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  1. Captain's Log Entry 294: Star Date 15-65-3010
    My crew aboard the Dark Summit has proven to be quite capable in recent events. Since our last plunder we have accumulated a large sum of Credits from a transport of the Galactic Federation. While many are still only mere Greenhorns, not fit to be much more than a Cabin Boy, they have potential. And it seems we shall be seeing that potential in the near future. It seems a Federation ship had been calling for assistance. From the sound of it, things were hardly going well.
    Incoming message on Com-Systems. Connecting now.

    End of Transmission.
    But as curiously and suddenly as it had arrived, something, or rather someone, had already blocked the signal. The way I saw it, we had only one thing to lose, and many more to gain. Of course, I'm not too certain how well the crew will respond to gambling their lives on information to blackmail the Confederation with. But that's how we weed out the boys from the men! Onward to the FS Eclipse!
    End of Log Entry 294

    • The Crew of "Dark Summit" head off to investigate the wreckage of Federation Ship (FS) Eclipse. What will they find?

    "Dark Summit: The Point of No Return" is a Space Opera Sci-Fi Fantasy Adventure. The Player Characters will consist of the Crew of Dark Summit, a notorious band of Space Pirates, who are the bane of the Galactic Federation.

    We will be using Dice Rolls(Which I will explain the Mechanics of later on) in this RP for Skill Checks only. But don't worry, this is merely to decide the outcome of the event. Your character will not die unless discussed thoroughly with you and you are on board with the idea(Or if you disappear for a really long time). This is not an Action Roleplay, and will not be oriented on how Bad-Ass a character is for doing a somersault while wiping out an entire army with an Axe-Scythe. Instead our characters will be Bad-Ass because the repair a broken engine, or manage to fly through an asteroid field.

    This Roleplay will play out in (???) different chapters, which a summary of will be posted on the section titled, "The Plot Thus Far." Below you will find more information on this RP. There will be a Lore Section which will have more added to it as time wears on, the Rules section, Cast List, and Character Sheet Skeleton. More will be added as time goes on.

    Rules are meant to be FOLLOWED. So please follow them, or heads may roll... And that'd be your character's head.

    1. General Iwaku Rules Apply​
    2. OOC Drama is not fun for anyone. IC Drama is fun for everyone. Please know which one is fun, and which we shall have none​
    3. The Dice Roll is what happens. If you fail, you fail. If you fail hard, you fail hard. However, there will be no risk of your character actually dying, so there shouldn't be any upset over this in hindsight.​
    4. There will be a posting deadline to keep things active and moving. It will likely be about 4-5 days, but that is subject to change.​
    5. My Co-Gm is @Zeroisdead. He will be helping me develop the plot and make important decisions. Treat him with respect. He has lots of power.​
    6. Treat me with respect. I has lots of power.​
    7. Treat others with respect. They has lots of power.(Just not necessarily here...)​
    8. This is NOT a Romance RP, so I don't care if it doesn't happen. That said, I do like a little love interest as that keeps things dramatic at times. But two things: First, do not over do it. Please, I don't want this to be Ouran Highschool IN SPACE!. Second, If things are gonna get hot and heavy, please fade to black, and continue in PM. This isn't in the Libertine section. WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!​
    9. Rules are subject to be changed/removed/edited/added/expanded upon/etc.​

    Character Sheet Template
    (Picture Here)
    [INDENT=1][i]First Aid[/i][/INDENT]

    • Age is anywhere above 17 for this RP(Or the Age of Adulthood for an alien race). I doubt there would be loli space pirates walking around.
    • For Appearance, write down anything not spcified in the picture. i.e. Scars, height, different eye color, etc. It doesn't need to be excruciatingly long. NOTE: This is a Space Opera, so your character can be an alien being of some sort. Just PM me some details on the race if you like, and I'll fill the rest in for the Lore Section.
    • For Job, look at the Cast List. There will be a few jobs they will have on the ship such as First Mate, Pilot, Gunner, etc. Pick one of those
    • You have 24 Skill Points which can be Allocated as you would like. The more difficult the objective, and so it would be easier to perform with a higher skill score. You can put 0 into the skill, but you can not put a negative value.
    • For Personality put only a list of Positives and Negative
    • For History put about 4-6 bullet points of the MAJOR events in their life. I will contact you with information as well as a few questions if they involve Lore worthy events/people/societies.

    Over the course of the Roleplay, there will be times where a Skill Check will be called for. This will be any time anything related to a skill is used in IC. For example, you are being chased by the Galactic Federation, and they are firing at Dark Summit. A player would then say in OoC, "Bob is going to pilot the ship, and shake off the federation." He would use the Iwaku Roll system to roll a d20 then add his skill points to the roll. That is his Total Roll, and will determine if he succeeds or fails. If he Rolls a 1 or a 20 it is an immediate failure or success respectively. Let's say he fails, and rolls a total of 7 when he needed 10 to succeed. No one would die, but instead, their ship gets shot down, and they crash land on a nearby planet. Several are injured.

    it isn't a very complex system, but it will determine a lot in the way of story. Here is the list of skills and what they mean.

    • Piloting determines how well you can fly a ship, whether its a large Cargo Ship or a small Fighter
    • Accuracy determines your skill with projectiles, be it bows, laser pistols, or ship cannons.
    • Stealth is your ability to remain undetected, even in the midst of combat.
    • Repair is your proficiency with machines. You can use it to build machines, tear them down or just fix them.
    • Hacking is your skills with computers. With this you can reprogram robots and computers, link to restricted communications, or upload a virus to the enemy.
    • First Aid is your knowledge on anatomy and care-taking. You can mend broken bones, treat the sick and dying, and determine cause of death
    Now these are only examples, but there are more scenarios where a Skill can be applied than just these listed.

    • Once a Federation Ship, the FS Summit, it's Captain, Arthus Mordok, defected from the Federation nearly 20 years ago. Since then, it has roamed the trade routs, plundering the Federations Cargo Ships, and taking what they can for themselves. The crew has proven fiercely loyal thus far. They have recently stopped at the unregistered colony of Tortoniga after a very successful pilferage. There they picked up a few new crew mates.

      The Dark Summit is a powerful war ship. One of the best the Federation had. After the defection of Arthus and his crew, the Dark Summit was at the top of the Federation's most wanted list. However, under his guidance, Dark Summit has proven victorious time and time again. It has since fallen off of the Federation's radar, and has become nothing more than a legend within the general population.

    • [​IMG]
      When Humanity first left Earth, and began colonizing the other planets, it was evident that some sort of Government was necessary. They created the Solar Council as the first governing force over the new Colonies. However, they were weak, and ill-prepared. It gave way to the self-governing of several colonies. This lead to significant problems however. As resources grew scarce in several colonies, others began selling them theirs at criminal prices. This lead to upset, and riots. The Solar Council needed reform, but they refused to do so. Right when it seemed that humanity was on the brink of war, a signal called out to them Contact was made with outside life. It was what is now known as the Galactic Federation. they saw humanities plights, and stepped in to help if they submitted to them. As such, humanity did.

      As millenniums passed, humanity grew standing within the Federation, and now holds it's own seat in it's council room along side the other 5 powers that be. There have been times where colonists have disagreed with the Federation and rebelled, but ultimately things are peaceful, save the occasional outlaw. There are those however, who feel more is happening behind closed doors.

    You're GM is @Reanimator Bob and your Co-GM is @Zeroisdead
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  2. [​IMG]

    ooh, interesting, interesting

    If we're allowed to reserve, could I do Gunner?
  3. Yes You may Reserve the Gunner Spot.
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  4. I'd like to reserve scout if that's cool
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  6. Hello, I have read the interest check but since the signups are already up I felt it better to post here directly. Requesting Mechanic, please.
  7. Reserving Mechanic
  8. Hope this is good, woo. Got a little carried away with the History, but I mean, I'd been racking my brains the whole day trying to figure it out, lol.

    - - -



    Chala Bachika

    Pronounced "Kalla Ba-chee-ka."


    26 years old




    Despite standing at a relatively short 5'6, she is well-built for her structure, remaining slim and lean, yet also vigorous and firm. She has a small scar running across her lip, and though one might think it's a small battle scar, it's actually just a result of her often peeling her lips, and every time it starts to heal, it's undone when she gets the urge to peel at her lips again. She also has a number of scars running across her bare back.




    + Has a real heart of gold underneath her usual gruff demeanor, notably towards children
    + Punctual and reliable
    + Strong willed and focused
    +- Blunt, often to the point and doesn't beat around the bush
    - Often moody and somewhat antisocial
    - Often has little regard for the feelings and emotions of others, can be described as a little amoral or as something of a sociopath
    - Somewhat avoidant of close relationships

    • Early Childhood - Chala was the child of a couple with no love in it, and thus, she had never felt love from them. Her mother was generally been passive and neglectful, seeming to see her child as nothing more than a burden, and was more focused on preparing herself for the abuse that her volatile and violent husband would give out quite often. Chala was also a victim of her father's violence, often getting beaten like her mother, causing her to constantly live in fear up until she was 10 years old. Though it was easy to assume that his angry and violent behavior that had spurred him to drink had been caused by Chala's birth, as he couldn't handle the stress of balancing his strenuous job and caring for a child, eventually being fired for consistently poor performance and subsequent behavior, stories from her mother had convinced Chala that her father's troubled childhood and upbringing, or lack thereof, at the hands of his own father, were a more likely cause.​
    • Moment of Truth - Around that period of time, Chala's father had become even more violent as time went on due to no one daring to go against him. When Chala was 10, her life had changed forever on a day like any other, when her father had been feeling more violent than usual, and beat her mother more harshly than usual, to the point where Chala feared that he would end up murdering her. Mustering up courage after years of cowering before him, Chala took a kitchen knife and murdered her father. Though she had, for all intents and purposes, saved her mother from him, she felt extremely guilty for it, as the burden of murder is never easy on a child no matter what, and the horrified look from her mother didn't make everything better. Sinking under the eyes of her shocked mother, Chala ran away from home, never to return.​
    • New Life - For a few weeks after that, Chala lived on the streets by herself as a pick pocket, a lifestyle that she found herself surprisingly adept at, in her own opinion, though for better or for worse, this would not last long, as one day, when attempting to pick the pocket of whom she believed to be just another unsuspecting old man, he would manage to catch her. However, rather than bringing her to the authorities, he would take her in, stating that her abilities "had potential." When she would be taken to his home, it was then that she realized what he meant; he was the leader of a small but skilled band of mercenaries. And from then on, with no other options, Chala was trained to become a merc like the others at the home. It never occurred to her how depressing it was that, when living with these other mercenaries, trained killers, hunters, and thieves, whom she came to befriend and regard as family, that this was the happiest period of her life. As she had already become numb of the world of violence, the fact that they were all hardened mercenaries, despite how soft they had been towards her, didn't bother her, and it was then that she realized how amoral she had become. But she didn't care. At least she finally felt like she belonged.​
    • Revelations - Over time, Chala would become exceptionally skilled under the old man's tutelage, as well as the guidance of the other mercs, one acting like a big sister figure, another like a big brother (who was unknowingly the subject of Chala's schoolgirl-like affections at the time), the works, mostly excelling at marksmanship, though picking up a few other feats as well. By the time Chala had become a young woman, the crew had become based in the colony of Tortoniga, where the old man who had recruited Chala would eventually pass away in his sleep. After reading a letter that he had written just before death, Chala had found out that the old man, all along, was her grandfather on her father's side, and he apologized for so poorly raising a man who would grow to become the man he did, the old man blaming himself on his own lack of parenting due to him being a former war veteran as a younger man, before abandoning his own family to become a mercenary, as he couldn't stay away from the thrill of the hunt, but regained his humanity in gathering a makeshift family of mercs, though by then, he could never bring himself to return to his family, and believed that raising his granddaughter would be considered penance, as in his eyes, he had given Chala a new, more loving family.​
    • Fall from Grace - After the death of Chala's grandfather, the mercenary group slowly but visibly became less efficient in their field assignments, the man's death greatly affecting everyone's morale and strategic capability, as he was generally considered the pure brains of the group. This would end up costing the whole group their lives when they would engage in a firefight with a rival mercenary group who had been protecting the target, with Chala as the sole survivor, taking out the enemy by herself. Having lost everything, this event would become what shaped Chala into who she was today.​
    • Recruitment - During her time operating as a freelance mercenary by herself, as well as working other part-time jobs (which she refuses to specify, though enough prodding will have her imply that she was once a waitress at an establishment with rather embarrassing outfits), Chala would eventually be recruited by Captain Mordok onto the FS Summit, officially becoming a crew member of Dark Summit.​


    Piloting - 2
    Accuracy - 14
    Stealth - 2
    Repair - 0
    Hacking - 2
    First Aid - 4​
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  9. Hey you looking for a Doc or medic of some sort?
  10. Possibly. We have almost filled the current cast list with reservations, but I can easily imagine adding up to 3 More. Gunner 2 Pilot 2 and Medic. Since I was looking for between 6-8 characters, and wouldn't mind a 9th, I'll make a slot for medic.
  11. I'll try to finish my CS soon.

    I got some school stuff to do beforehand though.
  12. I understand. I still need to work on mine too.
  13. @Verite Accepted and added to the list
  14. Looks like you lot need a pilot. I can do a bit of the old zoomin' about in the cold black of space.
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  15. Well then, let's see it.

    That means reserved
  16. [​IMG]
    Carlo Alcaeus Guiomar
    Standing at a height of about 6 foot, Carlo is slightly taller than avergae, but not enough to stand out. His somewhat slender build masks a surprising strength, with little spare flesh on his body. In addition to the scar across his right eye, he bears the scar of a laser burn above his left hip and through his right calf. His right eye is sightless following the wound he received.

    +Breaking the mould: Unlike many of his type, Carlo is just as garrulous off the field as he is effective upon it. Irrepressible, talkative and bordering on irritating, Carlo lives life as one big party.
    +Loves his job: To Carlo, being in action is just an extension of his lifelong party with a different theme. Slipping behind enemy lines, disabling their communications and forcing any networked robots or mechanised suits to partake in arguments about logical paradoxes is just another bit of fun for him.
    - Impulsive: Carlo has a habit of 'stretching' his mission remit. While he never goes in without a plan, he does sometimes end up much deeper than many would prefer him to be. Whether it's picking off an enemy squad one by one, or plunging deep through high-end security systems, restraint is not always the word that comes to mind.
    - Cares little for life: Carlo feels no remorse for the people he has killed, not for departed allies. Grief and mourning are not words in his vocabulary.

    Shadow World: Carlo was born on a small planet that sought to fly under the radar of the Federation. The site of a notorious (in the right circles) black market, where anything could be bought and sold - drugs, stolen tech, people and lives. To fuel this trade, the ruling syndicate took promising children and put them through various training regimes.

    Walk in Shadows: Carlo, due to his combination of grace and strength as a child, was selected to become an 'Omen', as the syndicate referred to them. Trained in a class of 10 others, he was taught a variety of skills, gravitating particularly to knifework and infiltration in addition to the obligatory training in moving unseen.

    Graduation Day: Somewhat inspired by various cliche assassin groups from old movies, the syndicate had instituted a policy - only one Omen would graduate from each class, in a fight to the death within a dark maze. Carlo completed his graduation, though he took away a few mementos - most noticeably his scarred and blinded eye, which he wears as a reminder of his triumph.

    The Darkness Unveiled: The syndicate world had been under surveillance by the Federation for quite some time by now. They made their move and swooped in with heavy firepower a couple of months after the graduation. The syndicate was arrested, the black market dismantled and a large number of wanted criminals arrested or killed resisting.

    The Causeless Drifter: Carlo, with no reason to stay on his homeworld, took to hitching lifts across the galaxy, paying his way with petty jobs and the occasional spot of thievery. Eventually, he found his way to Tortoniga, and from there onto the Dark Summit.

    Piloting 0
    Accuracy 6
    Stealth: 10
    Repair: 0
    Hacking: 6
    First Aid: 2
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  17. Posting the Mechanic, you'll have to excuse my god-awful frankenspriting.

    Name: Greos Muntor

    Age: 37

    Gender: Male

    * Very short but very muscular, 165 cm and 29 BMI.
    * Has a large, complex tattoo on his back, representing the symbols of his faith.
    * The gauntlet on his left hand/forearm has an assortment of tools to help with his mechanic work (omni-tool variant perhaps?).
    * The device on his right eye amplifies images and provides data on what's being focused on.
    * The cap is made of ultra-tough material and hides a long jet-black hair.
    * The belt has plenty of stocked up goodies, both for his work and extraneous situations.
    * Boots are armored.
    * Skin is tan-ish.

    Job: Mechanic

    + Easy to talk to, encourages small talk
    + Seems to be able to always keep a cool head and a smile up
    + Chivalrous to almost a fault
    - Profound beliefs make it hard to compromise on certain issues
    - Arrogant when it comes to his field
    - Tends to run away and/or hide when fighting comes up

    * Born in an unremarkable colony planet, began mechanic's apprenticeship from a young age with his only relative and religious mentor, his uncle.
    * After the death of his uncle, served on a few federation ships over the years. His crowning moment was when mid-combat with some outlaws, the pivotal fix needed to turn the tide was achieved thanks to him.
    * Fled the Federation after a bar brawl went wrong and the death of a member of the Solar Council was blamed on him.
    * Was making a living incognito on Tortoniga when the Dark Summit arrived. Managed to get recruited by showing off his tecnical ability on some of the more delicate fixes the ship needed.
    Piloting - 2
    Accuracy - 0
    Stealth - 6
    Repair - 14
    Hacking - 2
    First Aid - 0
  18. [​IMG]
    Name: Victoria "Tor" Gunnarsson

    Age: 23

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: 5"10, roughly cut brown hair , Brown eyes, Slightly narrow shoulders and wiry limbs.

    Job: Navigator

    + Able to focus for long periods of time on the task at hand.
    + Eager to get on with crew mates and tries to be likable for everyone.
    + Keen to be aboard the ship and eager to prove she belongs.
    - Can become so absorbed in what she is doing she disconnects from her surroundings
    - A desire to avoid conflict with the crew means that she often wont speak up even if she viscerally disagrees with them (except on issues of navigating spacecraft).
    - Morally very uneasy with the nature of what the crew of the dark summit does for a living

    • Tor grew up in the Mars colonies. Her farther was a miner and her mother worked as a mechanic
    • Her first job was part time at the mine moveing the shuttles around.
    • After finishing school at 16 she got a job shuttling between Mars and Earth to save up enough to buy passage to the border planets of the federation.
    • In the boarder planets of the federation she started to pick up work not as a pilot as she had hoped but as navigator. It turned out that washed out military pilots were ten a penny but someone prepared to sit still and focus on star charts was a rare commodity, and she soon built a reputation as a reliable and capable navigator.
    • After finishing a contract on Tortoniga she heard chatter that the FS Summit captain was on planet and looking for crew members. While she isn't much for the outlaw lifestyle the allure of working on one of the most legendary ships in know space was to great to resist.


    Piloting - 10
    Accuracy - 3
    Stealth - 1
    Repair - 5
    Hacking - 4
    First Aid - 1
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  19. I was literally putting on the finishing touches. XD

    But I wouldn't mind having a co-pilot. I mean, it would make sense if this is supposedly a large warship. Airliners have Co-Pilots, and they are probably toddlers compared to what this lot is skirting around in. Also in space, which is generally pretty tricky to fly around in.
  20. Win :D Copilot/assistant pilot would suit me
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