivice, would take the human's fear and anger, using it to fuel it's partner's Digivolution. Impmon grinned. His own name for the Inverse Digivice fit much better in his opinion. Dark Digivice was taken, of course, so he named it the Devil-Digivice. Now, he just needed a human to slip into the Digital World.

    As if on cue, in the sands before him, a small television set flickered into life. Impmon cackled and leaned in, watching closely. He had to be sure it wasn't one of the Digi-Destined. They had there partners, so he couldn't take control. His plan was perfect otherwise. A raging Dark Tyranomon was nearby, and it would attack the human who spilled through. Impmon would rush in, give the human the Devil-Digivice, and it would harness her fear of the new world and danger to allow him to Digivolve. As IceDevimon, he'd easily save the human, and then be able to terrorize her even more, building the fear until he could attain Ultimate level. With that much energy, he'd finally be able to join his Master, and help Daemon take even more power.
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    Rika let out a low groan of annoyance here she was sitting here once more alone in her room because her family thought it was great to just leave her behind because he once again had not gotten up in time. She let her hand touch the screen of her computer and though she had a bad feeling that today was not going to be like the rest she could not place what was calling her across the screen. She let out another heavy sigh and then she felt a small jolt and then next thing she knew she was looking around a rather odd place.

    “Where am I?” she said rubbing her head lightly, the pink locks flowing as she gave another grumble. “What was that?” she stood up slowly brushing off the dirt from her skirt as she glanced around. “Hello!” She said calling out softly. “Any-one there?”
  3. Impmon cackled again with glee as the bright light filled the area. It was a child! A young one at that, and a girl! Impmon didn't know much about humans, but he did know that the younger ones were more easily frightened, and females were also more prone to fear. He started toward her, needing to get closer, as the Dark Tyranomon heard the girl's cries and began stomping over, roaring as it went. "This is almost too perfect! A girl, alone! Ha! Couldn't have been better!" Impmon would take a bit to get closer, so he had to make his presence known to her first.

    "Hey, what're you doin'? Get over here, ya brat! That Dark Tyranomon will eat you if you don't hurry up!" Impmon was shouting, manipulating his voice in such a way as to demonstrate that he was slightly worried for the girl, and it also made him sound a bit injured. After all, the Dark Tyranomon had hit him rather hard earlier with it's tail, so that wasn't a complete lie. He had to gain her trust, at least enough that she'd take the Devil-Digivice.
  4. ❀Rika❀, #F7667a
    Rika blinked and when she heard the voice she looked to it. Who was that? Speaking to her? A dark what? Though she heard the rather loud sound of something stomping in her direction. She gave a small whimper and then moved toward the sound. “W—who are you?” she said softly moving toward the small creator that seemed to be able to speak to her. She gave a head tilt and then glance around. “where am I? Will you help me?” She said looking the rather cute in her eye creator.

    She had no idea what was going on, who was who or what was what. She just knew that she was in some strange land and this creator seemed to be willing to help her. “My name is Rika” she said softly looking at him with a small head tilt.
  5. The Dark Tyranomon crashed through a sand dune, roaring as it charged toward them. Impmon growled as he continued to run forward. The human wasn't hurrying, just walking. At this rate, the maddened Dark Tyranomon would swallow the girl up before Impmon got anywhere near her. "HURRY! THAT THING'S GONNA EAT YOU IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR!" He stumbled slightly over the loose, shifting sands, but he barely slowed, his three-fingered hands flailing as he moved faster. His chest throbbed suddenly, though he only barely noticed, much more focused on the situation before him.
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