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  1. Dark Skies

    [ Aleyin Solar System, Aleyin ]
    [ 1st of January, 2400 A.D. ]


    [ 12:39 AM, onboard the Duchess ]

    There was a certain serenity to it. The darkness of space, with just the stations surrounding Aleyin and from those one could see the stars and the other planets. Yet, even with the diversity of the view thanks to the already present marks in the scenery something would disturb that. Almost violently.

    Light itself seemed to faintly grow out of nowhere. A bright halo started to grow, rapidly starting to make it clear for those who threw a glance at the darkness of space from the stations. In a rapid speed, a large vessel would move out of it. The space stations that were alarmed already by the slip space didn't turn their weaponry towards the arrived vessel. It wasn't a 'bandit', but a vessel of the URFN. The Duchess had arrived in the Aleyin solar system.

    On board of the mighty cruiser, the personnel would be alerted that they had left slip space. Work was resumed, which consisted out of routine work. Even though some had been allowed to celebrate New Years Eve, not many had enjoyed that luxury. The brief time that the personnel and vessel had been stationed at Rono, in the Cacia solar system, was the only sort of break that they had enjoyed. And that break had consisted out of being getting supplies and new personnel as well delivering some supplies. Nothing really exciting thus.

    Slowly drifting towards the large planet, messages would go through the intercoms as leading officials would be alerted and instructed to ready their sections. Passing several space stations, the Duchess would start to make its way toward the orbit of the planet. Slowly descending, as it would begin on its next duty. Another routine job of maintaining the peace and order on the planet. Yet, the atmosphere on board of the Duchess wasn't a pleasant one. Many weren't too happy with being stationed for the time being near, let alone near, the planet. Yet nobody would complain as the vessel wouldn't at least land down on the surface. Hovering just outside orbit, work wouldn't stop.

    [ "Prepare. 15 minutes until departure." ]

    The voice that rang through the air was mixed with soft curses being muttered, sighs and other sounds as people started to prepare. The section where the Gladiators worked was rustled with activity. People bringing up some supplies to the 'Pigeons', preparing the drop-ships for the imminent moment that they would head to the surface of the planet. It wasn't just pure coincidence that the Duchess after all had been ordered to be stationed near Aleyin. Just ten hours ago, reports had came in about several revolts. Where the planetary force could solve most of it, there was something to it. Requesting aid from the URF, the latter had decided to send the Duchess. The idea was simple : the first batch to investigate and see how dire the situation was would consist out of Gladiators. Likely ending up in firefights against the insurgents and those supporting the revolts. Then once enough information would've been gathered, platoons of URF military personnel would be send. Just to clear the remains and get the glory of victory as praise. Unfair, but it had always gone like that.

    [ "Prepare good. Firesquads, get moving."]

    The masculine voice sounded annoyed. Known as 'Papa Bear', the oldest known veteran of the Gladiator force and current acting commander. Orders were followed as the teams would board the Pigeons. Just before the said time would expire, the drop-ships would leave the Duchess. Heading towards Aleyin itself. In the boarding space, where the the members of the fireteams would sit while being transported by the Pigeon drop-ships. On their seats, strapped, in the faint red lighted interior there would be a small screen that would light up. Creating a rather interesting play of colors as a face would be seen on the screen.

    "Listen up, rookies." The person was nobody less than 'Papa Bear'. The man spoke in a serious manner, the grey hairs and scars present on his face giving the commander a grim and harsh look. "You will all be deployed in a zone where several skirmishes have taken place between planetary forces and the insurgents. They are moderately armed and thus expect heavy resistance. Lethal force is authorized. I repeat, lethal force is authorized."

    With the briefing done, it would still take some hours before the drop-ships would touch down.

    [ Team Blue, ]
    [ Position : Alpha]
    - Commissar Micheal -

    The drop-ship would land near an abandoned facility. As the doors opened, the commissar stepping out first. Dressed in the general garb of what one could expect from an URF soldier, the middle aged man was properly armed and seemed ready. His task being to ensure that Central at the Duchess would be aware of the actions of the Gladiators. His name was Micheal and he had been silent all this time. But then he spoke up, there was a soft click as the man readied his shotgun.

    "We'll be hoarding up in the facility and set up the communication relays for the following operations. On the double." The man stated, shooting looks at the members. There were several Gladiators that weren't really equipped for combat, but carrying tools and supplies. Most likely those who would be tasked with setting up the communication devices within the facility.

    The facility itself seemed as if it was on the verge of collapsing. As if one wouldn't find the warm weather not already uncomfortable enough, the musk stench that was residing in the air inside the building wouldn't be pleasant either. On further inspection, one would notice that it had been really a long time since somebody had taken the time and effort to care for the complex. The previous occupants had now been replaced by nothing but insects, dust and a musk stench.

    [ Team Red, ]
    [ Position : Bravo]
    - Commissar Lee -

    It took a second longer than usual for the drop-ship to touch down. Not that the man minded. "Listen up." The man of Asian ethnicity seemed friendly. Yet if one would dare to stare long enough, they would spot a certain disdain in his eyes. "We'll be moving out and scout for enemy contacts. Watch for movement, tracks and keep your eyes open. No pranks." Cocking his assault rifle, the message was clear.

    With the door of the drop-ship slowly opening, the team would face a scenery that would have some beauty to it. A harsh one. Hills that were barely covered in foliage as the sun of the system, New Apollo, merciless kept focusing its warmth. As if the sun that was named after the Greek deity was determined to scorch everything that it could in the arid like climate.

    [ Team Grey, ]
    [ Position : Charlie]
    - Commissar Vara-

    The drop-ship hadn't landed or the feminine voice spoke. She sounded harsh and irritated. "We're tasked with taking up a defensive position to help create a perimeter around position Alpha." The commissar, glanced at her sniper rifle as she would then shoot a glance at the Gladiator captain, Emily Sinclair. Though the other woman was in a position of commanding the bunch around, Emily was subjugated to Vara's position. Yet, as experienced the commissar was with the lot that made up the Gladiators, Vara didn't seem to exert as if she had total control.

    The crew inside would feel the familiar bump as the drop-ship touched down. With the door opening for them, they would be greeted as any other with a heat wave from outside. The temperature of the arid climate was combined with seemed to be a rocky situation. Hills plastered with large rocks seemed to make up for the absent vegetation.
  2. Nathan Forge
    [ Red Team | Position Bravo ]

    During the entire ride, Nathan had kept his gaze on the floor. He remembered how just a short time ago he was feeling quite relieved to, in a way, get to the point he was at. Getting out of jail seemed like a good deal, but each time he looked at the weapon in his hand, the thought got less and less appealing.

    As the squad leader spoke, the young trouble maker gave an uneasy look to his brother. His gaze only moved away from Jake's face when the door of the dropship started to open and bright orange light seeped in. Nathan shielded his eyes as he got up from the seat. He smiled nerve wrackingly as he turned to his brother. He seemed like he was about to say something for a second until the door opened all the way. He finally spoke when he looked back out again. "Wow..." He gazed at the wonderous land. "You'd never see this clearly outside back home, huh?"
  3. Emily Sinclair - Grey Team Captain
    Position: Charlie

    The drop-ship hits the ground and Grey Team files out into the wilderness. There seems to be rocky hills surrounding them as the arid climate is already making the squad sweat. She was going to give orders to her squad but she waited for the confirmation of the commissar. Emily never liked anyone showing up her authority and blatantly going over her head when it deals with the lives of her squad but in this case she had no say in anything. Commissar Vera hasn't went over her head yet but she is just waiting for it to happen and get some of her men killed. A user error made in ignorance and overconfidence could kill everyone so she was worried how they would react if she refused a direct order.

    Would Emily's squad follow her or would they follow the Commissar? Some may think it would be obvious but out in real combat anything could happen, even what others might think is traitorous. The hot climate was making her overthink while waiting for Vera to give her orders. Maybe she should just ask if she could get along with it but you never know how the higher up would react to being given "orders". She ends up simply asking her squad to check their gear while they wait on further instructions.
  4. Kusanagi Tenzen - Red Team
    Position: Bravo

    Kusanagi was anxious to get into the action. As Commissar Lee cocked his gun Kusanagi checked the magazines on his sniper and pistol. He checked both of his Kuri's. Both of them were shiny and incredibly sharp. While he was on missions and had some free time he would take care of his guns and knifes, taking pride in how clean and well working his equipment was. The arid climate was almost unbearable. Kusanagi had never liked the heat and always enjoyed the winter more than summer. To help against the direct sun and heat he took his bandanna and covered his face. While also getting protection from the sun it would help keep him hidden in the shade where he would set up.

    He simply awaited orders from his Commissar. His guns were loaded and ready to fire. He himself was ready to take the lives of the enemies before him. It was just a waiting game and he was ready to win it all. Kusanagi had been on quite a few missions but this one is special, this one he gets to show off to the commissar regardless if he likes their involvement or not. In this business you take what opportunities you can get and this one isn't something to pass up. The anxiety piled on even more as he started to file out of the drop-ship. He was ready and now he would see if the rest of his squad was.​
  5. Lucinda Fantz - Red Team
    Position: Bravo
    Status: Eager

    Luci didn't care much for Commissar Lee. His vague 'holier than thou' vibe reminded her of the Varstag PD: Friendly on the outside, rotten on the inside. She also didn't care much for dropship rides, but five years of flights had inured her to her fear. Still, however, she found herself falling back on her coping mechanism. If those fake badasses in the movies can ride dropships like it's nothing, then so can the real deal.

    The Commissar's order of 'no pranks' was definitely directed towards the newer squad members; she and Tenzen has been doing this for a few years now, so this certainly wasn't their first drop. The younger of the Forge brothers, however, was exhibiting trademark rookie behavior: admiring the landscape. “Just keep your eyes peeled for enemies, Little Forge.” Luci gently warned him with a cocky smile. She learned early on that it was never smart to flirt with her squadmates, but the Forge brothers' accents certainly made it difficult not to. “Come on, let's find something to shoot; this ammo's heavy.”
  6. Jake Forge
    Officer | Team Red | Position : Bravo

    Jake had a calm expression plastered over his face. Ever since that they had entered the Aleyin solar system, the man felt being back at home again. Though he made sure that he was being on time to boarding the drop-ship in time, Jake was silent the whole time. He was thinking about why they had came to Aleyin and wasn't too surprised about the reason. The population of the planet were after all known for being not to happy with how the situation was. At least in their point of view, stating that they were being used. Not that he was really agreeing with either that vision. Then again, perhaps the whole situation could be treated different than how the UMC had done it so far? Jake left out a soft sigh as the Pigeon drop-ship started to leave the large vessel, known as the Duchess.

    Glancing sideways at the message of 'Papa Bear', Jake kept remaining silent. The atmosphere was somewhat tense it seemed as nobody really said anything. But the man was okay with that. Just as he lowered his head, wanting to continue mentally preparing himself, the commissar spoke up. Raising his head, Jake glanced at the man. Lee, that was all that he know off the present commissar.

    Jake kept himself silent. Glancing at the rest of the present members, Jake wondered what they were thinking. Not that he had anything personal against these commissars. If anything, he could relate a bit to them from his day working for the law. His only worry was Nathan, but Jake would keep that quiet. Stating or making that thought clear in any kind of way would only result in trouble. And they had enough already on their plate.

    As the drop-ship landed, Jake would clear his throat. The group moved out of the aircraft. The change caused Jake to narrow his eyes for a brief time. There was a pause where the group was waiting for orders. Clearing his throat again, the officer spoke up. "Listen up. Let's do this by the book." He said on a clear and stern voice. Glancing at the group, Jake would start to dish out orders.

    "You two," Jake pointed at the two snipers. "I want you two to be on our rear. Overwatch our movement and shoot anything that carries a rifle and looks mean." The man ordered. He started to order the present people in groups. Spreading the formation a bit out, he would glance at the people he had ordered to stick with him. His own little brother, somebody of Asian ethnicity - Kusanagi Tenzen and a woman who had spoken to Nathan - Lucinda Fant. Starting to walk, Jake threw glances around. The formation was going to be simple.

    The rear was formed out of the two snipers he had pointed at earlier. Then in the 'middle' of the formation', roughly forty meters ahead of the snipers were two groups. One led by Jake and the other having the commissar, who was accompanied by three other Gladiators. Between these two groups was a distance of twenty meters, while ahead of them was a small group of three Gladiators who would keep on scouting ahead.

    As the group would move in a slow pace, using the environment to keep a bit of cover. The warm temperature made Jake not being present in a great mood. Yet, he decided to speak up. His voice still sounding serious, but at a softer tone than before. "Listen up, keep your eyes open. I don't want mister Commissar having any excuse to open fire on us. Name is Jake Forge." He said, glancing over his shoulder at the others.

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  7. Kusanagi Tenzen - Red Team
    Position: Bravo

    Kusanagi kept quiet as he was in the back of the group keeping over watch with his sniper. His officer knew who he was and hopefully so did the rest of the squad so Kusanagi thought that it wasn't very prudent to talk right now. However what he thought didn't matter to the officer so he kept quiet about it. He took his sniper off of safety but kept his pistol's on. Luckily Kusanagi was very observant so his squad shouldn't die on his watch, but the further they get the more anxious he gets.

    Kusanagi broke his silence after moving forward a bit more with the rest of the squad "Jake... I hope your brother is ready." Jake was brothers with the rookie Nathan. Kusanagi didn't want to play babysitter during the combat but he also didn't like the prospect of his whole squad dying either. He has had that happen once or twice and to say the least it was hell. He pulled his bandanna up over his face again and perked up a bit after laxing himself while talking to Jake. If there was going to be an ambush, right after we drop would be a good time to do it so he payed extra attention while moving up towards their objective.​
  8. Kayl Aleksandr Yamskikh As the ship would drop them off, their leader would give their orders to which Kayl saluted him to show he understood the objective. He would gaze around the facility and couldn't help giving it a doubtful stare, not only did it seem to have horrible vantage points for him to use. Yet it also felt as if he so much as touched one beam that the entire place would come tumbling down faster than London's bridge did. He would look at his sister giving her a smile. He would pull his sniper rifle out to look at the building from the scope of his rifle to see if anything hostile was around, yet all he could see was that he could probably bring the entire place down with one well aimed shot. Lowering his rifle he looked at their leader and shook his head to show he didn't spy any signs of life. He would look at his sister next and proceed to whisper in her ear. "I know how you are sis, but please be careful here. Literally everything is fragile. I'm sure you could break the ground in there if you tried hard enough." He said to tease her while also being serious as he started to move on ahead.
  9. Vera Yamskikh
    [ Team Blue | Position Alpha ]

    Vera had been unusual quiet. She had been looking forward to do something. To get her blood pumping and experience the rush of adrenaline. Yet the moment she sat in the drop-ship, Vera's grin had vanished. Her grip on her Shredder MH-93 tightened. Staring at her feet, the young woman tried to keep herself calm. The orders that followed were clear. They would be dropped in what wasn't going to be a fun house. But she was okay with that. She and the others had been trained for this. Yet, Vera couldn't help but wonder if it was enough. Insurgents could detail about anything. A thug with a gun that decided to join them or ex-military that had more training and experience. Possibly better weaponry.

    Biting on her lower lip, Vera glanced sideways at the others. It was silent and she wondered if she was the only one with some nerves playing. Yet she wouldn't ask. Averting her gaze, she made a decision. She would show them who was boss. Yet as the drop ship landed, Vera's heart started to skip beats. With the heat and light of outside the drop-ship being introduced with the opening, Vera almost jumped up. As she took in the scene and people started to move, Vera glanced to her side.

    Hearing the warning of her brother, Vera grinned as she nodded. "Gotcha! Lets just find some cover and then for anybody to pay us a visit." Cocking her shotgun, Vera however shot a worried look around as she started to follow Kayl. Keeping herself at the sharp, she expected half to hear gun shoots coming from the building. But yet as people entered the place, it remained quiet.

    And for some reason, she found that more scary than anything else.

  10. { @Icy @Lonewolf888978 }

    Emily Sinclair - Grey Team Captain
    Position: Charlie

    "Let's lock and load boys!" She said as she started to give her orders. We move in a line. "Rookie, scout out ahead of us. Also take a sniper and lmg with you. I want Gear Hound to be on point with the other lmg. Behind him will consist of me and then the commissar will be escorted in the middle of the other riflemen. Last will sniper watch our backs." Rookie went ahead and then we shortly followed. The hills were menacing there is the possibility of an MG or sniper hiding in them just waiting for the perfect moment. Emily was calm and she was hoping this would be a breeze and that they wont get shot by the commissar in the back for nothing. The distrust between Emily and the higher ups were not anyone's fault, just Emily's state of mind. She never liked taking orders from someone or being bossed around so she decided to lead her own squad, and maybe one day company.

    The rocky hills were deceptive, causing the shadows to move constantly. She was looking out for some things in particular. She was watching for small bottlenecks and anything that would look like an easy ambush if a squad doesn't understand that signs. More often than not it was just lack of experience or knowledge than stupidity. Emily cared about her squad no matter how long she knew them. Once you are in a squad you have to put your life in others hands and you have to act accordingly. All this thinking was clouding her mind so she simply grabbed her AR and moved ahead. She was tasked with setting up a defensive position. She had rookie go out with the orders of scouting for enemy patrols ahead of the main squad and a good place to set up. Emily's squad is to keep the enemy at bay from position Alpha, where the engineers are setting up communications for that region. That was the order she was given and even though she didn't like it, Emily would rather be damned than fail her task. The main squad was creeping along just waiting for any patrols or rookie and his small squad.

  11. Home. Anthony looked out the window of the Duchess to see the planet he knew as home. Where on the planet could he find Triton? He looked for but a moment, before leaving the window to prepare for deployment. What use would it be, anyway? He didn't intend to run back to home, not when he didn't have to fight just to find water here. After he finished his preparations, he found his spot on the drop-ship, waiting out the time to the ground. He glanced up as Papa Bear mentioned the authorization of lethal force, before looking down. Let's just hope there's no one I know... He glanced up to the two that talked with each other. "Not everything is fragile. It wouldn't be standing on this planet if at least some of it weren't strong."
  12. Nathan Forge
    [ Red Team | Position Bravo ]

    Nathan got a sour look on his face after he heard the comment over the comms. Despite feeling especially annoyed, Nathan somehow managed to keep himself quiet without a snide remark back at the sniper. He kept a tight grasp on the shotgun's grip as he followed his brother. "Jacob," he finally said with his communicator turned off. There was a silence afterwards, but time seemed to linger as if Nate was going to keep talking. He shook his head and kept walking.
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