Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin

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  1. So, recently I've been getting into this game a lot with a friend of mine.
    And I've reached the Servant's Quarters so far with two different characters.

    1. Nazi Gwazi
    He's a DEX/Faith Build, dual wields Falchions in Power Stance mode. Meant to be fast and agile.

    2. McStabberson
    A STR/Faith build, he uses the Estoc so he can attack enemies at high speeds from behind a Shield.

    So I'm wondering if there other's here who play the game.

    If so how far are you?
    What kind of characters do you use?
    Is anyone up to get some cross-Iwaku playing here? (Probably with new characters because of soul memory issues).
  2. ...seriously?
  3. We were both making silly characters.

    I decided after looking at the hair and mustache options that I'd make Hitler with a Jewish nose.
  4. Never got far enough into Dark Souls 2 to warrant touching any of the DLC. Coming from someone who got the limited edition with the cool statue on its original release.. It felt so.. Hollow compared to DaS..

    Also that big Guts wannabe sword, black dragon sword? That's all I used anyway for my few days before the pain made me sulk away.

    Good luck!
  5. I felt the original Dark Souls 2 was a bit off too honestly.

    But the Scholar of First Sin version really seems to have cleaned it up.
    I can't really name anything specific though, it just seems to flow better.

    In all honesty it might just have been time that did it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.