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  1. Hey there, I'm looking for one or two people to roleplay, fairly standard stuff.
    I'm okay with most things, but balance is a must. Strengths and weaknesses, please.
    Anyways, pairings are whatever, I don't really mind what they are as long as they develop and they work.
    Length is to be from around a paragraph and a half to ten paragraphs, whatever feels right at the time. Not strict, but less can be more in the right circumstance.
    Frequency would be nice. A post every day is sweet, every few days is just fine. I don't think once a week will be good for interest's sake.

    Without further ado, have a few plots to ponder.

    Plot 1:
    Mystery, Crime, Preferred FxF.
    The girl you love, a fun loving 21 year old by the name of Heather, is actually an arsonist for an underground society which specialises in taking out who they deem as 'bad'. By day she is like you know her to be, but by night, often she does not stay around, donning a grey bodysuit with a short coat, ready to burn down buildings - people and all.

    Plot 2:
    Fantasy, Hunt, No preference.
    A man called Jacque with a sealed arm of power, known as the Xiphos, is found in the centre of a bustling mana city within a world of fantasy. He is the one you are hunting, but he does not seem as demonic and evil as the authorities deem him to be. Even so, he does have the capabilities to take down the precious government and their Council.

    Plot 3:
    Fantasy, Modern, Preferred MxF.
    A crystallised fossil is suddenly brought to life with a powerful but forbidden magic, though it killed the caster, and now the body is possessed by the fossil itself. The mind of the fossil is Henrietta, an ancient Queen who held tremendous power in her time, but now the modern age has come along, she is severely weakened. You are the one who finds her beneath an underpass within your city.
  2. I would be willing to do Plot 1 or Plot 3 with you ^^
  3. I'm interested in plot 2, if you're still on the hunt for partners.