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  1. Quick Guide:
    On the continent of Ballis there are seven kingdoms.

    1. Kingdom of Gaahalo – Elven Realm among the Nyad Forest

    2. Kingdom of Dorrie - Human Realm

    3. The Hark Vampire Coven – Mountain Region on the Northeastern border of Gaahalo, within the abandoned Dwarven realm.

    4. Kingdom of Kai-Pyro - Dwarven Realm. Largest realm on the continent.

    5. Lycan Realm- Nomadic packs under the leadership of the Vampire Coven. (May want to get an actual name for this area.)

    6. Kingdom of Argyris Lahti - Dragons Realm, North of Gaahalo

    7. Orc Realm – The center village of Gaahalo. (Might want to get a name for this area. I know Dedtoo is rather skilled at Orcish concepts. He might have a good name for it.)

    About the Prophecy of Ionna and the Blade of Shade
    The Prophecy from the Dragon Diadem, written in ancient days by Saquin himself, states that an Elven Queen will give birth to a Cwen, a Dragonchild, one with the blessed blood. She will be known as Ionna – Dragonsong. Within this child will be the power over all dragons. Her dragonform is that of Ionna herself, the delicate and powerful being of spirit and light; one that forges lightening and is able to hold the spirits of others within her to protect and guide.

    Ionna is the true form of light, and is a child of the sun. The Diadem claims that if Ionna loses light, she becomes darkness. She becomes death to the earth and all that requires the need of for light. The only way to kill the light from Ionna, and thus, take away the light of the world forever, is a damned blade of unknown origins called the Blade of Shade.

    No one knows as to why this Blade is so powerful. There’s never been anyone who knew of its creation or reasoning for its existence. But, according to the Diadem, it was an item of power used by Necromancers of ancient days. This particular one was created with the sole purpose of dissecting the sun completely from the sky; killing it permanently, as it does to the night every day it rises. Reasoning for this, no one knows. There’s no other record known of its meaning except for in the Diadem. But, of course, there is another record of it, which explains why others now know if the prophecy and are now fighting to write their own end to it.

    A Lycan, a surprising twist within the Diadem’s prophecy, actually protects the Ionna from the fate she’s destined to follow. It is stated that a Lycan will be born with the ability to track down the location of the Blade of Shade. And not only that, this one Lycan will be the only creature of the world capable of releasing it from the magical binds that keeps it hidden from all.

    "My lord," a female elven vampire hissed, bright red hair covering most of her face as she flashed her master a toothy smile. "I has news!"

    The human vampire, who brushed his fingers through his dark chestnut hair, looked at the elf with his gold-tinted brown eyes before returning his gaze to the book he was holding. "What is it now, D'shial?" he asked, annoyance lacing his voice. "Can't you see I'm busy?"

    "Has you found the Blade's place?"

    "I'm afraid not. Looking through every resource I have for a century with a war to win has been a daunting task. Not to mention that the girl is very well protected."

    "But Master Vladimir!"

    Vladimir sighed in frustration and glared at D'shial. "Make it quick..."

    D'shial looked at him with her gray eyes. "Some of the court members come back. They says that the baby princess is having her birthday tomorrow."

    Vladimir cocked an eyebrow. "Is she? My, a century goes by so quickly."

    "Yes, yes! And all the mortals shall be there!"

    "Really? I suppose the dragons are invited as well."

    "Sarthath shalls be there, Master." D'shial grabbed the end of her hair and pulled them in opposite directions under her chin. "The elf queen invited him."

    "I figured she would..." The vampire lord closed the book and pushed back in its place on the shelf. "You do know about the Prophecy, don't you?"

    "Yes, yes! You kills the princess and then kills the sun!"

    "But without the Blade of Shade, I can't. It seems that we were losing hope before I convinced Sarthath to join me."

    "Tells me, please! I wants to know! Nobody, not even you, Master, would ever tell me everything!"

    "Are you sure? A century's old war that is still ongoing is... quite tedious to tell about."

    "Please, please, please, Master! you never tells me anything!"

    "All right." He gestured for the elf to sit. "I suppose it hasn't been fair to keep you in the dark about what goes on."
    "Move the target!" called the young elf as she readied her bow.

    The young elven man with fair colored hair glanced up at the woman. "I'm a templar, not a servant!" he protested.

    "Do as I say, Erlan! Or do you want Mother to be angry with you?"

    "I happen to be her personal guard."

    "Move the target, whelp!"

    Erlan sighed. "As you wish..." He picked up the makeshift target and walked a few step back and placed it back on the ground.

    "Perfect!" The elven woman threw her raven hair back and pulled the string of her bow as far as it would go.

    "You do realize that everyone's coming today for your sister's birthday..." Erlan sighed as he thought of the youngest princess, Nahra. He has always considered her beautiful with her long midnight hair and sapphire eyes. he jumped a little as the arrow struck the target.

    The woman cursed. "I was so close to having a bull's eye!" She huffed, rolling her blue eyes. "Ah yes, the ambassadors, nobles, allies, and the sort are arriving shortly." She quickly turned around. "I'll go get ready!"

    Erlan shrugged and reluctantly left the arrow in the target. I should check on her majesty and everyone else, he thought.
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  2. The sky was bright blue and clear the moubtain tops was the most perfect fly path to take for the royal dragonic welcoming party.

    It was the day if his half sisters party. Shin never held a liking for a half blood who is said to rule all dragons "tch" shin let out. He didn't want to come but he had to for the 'face of the kingdom' he was told.

    The king of all dragons his royal majesty was leading his royal welcoming party for his beloved half daughter’s birthday. His majestic white scales shined bright in the sun light as if he was a shining gem.

    Shin let out a puff of black smoke from his nose as his metallic black dragon body looked entirely different from his fathers.

    "Shin why did you bring me along for this?" Asked a man with medium length hair, his cloths were made of royal fabric of a brown color.

    Shin moved his eyes to look at the man riding upon the back of his head. "You are here because you are my person friend and guest to this event." He spoke back though his sharp teeth.

    Standing at the balcony if the elven royal palace Mikal was looking at the sky seeing what looked like birds coming towards them. This was not birds but t was the draconic welcoming party. He sighed looking up at them majestically flying through the air. Mikal shut the book on draconic customs.

    Mikal watched as the dragons landed in the court yard, barely fitting all of the dragons in there dragon form.

    Sarthath bowed his head down to the silver hairs elven advisor. With that the dragons all changed into their human form. Sarath looking a lot younger than his age would suggest but that’s how both dragons and elfs were. Sarthath looked up and moved his black hair back and smiled at the elf Mikal.

    "I thank you for joining us today dragons; now let’s go into the palace ball room."

    Mikal suggested as he waved them to come in he was curious about the weird number of dragons only 6 dragons landed but 7 walked into the palace.

    Shin and Dalton the lycan both gave each other looks as they nodded.

    The plan was in action.

    Dalton turned and was in a awe of the majestic architecture of the palace.

    “Mr. elf man when will the party commence and when can I meet with my sister.”Shin asked Mikal

    “Shin, my son be patient, we will see her when she is ready to meet the other half of her family.” Sarthath told shin, keeping Mikal from replying to shin.

    “Sorry for my rudeness your majesty but Sarthath, you must first meet with the queen.” Mikal stated opening up his book yet again, opening the doors to the Chambers of the Queen.

    Now shin was intrigued by this, turn of events he could easily use his mirror to transport Vladamirs men now or he could wait, he was questioning this but Dalton grabbed shins shoulder shaking his head.

    "It's too early." Dalton whispered to him.
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  3. Erlan strolled toward the queen's bedchamber as he noticed the dragons flying overhead to arrive. He assumed that Nahra's father and half-brother were arriving with them so he just watched them arrive and continued to the bedchamber.

    He turned around to see a dwarf scurrying into the hall with his red beard swaying from side to side with each step he took.

    "Excuse me," said the dwarf. "My name is Kaic Dairrha, ambassador for Kai-Pyro. I know that I was invited to the Princess Nahra's birthday celebration, and I am here for that, but I was wondering where Princess Meria is."

    Erlan had a mental sigh. He remembered Kaic well, and he knew that Meria was in a love triangle with him and another male elf. He also remembered that if Meria married Kaic, there would be much prosperity between Gaahalo and Kai-Pyro.

    "She's in her chamber getting ready," he replied.

    "The uh... elf... that is fighting for her affection is not here, is he?"

    The elf shrugged. "I don't know if he's here."

    "Oh..." Kaic stroked his beard for a moment. "How long will she take before she can come downstairs?"

    "Few hours."

    "I see," chuckled Kaic. "She is always one to pretty herself for everyone. I will be waiting near the throne room for her."

    "All right." Erlan slightly bowed before he and the dwarf parted ways.
  4. Vycera heard a strange sound above her and, emerging from the shadows underneath afew trees in a nearby forest, looked up to see a group of dragons flying towards the palace. She curiously tilted her head toward the sky and wondered Why are they arriving here? What's going on?

    She returned to the shade she came from, feeling comfortable being in the shade again, sat down against one of the trees. Remembering the princess's birthday is soon she nods to herself, I guess that explains it. I've never really had dealings with dragons before.. I wonder if they would be as discriminating as these damn elves..

    She thought to herself about the responses she gets from most elves and closed her bright blue eyes. Most of them either shy away or call me some kind of monster. Before they have shared a single word with me. Maybe someone of another race wouldn't react so hostile towards me..

    She shook her head and replied to her own thoughts aloud, "No! I cannot let myself think that way!"

    Quickly her eyes open again and dart around to ensure no one could have heard her. After seeing no one around her eyes close as she thinks I can't have outbursts like that. I'm over that now.. I'm fine by myself.
  5. In the north of the Gaahalo territory there was one who still remained ignorant to what occurred within the lands. Of course, most of it was by choice to seclude herself in hopes of gaining experience within these foreign lands. However, her search for amusement was on halt to conduct a simple nap. Actually, it was more like the child refused to leave the comfortable spot she had discovered on a large tree. Her back was resting against the branch as her arms swung of the sides, swaying back and forth and different paces. Blue eyes, glimmering with child like glee and mischief stared at the faint movements of the tree leaves before they would dissapear behind closed eyelids.

    Robin had long since confirmed her boredom and possibly loneliness due to lack of social interaction but then again there was nothing sleeping couldn't fix within her book. This led to the fox spending a large amount of her day within the tree she had literally carved her name into. Eventually, the small hands were brought up from their swaying to pull at a lock of white hair that was deciding to leisurely rest over her line of sight. She rolled it between her two fingers, the white skin against white hair causing her to sigh softly. "Such a cramped form." Her voice was that of a child's, high but soft in tone. Having chose to remain in this form she was to remain in a form without direct contact with the largest portion of her powers. However she didn't want to attract attention and so it was necessary.

    The Kitsune had finally decided to 'wake up' after a while and with it she parted her lips to yawn deeply, revealing slightly larger than normal canines, similar to that of an animals in its ivory colour. Hands placed themselves against the branch as she pushed herself up from her position so she was sat up, her weight on her hands to keep her balance upon the tree's limb. She looked to the ground for a moment, blue eyes blinking to remove the traces of exhaustion as she finally escapes the green coverage of the tree. She pushed herself forwards so that she fell to the ground, white air whipping around her form as she instinctively bent her knees as she touched the ground. Taking the impact she was able to stand with ease, ignoring her previous descent with nothing but a large grin upon her face.

    Now safely on the ground she peered at the area she had lately adapted to living within. While it was not home, she had found comfort here and she would probably throw a fit if one tried to harm it. Momentarily she ran her hand against the bark, tracing the scars that roughly spelled 'ROBIN' upon its rough surface. Reflection done the fox turned upon the heels of her feet, deciding to head further into the forest to try and find something to do. "I could go towards the people..." Her voice was a whisper, as if avoiding another hearing yet she knew that no one was close enough to hear her if there was anyone but her here at all. "but they are loud..." She whined, throwing her arms up childishly as she seemed to fall into a tantrum at the thought. "A lot of them are boring too!" Declaring her thoughts the small girl seemed to turn her stroll into a moment of stubbornness as she began to argue passionately with herself.

    Eventually she came to a conclusion after minutes filled with mindless and pointless debate with herself. "I will go a little closer...I need to learn about these lands after all." She added, sticking her bottom lip out slightly as she diverted her eyes. Robin was only convincing herself that she was doing this for practical reasons, not her own desire. "But not in this form..." The words barely passed her lips before she felt the dull pain throb beneath her skin as she summoned the flickering azure flames around her form, shielding her from view as her skin was removed to allow her size to increase and fur to appear instead. No longer was it the humanoid form she adorned nor the silky white hair and delicate fingers. It was now a canine body with pointed ears and two bushy white tails that were swaying idly behind her. White paws planted firmly upon the ground, claws breaking the surface with ease as the fox stood taller than a normal one due to her second tail.

    The animal, larger by nearly two times the normal fox studied the ground with blue eyes, cat like pupils shifting until they settled upon the south, towards civilization. Slowly she turned, ignoring the rattle of beads around her fur covered neck of her 'ball' that compressed her power, as she headed towards that general direction, ears flickering occasionally along with the faint flickers of blue heat that occurred with the random appearance of those flames. Robin would not head to close for she did not feel welcome in these foreign lands, instead she settled close but a good distance away that would allow her to return to her favored spot within a short period of time. Settling down, Robin was laying upon her stomach, muzzle resting upon white fluffy paws as blue eyes blinked occasionally, waiting as if desiring something to appear and bring her amusement. If not now, she would go closer. Large form or not.
  6. The Conference Room was filled with war-weathered soldiers all dressed in their royal court armor for the night’s birthday celebration, but underneath them all were tensed muscles and stressed hearts. They stood around a long, decorative table of Linsor bark, covered with an ornate map of Ballis with iron figurines settled in various locations upon it holding colorful flags. Argyris Lahti to the north, Dorrie to the west, Kai-Pyro at the eastern peak; all settled around Gaahalo, and all faced with a threat that sits northeast of the Ciosa Mountains – the old Dwarven realm… This threat was the reason this small conference was being held before Princess Nahra’s birthday event. The concerns on their faces were not for the decorations and cake, if the fountains were set up properly, or if the musicians and acrobats will make it on time. Their concerns were on the whereabouts of their threat – Lord Vladimir of the Hawk Vampire Coven, for they had lost track of him days before.

    “It is reported that the Ciosa Clan spies are still unsuccessful in finding any trail or clue to Lord Vladimir’s whereabouts, M’Lady.”

    “Feidhim is still sending another squad for our use, M’Lady. They will enter like the others – as nobles and notable partygoers, but are propped to meet with Lieutenant Leonius as soon as they arrive to receive their orders.”

    The men in the room continued to relay their reports to the Lady sitting in the covered high-back chair at the far end of the table. Queen Hadaio Fahlsing listened and noted their words, hiding her fears with stern determination to see to it that this…Diadem prophecy does not ruin her baby girl’s big night. Security has been heightened to five bells; her spies were everywhere combing the land for any sign of their enemy’s presence in Gaahalo. They kept their eyes upon the castle of Nine Feathers as well, to insure that the Queen and her children were safe during the event. Her Officers’ goals were to keep the Queen and Nahra safe this night. Lady Hadaio wanted the same, as well as to maintain her younger child’s ignorance to the whole situation.

    “Good report, Lieu. Leonius. Very good. And what of King Fir, will he continue to uphold our arrangement and send his fleets to Klinsor’s Gulf?”

    Gen. Leonius smiled before giving the news, “Yes, if his daughter remains as happy as she has sounded in the last few days. He will continue with his plans.” The council of military officers and royal advisors laughed at the confirmation. It was still a mystery to them why their late King’s younger sister choose to marry King Fir’s brother’s eldest son, but their idea reasons for such always tend to cause an uproar of chuckles at the tavern. Nevertheless, such an union resulted in a portion of the Dwarven kingdom onside with Gaahalo, and what an ally they are indeed.

    Lady Hadaio did not register the laughter; her mind still on other matters. “Where is Nahra now?

    “With her handmaids dressing, something you should be doing as well, M’Lady,” one of her advisers reminded. “We will manage things from here, and report to you as soon as we hear any word.”

    Nodding, for she knew her attention was needed elsewhere, Lady Hadaio stood from her seat, causing a chime of metal clinging against each other as the knights stood to attention before bowing as she passed to exit. Her handmaidens, Cara and Kali, followed her with light announcements about her prepared bath and light lunch, the arrival of the dance troupe, and countless other nuances that she should know before the party began.


    Lady Hadaio settled at ease in the heated garden tub, full of dramatic bubbles and her favorite fragrances, all that was needed to calm her nerves. She lay back, closing her eyes to the early light of the afternoon flowing from the window. She was so tired and the day was not yet started. When done, her assistants wasted no time attending to the Queen’s needs. Her royal gown of gold and cream with a touch of light blue fell from her supple shoulders framed in feathers. The crest of Gaahalo was heavily embroidered on her chest and the intricate stitch and beading that dawn the silks all reflected the Nine Feathers emblem that heralds her family’s heritage.

    They lifted her dard hair into a loose bun and dressed it with her heavy crown befitting the high status she holds. Makeup – enough to highlight her breathtaking eyes and full lips, but only a little; and then the crown jewels to enhance her neckline, ears, and wrist. The Queen still wears the dragon crest ring of Lord Sarthath, the only symbol of their bond that she allows Nahla to see – unaware that she is also a beloved symbol herself.

    Completely dressed for the event, she orders Cara to check on her three daughters while Kali prepares the Queen’s royal cloak. “Oh Cara, and make sure Meria is flawless tonight. It’s possible that prospective suitors will provide interesting entertainment tonight to catch her attention. Trust you’ll also see to it that her guard targets his eyes on her every move?”

    “Truly yes, M’Lady,” Cara grinned as she headed to the door. “But I’ll still say to just scurry her thoughts, M’Lady. Lady Meria is a respectful princess, but still an eager woman.” Lady Hadaio knew of her maid’s topic, but decided not to indulge into the subject, only shook her finger at the young woman playfully as she giggled her way out the door. Kali, the older handmaid, who was once her day nurse, stood behind her smoothing out the trim of her cloak with a grin. “You’re still allowing the charade to go on, are you, M’Lady?”

    Lady Hadaio was about to respond, but Cara’s quick reentry ended her words before they started.

    “Sorry to interrupt, M’Lady,” she bowed, “But Master Mikal is here with a visitor for you.”

    Hadaio nodded, “See to their comfort. I’ll adjoin them in a moment.” Cara nodded and left once more to let the two men into the waiting chambers of the Queen. Inside, the large room was dressed like a beautiful sitting room, with shelves of books, walls of portraits and art from ancient lands, and priceless artifacts and hunting trophies from the many lands the royal family traveled over the years. Cara nodded for the men to have a seat in one of the large couches and offered them a beverage as they waited for the Queen’s appearance.
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  7. When Sarthath heard the offer of a drink he was very enthusiastic to the thought of. “I would love a bottle of your FINEST alcohol.” Sarthath commanded as he was a very big drinker. Mikal was giving the Dragon king a stern look and then walked up to the handmaiden and placed his hand on her shoulder and moved in closer to her ear. “Give him something on the light alcohol, because he can be very rowdy when drunk.” Mikal whispered to her and then turned and looked at the Prince and his friend. “Prince shin would you like anything? Or your friend?” Mikal asked placing his hands behind his back.

    Shin would shake his head in response, “I’m sorry if I disappoint but, I am not much of a drinker as my father here, I usually wait for the celebrating to start before I indulge myself.” Shin stated upholding great conduct that Mikal respected. “Sir Mikal, I will accept your offer on something to quench my thirst.” Dalton stated bowing his head down a bit. “Oh, you do not need to be so formal without the queen’s presence but it was very honorable.” Mikal replied. “It seems it will just be Alcohol for the king and water for our polite guest of the dragons.” Mikal told the handmaiden.

    “Now Father if you would, excuse me I have some business to attend to while, you and the queen speak and Dalton you can stay.” Shin spoke taking a small bow before turning towards the door. “Don’t get yourself found out now Dalton the queen is very cunning and she might be able to tell you’re a lycan if you act up.” Shin whispered to Dalton, patting his shoulder as he left the room.

    Shin was now off on his own for the first time, with this freedom he stretched out his arms and let out a small yawn from his widened mouth. “Now, I have to see the palace.” He said rubbing his hands together. He walked down the hall and took a left to a balcony. There he could smell the difference in air between their two lands. He took a second whiff of the air and his eyes widened in response. “I smell something new, dried blood, and……… burning ash.” Shin stated. He then looked side to side making sure there was no one to be seen in the general area. Shin then jumped off the balcony, falling down his body feeling weightless. Once he sees the ground get close enough to him he swiftly hanged into his dragon form. He black and armored like scaled wings outreached the area, as he used them to gain momentum and shoot up into the air. He quickly was using his now even more enhanced sense of smell and sight, to find was these two scents were originating from.

    This massive dragon would be the sight pretty much everyone can see it not being the stealthiest of ways to search from something or someone. Thanks to the heightened senses Shin was able to locate the scent it not moving much anymore thankfully. Shin now slowly switching back to minimize the height he would be to the ground. Shin landed on one knee his medium cut lengthened black hair covered over his royal face.

    “Come on out, I can smell the burning ash from here.”

    Shin stated this while catching the glimpse of a white furry figure before it left his peripheral vision. He quickly turned to his left side trying to catch sight of this creature again, but with no luck.

    “By order of Shin, Prince of Argyris Lahti, son of Sarthath ruler of Dragons.Come out and show yourself!”

    Shin ordered from his lips he kept a hand at his oddly shaped sword, which a specialty blade that was made for him.

    Back in the royal waiting room it seemed like. Sarthath and Dalton waited patiently for their drinks when they believed they would see the queen way before there refreshments arrive, they had shown up.

    “Finally!” Sarthath said a bit rude but he did not mean any harm or rudeness to his word. Mikal bowed and handed them both there refreshments. “For you my king, our Humble Grape wine. For you sirs we have Spring fresh, water with a bit a lime seed for flavor.” Mikal told them. Both f the guests took a sip of there drinks and were glad of the outcome. “This is very good, I am very pleased.” Sarthath said happily taking a gulp or two of his wine. Dalton nodded in thanks to Mikal. “You have been such a pleasure to be with sir may I ask what your name is? Mikal asked Dalton. “My name is Dalton I am the head advisor and personal friend of the prince.” Dalton said. Mikal gladly bowed his head down to him. “It has certaintly been a pleasure to meet you.” Mikal replied. “Now Mikal, what do you do for the beautiful and loving mother of my daughter?” Sarthath asked him thinking he was either a very high up servant or a butler. “I actually am the High council advisor to the Quenn and please address her royal majesty with more respect and etiquette.” Mikal asked bluntly raising his chest towards, the king Sarthath. “Hahaha, You show much bravery to ask of a king I respect that.” Sarthath let out in a laugh as his cheeks started to turn a light red showing he was starting to feel the effects of the wine. Dalton gladly moved the wine away from the king and sighed. “We will have more during the ceremony ok Sire.” Dalton explained. Sarthath nodded, “Good idea we can then all drink to our hearts desire.” Sarthath let out before sitting back more relaxed in his seat. Dalton still standing along with Mikal still standing near the door the queen should be coming in from.
  8. The blue eyes finally fluttered open, slits narrowing till they turned towards the voice that was making large white ears twitch violently in both annoyance and curiousity. The overly large fox finally pulled itself up, its teeth visible as a growl began to pass from its jaws. Slowly it headed towards the clearing where the prince was. Once there the blue eyes glared down at him, two tails swaying lazily as she felt her lips curl back in a snarl, her claws digging into the ground as white tips stood on end. Robin would rarely react like this, even if she was one to act more animal than human but to be ordered? She was a free girl after all!

    Flames seemed to burst from her skin, engulfing the untainted white as it burned at it to allow her a few seconds to retake her form. However, this time it was her natural form which she took unconsciously out of anger. She now stood about 5''7 with white hair that fell around her waist and eyes that burned like flames in their shade of red. Her kimono was pooled against the ground, beautiful silk in red and blues made small ripples out of the embroidered pattern that once rest upon the ends. Her sleeves were long, hiding the nimble fingers as she continued to glare at him, ears perked up as six tails swayed, similar to that in her fox form but with four more.

    "You are ordering me?"

    Anger was evident but her voice was to soft unless she shouted and so she sounded upset almost. However, it didn't stop her glaring at him as if wishing she could engulf him in her flames and watch him burn. Hands slid from the sleeves, revealing once again the small sphere that kept her powers sealed and allowed them to grow even now. "Prince or not, I stand underneath none of your lands and so your 'orders' are pointless sire." She hissed, sarcasm placed on the 'sire' as she settled her hands upon her hips.

    Having explained that, Robin felt slightly better which allowed a faint smile despite the darker side behind it as she cocked her head to one side, eyes glimmering with unspoken curiousity as she hummed, walking closer to him till she stood in front of him, eyebrows raised. "So, tell me prince...Why did you call me out?" She asked, whispering now before she smiled a soft but fake smile. "Anyway, allow me to introduce myself since you did in that attempt of displaying any influence." Of course she was going to continue to insult him. "I'm Robin, a Kitsune."
  9. Shin looked at the Fox, as he would raise an eyebrow impressed to see it change its form into such a beautiful lady. Shin would pull his long black hair back into a pony tail listening to her words. He would then look at her and use his eyes to examine her body and figure.

    “You are very intriguing, to say the least, But the reason I have called you out, is out of my pure curiosity to find out who I smelt from the elven castle.”

    Shin spoke back to her calmly and keeping his wit about him. He straightens his black trench coat and loosened the buttons of his red shirt. “I have already given you a good introduction to myself, but in respect ill do it more politely.” Shin replied to her and bowed his head to her respecting that this was probably marked as her territory.

    “I am Shin, and I am a Dragon, what most of my kind consider an armored dragon.”

    Shin raised his head once he was done speaking about his introduction and held out his hand in good graces. “I thank you for letting me see such a beautiful lady, I am truly honored. It also seems we are both creature with the ability to change between human and creature.” He said smiling not ever meeting someone who, had would turn into a fox, and back into a human without. “If I may ask this why are you out here alone, are you the guardian of this forest or are you more of a nomadic?” Shin asked Robin. While he was very curios about this new person, who has sparked the interest inside of his mind.

    He then moved around her now, doing what she did to him but without the stern glare or the growling. “It is also very interesting at how you can manipulate this blue flame.” Shin said pulling out his hand holding it out and breathing out very softly a breath of purplish flames into a ball above his hand. The flame was a nice dark purple with a like gray tint in the circulation, “this is what makes me highly respected besides being royal blood, within my kingdom.” He said smirking at the girl, hoping he was impressing her even if just a bit.
  10. Robin stared at him for a moment, wide eyed before she felt a smirk come to her lips and then finally she began to laugh softly. She did however find it amusing! She was forced to press the end of her sleeve against her lips to muffle it before she closed her eyes, only reopening them when she smiled brightly. "Wait...so you were curious but came without a guard? What if I was all powerful and going to attack? Wouldn't your kingdom lose its prince?" She asked, having settled down from her previous fit of giggles that had consumed her.

    Now calm the fox girl listened carefully to him, remaining quiet if only to be the slightly bit polite to the prince she had gotten used to. It was when he thanked her that she paused. "E-eh!" She was generally shocked at him calling her that. Embarrassed enough that her cheeks had turned pink if only slightly she coughed, bringing up her sleeve to hide her expression as she turned her gaze over towards him. "Um..well I am not the guardian of this forest...I just decided to live here since I came to these lands." She coughed out, closing her eyes in thought. It was nothing compared to her families temple. "So yes... I am alone. I did not trust going into any cities to find a home since people are...odd around unknown creatures. So it was better to be hidden in case they think I am trespassing..."

    No longer blushing, Robin moved the sleeve from her face, yawning softly as she watched him move around her. Was he copying her? "The blue flames?" She asked, momentarily forgetting about the flames before she gasped, eyes wide. "Ah! Them!" Having recalled this Robin just smiled, finding his curiousity cute. "Sweet~" she purred before replying. "They are blue for most of my kind." Robin told him. When he summoned a flame, purple in colour which made her turn upon her heels to face it. "Its purple..." She murmured softly, inclining her head occasionally to look at the flickering bundle of colour. "Pretty..."

    It was true that she was amazed by it for the colour flames she had seen had only ever been red, shades of blue or green in one odd case of an eastern dragon God. "How is it that colour?" She asked, whispering since her attention was stuck upon each flicker the flames made. It truly was a beautiful sight. Coughing when she realised that she was staring she stood up straight, embarassed as she groaned. "I fell for it again..." She whined, pouting. "I apologize Shin." She replied, scratching her cheek as she used his name for the first time.​
  11. Shin would look upon, Robin questionable to her accusation. “Pardon my rudeness but I do not believe anything in the elven kingdom would be able to harm a dragon like me.” Shin spoke out highly, know there was not much that could harm him in a normal battle since he did have the size advantage to many things here. When she finally answered his question about why she was here it made him grow a small smile on his face.

    He caught the glimpse of her pinkish face. “You know it’s impolite to hide a beauty such as your face.” Shin said teasing her knowing full well she would be even more embarrassed. He listened to her explain that she was a guardian but just a normal person living in the woods. He moved his feet over towards the large broke tree. He made sure it would be able to hold them both so he leaned up against it. Letting his legs rest just a bit.

    Shin patted next to him showing he wanted her closer to himself. When he demonstrated his flames it made her so excited. “Yeah these are a rather pretty color of flames.” Shin spoke out and then smiled even more seeing that side of her. “The reason why these flames are this color is because of my heart. For dragons the breath of fire they breath resemble there hearts. Most everyone in my kingdom has a normal red or orange tint of fire to it why they all want to live peacefully and happily. Then some rare cases you have, white, black, purple and once we did have a blue azure dragon.” Shin said explaining all of this to a stranger he had just met.

    “Also Robin do not worry if you fall for my remarks, because you have already caused me to spill my heart out to you with just seeing your face.” Shin spoke placing his hand onto his chest smiling. “Why are you apologizing to me, as far as I can tell you have done nothing wrong except be kind and a good companion to me.” Shin said his smile growing larger as he heard Robin call out his name so pleasantly and securely.

    “Robin would you accompany me, to the birthday ceremony of my half sister?” Shin asked not really wanting to go himself except for business. But, he thought with her there it would be a lot more entertaining and more enjoyable. “So what do you say? Will you be my date?” Shin said standing up and moving in front of her holding out his hand and bowing his head just a bit.
  12. Robin raised a brow at his confidence, causing a sly grin to slip onto pale pink lips as she leaned forwards, her hands settled on her waist. "Maybe these lands but my own will have creatures who would terrify you!" She shouted, throwing her arms up happily before she spun happily. "So many comrades I have! They are such good company. We even have dragons, although they smell and act completely different to you..." She finished, murmuring softly before shrugging her shoulders. "I just think you shouldn't be so confident...it leads to death you know Dragon prince~" She purred, clapping her hands together.

    She stepped over towards him, having slipped her hands into her sleeves as she tilted her head with a soft smile. "So one's heart is the colour of your flames?" She confirmed, having cheered up from the talk. Robin had not spoken to one from these lands yet and she was enjoying this conversation. She thought for a moment before nodding, walking over to the tree where she took a place next to him. Once again he made a comment about her blushing which only caused that very action to occur. Pale skin turned a deep shade of red as she simply spun her head to the side this time, intent on hiding it.

    Watching the dragon carefully, the fox girl was forced to lean forwards slightly to keep an eye on him. White ears twitched every few seconds, listening intently upon the sounds of the forest. Of course, she had long since given up on waiting for the lighter shade of pink to vanish and so she smiled brightly in response. "I can say the same for you. You are quite the intriguing company...then again you are the first I have spoke to since arriving..."

    Robin eventually leaned back, closing her eyes as she felt the winds brush through the white fur of her tail, occasionally causing her ears to flicker in annoyance to the simple feeling. "Eh?" She suddenly snapped her eyes open, her head tilted. "You want me? You want me to go to this celebration with you?" He moved in front of her, causing her eyes to widen as she watched him with with shock. Moments passed as her mind tried to comprehend what he said, however eventually she nodded softly. "Of course. It would be impolite to decline such a kind offer from you." She told him before stretching her arms above her head. "Is this form even appropriate though? I mean these clothes are foreign and my appearance is quite odd...maybe I should re take my child form..." She mumbled, scratching her cheek.​
  13. Vycera spent most of the day staying in the shade supplied by afew familiar trees near the edge of the forest. The argument she had held with herself continued as she entertained the thought of meeting one of the dragons she had seen flying towards the elven palace. I guess it doesn't matter anyway, she resolved. It's not like I, of all people, could just walk into the palace and meet one of them at the celebration anyway. She nodded her head in acknowledgment of this, she stood up from her lazing against her tree and stretched out her arms into a yawn.

    "I guess I should head home." she sighed. Not that it's really much of one.. she finished her thought in her head. Taking afew lazy steps forward out from under the tree she heard the same peculiar sound overhead, and her eyes shot up to see one of the dragons she saw earlier flying towards the forest, although not directly towards her. Bright blue eyes peaked with curiosity as she watched him land out of sight, but close by. The half-vampire rashly thinks Well, this is my chance! and began to sneak back into the forest so she can hide behind the trees, and towards where she saw the dragon land.

    Moving quickly she found herself able to see this dragon man speaking to a curious looking girl. Having never seen a dragon or a girl with fox like ears, Vycera was intrigued. She stayed hidden behind a tree, hoping neither of them would be aware of her presence, and listened to their conversation. She first overheard the two talking about blue flames, and peeked her head out to see the dragon breathing purple flames. Vycera's eyes were nearly glowing with curiosity and amazement, having only been exposed to "normal" colors of flames, never blue or purple. She continued to watch the two strangers. I've never seen anything like these two.. I've only really been around these elves.. The elves are so boring too, but these two seem much more interesting..

    Seeing the dragon walk towards a tree and the fox girl follow Vycera moved around the tree slightly, so as to stay between it and them. Although she can't help but peak around the tree to look at both of them again, still fascinated by them. I should probably stop spying on them and just get up the nerve to meet them, or turn around and leave before one of them notices me... she pondered, quickly pulling back to behind the tree, almost as though she was afraid they would hear the thought and see her. The argument with herself continued, if she should just take this chance to meet them, or just turn around and leave now.

    Shaking her head, There's no way I can approach them. They're going to be going to the celebration anyway, I should just wait here for them to leave, then go myself, she decides. She peeked her head out again, unable to control her curiosity and just watched the two of them. As long as neither of them notices that I'm here... she silently hopes.
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  14. Shin let out a quick chuckle at her remark. “Confidence comes with the position of being a prince does it not?” Shin left her with a rather odd question to answer. He then looked around his nose was twitching just a bit because the smell of dried blood was coming into his nose once again. He ignored the smell and just went on with his wondrous conversation with Robin.

    Shin was smiling at her response. “So you shall be my date to this glorious……… occasion.” Shin said then he looked at her, seeing how she was questionable about what to wear. “The form you are in is perfect, and it is fine to be wearing foreign clothing I am wearing foreign cloths to the elves as well.” Shin replied he then places his hands upon her shoulder and moved his head towards her ear. “It seems we have a small guest.” Shin whispered into, Robins ear. He then hugged her out of the blue; he pulled out a small dagger from his sleeve behind her back and quickly moved up at the tree, and threw the dagger.

    The dagger missed the person or creature hiding within the trees. It was all just for show to scare it out. “Do not worry Robin, I am not trying to bring harm and hurt whatever is there I’m just scaring it to see what it is my nose smells.” Shin quickly told, Robin not wanting her to be alarmed by this action. “Now you see why I would have been fine if things tried to ambush or harm me?” Shin asked pretty much politely saying ‘Told you so.’ Shin would hold his arm in front of Robin protecting her if anything were to happen.

    Right in that moment Shin could see the figure of a humanoid, creature. “Who and what are you?” Shin said swinging his head back looking at Robin. “Robin stay behind me ok, just in case of I aggravated it just a bit.” Shin said, starting to regret the fact he threw a dagger at the creature. The creature smells and reminds him of vampire. “Is that it? Or no…… you also smell of elf but there is no way a vamp and a elf………………. OH…………………….” Shin looked up at the tree speechless. “That’s a first.” He said smirking. “Mind coming out and showing yourself please, I promise we don’t bite, at least i don’t.” Shin said almost laughing to his own pun, but thankfully didn’t.
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  15. As Shin hugged Robin Vycera tilted her head slightly wondering It didn't seem as though these two knew each other before this.. Why is he.. and her thought was cut short by her retreat behind the tree as his dagger flew close by. Dammit! Her body tensed against the tree, not daring to move at all. I hope he's not planning to act so violently if I show myself now.. She instinctively placed her hand on the hilt of her rapier to her side, unsure of what he may do next.

    Hearing Shin being protective over Robin eased her mind slightly, as she let out an audible sigh. Maybe he thinks I'm the hostile one.. she hoped. Hearing his questioning of what Vycera is confirmed her hopes, and she began trying to figure out how to explain exactly what she is to the two strangers. I hope they don't react with as much hatred as most of the elves here do.. Maybe I was right with my thoughts earlier that a dragon would react differently.. And hopefully the same stands true for the fox girl there.. As she prepared herself to step out, hearing that Shin said he could smell her she sighed again, clenching her fist against the tree in frustration for not considering his sense of scent.

    After hearing Shin ask her to come out and reassuring that he wouldn't be violent, Vycera took a moment to compose herself. She released the grip she had on the hilt of her rapier but kept herself ready to draw her rapier if needed. The half-vampire took afew steps forward from the shadows under the trees she was hiding in.

    "Sure, throwing a dagger at someone is a great way to show someone you don't mean harm to them."
    she shouted as she stepped forward, trying to hide the fear she held just afew moments before. "What was that you were saying about an elf and a vampire? And what exactly is a first?" she questioned during his momentary confusion. She attempts to feign an aura of confidence as she speaks to hide the fear and excitement she was truly feeling at meeting the dragon.

    Moving her almost glowing blue eyes to looking at the fox girl,
    "Shin and Robin is it?" she asked, already knowing the answer. "My name is Vycera," she began, looking back at the dragon, "And I believe you've already got an idea as to what I am, so why don't you take a guess?" she continued, hoping he has an idea already so she doesn't have to attempt to explain it herself.
  16. Meria looked up in annoyance as Erlan poked his head through the doorway.

    "What is it?" she asked bluntly, brushing her long black hair.

    "Kaic is here, your Highness," he answered. "He's waiting for you near the throne room."

    "He is?!" she gasped. "Already?! Is the other suitor that I've been seeing here yet?"

    "I haven't seen him."

    "Well, if you happen to see him, tell him I'll be right down. And tell Kaic I'm almost ready."

    "You could go down there to see him yourself, you know. I'm just a templar."

    "Well, then go check on my family. That's what you're here for, isn't it?"

    Erlan turned and walked to Narha's room with reddened cheeks as he hung his head. I guess I should check on her. But what if I accidentally tell her how I feel about her?

    Going down the hall, he stopped by one of the large wooden doors and took a deep breath before he knocked. "Nahra? Are you in there?"
    "It all started when Hadaio and Sarthath met," started Vladimir, trying to ignore D'shial's shifting on the floor and placing her head on his leg. "You see, Hadaio was married before and had two daughters. Her husband passed away, however. So seeing that two daughters might not be her successor to the crown, she got herself with Sarthath. I believe they have a son together, but I do know that their other child is a girl. The girl is known as the Ionna, Dragonsong. She has the soul of a dragon and she destined to die by the Blade of Shades."

    "What else will Master tells me?" asked D'shial.

    "Hmm... I know that one of my spies was there when the Master Mages proved that she was the center of the Prophecy. And I know that her mother barely lets her leave her sight. So when I caught wind about the girl, I was determined to bring her here. So I sent a few vampires to attack the palace but unfortunately none of them made it back. The queen declared war, she sends soldiers to fight me, I send vampires to fight her, and that's been going on for a hundred years. We've a few full scale battles here and there but that was fought out by our generals. And then we were losing this past year. I decided to convince the Lycans and Sarthath to join me to win this war. You know I always get my way."

    "Yes, yes! Master always get his way!" D'shial hugged his leg and nuzzled his knee. "And D'shial will loves Master forever!"

    The vampire lord let out a deep-throated chuckle."You know, I just had the craziest idea."

    "What is it?"

    "What if I... No, no. You'd think it was ludicrous."

    "What? Tells me, Master!"
  17. Queen Hadaio

    "Yes, M'Lady, I do believe Master Mikal has offered him the weaker wine..."Kali announced as Queen Hadaio stood at her bedroom doors. "But, he's holding his spirits till after the festivities."

    Hadaio grinned, happy that the old handmaiden still has ears as sharp as a bats. She stood before her queen eavesdropping on the others in the sitting room.

    "Alright, he'll be at his best behavior then," Hadaio nodded. "Announce me, sweet Nanny, and then tend to the rest of the needs for the party. I'll be safe with Mikal's presence."

    Kali nodded and opened one side of the double doors to let herself out. Crossing the large room, she spotted Lord Sarthath and an stranger who sat with the Dragon Lord as if they've been old friends. "Honorable Lord Sarthath, Master Mikal, and Guest, presenting her Royal Majesty, Queen Hadaio."

    She opened the double doors to the Queen's room with the use of her notable skills, causing them to open with no aid of hands. Queen Hadaio entered her sitting room and stepped to the center where her guest waited. "Ah, you've arrived safely, Lord Sarthath, that's good. I'm sure you didn't travel alone. Your son, is he here as well? And in his place today is an unknown to my eyes. Who might this person be who's been granted privileged to meet me in my personal sitting room?"

    She was all smiles, but deep down there stood a whirlwind of emotions and questions all targeting Lord Sarthath she wished to clear up. The rumors she's received from her spies - she wanted to know if they were true. But, there's not reason to ask with unfamiliar ears present.

    Princess Nahra & Celesta

    "On the biggest day of your life, the most spectacular weekly event ever planned by our mother, and you want to sneak out of the castle and spend the entire morning and afternoon trotting about in the village like it's just another day at the carnival! Now, you're going to make us late to Your birthday party, all because of THESE?"

    "But you got some too! It'll be fun to stay up all night opening gifts. At least, these we can enjoy now!"

    Princess Celesta and her companion, Koven, slowly trudged up the secret path behind the pump room a distance away from the castle. Following her half baby sister with enough complaints to cause the church to burn, they all lugged several bags and parchments wrapped in common colored fabrics and papers. They were gifts from the villagers on Gaahalo and the few who were from various provinces under the flag of Nine Feathers. People of all walks of life packed the inns and homes in town and around to partake in Princess Nahra's birthday celebration, and the few who were not able to visit the castle to shower her with gifts, waited for her daily visit to do just that. They carried all their arms could hold - five carriages were soon to travel to the gate tonight for inspection before entrance. Knowing the few trusted friends she had in town, Nahra and Celesta were comfortable in carrying their gifts home - avoiding the time consuming inspection.

    Unfortunately, there are a lot of gifts, and carrying them on foot wasn't the best idea they had. But they were in a rush. So, Celesta complained and Nahra skipped and giggled happily ignoring her. Koven, on the other hand, just wanted the two women to shut up and move faster. He was tired of being in his Lynx form and was itching to dressing appropriately for the occasion.

    "Ya know, if you so worried about us being late, why don't I just flash us to my room."

    "No, no...," Celesta groaned, "I'll do it." She knew her sister was not suppose to use her abilities - awakening any portion of her inner self will only cause trouble. Before Nahra could protest, their atmosphere blurred before their eyes and turned into the interior of the young princess's room. The group refocused themselves and dropped their carry-ons to their feet.

    "Why is it a problem for me to flash us? I'm not that bad in my studies."

    "Mother doesn't want you to do anything until you past your testing. Until then, you have to continue your practices with a mage present." Celesta didn't explain why and gave her sister a sharp look to end the entire conversation. "Koven, go ahead and get ready, and check to see how much time we have left."

    Koven nodded his head and patted towards the door before flashing away. He made his way to the end of the hall and altered his lynx form to that of the noble Royal Head Governor of the castle. With his long white hair tied in a gentleman's ponytail, he checked his suit and headed downstairs, contacting the princesses' maids that the lady's were prepared for dressing.

    After about two hours of bathing and dressing, fixing hair and makeup, both women were finally ready. Celesta, who had left her sister to the attendants to her own room, had returned in her royal dress armor. Since she was the Captain of Gaahalo's Warmages, most of them stationed around the castle for security purposes, she refused to wear a ballgown for the night's event. She needed to be prepared for anything. There's no way she can fight in a poofy gown. Gold and silver, with her swords at her side, Celesta waited at her sister's door as Nahra's maids were finishing up with her trimmings.

    There was a knock at the door, "Nahra? Are you in there?"

    Nahra recognized that voice anywhere, "Yes, Erlan!" She practically grew up with the Elven Templar who had become her personal guard - besides her older sister. Nahra didn't have a lot of friends around it seems, except for Erlan. "Come in, I'm decent!"
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  18. Shin

    Shin would stare and look at the person in front of him and Robin. “Hey, it did get you to show yourself, but I could have used nicer methods but, you never know if an elf would decide to kill me out here.” He said looking up and down at her. “Or even a vampire at that.” Shin spoke once again. He stopped being too protective and held out his hand in good graces. “I am Shin, Prince of the dragons and you are?” Shin asked her after revealing himself. “Robin I am so sorry for my rudeness in using you so I could do that.” Shin said apologizing to Robin and bowing his head towards her. “But, I must be careful since Vlad, is still pissed at me for not sending him troops.” Shin said rolling his eyes around in a circular motion.

    “Also you are a vampire and an elf…… hmmm, how about becoming one of my advisors. I know it’s sudden but I made a decision like this before and my advisor and I are now extremely good friends.” Shin suggested towards her. “Also do not worry robin you are the one my eyes fancy and find the most intriguing.” Shin said letting the charm float off of his tongue.

    Sarthath and Dalton

    Sarthath would stand up from his seat, lowly not wanting to fall. He bowed his head as the Queen entered in. He retook his seat and did not touch his Wine, until she was done speaking with them.
    “My my you look rather Ravishing today.” Sarthath complimented towards the queen. “Ah yes, my son Shin, he is off enjoying your fabulous kingdom. Do not worry he should only be in the woods.” Sarthath said chuckling a bit knowing his son had a great curiosity for people that is why Dalton and him are such good friends.

    When the Queen moved her attention towards him he would bow his head slightly and show respect to her for allowing them into her home. “My name is Dalton your highness, I am Shin royal adviser and guard. Also off record I am his friend.” Dalton then raised his head, his eyes flickered in the sunlight not like most dragons eyes would. Dalton would recognize that she might be catching on that he is not a dragon, so he quickly moved his hand wiping his eyes and using a small powered from his gloves to hide the reflective features of his Lycan eyes.

    Sarthath would look at the Queen and see how she was so focus on Dalton. “It is rather rude to focus more on a advisor to my son then to the father of one of your children.” The king stated, feeling a bit left out for her not paying attention to him like she was Dalton.


    Mikal would bow his head to the queen pulling out her a chair so she could take a seat with the King. “Is there anything you wish I get for you, my highness?” Mikal asked humbly. Mikal also was confused at how; the Queen seemed to be so distrusting of Dalton. Mikal could tell he was not dragon, but Mikal could also tell if they wanted to hurt or do something they would have already done it by now. Mikal would look at the door and see a palace guard; Mikal would walk to him and listen to what he had to say.

    “Your majesties, if I may interrupt, It seems Prince Shin has taken flight and wandered into the woods, Should I send……..” Mikal was interrupted mid sentence.

    Sarthath let out a loud laugh of amusement. “Do not worry about my son, he is like this. If his dragon nose spells a new creature he will go out and fill his curiosity. That’s why he has a Lycan like Dalton as an advisor, and friend.” Sarthath let out.

    Mikal would stand and open up a book of spells. “How dare you bring a dark creature into this holy place?” Mikal yelled out his level headed mind went blank do to the unseen threat he misread.

    Dalton would then stand in a defensive stance and let out a large growl. “How do you bare your holy books towards me, I am a guest, a friend to the Shin and Sarthath I own my life to them.” Dalton let out.

    Sarthath would look towards the Queen showing in his eyes that he was sorry for what he was about to do. Sarthath opened his mouth and let out a large breath of Crimson fire, to spate and calm the two down. “My Queen, I trust this man with my son’s life and you know we are allied with you, So why would you distrust my decision in letting a friend join us?” Sarthath asked of the Queen.
  19. Robin was shocked, causing her to squeak almost when she was pulled into a hug so suddenly! Flushed and confused she only settled when the prince whispered why. The fox sighed in relief before twisting her head around, red eyes settling upon the tree as suddenly she took note of the scent. "Ah..." She tended to ignore what was around her if she was enjoying herself and she was mentally cursing herself for being so unaware of the new presence. For the next moment or two she sorted the mixture of scents out before she twisted back to look over at Shin, curious to what he was doing.

    However, she did become annoyed when she was forced behind Shin, his arm out in an attempt to protect her. Why did people tend to view her as weak? Her lips began to curl downwards as she felt annoyance build up in her. Pouting the woman crossed her arms as she tried to catch a glimpse of the new comer. Since she could not see over Shin she shifted over, wrapping her hands around his arm as she peered around him. Curiosity always won after all. "A vampire? And a Elf?" She whispered, red eyes studying her before she smiled brightly. "Nice to meet you Vycera!~" She chimed.

    Her gaze turned back towards Shin as she cocked a brow to him. "Dont apologize for using me. It was necessary to lure her out and you were cautious which will keep you alive." She told him, shrugging her shoulders before turning her gaze back to Vycera. "I say you should, then you can come to the celebration too~" She cheered, having seemed to cheer up from her mild annoyance earlier. To be honest, Robin got used to being protected despite being quite strong herself due to her brothers and father. All three seemed to be comically protective of her and her mother which caused a small spark of anger in both but they loved their family dearly and dealt with it.

    If throwing the three into walls counted as dealing with it.

    She turned back to Shin, still in her brightly shining mood. "Can we go to the celebration now? I want to see how those elves choose to celebrate for your half sisters ceremony." Robin herself was almost jumping up and down in joy, the idea of getting out of the woods without the fear of being attacked. Recalling the last part again she sighed, dropping her head. "Are you sure I should go? I'm an unknown creature to nearly everyone in these lands..." Her complaints stopped when the prince decided to mention her being his fancy, something that took a moment to register before she was forced to pull her sleeve up to hide her face once again.​
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  20. Standing before both Shin and Robin, Vycera attempted to continue her confidence. "Damn right you could have used nicer methods, Shin." she responded. I can't believe he can tell exactly what I am just by my smell.. she thought to herself as he makes the comment about vampires here. Her eyes looked the dragon and fox girl up and down. Then she heard Shin introduce himself as a prince of the dragons, and Vycera sort of freezes up as she processes this.

    The confidence Vycera had decided she needed to attempt to show for a first impression finally faded as she realized she was speaking to royalty of the dragons. While she overheard this through Shin's conversation with Robin, it hadn't made an impression to her until this moment. She carefully takes another step forward, and places her hand within his.
    "I hadn't.. Um.. exactly realized you were of royalty," she manages, trying to figure out what to say to a dragon prince.

    After her nervousness with Shin recedes slightly, Vycera turns to look at Robin again.
    "It's nice to meet you as well, Robin!" she says, seeming much more comfortable talking to her. "You've already heard his explanation as to what I am. If I may ask, what are you exactly?" Vycera says carefully, trying not to sound rude asking this. Her head tilts slightly to show her curiosity of Robin, stating "I am dhampir. Half vampire, in a way. I'm very much so alive, but, in a way, not as much as most elves are. If that makes any sense.." Her eyes close a moment as she's trying to make sense of her own explanation. Not knowing of any others like her, it's difficult to explain it to others. Especially since most elves could tell Vycera was related to the vampires they were at war with, and didn't want to give her a chance to explain it.

    Hearing Shin offer to make Vycera one of his advisors made her just as nervous as she was earlier. She turns her attention back to him and stutters abit
    "You've only just met me, how could I be a good advisor to you?" Also hearing Robin mention the celebration, Vycera looks down a moment. She knows how most of the elves react when they realize what she is. Is it really a good idea to try to go to the palace? She wonders, taking a moment to consider it.

    After afew moments of contemplating his offer and arguing to herself over going to the palace, Vycera decides to take her chance.
    "If you'll really take me with you both to the celebration at the palace!" she begins, excitement clearly present in her voice. "But on one other condition too. You'll get me faar away from this damnable place!!" she finishes excitedly, although her voiced trailed off almost in sadness at the end. She closes her eyes after turning her head down a moment. If this dragon can accept me so easily, maybe I really can find somewhere to go. Someplace I can call home. This may be one of my only chances to leave here. I'm taking it!
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