Dark Odyssey : Roar of the Black Lion (high fantasty, Epic adventure.)

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The burst of light from a thunderbolt sent a flash throughout the black forest, sending the dark shadows of night fleeing from the muddy earth and gnarled, twisted trees, if only for a moment. at the base of one of these trees, a young girl lay curled against the rough bark as if the tree itself was a parent. a day ago, she used to be terrified of the thunder, yet now she prayed that it would drown out the sound of her racing heart. mud clung to her battered figure, and the black rain continued to fall from the sky as if the moon was bleeding.
another flash illuminated the woods, exposing her pursuer to the light.
the creature's skin was a pallid grey, and insect like growths adorned its gangly, tall frame. its legs were short and stocky, ending in a pair of dark hook like nails, much like bird feet. while its left arm was a malformed and useless, bearing three curved, weak fingers, its right arm was a massive, armored claw adorned with thick, spiked red plates of chitinous growths.
the creatures features were no less hideous, for a single eye rested in its forehead, with several, multicolored pupils shifting and looking about rapidly. long, greasy locks of hair sloped down from the sides of the creatures balding head, while infected sores lay upon the uncovered skin.
with a slowness that seemed almost deliberate, the monsters mouth opened sideways to expose a circular array of lamprey like teeth, and the creature let out a chittering screech as drool dripped in vile strings to the forest floor.
the young girl would have screamed, were she looking at the beast. yet her terrified brown eyes were instead focused on the muddy earth below her. much like a terrified rabbit, she did not move until the creature issued its bone chilling cry. rising to her feet, the young elven girl rushed deeper into the forest, fleeing without ever taking note of the direction. she ran simply to run. the more distance between her and the thing that slaughtered her village the better.
another flash of lightning revealed a change in the earth and trees. no longer was she surrounded by the young birch and maple of her home, but instead she stood within the shadows of ancient oak and pine. the forest here was old, older than any living memory could reach. long had her father forbid her from entering this forest, fearing she would be snatched away by giants or the like. yet now, such creatures were far from her mind as she raced blindly in the dark.
finally, the girl collapsed at the base of an oak. her body shivering as she coughed and gasped from exhaustion. her entire body ached for want of speed, but no matter how her mind commanded her to move she seemed as deeply rooted to the ground as the tree she lay next to.
another flash of lightning brought with it a snapshot of her surroundings, a odd mark lay upon the tree above her, and small elemental wisps flashed in response to the lightning, echoing the flash with thier own at the exposure to the raw, elemental energy of the storm.
another chittering shriek sounded through the air as the creature reappeared, scrambling towards her prone figure. its single claw dripping mud as it made it charged towards its prey. the girl turned to face her attacker, her eyes wide with terror. this creature had killed her parents so quickly with its claw, sentencing them both and her younger brother to a beheading neither deserved. her only prayer as the thing closed the distance was that her death would be as swift, and her parents arms were as warm in the afterlife as she remembered.
suddenly, a darkness descended over the girl. yet it was not the beast she was fleeing from, but another. huge, tanned arms reached out and took the beasts shoulders in a inescapable, vice like grip. corded, thick muscles worked in unison with large, scarred hands as the huge humanoid used the beasts momentum to fling it against the nearby tree! a loud cracking sound was heard as the beast smacked into the black bark of the tree, and it issued a surprised hiss before scrambling back to its feet.
the young girl whimpered as she looked up to this new threat, and found the strength to back away a few feet. he must of been one of the giants she had been told stories of as a child...the kings of the mountains and watchers of the forest.
he was indeed huge, reaching around eight feet at the crown of his short, wavy black hair. his tanned features were fixated in a dark glare as he watched the beast with glowing, firey red eyes. a heavy cloak of grizzly bear fur sweeeped down his bear back, held in place by a thick, black iron pauldron over his left shoulder, and a long, studded strip of worn leather over his chest to his hip.
letting out a deep growl, the giant shifted his stance to a croached one. the worn black cloth and fur legwear he wore stretching to accommodate while his matching leather and metal boots gripped the muddy earth below. yet of all the things he wore on his person, the most eye catching was the blade strapped to his back.
the weapon was made of a hellish looking mix of black iron and ruby fae steel. a pommel of a howling demon lat at the base, with a grip of worn black and red leather wrapped up the handle of the weapon. the cross guard had the equally imposing visage of a roaring dragon, complete with red eyes that burned with an inner, arcane light. the blade itself lay hidden in the sheath, but it was at least as wide as his shoulders and as long as he was tall.
the creature studied this new threat with a tilt of its head, then issued a challenging shriek and rose up from the mud. the man's growl intensified as he took in a breath. his huge, muscular pecs rose as he filled his lungs with air, rainwater pelting against his tanned flesh and flowing down the masculine ridges and valleys of his chest and abs as he breathed. then, the giant let out a loud, challenging roar that seemed to echo through the trees and drown out the following crack of thunder.
suddenly, a blazing chain of black flame burst forth from the maw of the demon on the swords pommel, burning lava seeping out of it like saliva as the chain stretched up to the giants shoulder! there was a sudden conflagration of black and crimson fire that spread apart, taking on the form of bat like wings as they revealed the form of a girl within. blazing skin of charcoal and lava seemed to flake off to reveal the voluptuous figure of a woman, glowing black tattoos smoked on her bare arms and legs, while spiked black shorts and a top revealed her pale thighs and stomach.
sitting down on the giants shoulder, she sighed and opened her mismatched, cat like red and black eyes. a playful smirk crossed her pale lips as she shifted her bare feet against his warm arm, a spiked anklet attached to the black flame chain coming from the sword.
"lets make this quick~you know i don't like the rain." she purred out in playful tones, and with a swift movement the giant reached back and gripped the leather handle of his blade.
"the nephilim come too close to the boarders." the man spoke in a deep, growling tones. then with a small, effortless movement of his large arm, he drew the sword.
a pair of loud snaps filled the air as the buckles holding the blade in the sheath snapped free! blazing runes of flame burned in the darkness as the serrated point of the massive blade was leveled at the creature by the tree. with a loud shriek, the creature raised its claw in defiance, then charged at the giant and his deamonic companion!
gripping the blade with both hands, the giant swung it once in a circle, much like a athlete testing a baseball bat. the steel edge hummed in the air dangerously, while the glow from the blood red runes on the black steel left light trails in the darkness. "this one will not see the dawn." the giant promised in dark tones as he swung the enchanted blade as his foe lept towards him, a flash of lightning illuminating the area as the two combatants engaged.

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i will assume that if you made it this far, you were at least interested in this short story. here, i hoped to supply you with a sample of my writing style. i enjoy long, lengthy posts full of descriptions and powerful imagery~although, one must be honest...i do not always write up to this standard, but will if it is called for and enjoy doing so.

but enough of that, this is a request thread...soooo...here is my request~

im hoping to gather a group of four others including myself. my intent is also to have this group consist of mixed genders, like two female rpers and two males (that way its not just a boy rp or a girl rp. i enjoy reading posts from different perspectives.)

the rp itself i would like to be a long running rp. something that will continue for well over a month or a year if possible. how i propose to keep everyone entertained with such a thing? well...here is my thoughts.

this rp is a fantasy rp with a modern, fantasy setting. there will be multiple relams, story lines and species. however....there are some requirements...

- in this rp i expect at the very least, a descriptive paragraph responce. and i expect more honestly.
- i am looking for five rpers. slots are limited to that for now, but i may increase it based on interest.

-Please dont join this rp with the intent of getting your character "laid" or having a happily ever after.
the themes of this rp are action, horror, fantasy. however, there will be some comedy and romance may indeed develop...so long as it realistic. friendships come first in any lasting relationship. the romantic music that occurs during the "love at first sight" moments is a dinner bell for monsters. it doesnt exist in any other form except for infatuation. saying one character is attractive to another character is fine as well.

- there will be a posting order. if it is your turn, Please post ASAP (...otherwise, please give a reason for the wait...otherwise its rude if you do not, then it will be the next person in lines turn. this is to help keep things going. furthermore, if your going to be gone for some time, let us know..otherwise its kind of rude.

now that that is out of the way, let me give you the setting. keep in mind that the setting here may have some steampunk in it, especcially with the final faction. however, this technology is concidered "highly advanced." so it is rare, and at times unreliable.

Long ago, Nine heroes stood alone against the personification of madness and oblivion. Faced with even thier own death, they fought against the darkness. with thier dying breath's, these brave men and women managed to banish their foe to the realm of madness, but not before his plan had succeeded.
the wizard's spell tore open a rift in the dimensions, thinning the walls between this world and the others. elementals, angels, demons and even the agents of madness themselves fell through from the rift. eventualy, even the mundane realm of Earth fell through, smashing into the the already wounded planet.
mass chaos erupted all over the planet. cities were lost, temples and relics of epic power became simple myths and legends, lost to time.
in the midst of the madness, species began to go extinct. the agents of madness spared noone, consuming all that stood before it. yet through it all, three factions arose. these factions were designed to protect those within, and each other. slowly, thier power grew...and six kingdoms arose from the darkness. alliances were made between the six kings, and then, with thier forces united, they pushed back the legions of madness and took back the kingdoms of old. there was much celebrating, and it seems that dawn had finally come.
upon the death's of the six great kings, the pact between the three factions dissolved, and a strained peace floated over the lands like a great fog. an age of discovery and exploration had come, but few rejoiced. madness still lurks in the edges of these lands, and hostile beasts and elementals lurk in the wild places of this world. a new guild arose in these uncertain times, its leaders planning on turning in a profit, and choosing to be the first guild to open its doors to all factions, or even the factionless. such a descision is unheard of, but perhaps it will be thier greatest asset in the dark times to come....


Undying Oath: the sound of hammers pounding out iron mingled with the chanted song of the mountain. wise, stubborn and resiliant, the dwarves forge peerless metal work deep within thier halls of stone thier weapons and armor sought throughout the land and those far beyond it for thier peerless quality. the angels themselves seek out dwarven work, and dragons covet it. yet most often the work of the dwarves finds its way into its most loyal of allies. loyal, brave, and bound oath the Slith clans roam the northern lands. half dragon, half man. a creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake. these beings are massive, with the strength to wrestle with trolls and giants! armed with dwarf forged steel, i have seen walls fall and towns sacked overnight by these raiders..
Species belonging to the Undying oath Faction: Dwarves, Slith, Valkyrie. Elder dragons bestow thier blessings upon this faction and have been known mingle with those within.

Order of the Jade Lotus :Family, Balance, Harmony. all throughout time, these three virtues lead the lives of the beast kin. these beings walk the paths between the ever blooming cherry trees as both animal and man. these warrior priests spend thier lives deep inside thier secluded cities in the woods, creating literature and art as they ponder the nature of thier very existance and the true path to oneness with the source of life. by no means are they unable to defend themselves, but mingling amongst the beastkin are the elves and the fae. the elves are fair, knife eared defender's of thier homes, these brave warriors act as the hands of the beast kin, keeping the forest realms clear of the madness. eliminating the taint with barely a whisper. the seelie fae, not to be confused with thier kin, are mischievious and mysterious masters of the elements, acting as the eyes and mouth of the beast kin, searching endlessly for knowledge. when one walks the woods of this world, they must take care to watch the life around them, for one never knows when they are being watched.
Species belonging to the Jade order: beast kin, elves, and the seelie fae. Unicorns have bestowed thier blessing on this faction, and have been known to mingle with those within.

Eternal Night: the obsidion streets stretch through the shadows. dim lamps illuminate the walkways with purple light as hooded figures move soundlessly across the streets...some seeming to float as if they were not walking at all. here the dead walk in the shrouded streets that the moon dare not gaze upon, and the sun has forgotten. each fulfilling a task set for them by thier lords and master's, the lich. dedicated to the study of dark magics, these beings have long ago become something more and less than human. a ghoulish mix of both ghost and vampire, these beings rule the night. at thier side, Demon's plot and brood sinister trickeries while unseelie fae carry out dark deeds, masters of dealing death whilst hidden in the shadows. in these lands, it is important to remember the wind blowing through your hair here may be more than it seems, and you may wish to think twice before writing off that whispering in your ear.
species belonging to the Faction of Eternal Night: the Lich, Demons, and the unseelie fae. the Pheonix's have bestowed thier blessings on this faction, and mingle with them at thier leisure.

Factionless: fate is not kind to all. for some, the three factions saw no reason to include them within thier ranks...or perhaps, these beings left by choice? a rare few of these beings simply belong to multiple factions, the entire species not totally alighned with any one faction. freedom has its perks....and its price.
species that are "factionless" are Humans and elementals. these species just simply have too many variations, talents or ideals belonging to them for them to solely ally with one faction or another. factionless can also be for those individuals who left thier factions, either by choice or force. do note, that each of the factions despise those in the other factions. it is an uneasy peace...but a peace nonetheless.

please comment below if you are interested…oh, and if you wish to join you will find far more information here~
Dark Odyssey : Roar of the Black Lion (OOC, character sheets, species and discussion thread) | IwakuRoleplay.com

feel free to PM me for questions or clarification~
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