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  1. *Phi Chisym, shinakawolf, and I co-GM this

    In the elven kingdom of Gaahalo, night patrols have tripled in the past century. The queen has decreed that the kingdom will not surrender or stop until the Blade is in her possession. "If none are left alive, so be it!" she ordered as the war was in its infancy.
    Their opponents are formidable ones. They are quick, strike silently, and show no mercy. Nothing seems to stand in their way, and any attempts to negotiate have failed.
    The elves have become desperate enough to call for aid from the humans, dwarves, and orcs.
    They have recently become aware of the alliances that the enemy made: lycans (werewolves) and dragons. But for some odd reason, the dragons have not been unleashed upon them as they had feared.
    But the queen will not tolerate any defeat. She will lead the creatures of the day to victory and bring a century of terror and war to an end even if it means her life must be taken.
    They will not take her youngest daughter.

    They are creatures of the night, and the enemies are creatures of the day.
    They thirst, have the need to hunt.
    But they have the upper hand; they have the forbidden magic and form. They are among the most powerful of their kind. The enemy knows nothing of their best capabilities. They stumble in the dark where their kin went through with ease.
    They have the dragons at their beck and call. But they don't want to spoil the fun by letting the dragons kill everyone.
    Their lord does not want everyone dead. He just wants what that foolish elven queen has. He does not want riches or the kingdom under his thumb.
    They will take nothing less of victory. They will rule the night. They will fight the mortals for all eternity if necessary.
    The vampires will prevail. All they have to do is fulfill the Prophecy and kill the sun.

    The Prophecy dictates that a elven queen will have a daughter with the blood of a mighty dragon. And she would be able to command dragons and be a highly skilled mage. Her blood is so powerful that if she dies, a ritual can be completed to where she would become a dragon and whoever slayed her in her old body would have control over her for all eternity. However, she must be slain with the Blade of Shade (the current whereabouts of the sward are unknown). The only way to prevent the Prophecy from being fulfilled is to destroy the Blade.

    -You are allowed to play more than one character. They do not have to be the same race.
    -You may play as races other than elves, vampires, humans, orcs, dwarves, lycans, and dragons. (They are listed below with general information)
    -No God-Moding (this is a given, but still)
    -Characters may die. That being said, if you plan to kill a character, you may not kill off characters that aren't yours UNLESS you have written permission by the character's owner and you have stated that you have written permission.
    -Please be respectful in the OOCs and in the RP.
    -Minimum of 1-2 paragraphs, but more would be fine too
    -Please post at least once a week, more would be great! :D
    -If you have any plot ideas during the RP, don't be afraid to PM me.
    -The RP will take place entirely within Gaahalo and vampire territory. You may make references to your characters homeland if they are not vampiric of elven.
    -This is technically a medieval fantasy.
    -You may use any medieval weapon you like.

    They live in Gaahalo since being granted the land for aiding humans in the Dragon Wars almost twelve hundred years before the RP's events. They live to be five hundred years old and are skilled mages and archers. They prefer to live among nature and live inside of the gigantic Nyad trees. Some live on towns and villages near forests.
    They are ruled by Queen Hadaio who is in her early 320s who wants to destroy the Blade of Shade and prevent the vampires from harming her youngest daughter.

    These immortal beings reside in the mountains on the northeastern border of Gaahalo. They make their home in a large castle that was abandoned by the dwarves centuries ago. The Hark Vampires are the most powerful of all vampires who have exclusive access to blood magic and the Night Stalker form that they automatically gain upon becoming a vampire (the Night Stalker form grants them flight, greater speed, and more powerful blood magic, with blood magic making this forbidden to mages and everyone else). Once someone becomes a vampire, they have little to no memory of their mortal life. They are led by Vladimir who intends to use the Prophecy to bring eternal night.

    The Lycans are a nomadic species of the lands and almost always come out at night unless they shape-shift to their human forms. They are large, muscular creatures that can tear a human to shreds in seconds with their long, sharp teeth and claws. They are usually solitary, but have made an exception when they pledged themselves to Vladimir.

    The most powerful of mortal beings. Their kingdom lies to the north of Gaahalo. They can shape-shift between the great scaly beasts that fly and breath fire and ice, and humanoid form that have have fin like ears and dark skin. They make their homes out of the cliffs and caverns. Their king is Sarthath, and although he wants to destroy the Blade as much as Queen Hadaio does, he has joined forces with Vladimir in hopes of taking the elven girl to safety. All he wants is his little girl to live.

    Living in the kingdom of Dorrie, humans have had a peaceful alliance with the elves after centuries of enslaving them and treating them like second class citizens. They also have been terrorized by Lycans and vampires for as long as the kingdom existed. Their homes are the typical towns, cities, and villages. They are currently trying to find a new ruler as King Lionel is dying.

    The dwarves have their underground kingdom of Kai-Pyro which is larger than Dorrie and Gaahalo combined. The dwarves are a mining, fighting, mead drinking, smithing folk who have proven themselves to be powerful allies. Their monarchy is led by Lord Fir and Lady Natalia. Even though the fate of the sun doesn't affect most of the dwarven population, they still want to do their best for their surface kin. And so they have allied themselves with the elves, humans, and orcs.

    Orcs are usually portrayed as barbaric and uncivilized. But most have proven to want a quiet life tending to their Clan or go adventuring. All the orcs live near the center of Gaahalo in one large village. A few have gone off to strike on their own, but for the most part orcs stick together. There is no specific Clan leader as they believe that everyone leads themselves and everyone takes care of each other.

    Mage (any race except lycans and orcs): They can part of royal courts, have colleges, or be rogues. They can be healers, specialize in a certain element, ect. (I'd like to see creative takes on these). Blood mages and necromancers are considered threats and are hunted down.
    -Warrior (any race): Basically knights, templars (frontline of defense for military), soldiers, mercenaries, or adventurers
    -Night Stalker (vampires only): This is only granted to vampires that have been turned by any Hark vampire.
    -Rogue (any race): Archers, assassins, adventurers, etc.

    Religion (this is the most recently added feature)
    -Elves: They believe that they are connected to nature and should respect it and not waste it. They worship K'ailor, more simply known as the Goddess. They believe that the Goddess is assisted by many spirits that live in the earth, trees, air, and all around them in the plants and animals, even mortals. Once they die, it is said that the Goddess will make you a spirit if you have lived a justly life. If not, you would be disregarded and fade away.
    -Vampires: No religion, as they more than likely do not remember their original religious beliefs.
    -Lycans: They worship the Lord of Hunts who watches over them and helps them in their hunts and struggles. They believe that they will hunt by his side in the Dark Forests when they pass on.
    -Dwarves: They worship their ancestors. The afterlife is similar to the dragons' afterlife; however, there is no Lava Pit, the soul would be doomed to the Bottomless Pit.
    -Dragons: Ancestor and monotheistic worship. Their god is named Saquin with the notable ancestors acting as saints. (This is based on Catholicism, but there is no pope or whatever). When the soul leaves the mortal shell, it is taken to the Hall of Fate where the soul is faced with everything they have ever done (good and bad). If the good outweighs the bad, then the soul is allowed to enter the Hall of Ancestors. If it is the other way around, they are cast into the Lava Pit where they truly perish.
    -Humans: It is varied. Some have many gods, others have one god, one god and his prophet, or no religion.
    -Orcs: They have many deities but their main deity is based on the elven Goddess. Their chief goddess is called Yaloi. The orcs and elves' religious beliefs are closely similar to each other. They even believe in what happens to the soul when someone dies except all the gods judge them before they decide the soul's fate.

    Characters of Interest (they are available unless they have a slash through them)
    -Queen Hadaio (taken by Phi Chisym)
    -Nahra (the youngest daughter) *Note: she knows little of the Prophecy and her father* (taken by Phi Chisym)
    -Sarthath (taken by shinakawolf)
    -King Lionel (if you don't mind playing a character that is going to die eventually in the RP) (taken by 04LIDOB)
    -Lord Vladimir (I will play him)
    -Unnamed contenders for the human throne
    -Unnamed older sisters of Nahra (there are two of them) (younger of two taken by Phi Chisym/ older one taken by me)
    -Unnamed contenders for Vladimir's place in the vampire court (however many are interested)
    -Unnamed Ambassadors (same deal as the vampire contenders)

    If you want to play one of these characters or your own, fill out this sheet. If your character is a race other than any mentioned above, please say who they are siding with or if they have no specific allegiance.

    Weapon(s) of Choice:

    I'll put up my CS as an example.

    Name: Lord Vladimir
    Race: Vampire (human)
    Hair/Eyes: Dark brown/Brown with gold tint
    Personality: Cunning, arrogant, sarcastic, just, determined, stubborn, has a merciful side, cold, intimidating
    Bio: He has no knowledge of his mortal life aside from knowing that he is from Dorrie and he remembers certain places and smells. He is lord of the Hark Vampires. When he is not getting involved in the politics of his court, he is in his room reading. This was how he first heard of the Prophecy and realized that if he retrieves the Blade and kills the elven/dragon daughter, he can use her as a dragon to eradicate the sun and bring eternal night. He is only waiting for the right moment to take the girl away who is celebrating her 100th birthday and having a ceremonial entrance to adulthood. He has also sent some of his thralls to find the Blade but cannot pinpoint its location.
    Weapon(s) of Choice: Night Stalker form, blood magic

    If you have any questions, please ask me. I'd be happy to satisfy your curiosity.
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  2. This sounds interesting, I might consider joining.
  3. I am intrigued.
  4. i am very interested to i will be the very first to post a ooc but i also want to ask would it be ok if i made my character Sarthath's son?
  5. ok perfect here is the ooc.

    Name: Shin, son of Sarthath
    Race:Dragon (Humanoid shapshifter)
    Hair/Eyes: black hair and reddish brown eyes.
    Personality: he is very stern and kind. He loves being in his dragon form and flying through the air seeing the land from high up. He was not so friendly with people but he did find the vampire Vladamir, very interesting.
    Bio:Shin was born of very noble stature. He was taught to fight, be strong and to be wise. When he found out that his father had a half daughter with an elf, this upset him greatly. He did not agree to half breeds they were just defiled dragons in his eyes. He did not want his father to take care of his half sister so, Shin decided to secretly fight with the Vampires and the Lycans. When he allied himself and along with a few other loyal dragons he figured out about the lycans secret, and he fell much more curious. He took the Lycan Dalton into his personal guard. He is also a loyal friend to Vladamir even if vladamirs fangs did come off a creepy to Shin.
    Weapon(s) of Choice: He, is very well trained with a katana, and lance.

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  6. You're welcome
  7. I decided to give Vladimir a servant who was inspired by Gollum (except she's not obsessive and does not have a split personality. And her voice isn't as creepy as his, either).


    Name: D'shial
    Race: Vampire (elf)
    Hair/Eyes: Bright red hair/ Gray eyes
    Personality: Extremely loyal, borderline insane, naive, highly sensitive, tends to have bloodlust
    Bio: D'shial was only 150 when rogue vampires raided her village and killed everyone but accidentally turned her. She spent almost two centuries living in the wilds and slowly losing her old self and slowly forgetting her human side. While hunting before dawn, Vladimir finds her and takes her back to his castle where he and the other vampires of his court help with reteaching simple things such as speaking and communication. She does not have the best grammar in the world, but she tries her best even if she has to be corrected every time. She is refused to be granted the Night Stalker form because Vladimir is concerned that she either won't be able to handle it or not be able to have it granted to her at all since she wasn't turned by one of the Hark Vampires
    Weapon(s) of Choice: fangs, claws
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  8. *sigh* We're still taking characters... *faints*
  9. We need more, people DX
  10. *double sigh*
  11. Name: Bevan Moore


    Auburn/Reddish-brown with a yellow ring around her pupil

    Curious, Loyal, Stern, Cautious. Not a woman of many words, Bevan likes to watch and study things as they unfold. She is very in tune with her primal self and although she avoids blood shed she understands when it's necessary to let go. Sometimes she let's loose a little too much, causing her to get lost in the rush and adrenaline.

    Bevan was born within a small pack of Lycan's. At a young age she lost everyone. Her parents had hid her as everyone around her was slaughtered. Since that point on she has lived as a lone hunter. She fends for herself and is rather good at it. In truth she has no side she just does what she needs to survive but the human and elven races have always piqued her interest.
    Her physical strength seems to be above what is normal for a lycan.

    Weapon(s) of Choice:
    Spear and Twin Daggers
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  12. Interested in helping GM, as well as running Nahra.
    Question though, how will this RP run? Are you looking for intermediate or advance posting (1-2 or 2 - 3 paragraphs)?
    I'm good either or, but time restraints might make things difficult for me. So, just testing the waters here before making a full decision.
    Also, do you have any specifics on Nahra that you wish for her to have? If so, PM me so we can chat about it.
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