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    Years have passed since the Shepherds defeated Grima, the Fell Dragon, and saved the world from destruction. The world is at peace… or so everyone thinks. A group of Plegian mages look to revive Grima using forbidden magic, and they will stop at nothing to bring the beast back from the dead.
    Meanwhile, a traveling group of young men and women who call themselves the Sacred Blades are protecting the defenseless and weak from rogues and bandits. Having replaced the Shepherds, who had disbanded over time, they struggle to assure that no innocent blood is spilled.
    No one knows about the group of Plegian mages and what they're up to. All that is known is that violence and crime seem to be on the rise, and that the Sacred Blades will have to fight much harder than they were before.


    You are (or going to be) part of the Sacred Blades, a growing vigilante group. The Sacred Blades aren’t taken seriously by larger bands of rogues since they are rather inexperienced and weak. However, they seek to become stronger by recruiting more young men and women into their cause, and won’t stop until they make sure that no one is at risk of being killed by bandits.
    Or maybe you’re going to be one of the ambitious Grimleal, those who worship Grima and wish to resurrect him. You’ll stop at nothing to raise the Fell Dragon from the dead and allow him to cast the world into a bloody darkness.
    The world is about to be thrown into panic and disarray. A demonic force is hiding in the shadows, prepared to strike at the precise moment. And yet, no one knows what is upon them…


    The setting will be the four nations of the realm—Ylisse, Ferox, Plegia, and Valm.


    Classes are used to describe a character’s fighting style. For instance, Paladins are mounted warriors, Mages use tomes to cast spells, etc. The full list of classes can be found here, however, there will be exceptions and restrictions to what classes you may choose.
    Players may not make characters who fall under the following classes:


    There can only be two of each of the following classes in the RP:

    Lord and Great Lord
    Tactician and Grandmaster
    Dread Fighter


    - Basic Iwaku rules apply.
    - This is a semi-lit RP; two-three paragraphs minimum per character and proper grammar is required in each post.
    - What I say goes. If I am not here, listen to the co-GM.
    - Will there be romance? Hell yeah. Just be sure to keep it PG-13. If you want to RP the icky stuff, go elsewhere, please.
    - You do not have to be familiar with FE:A to RP with us. Just make sure you have read all of the links I have posted on here.
    - I will accept no second tiers at the start of the RP.
    - Pandah and RainbowReindeer are the co-gms! Listen to them!
    - Supports (also known as important conversations) are going to be in the RP. There are four levels of supports—C (basic conversation), B (explanation of a character’s backstory/beginning of bonding), A (strong bond is formed), and S (marriage). To save time, I’d appreciate it if RPers would work on their supports on a collaboration site. That way you can copy and paste it into one large post. The collab site is located here.
    - To prove you have read everything, put your character’s catchphrase in the “Other” section of your form.
    - Fill in all parts of the form.
    - Remove the parenthesis from the forms.
    - If you have more than one character, please try and submit one form per post.
    - Have fun!


    Age: [17-25 please!]
    Birthday/Zodiac: [Insert your character’s birthday and zodiac sign!]
    Allegiance: [Sacred Blades, Grimleal, or Other?]
    Appearance: [Anime appearances only.]
    Ability: [What they’re good at!]
    Quirk: [What makes them stand out from the rest of the group? For instance, they’re the best climber, the best chef, the best singer, etc.]
    Strengths: [Three max.]
    Weaknesses: [Three min.]
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  4. Sapphire (open)

    Username: Pandah
    Name: Sapphire
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Birthday/Zodiac: September 4th - Virgo
    Allegiance: N/A
    Class: Lord -> Great Lord

    Cleck (open)

    Weapons: Silver Sword, Rapier

    cleckk (open)
    A petite 5'6" and 125 lbs. She likes to keep her hair either down, in ponytails, or in buns.

    Personality: Sapphire is a talkative person who likes to be around people, she gets lost in her own thoughts quite often with a wild imagination, very friendly towards almost anyone she meets. She's almost always energetic and in a good mood. She enjoys keeping her belongings organized in a variety of ways and loves dozing off outside, rain or shine. Sapphire is always ready and always happy to help and always one of the last people to give up easily. She can sometimes cause mischief when compelled to and can be very curious at times, although this can sometimes put her in some serious trouble more often than not.

    History: Sapphire lived as a noble growing up in Ylisse, with her mother, father, and older sister, Ruby. To her, life was mundane and repetitive. Everything was practically given to her. Yet, Sapphire enjoyed to be with people of lower rankings and spent most of her time with "commoners" (she called everyone her friend instead). Ruby, however, didn't approve of her younger sister spending an ambiguous amount of time with common folk and often reported the girl to their parents, but Sapphire wasn't affected and continued to steadily revert to her ways. Though it sometimes put her in a lot of trouble (like missing a ball or two), the girl couldn't stay away from all her fiends. It was certainly much more entertaining than a lifeless ball filled with rather dull people. Sapphire was so unlike her sister in so many ways that it caused serious tension. One day, she unfortunately happened to intrude on one of Ruby's offerings to Grima. Disturbed, the girl almost had her mind set on revealing her sister's true nature, but their sisterly truce came up and stopped her yet still bothered her deeply. Since the rest of the family was loyal to Naga, Ruby knew she must flee or face death, trusting even less in her sister not to say anything. After her elder sister left, Sapphire, later seeing through her lies, has left home, without informing her parents, and has been trained to fight with swords by one of her villager friends prior to [derping around]. She's determined to find Ruby and the other Grimleal she's managed to gather up along the way and, sadly, end it all before the situation becomes pernicious.
    So far, things are usually peaceful but Sapphire is always preparing for whenever she must face her sister and everyday she's dreading it.

    Ability: Paying close attention to the details.

    Quirk: Likes to arrange weapons in alphabetical order constantly every few days, changing how they're arranged every time.

    Strengths: Optimistic, listens well, diligent.

    Weaknesses: Naïve, overreacts, is sometimes indecisive.

    Likes: Organizing, talking to others, napping, rain, people, flowers, jokes, laughing, sweet food, and exploring.

    Dislikes: Being yelled at, negativity, when people are too serious, when things go awry, and being put down.

    Other: "Don't miss, don't miss!

    Ruby (open)

    Username: Pandah
    Name: Ruby
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Birthday/Zodiac: May 25th - Gemini
    Allegiance: Grimleal
    Class: Myrmidon -> Swordmaster

    cleek (open)

    Weapons: Armor Slayer, Killing Edge

    cleeek (open)
    A lanky 5'8" and 138 lbs. Likes to keep her hair down, in buns, or in double buns.

    Personality: Ruby is a self-centered person who loves to be praised and thought highly of. She also has a thirst for power, known to a minority, thus making her one who wishes to control all things. She enjoys making jokes at the worst of times, making a few people learn to dislike her, and loves to deceive others. Yet, to most, she acts as a desirable and important figure. She collects clothing from everywhere she goes and has more clothing than most others have in their lifetimes. She dislikes the common people, the very low classes, and will not hesitate to speak bad of them in their presence.

    History: Ruby enjoyed her luxurious life as she grew up with her family in Ylisse. Her self-absorbed demeanor was a perfect fit for her nobility. She thought that her Sapphire's daily actions were inappropriate for someone with such high standings. It disgusted her. She'd constantly announce to her parents about the acts of her frivolous sister, especially when she did so amidst important events and gatherings in order to embarrass. Ruby enjoyed doing this so much, it became second-nature. She did so even when Sapphire was innocent, making up lies in order to be trusted just so she could have the satisfaction of being authoritative.
    She is loyal to the Fell Dragon himself, Grima and is a full fledged Grimleal, always seeking for more and more power. Her ever so annoying younger sister just had to intrude on one of her sacred offerings to Grima. Ruby was certain that Sapphire would inform her parents about her actions and everyday grew anxious about when they'd confront her about the situation even though she brought up this "truce" they made when they were much younger. Of course, Ruby's worthless family had to br strong believers of Naga and, doubting her sister could keep her mouth shut, she fled home to find others who piqued her interests. She soon found such a group and joined them to make her wildest dream come true. To resurrect the great Grima once more in order to gain limitless power.
    Ruby knows her sister is looking for her and is ready to put the foolish girl down anytime.

    Ability: Skilled in deceipt.

    Quirk: Best at making funny jokes.

    Strengths: Has perseverance, alert, efficient.

    Weaknesses: Hotheaded, stuck up, sometimes thinks before acting, doesn't trust easily.

    Likes: Pacing, plotting, clothing, staring at the moon, nighttime, heat, and sweet food.

    Dislikes: Naga, villagers, dirt, insects, her sister, and people who give up before trying.

    Other: "Until the end."
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  5. Saving plssttstststs

    Noelle Castus (open)

    Username: Rainbow
    Name: Noelle Castus
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Birthday/Zodiac: April 22nd, Taurus

    Allegiance: Sacred Blades
    Class: Dancer
    Clicky! (open)

    Weapons: Steel sword, Killing Edge
    Appearance (open)

    Stand around 5'6'', lean and healthy. 128 pounds.

    * Noelle is cheeky, cheerful, and full of mischievous ideas. She is also quick-thinking and confident in her own abilities, often being humble about it; but when somebody compliments her, she gets easily embarrassed. She has an unyielding loyalty to her friends, helping them without a single complaint (though she may jokingly whine at times). She puts others before herself without being concerned about her own health or even her life.

    * Noelle was born in the land of Ferox, the fifth and last child. Her family were street performers, showing off their acrobatic skills and other talents across the four nations. They lived a simple life, spending every breathing second to make the best of it. As a child, Noelle was constantly smothered in love, giggles, and happiness. Once she was able to walk, her older siblings and parents taught her everything they knew. In a matter of years, the sparkling blue-eyed girl was turning somersaults on a tightrope and was already quite skilled in handling various blades/swords. Noelle loved her family, and planned to spend the rest of her life living as a performer till she encountered the Sacred Blades.

    Her curiosity piqued, she followed the group for a while.She continued to ask questions, genuinely wondering if being in the Sacred Blades would be 'fun'. She got her answer when she saw the group protect the weak and poor from evil. Her heart captured, Noelle begged her family to let her join the Sacred Blades. "How fun would it be! To protect people!" she would exclaim. However, she was only fourteen at the time, too young and naive (according to her family). After four long persistent years of pleading, her family literally threw her out. With just the clothes on her back and her swords, Noelle set out for an adventure.

    Ability: Skilled in close quarters combat
    Quirk: Likes to dance.
    Strengths: Resilient, agile, and very talkative
    Weaknesses: Aggressive, stubborn, and a perfectionist.
    Likes: Candy, animals, and shiny stuff
    Dislikes: Bugs and mean people.
    Other: "Oh, oh, oh, meeee! I wanna go first!"

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