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  1. So fair warning, Dark Souls fanboy here haha. I'm also a big lore hunter for the first game, not so much the second yet though.

    I'd like to do a pair of people going through a Dark Souls esque world. That means some sort of abandoned, post apocalyptic kingdom filled with dangerous monsters and demons with hints of its former glory. Even basic enemies will be a trial to bring down, especially in groups. It'll be a tough ride for both of us. The focus would be on exploration and discovery and combat. I'm not averse to a little romance if you wish to play a female (I'll be a male) but it'll remain a smaller part. In addition since this is a Dark Souls world, there will need to be a little planning of the world before its starts, enough so we don't plan opposing things but little enough so we can surprise each other.

    Any takers?
  2. I'd be willing to join in on this! I'm assuming this wouldn't be taking place in Lordran or Drangeleic, right?
  3. *Staring intensifies*

    YES. OH MY GOSH. I love Dark Souls, I would so love to do this. Though, no romance would happen since I'd be a male too.
  4. Woo responses!
    Atm I'm only looking for one RP though, and since Dust responded first it'll have to be them, sorry Rio. However if I feel I can handle a second you'll be the one I ask :)
    And yeah, this would be in a whole new world, not Lordran or Drangleic. That way we could both design the outside world to our liking.
  5. Ok, I'll shoot you a PM so we can start planning.
Thread Status:
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