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  1. It was cold in Salem, Massachusetts the wind blew. School had been in session for a few months now. A girl with a light sweatshirt walked into the school. She had her Hood up and pulled it down. She signed in and put the papers her parents gave her. She looked at the woman behind the desk and sighed. She got her schedule and grabbed her black side bag as she walked to her locker. She opened her locker and put her bag in. She grabbed a spiral note book and moved for her first class.

    She walked in and handed her class schedule to the teacher. He nods and she goes to sit. She looked around her and fell silent.
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    Rowan sat in the back of the class, like always. He wore all black; a leather biker jacket, jeans, T-shirt and Converse sneakers he had stolen from the store. The students around him carried backpacks of notebooks, pencils and whatever else they needed for school. Rowan carried cigarettes, vodka disguised as water in a plastic bottle and money. Rowan had no intention of studying or taking notes.

    The new girl stood in front of the class. He cocked his head to the side. She was very pretty, and had cool piercings ...

    But he would never invite her to sit with him.

    Rowan took a swig of the vodka in his bottle.
  3. Alex sat pulled her sweater off her tattoos on her arm showed. She was wearing a tank top, jeans, an boots. She had just transferred from Ireland so she didn't care. She looked up when the teacher asked her to stand and say her name and say one thing about herself. She stood and looked around. Alex bit her lip.

    "Hi.. I am Alexandria Mortelle. Just moved from Ireland and can speak Gaelic." She said in her Irish accent and sat down quickly and his her face. She didn't like being starred at."welcome Ms.Mortelle" the teacher said and started the lesson. She jotted down a few things as he spoke.

    When the lesson ended, the teacher called Rowan up to the front of the room. At the time, he and the new girl, Alex, were the only people left in the room.

    "Mr Kovanakov," said the teacher, "I trust you'll take it upon yourself to show Ms Mortelle around in the next few days."


    "Uh, sir, I'm not sure if I have the time -- "

    The teacher looked up at Rowan skeptically.

    "Yes, sir."

    The teacher left. Rowan turned to Alex.

    "Hi," he said shortly, his Russian accent. "I'm Rowan." He rolled his eyes. "You're a big girl, I'm sure you can take care of yourself. What do you have next?" He snatched her timetable from her hand. "P.E. Great. Me too. I'll be smoking behind the gym. Join me if you want, I don't give a fuck."
  5. She grabbed her things when the bell rang. Her teacher told her to stay she grabbed her stuff and waited. She turned to the teacher when he said for the guy to help her. She went to speak up and buffed. Sh looked at the guy as he walked up. She rolled her eyes."Let me guess your Mr tough guy to cool for school." She snapped

    She snatched her schedule back and brushed past him cursing in Gaelic at him. She walked for the door glaring at him."I don't need a Neanderthals help." She said in her heavy accent and rolled her eyes. She walked down the hall and walked for the PE locker. She changed and decided to skip any way.

    Leaning against the gym wall, Rowan lit a cigarette and sipped his vodka. He had a very high alcohol tolerance, so he could drink he entire bottle and not be tipsy at all.

    Rowan wondered if the girl would join him. He doubted it. He didn't have a phone, so Rowan picked up a stone and carved into the cement wall to pass time.
  7. Alex walked up behind the building. She walked past him. She had changed back to street clothes. She hoped the fence and landed on the other side quickly. She lite a cigarette and sighed as she started to walk. She couldn't believe she was this far from home. She really missed her home in Ireland. Her friends her life she went to keep walking. She didn't care about school. She walked till she found an old abandoned building. She looked at it. There was no alarm. She elbowed the window in and climbed in. She looked about and took her jacket off. She started to play some Irish music on her phone and pulled out some Jameson. She drank some and kicked some old rotting wood. Alex looked about and pulled up some boards and started a fire. She danced about thinking she was alone as she drank and lit a cigarette. She stopped when she came chest to chest with the guy from class."what?" She asked." A girl can't have fun?" She asked him.

    Rowan smirked. "You could be having fun," he said. "You know, if you had some decent liquor." He handed her his vodka. "Try that, the true Russian shit."
  9. She rolled her eyes at him." I don't drink anything but Irish whiskey." She said and drank from her bottle. She sat down and turned her music down."why did you follow me?" She asked.
  10. Rowan shrugged. "Why not?" He swigged from his vodka and sat beside the fire. "Nothing else to do. School sucks. You seem interesting enough. You have good music."
  11. "Well I am Irish and eh it tastes good to me. Just like I am sure that tastes amazing to you." She said and sat by him." Me interesting? Lad you have no idea. I am not that interesting." She said. She lit another cigarette and leaned back.
  12. Rowan grinned, lighting a cigarette. He flicked the ashes into the fire. "Well, you could be boring as fuck as still be better than school."

    Rowan was almost out of vodka; he snatched Alex's whiskey and took a tiny sip. "That's very different from mine."
  13. Alex glared at him and watched him sip it. She sighed and looked at him. She smirked and raised and eyebrow."I am sure? So like it." She asked.
  14. Rowan lay on his back and drank more of the whiskey. "It's the kind of stuff you need to get used to," he noted. He handed it back to her. "Ireland. You're trippy."
  15. She rolled her eye's and took her whiskey back. She drank it down she sighed and leaned back."aye we're different it is our culture." She said.
  16. "My family drinks so much vodka that my father is practically immune," Rowan laughed. "I'm pretty sure my grandmother cooks it into the Christmas cake."
  17. She laughed."we don't really eat sweets we have heavier food and drinks." She said as she sipped her whiskey. She sighed an enjoyed the fire. She looked at it."I miss it." She said.
  18. Rowan sighed. "I miss Russia," he said truthfully. "We moved here when I was nine ... I'm still not over it. We only came here because my dad got remarried. I haven't seen my mother since we were nine."
  19. "I wish I could go with out seeing my parents for a while." She said and sighed as she pulled her sweater on. She put it the fire with water and capped her drink."so what do you do for fun around here?
  20. Rowan sat upright. "There's a grand total of nothing interesting to do in this town," he said. "There's a cinema but they never play anything good, and all Salem cares about is fucking football."