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  1. Hello! I'd like to advertise an idea I've had. In short, it'd be a Dark Souls RP.

    Yes, that Dark Souls. I don't have much of a clue for how the RP would actually work, but presumably, it'd follow the story of either A) Multiple Chosen UNdead, or B) The Chosen Undead and his/her companions.

    I presume this will follow the general plot of Dark Souls, but with perhaps some new bosses thrown in. And since this follows the plot of Dark Souls, spoiler warnings, I guess?

    Additionally, all your favorite NPC's will be here!

    As a fair warning, don't expect to do well without actually planning something, or using your head. And you'll probably die anyways. Several times, actually. Each time a character dies, the closer they are to Hallowing and turning against their friends. Once a player turns Hallow, they immediately turn against their friends. There is no way to prevent this, save not dying, and using a FUCK TON of humanity. Also, everything will have dialogue! Even Hallows! Although that'll be rather limited.. because they're Hallows. Animals won't have dialogue though. So no Sif talking. SOrry.

    And as I'm an evil, sadistic fuck, yes, Blighttown will be part of this RP.

    Additionally, my posting expectations aren't that high. I mean, I'd prefer if you post like someone who has passed the fifth grade, but writing novels is not required, although you can if you must. The Rules are as follows.
    1) FOllow the Iwaku Rules
    2) No Godmodding
    3) No bunnying (Controlling other characters)
    4) If you don't know something, use a wiki. If you still don't know, THEN you start asking your fellow RPers.
    5) You don't have to have played the game in order to be part of this RP. Follow Rule 4, and no one will know.
    6) There are no limits on violence, language, or general WHAT THE FUCKness.
    7) There are limits on sexual activity. Keep it to PMs and shit. This is Dark Souls, not an orgy.
    8) If your character goes Hallow, it cannot be undone. No whining about it. You'll be allowed to make a new character.
    9) New characters and late entries cannot join mid battle. They can however, join at the next bonfire the group reaches.
    11) All OOC shit goes on the OOC thread. Seriously, put all the gifs, images, and random shit in OOC, but anything in the CS tab or IC tab will get deleted. Mercilessly.

    If anyone is interested, simply post that you're interested. Duh.
    The RP will be made Soonish
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