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    I've been replaying Dark Souls 1 to try to finally beat it. I got most of the way through with a sorcery build but lost interest once I got tired of bashing my head against a concrete wall (Dukes Archives). I went on to beat DS 2 and Bloodborne (and most of DLC) but I never actually beat the first.

    My new playthrough is definitely not very challenging, now that I have two other SoulsBorne games under my belt. I just beat Gravelord Nito on my first try (I beat him on my 1st playthrough, but I was completely out of touch with his moveset) and now I'm deciding which of the 3 remaining big bosses to go after next.
  2. Seeth the Scaleless isn't that bad...
    But the Dukes Archives on the way... :/

    There's always the Four Kings.
    But you need to face Sif first for that.

    As for Dark Souls 3 itself (since it is in the forum title after all).
    I'm just hoping it doesn't get too demanding for my graphics card.
  3. I'm waiting for Dark Souls III, and will buy it the day it comes out :P

    But for the others...

    <---*Looks at name*

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  4. I got through most of the Dukes Archives (or maybe half, i dunno) on my 1st playthru. That's mainly why I gave up. (Playing a squishy mage who could only take 2 hits probably didn't help either)

    I also beat Bed of Chaos by taking the back/secret route 1st time.
  5. Yea, Magic tends to be weak till late game... Easier if you have a melee to help tank for you.

    You ever do the DS2 DLC's though?
    Those are a bitch.
  6. Yeah, I thought Alonne would be my fav boss from listening to his music.

    Fume Knight beat him to the punch. Hard as hell, but fun as hell.
  7. I'm still unsure whether to get DSIII. I enjoyed the other things not the gameplay in DSI and II. I did manage to beat both tho.

    As much as it seems that people like to hate it? I prefer Bloodborne and I still find myself playing it now. So I may get III later in year.
  8. Whenever I play, my first playthrough is usually with the tankiest starting class. Which is Knight? I believe (Can't remember.)

    Then I play a few other classes, and then I try the, what is it called. Unarmed? When you just have a club and loincloth.
  9. Me and a Friend needed several tries with two extra phantoms to take that son of a bitch down. XD
    I always look at the class stat's to decide depending on the build I'm doing.

    Mage = Sorcerer
    Faith Melee = Cleric
    Jack of All = Knight
    Pure Melee = Bandit

    Bandit because it minimizes Intellect and Attunement in favor of other stats.
    Which as a pure melee is a much needed boost, especially since armour that beats the Knight's isn't that far later in the game.
  10. Yeah. I honestly haven't played the Soul games in awhile, or Bloodborne in awhile. So...I just remember some of the bigger bosses and not other little small things.

    I remember my first playthrough on Dark Souls I would get wrecked by everything because I was new to the game, etc. Then I came across one boss I felt like was a total joke and just wrecked, and that was...

    The Gaping Dragon. Anyone remember him? He felt too easy...for the Soul series. (He wasn't a major boss.)

  11. Gaping Dragon was one of those "Easy usually, hell if you ever get hit" kind of bosses.
  12. Yeah...Don't think I ever got hit by him once in any playthrough.
  13. The very first time I tried playing DS, I lost to the Asylum Demon three times then ragequit.

    Then my brother came back from college having played through half the game and made it all look easy.
  14. Oh, in Dark Souls. Maybe this is just my disappointment, but after Quelaag, Nito, Seath, Ornstein, and many other bosses....Lord Gwyn.

    I beat him, by Parrying. Really now? The final boss of the game, can be beaten by parry?
  15. Dark Souls was a massive bitch to me at first.
    But then I adapted to how less forgiving the game was.

    Now I'm only the games bitch some of the time. :P
  16. I'm currently in the position where I have to pick which of the four main guys to go after…and I have no idea. I'm flip-flopping between Nito and Seath… Meh. I'll figure something out.

    Regarding DSIII… DO WANT SO BAD. I don't have DSII, but I've gotten about halfway through DSI and I'm also working on Bloodborne. I can never get over how beautiful Bloodborne is… The music, too. I bought that on my iTunes in a hurry. Beautiful stuff.
  17. I'd suggest Seath.

    The Dukes Archive is a bitch, but it's better than traversing through an underground where you don't spot ridiculously strong skeletons until they're 3 feet away from you.
  18. I've prepared my adult diaper, several dozen stacks of pizza boxes. several packs of Mountain Dew, and many, many extra controllers. Now the only thing I need is a friend for the rage feast that is to follow when DS III comes.
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