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  1. Dark Nights,


    “The probability of success is difficult to estimate; but if we never search the chance of success is zero.”

    GM's ;
    Aliceee and Chromehound​

    Credits to :
    @RedFox, for the information written about the URF navy and several small but cool additions already!
    @Lesli, for the base of the RP!
    @Brovo, for supporting the RP with allowing me to use some resources from a sci-fi RP of his!
    @Gerontis, for supporting the RP with giving me GM advice and helping to balance certain aspects!

    Short intro :

    Dark Nights is a Sci-Fi genre RP, that is about a future fantasy setting. We like to invite you into a story and world where we can lay some relation to our modern day world and hope that you'll enjoy the grim and harsh beauty that a sci-fi RP as this one can bring you. Dark plots and grim reality that offer desperate, but heroic and memorable moments that we can and will write as a (hopefully fun!) experience together!

    With that said, welcome aboard the Duchess!

    *Note :
    I am still working out a lot and lot of information! Do note thus that even all this information can be modified once the RP (might) start!

    Rules :
    As with every RP, we have rules. Most use common sense and we hope that the common man still has this. Still, there is some emphasis on these rules as this will be a group project/RP.
    1. Don't be a jerk. If somebody ask you something, try to answer politely back. This goes also for the one asking. We're writing together and that requires some formality and respect. Not to kick somebody down! That having said, respect is something that should be given, not demanded.
    2. The decisions of the GM's are final. Please do note that we don't make decisions just to bully somebody or deny things. We have our reasons and if you wish to discuss, then attempt to do so in PM or on skype in private. Works better for both GM as for any player(s).
    3. Be a sport. Seeing that this will be involving weaponry that are quite advanced it can happen that your character get shot in a limb or such. Sometimes that involves your character(s) to be less useful, but it is way better than surviving everything. Cause then what challenge nor fun would one have if we would survive everything, no? That having said, don't expect to survive everything. The more of a sport you are, the milder you will be treated.
    4. Everybody can be creative and make up some technology for their character. But do keep it 'reasonable'. With that it is meant that you shouldn't make something without a sort of weakness or risk. Something that could backfire eventually or anything to balance things out. This goes the same for characters.
    5. Once you've read all these simple and hopefully common rules, place at the 'oath' section of your CS : I solemnly swear to live for the 'purpose'.
    With that you acknowledge that you follow the rules and word of the GM's and are willing to become a part of the RP. Welcome aboard, soldiers.

    Lore and some information :

    • Starting Date :
      1st of January, 2400 A.D.

      Happy new year. Ten successful years of the URF have seen the intergalactic communication as relation between the planets that were once colonized and now fully occupied by mankind grown. With laws to provide security from and against the government as well providing to solve conflicts between groups, the URF has been regarded rather highly. With their own organized factions, they have been making sure that the planets that are inhabited by mankind are prospering and kept safe. Safe from both external as internal conflicts. The URF is the shining beacon of hope for mankind.

    • 24th of September, 2112 A.D.

      The world has changed a lot. Several large conflicts and disasters happened. Nations rise and fell as they always have and will probably keep doing until the end of time. At this time, though as mankind kept bickering and fighting against itself, technology kept progressing. While others kept fighting and spending resources in order to live, fight and die for a cause they believed in, others reached their gaze up to the sky. Wondering if there were other worlds such as our Earth.

      Eventually as always, mankind kept progressing together. Finding a solar system very far away, that was similar to our own. This caused a lot of reactions. Could it be that mankind had found life? Or a possible second home? An unspoiled world, unlike Earth?

      12th of August, 2179 A.D.

      Over the whole world, people had banded together for one goal. For one reason. To find and prepare technology to reach this new world. To see if they could get to the 'Second Hope', the nickname that became popular among the masses. Mankind wasn't able yet to travel far through space, even though they kept desperately trying to make that jump. But as some kept trying to jump, which saw steps being made. One by one.

      1st of February, 2240 A.D.

      They made it. It worked. A big spaceship, nicked 'Benemoth', made it to the Second Hope solar system. It was a very exciting moment. People held their breaths in. There was hope and joy, but also panic and fear. What would the crew encounter? Would there be other life form? Hostile? Friendly? Questions that needed an answer.

      3rd of February, 2289 A.D.

      It became a success. It took forty years, but small cities started to rise on New Hope. The planet was quite similar to earth, which led to the surprise with however no civilizations being already there. While some theories ran wild that it was once occupied by an older civilization than mankind, the colonists had little trouble to settle on New Hope. The wild life was slightly different and at the start caused some trouble. But with determination, mankind managed to make the planet theirs.

      And after that success, mankind managed to expand itself into two other solar systems - nicked Aleyin and Cacia, to the ones that found them - other than New Hope. Exciting and bolstered by their previous success with New Hope, many were attracted. Adventurers. People seeking a new life. Name it and you could easily find these kind of people getting aboard and being traveled towards these new worlds. Forty and nine years later and mankind managed to build cities on the several planets.

      3rd of February, 2312 A.D.

      These many years later and mankind managed to bond once more together. Under the threat of a war that would not just waged between countries, but between planets, mankind would be close to a war that had never seen before. Forming the 'Coalition', an organisation that would serve as the peacekeepers to prevent war between mankind, it can be said that the petty conflicts of the past would stop. And eventually they did. At least, at the surface.

      6th of December, 2390 A.D.

      The Coalition became the URF. The Unified Realms Force. With it, the sole task of becoming a peacekeeping armed force, the Coalition was merged into the newest government form. With it, mankind was supposed to become united together. A whole history long, mankind had been fighting and waging war upon itself. With the technology they had and experiences with intergalactic government, the URF would become a success. Together with it, it saw the rise of the United Council. The intergalactic government, composed out of the chosen politicians that represent their home worlds and planets.

    • [​IMG]

      One of the newest space ships that the URF has in it's possessions. The Duchess isn't the biggest, fastest or particular a shining example of anything for the URF space fleet. The ship is new in technology and offers a lot of room for personal, equipment and cargo. The Duchess is a heavy cruiser type ship.

      But what makes the Duchess so noteworthy is that it is the HQ of the Gladiators. Named after the gladiators of old, these type of soldiers are an unique kind of special forces in the URF. Much like the gladiators of old, the past of a member doesn't matter. A son of a rich man, a criminal or a beggar. All can apply or be levied into the service of the Gladiators. This however created a mixed form of respect and disdain from the URF military for the Gladiators. Cause where some would volunteer to join the Gladiators, out of personal glory or sense of duty, others had no real choice. Convicts are being recruited - after a psychological and physical test - or else forced to suffer the verdict of their crimes.

    • Combat in the RP is decided on how good a character is and on their skills. While you have the freedom in combat to take your own actions, be reasonable with them. And know that with each actions consquences will follow. You're allowed to have some freedom to describe your part of a battle, but do so with logic. That having said, I mean that won't be taken in kindly when one person starts to rambo kill everything shirtless with just a revolver. Instead, try to remember that we try to make a story together. Try to not go too far with taking out enemies in one blow (unless there are really logical reasons, such as your weapon designed to take out such enemies), cause if everybody starts to do that all the time, the excitment and tension of combat will be lost.

      That having said, there will be a skill tree designed. Not to limited your characters, but to make it clear what role they are resemble in and outside the field. Where you may decide to try to go for a jack of all trades, do note that it is highly recommended to specialise. Specializing your character will give better skills and a more rewarding experience, allowing to let your character to live up to a role or two instead of just being able to do everything on an average level. I don't wish to argue that being a jack of all trades doesn't have it benefits, but it isn't recommended.

      To give you a sneakpeak, the skill trees that are being developed are :

      - Scout/Sniper troopers
      * Characters specialized between stealth and taking out targets from a long range. Scouts focus more on the stealth department, trying to evade direct confrontations, but allowing to strike enemies hard and fast from cover. Snipers prefer to use some stealth, but have access to great accuracy skills that allow them to be a danger for enemy out of cover or being flanked by a sniper.

      - Operator/Engineers
      * Characters that specialize in maintaining, crafting and using gadgets, vehicles and such. Operators are specialized in using vehicles and gadgets, being able to modify weapons in the field and being able to adapt faster to new craft and tools. Engineers are the guys and girls who maintain weapons, gear and tools. They specialize in crafting and repairing, as well sabotaging. Unlike Operators, Engineers are more capable with explosive tools and weapons.

      - Field Scientists/Medics
      * Characters that follow this role are specialized in what we can call lore (able to recognize matters quickly, learning it faster), researching alien/foreign topics faster as well patching and reviving comrades. Field Scientist are the people who are vital in recognizing material, tools and all kind of things that are either unknown or not really know. This allows them to easier estimate the danger of something that is new as well out of operations, being able to research new tools, gear and weaponry. Field Medics is quite easy to understand. Highly valued for the fact that they are capable of performing actions on the field to patch up and making sure that comrades come back alive, the best of the medics are even capable of using advanced technology to revive people in some cases.

      - Assault/Heavy trooper
      * The roles that resemble the front line troopers. Assaults is for the ones that wish to be in the thick of battle and the last ones to leave the field. They are capable of learning all weaponry, except for snipers and heavy MG's, and have access to the more advanced shotguns. They are also capable of using heavier armor than all the other classes, only being outclassed by the Heavy troopers. The Heavy troopers are virtually the tanks out on the field. Capable of wearing heavy armor and weaponry, they are capable of using every weapon, except for the sniper. Veteran heavy troopers can learn how to use some explosive weaponry - though not as good as the engineers.

      - Officer/Captains
      * The skill trees of the Officers and Captains are designed for both in and outside the field. They are the ones that can lead a squad at best, being able to inspire and invoke dread in the enemy, as well training them outside operations. The Officer is perhaps a rank lower than a captain, but they have an easier time to train and give a boost to skills such as markmanship and survival. The captains are the ones who are responsible for leading teams on an operation, if present. They have the ability to inspire those under their leadership, decreasing any panic among troops as well invoking dread among the enemies easier.

    • Technology has advanced quite a bit. It has made people grow older and saw some problems going away. After all, not only have people been studying on how to build better spaceships to reach different solar systems, but both civil and military departments have progressed.

      *If you have a suggestion then please fill out the sheet and will be happy to hear in PM from you!

      [B][I]Name :[/I][/B]
      [Of the technology]
      [B][I]Department :[/I][/B]
      [A weapon? What kind of Weapon? Gadget? Vehicle?]
      [B][I]Capabilities/Description :[/I][/B]
      [What is it able to do? What are the limitations? Any appearances that can be shown or described?]
      [I][B]Other information :[/B][/I]
      [Side notes/information.]

      Weaponry and Gear

      Most weaponry used by the URF military on land is still as we are used to it, using ballistic weapons that have seen quite some progression. While there is some research going on to develop rifles and other weapons on ground with magnetic acceleration, there has yet to be any working prototype to be made that can be considered efficient enough to be put to use. Some scientist are even working on laser weaponry, though at the moment these are just theories that are being whispered and there has yet to be found proof of projects that detail about laser weaponry.

      • R-101C Carbine

        Name :
        R-101C Carbine

        Department :
        Hammond Manufactories

        Capabilities/Description :
        The R-101C Carbine is a versatile, medium-range, fully automatic assault rifle available for most URF soldiers. A solid jack of all trades, the R-101 offers great stopping power at close ranges, great accuracy - till over 500 to 600 meters - while maintaining a respectable amount of firepower at medium ranges and if handled correctly, it can perform great at longer ranges. Low on maintenance requirements, resistant to extreme conditions and easy to handle, it is a weapon favored by both recruits and veteran soldiers.

        The weapon has an excellent usage time/reliability ratio, but once a R-101C brakes down, it is easier to get a new one rather than trying to fix it. One notorious weakness of the weapon is that it can easily jam when fired at full burst for extended periods, requiring a "not so gentle removal" of the current magazine. A stock weapon is a rarity on the battlefields, as the weapon is easily modifiable. Ammunition for the weapon is plentiful in all URF depots and soldiers can easily carry several magazines with them, thanks to their miniaturistic design.

        Other information :
        The customizations available to the R-101 Carbine include the following:
        - HCOG (Holographic Combat Optical Gunsight) - 1.85x zoom
        - Holosight - 2.1x zoom
        - AOG (Advanced Optical Gunsight) - 2.4x zoom
        - Extended magazine - from 24 up to 38 rounds
        - Suppressor

      • Yeager PA-3520 A2 Pistol

        Name :
        Yeager PA-3520 A2 Pistol

        Department :
        Black Donner

        Capabilities/Description :
        A pistol with a silencer build within. An pistol that support magazines of 12 bullets, it is a decent side-arm for close ranged quarter fights as it can still pack a punch - even with the build in suppressor. Though not a reliable piece of equipment for fights that exceed the range of forty meters. Its stopping power is also reduced due to the build in silencer. Highly recommend for stealth operations.

        Other information :
        The customizations available to the R-101 Carbine include the following:
        - HCOG (Holographic Combat Optical Gunsight) - 1.85x zoom
        - Extended magazine - from 15 up to 18 rounds
        - Lasersight or Flashlight addition.

        Combat Knife - Kuri's

        Name :

        Department :
        Black Donner

        Capabilities/Description :
        A long combat knife of 14 inches. The arment is balanced, making it feel light in the hand of the wielder and an operative can have the scabbard at many locations - such at the shoulder, thigh, back of the waist and etc. The high quality steel and fact it doesn't reflect light a good weapon for close ranged as well stealth operations.

        Other information :
        [Side notes/information.]

      • Thornweld M 2168-44 Sniper Rifle

        Name :
        Thornweld M 2168-44 Sniper Rifle

        Department :
        Black Donner (Credits to the actual artist who make these images!)

        Capabilities/Description :
        A sniper rifle with the an enhanced scope. One of the newer modules, the Thornweld has a scope that provides 4x scope as well the option to flick to a 8x scope. Though it won't provide the very long range as many other rifles (the range limit is to 900 meters with suppressor/1200 meters without suppressor), the Thornweld has a slightly higher shot by per second rate. Due the average length, it is also more maneuverable as lighter. Making it an ideal rifle for more urban and rough terrain, though lacking due the shorter range on open battlefields. It shoots armor piercing bullets, though with the silencer the stopping power of the rifle is reduces. With an ammo clip of 25 shots, the rifle sports a semi-automatic trigger.

        Other information :
        The customizations available to the Thornweld M 2168-44 Sniper Rifle include the following:
        - Suppressor (though this reduce the range with 300 meters.
        - Lasersight (only visible with infra-red and through the scope)
        - Switching from single-shot mode to burst.

      • M928 Firebuster

        Name :
        M928 Firebuster

        Department :
        Torger Factories

        Capabilities/Description :
        The M928 Shotgun is capable of firing at the range of 150 meters accurately. Above that range, slugs from the M928 have trouble with penetrating through steel alloy. But below the range of 80 meters, it is dreaded as the weapon shoots at a high velocity and the impact being lethal enough to penetrate through most alloy casings with devastating result. It is most certainly a recommended weapon for close ranged firefights, but not for stealth operations as the shot of the weapon produce quite some sound. It sports usual a magazine of 15 slugs.

        Other information :
        The customizations available to the M928 Firebuster include the following:
        - Grenade launcher, launching fragmentation or smoke grenades.
        - Laser sight or flashlight addition.
        - Different of pellets ;
        * Boom Pellets : Heavier loaded pellets being shot, but increasing the recoil and less velocity, though packing an even more devastating blow. Reduces the ammunition by eight.
        * Dino Pellets : Somewhat larger pellets being shot, reducing the magazines ammunition - by five- and reduced probability of hits at longer range, but increasing the damage output of the weapon.
        * Seagull Pellets : Smaller pellets, meaning that the weapon's shots will lose velocity more rapidly and penetrate the target less, but increasing the size of the magazines by ten.


      The URF has access to advanced vehicles. While the space navy has seen quite some impressive work, the technology regarding ground and sea vehicles have improved as well.

      Light Vehicle - Humber

      Name :
      Humber Transport

      Department :
      Hammond Manufactories

      Capabilities/Description :
      The Humber is close to the very old classic of the military Humvee. The Humber has a better steel alloy casing, able to resist and protect those inside from some light rifle and LMG fire. It is one of the fastest ground transport of the URF military, able to transport up to eight people in one go - six in the back and one in front, next to the driver. The glass is somewhat bullet resistant, but one shouldn't expect it to protect them from weaponry that pack a heavy punch.

      Other information :
      Some Humbers have additional customization :
      - Light MG nest, sacrificing however room for two crew in the back. The LMG nest offers some protection for the one who operates the LGM, but only from the front. It is able to turn 360 degrees. The LMG's are capable to be accurate over a range of 300 meters and have a magazine of 700 bullets.
      - Turtle Shield, sacrificing quite some speed for heavy protection. The Turtle Shield Humbers are capable of riding through suppression fire of heavy MG's as rifles. Though don't expect that the turtle shield is capable of riding through explosives as much through ballistic fire. While the Turtle Shield alloy is heavier and denser, it isn't present below the vehicle or the wheels.
      - ADS (Ammo Delivery Support), is sacrificing three spots in the back for additional extra ammo as a relay that is capable of jamming communication devices that use radio transmitters over a range of 400 meters for an extended amount of time.
      - Requires the Operation Skill, Rank I to effectively put it to use.

      Atlas Class Titan

      Name :
      Atlass Class Titan

      Department :
      The Atlas is a part of the Robotics and Mechanized Infantry Department of the **army name here** program to provide the infantry with every advantage they can gain on the battlefield. It is basically a large suit of armor, carrying a weapon that no regular soldier can dream of lifting into the battle. The Titan is controlled by a single personal, or a "pilot" as they are nicknamed. To allow the Atlas to act like an extension of the pilots body, the A.I. on board every Titan is communicating with a neural chip integrated in the spine of the pilot to allow the pilot to control the Titan in a way he would control his own body.

      Capabilities/Description :
      The Atlas offers heavy fire and cover for infantry units of the **army name here** fighting on the frontlines. Standing at 8 meters tall, the Atlas is basically an extension of the body of the pilot, who sits in the main body and controls the Titan from there. http://web-vassets.ea.com/Assets/Resources/Image/Screenshots/TF-Panoramic-Overwatch.jpg?cb=1412974266]Atlas Class Titans [/url]have proved themselves in several gruesome battles fought by the **army name here**, either in turning a a hopeless battle into a victory, or preventing a catastrophic defeat by stopping the enemy in completely destroying the **army name here** forces.

      The Atlas packs devestating firepower against most targets with all of its main armaments. When armed with a fully automatic 20mm chaingun firing 1.6 inch slugs, it is a devastating menace to infantry and most lighty armored targets. If the situation calls for it, the Atlas can carry a 40mm semi-automatic cannon that fires devastating payloads against large groups of infantry and more heavily armored targets. Against the most heavily armored targets, the Titan can be armed by a Quad Rocket Launcher or a Heavy Grenade Launcher. Rumors talk about energy weapons and Railguns being tested - but these are rumors, nothing more.

      As imposing as the Atlas looks, it has its limits. Difficult terrain can severely limit an Atlas's operational range and even cripple it in one place, making it a vulnerable target. Despite the sturdy design of the vehicle, exposure to heavy fire should be limited as much as possible. Heavy fire can aslo damage the extensive sensor suit placed on the exterior of the Titan and hinder the function of the more complicated mechanical parts. The back part of the Atlas, where ammunition is stored should be protected with utmost caution from any enemy attack. The greatest weakness of Titans is also their greatest strength - the pilot. A Titan is only as good as the pilot in it, and even the most experienced, veteran pilots report fatigue after a few hours of piloting the vehicle.

      Other information :
      Titans have two modes of operation - A.I. and Pilot modes, respectively. The A.I. mode has two simple modes - stand guard and follow, which speak for themselves. Most pilots learned the limitations of the A.I. , as it lacks the insight of a human pilot, and use these modes with reserves. The Pilot mode is the standard operation mode, where a neural interface is created between the neural chip in the spine of the pilot and the Titans onboard computer. This link is the what makes the Titans unique, the greatest strength, but also the greatest weakness. The neural link is taxing the pilots and no more than four hours of continuous piloting are recommended even for Veteran pilots.

      Titans are not a common sight on most battlefields. Most of the times, they are assigned to smaller infantry units to increase their strength and allow them to carry out missions behind what infatry men alone can do. Titans are called on the requests of their pilots and are deployed from orbital transports in events pilots like to call "titanfalls" from orbit. This is the most vulnerable phase of the deployment of a Titan, as it has no defenses during the fall. Should a Titan fall on the battle, the pilot can escape the doomed vehicle via a catapult system that will eject him from the Titan.


      With better technology come better and more gadgets. While the URF military still use gadgets that are quite similar and familiar to the ones we're used to, the advanced URF has some toys that have been standard among the force.

      Fragmentation grenades

      Name :
      Fragmentation grenades

      Department :
      Torger Factories

      Capabilities/Description :
      Improved over the decades from the old fragmentation grenades, it is still an old favorite among troopers. The body may be made of hard plastic or steel. The outer casing and/or a fragmentation matrix consisting of notched wire and preformed fragments (spherical or otherwise) provide the projectiles. They have an effective wounding radius of around 20 m and can easily be thrown further. Fragments may travel more than 300 m.

      Other information :

      Mobile Shield - S edition

      Name :
      Mobile Shield - S Edition

      Department :
      Tagish Manufactories

      Capabilities/Description :
      The Mobile Shield is a spherical energy shield that protects those inside from projectiles - from the likes of rifles, pistols and other small arms. Heavier armament can likely damage the shield in one blow. The shield can protect the user and approx. those within the diameter of 3 meters around them, for a short time. The shield is deployed from a special orb, allowing an one time use per orb. These orbs are at the size of a grenade. In order to operate it, the user has to press the soft surface on top of the device. They have to use some force to feel a click - as if they are breaking through something with their thumb. Within four seconds from activation, a shield will set up.

      Other information :
      - Specialized Tech Grenades, Rank I

      Smoke Grenades

      Name :
      Smoke Grenades

      Department :
      Tagish Manufactories

      Capabilities/Description :
      A smoke grenade is a canister-type grenade used as a signaling device, target or landing zone marking device, or as a screening device for unit movements. The smoke grenades used by the URF come in various variations. The usual thick dark grey smoke grenades can reduce visibility quite a lot. Up to a range of 40 meter radius, the generic smoke produce a thick a dark grey cloud of smoke. Handy to reduce the visibility up to a duration of two minutes, they are being used for all kind of purposes. In order to operate it, one has to press the button on top of the device to allow a small pin to eject. Pull the pin out and the smoke will come out of the device within five seconds.

      Other information :
      There are various smoke variations, mostly utilized by the Operators and Engineers ;
      - Red Smoke, designed to hit a space and uncover cloaked targets and lasers. It sacrifices the ability to reduce visibility.
      - Green Smoke, designed to hit a space and fill it with smoke that is aimed to obscure even infrared items and visions. It doesn't however obscure visibility as much as the generic dark grey smoke.
      - Yellow Smoke, a type of smoke that lasts up to 5 minutes and instead of obscuring a wide space, it goes up. Often used as a signal for squads that need to be picked up.
      - Black Smoke, this type of smoke grenades produces a smoke that lasts up to four minutes. It is used as a signal for encountering heavy resistance and in need of reinforcement - in case communication through the radio is disabled.


      Technology hasn't only progressed for the military. With fossil resources starting to deplete, scientist started to look for other fuel and thus projects to replace fossil resources started to increase. One of the most popular in the late 2000s's was garbage fusion. A process where with the help of plasma a garbage-to-fuel transformation was not only plausible, but also effective. Engineers started to produce better systems where garbage fusions started to blast garbage with the aid of plasma at such high temperatures that the waste would be vaporzed to individual atomic parts. Becoming syngas - a combination of mostly hydrogen and carbon monoxide. Once cleared, it would be converted into fuels such as ethanol or diessel.

      In the 2100's however another progress would dawn as plasma fuel made it entrance. At first it was a military project, in order to use plasma as weaponry. However it started to become more used as fuel for spaceships, allowing the space crafts to become faster and able to travel over longer distances. While it was already tested out in 2014 (The VASIMR ) the 2100's saw the appearance of plasma fuel being used for civilian crafts as well. Interesting to know is that to this day, Plasma fuel is still being used for civilian crafts and that the descendants of Bill Gates are growing richer with the day as good old Bill filed a patent with 9 other inventors back in the old day.

    • URF Navy


      The URF Navy is based on traditions that are about five hundred years old. During the 20th century on Earth, the Second World War laid down the traditions that would last and find their way into the 25th century. Huge fleets were sailing the oceans of Earth, employed by both sides. Compared to the engagements of the First World War, they were waging an entirely new kind of war - fleets operating for extended durations helped to tip the balance to the side of the Allies, leading to their ultimate victory. The war changed the entire planet, and so it was with the naval doctrines - they would never be the same again.

      As time progressed, so did technology - what was the peak achievement of yesterday, become forgotten by the other day. The fleets of the world evolved at a breathtaking pace - larger, more devastating warships with nuclear propulsion arrived, meaning they were no longer dependant on fuel. The following events of the 20th century - The Cold War,Korea, Vietnam, Middle East all had one in common. These events shown the importance of a naval force capable of delivering a decisive blow. At the onset of the 21st century, most fleets were even further developing their technology, creating entire new classes of superships.

      The Navies played a crucial role in the conflict filled 21st century. Carrier Task Forces become crucial assets in leading quick, devastating strikes agaisnt both sides These days also seen the return of the long forgotten battleships - once the undoubted kings of the seas, they were replaced by carries in the previous century. Their return proved that the concept still has several advantages, and it resulted in several clashes of titanic proportions all arround the world. New, more effective weapons, armor offering better survivability meant that they were once again equals with carriers.

      Decades of warfare ended when the Earth stood united behind one purpose. Scientists, research and development teams were now standing on the same side and by pooling together the knowledge both accumulated separately, they made the impossible become the possible - the Behemoth. One century after the sucess of the Behemoth, the world developed effective ways of travel to the distant reaches of the New Hope system, and even beyond. They were the antimatter reactor and the Heisenberg device, named in the honor of the man who come up with the concept almost three centuries ago - Werner Heisenberg.

      Space offered a seemingly endless place for exploration, but it was threatening equally. The R&D teams constructed warships to escort the civilian crafts that were now expanding in the New Hope system and its closest neighbours. Each new class of ship was larger than the previous, and equipped with more advanced systems. The newly established Coalition Navy served more of a peacekeeping role in the new realms, and it performed magnificently. Sometimes, the very sight of ships appearing over the places of unrest was enough to quell them down.

      In the 25th century, it was about four hundred years since the fleets seen real warfare. The Coalition Navy never got into an open conflict, and that did not change when it was transformed into the Unified Realms Force Navy. They still served escorting and supporting roles, but R&D teams kept progressing technology. The URFN ships eclipsed the Coalition ones both in size and equipment. Little did they know that the peaceful ways of the URFN will soon be harshly tested.

      Victory means large scale devastation.
      Defeat will mean annihilation.


      Technological development made giant steps forward from the early beginnings of Naval warfare. Steam boilers were replaced by nuclear reactors, which in turn were replaced by Tokamak reactors proved sufficient until the Behemoth came into question. New technologies were researched, two of them proving themselves crucial to the success of the aforementioned ship - the antimatter reactor and the Heisenberg device. At their success, more advanced, efficient variants were developed for ships of all sizes.

      Nowadays, the technology peak in the URFN is the Gaussian technology. Paying homage to one of the greatest minds of Earth, this technology relies on magnetism to achieve effects that outweight the resources invested almost infinitely. Beam and laser based technologies are still in their early experimental stages. Undoubtedly, the greatest part of R&D is focused on kinetic based weaponry and effective ways of protecting against them.

      Here is a short list of important technologies.

      Antimatter Reactor

      Heisenberg Device

      Gauss Cannon

      Beam and Laser Technology

      Cyclonic Shields

      URFN Ship Classes


      Destroyers fulfill two important roles in the URF Navy - they are ships specialized in defending larger ships in the fleets they are assigned to, excelling in rapidly wiping out waves of fighters and bombers. The second important role they fill in is close ground support - destroyers are the only craft capable of entering the atmosphere of Terran planets and give the troops they are supporting decisive superiority in terms of firepower. They mostly fulfill this task via their missile payload that ranges from kinetic warheads to standard explosive warheads. Destroyers carry small yield, tactical nuclear weapons, but their lauch must be authorized by a full Admiral.

      Destroyers are about 700 meters long and posess adequate weaponry to their size. There are several modifications of them, listed below.

      Fast Destroyers​

      This modification sacrifices a part of its armor protection in weaponry in favor of achieving greater speeds.

      Heavy Destroyers​

      The polar opposite to a Fast Destroyer, it sacrifices mobility for the ability to both pack and withstand larger amounts of punishment than regular destroyers.

      Tactical Destroyers​

      These destroyers sacrifice most of their anti-fighter weaponry for tactical ones - either missile weapons or small sized Gauss Cannons.


      Cruisers are the most common ships together with destroyers, and their role is equally important. They are ideal for destroying destroyers and in the usual numbers they are deployed in, they can tackle Battlecruisers and in large numbers, even Battleships. This fact earned them the nickname " pocket battleship " for carrying a large ammount of weaponry despite their size. However, the size that allows them to tackle battleships prevents them from entering the atmospheres of planets.

      Cruisers sacrifice some of their mobility for staying power, more focused on ship-to-ship combat. They can still deliver orbital strikes, but they are far less accurate than their Destroyers counterparts. Cruisers range from 900 meters up to 2 100 meters in length and carry more powerful weaponry.

      Currently, there are only two cruiser classes in use.

      Light Cruisers​

      Light cruisers are ships from the lower to the middle point of Cruiser sizes, and most of the time, they sacrifice their anti-ship weaponry for anti-fighter loadout, nicknaming them "Fighter - Killers".

      Heavy Cruisers​

      Heavy cruisers excell in taking out destroyer sized craft and even smaller cruisers, and in larger numbers, ships of larger sizes. They range anywhere from 1 500 to 2 100 meters.


      Battleships are the might of the URF Navy, and the appearance of battleships inspirs shock and awe in the enemies of the URF. Colossal behemoths, battleships range from 2 700 meters up to 4 800 meters for Super Battleships. Built to withstand devastating ammounts of punishmets and still be able to deliver the devastating strike of their own, they are the mightiest ships in the arsenal of the URF Navy.

      Carrying devastating Gauss weaponry, firing tactical, nuclear and kinetic weapons, they excell at destroying cruisers and carriers, but in turn - they rely on their own cruisers and aircraft carriers to protect them against smaller crafts, which are their weakness. Battleships are a rare sight in times of peace, earning them a status of " bringer of bad news. "

      Battleships range anywhere from 2 700 meters to 4 000 meters, while Battleships longer than that are labelled Super Battleships - often armed with cutting edge, state-of-the-art defensive and offensive systems, and their appearance is a rarity even among times of war.

      Aircraft Carriers
      The role of Aircraft carriers changed very little over the decades, and stays true to the name of the ship class - they provide the facilities necessary for the maintanance and operation of fighter sized crafts. The only thing that changed is their size - from the ability to carry arround one hundred planes, the URFN carriers can now carry about five hundred craft - this number changes from the size of the carriers.

      The smallest URFN carriers are about 2 000 meters long, while the largest ones measure up to 2 800 meters. They are not very effective when fighting other ships, trading most of their anti-ship weaponry for fighter eliminating weapons. However, most carriers possess a larger ammount of misile launching facilities. Carriers are forming the backbones of most fleets - every task force includes at least one aircraft carrier.

      Experimental Ships
      Ships of this class are the testbeds of the R&D advances and breakthroughs. All information on the experimental ships is classified, and people outside the R&D teams are informed on a need-to-know basis. Experimental ships have never been seen outside testing areas designed for them.

      URFN Ship Naming Conventions
      The hull classifications from the water bound navies was mostly abolished during the days humanity was no longer bound to Earth. However, names are still given to the ships during christening ceremonies that are led by URF Navy officials. Also, candidates for the position of the Captain are also present during the ceremonies. Ship names are based on a few conventions listed below.

      Destroyers - named after battles, historical or recent.
      Cruisers -
      Battleships - named after geographical landpoints - countries, cities,mountains, etc.
      Aircraft Carriers - named after important historical persons.



    1. This looks cool, but do you have more information than what you're showing now?
      Yes! I am preparing way more information. Adding more weapons, tools, lore and preparing already information to use for a Codex to make it easy to read again in the OOC about encountered enemies and what has been discovered about them during the course of the RP.
    2. What are the expectations you have of the players?
      Not a lot. English isn't my first language - I do hope that it is adequate enough to not be repulsive! - and won't mind if somebody is very new to RP'ing or very experienced. I have worked in these two - almost three! ^^ - years with people that range from fresh to veterans. All I ask from my players is respect as I will do my best to return it. Patience, to both me and others. And to follow the rules as well trying to just have fun as a group.
    3. Cool and all, but how well versed or experienced are you with the genre sci-fi?
      To be honest, not that great. I try to learn, read and request advise from people who know more and those who I have learned to trust somewhat on their knowledge. I do hope that this won't discourage you and others from not giving the RP a try. I hope that the work that I have shown shows that I am quite dedicated and hoping to deliver a great and fun RP experience for both readers, followers as participants.
    4. I had some amazing ideas, can I pm you about them?
      Yes! I would love some input of players. Whether it is suggesting weapons, technology and more. I would love it. I do hope however that at the start of the RP it will be near future-esque. The technology will not be super far away in most fields. There will be the typical sci-fi technology and occurrences, but please don't hope for laser weaponry or gigantic death stars. I have some trouble in explaining in what I really mean, but hope you will understand it from reading the content I posted.
    5. What is the plot about? Could you give a bit more about that?
      Sure thing. The plot is about the Gladiators, the faction the players will be part off. More detailed information about the Gladiators will be given with the launch of the OOC. But the idea is that your character(s) are part of a somewhat underdog part of the military. They are supposed to be the cannon fodder and using prototypes and experiments on the field. Depending on the results, the rest of the military will adapt such technology, though expect that sometimes prototypes will be more of a risk than a benefit! I can already give away that there will be a huge amount of battles against a few formidable factions that the Gladiators will oppose. How? Up to the players.
    6. Wait, what do you mean up to the players?
      Quite simple. While there will be a main plot that direct to several choices, the characters can have impact on the story as they progress through it. Based on their decisions will be results. Factions that will become allies or enemies. They will be loathed, hated and disliked or the opposite. While there is a main plot already been forged and at the ready, it is up to you and others to work together. Or against each other? Its up to you.
    7. Sounds great. Though what about spaceships? I notice that there is quite some information about them. Will spaceships battles be a thing?
      Yes and no. Yes, spaceships will be a thing in the RP. The main hub of socializing and interaction outside operations will mainly take place in the Duchess - where the HQ of the Gladiators is after all. But while there are some spaceships battles being designed into the plot, the majority of the action will take place on the 'ground'. Don't worry though, even in events such as spaceship battles I find it a high priority that the players get feeling that their characters can do something about a situation and possibly change the outcome into their favor.
    8. Can I make an alien character please?
      Sorry, but the start will be all humans.
    9. I like the idea of a main plot, but is there also any room for sub-plots for characters or whole squads?
      Yes, there is room for that. I do need to know before hand what the sub-plot is about and then can try to help adjust it into the main plot. This isn't because I want everybody to focus on the main plot, but if we all randomly start to look for the Golden chocolate bar, relic of Irish whisky, the Scottish Kilt of Destruction and whatever you might think off : then it will become a chaotic mess.
    10. How punishing can combat be in this RP?
      I intent to make it grim. And with that having said, death isn't going to be a rarity. I want to place an emphasis on building a story with everybody. That is the main goal. But if somebody thinks they can run through a hail of gunfire, shot by a heavy MG, while wearing their pajama's? Then no, sorry. If people make horrible mistakes during certain events, they wind up dead. I will be lenient towards small mistakes and often give some warnings. But if ignored, I will write your character off with a GM post.
    11. You mention 'events'. What do you mean with that?
      With 'events' regarding combat, I mean that I will sometimes post GM posts. These posts will detail an ambush or any kind of occurrence to a group or situation. Players will need to react on this or suffer some punishing results. There will be events where characters or squads have to make a decision. A good example would be the boarding of a small space vessel. I could let them have some victory in taking down the hostile targets, but then making a GM post to clariffy that they aren't out of danger. This can range from that they need to try to repair or take control of the craft in order to avoid getting rammed by a cruiser vessel or that an engine is overheating and might trigger a chain of bad events if being ignored. If people take the wrong decisions during those events, that might result in their character's death and even their whole squad.
    12. Wow, that sounds quite punishing?! Events to murder whole squads?!
      I know. that is the point though. I want this to be a RP where a good emphasis is placed on teamwork. Work together and you can get way more stuff done and with better results. Try to work alone and it is just more challenging. I will not aim to kill off whole squads left and right, but that will happen if squads will allow somebody to just mess around or ignore warnings. It is recommended to have some understanding both in the IC as OOC to get through this as I do intend to make it a challenge.
    13. How many people do you want to start this up?
      I aim to have a group of eight. I already have some people who expressed interest after hearing that I was working on a project like this. There is room for more as the RP is made to be flexible. It can be focused on two to three squads or much more. The idea is that there will be three to five characters in one squad.
    14. Are you by any chance looking for GM's?
      I would love help, but I rather first work with a person for some time. To learn how they work and allowing them to learn how I work with my RP and characters as well my style of GM'ing. I don't have that much experience - in my experience - but I do strive to do my best.
    15. Okay, this sounds silly, but in a setting like this, is there room for romance?
      Not silly at all. Yes, there is room for rivalry, romance and what I would find only normal between people. Don't however tend to just stick to the characters your character has the hots for. I encourage interaction within teams and between teams.
    16. May I (later perhaps) control a villain?
      Possibly. Though I want to state that there is no real good or evil in the RP. If anything it is grey and morality is subjective. One character might find it a crime to eat cheese without drinking milk, while another would deem that as something he or she needs to do. Don't however take IC into OOC or vice versa! I really dislike it when that happens.
    17. Okay, seriously, I can't work with this or that person!?
      Not everybody like each other. That is fine. If a discussion or argument happens, try to keep it civil or just don't pursue it. Waste of time, energy and not worth the frustration. I will try to make teams that have people together that either want to try to work with each other or already know they can cooperate well. Don't however demand from me to keep moving you from squad to squad. There is a limit to what I can do for everybody.
    18. What if I have a question that isn't listed here?
      Then PM me. I really hope that I have elaborated enough and piqued your interest. I do thank you for reading all the way through or at least giving the thread a glance. Hope you've a nice day and to read something soon of you!

    Thanks a lot for reading my work. I hope that I really get to see you posting your interest in the RP or to hear/read something in my inbox! Have a nice day!
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  8. As @Aliceee mentioned before, we will be fleshing out a lot of things in the OOC to help build the world and clarify some things. Right now we just want to see who's all interested while we hammer away to finish the OOC! :)

    If you have any questions regarding the rp, please feel free to PM myself or Alice and we will respond with as much information as we can, as quickly as we can! ^_^
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  12. Am really, really happy with the shown interested, pm's and already the whole bunch! Of course doesn't mean that I decide now that others can't join. The RP will be designed to keep allowing newcomers to join in the fun as well. With that having said, work has already started on the OOC - though it was planned to do this tomorrow. However with the surprising amount of interest - I did know of a few that were already interested when I tested waters before making this thread - me and Chromehound have already started to work. I hope you all are looking as much as I do forward to Rp!

    Aliceee starts 'The Dance'.
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  18. Okay, some update.

    I know some of you are really hyped - seeing how I got the majority on skype and who already have been kept updated on the progression of the OOC. Currently, it is estimated at 80% done. A lot of the information that is needed for the base of the OOC is nearly done. It could be posted potentially now, but I want to make sure that each of you can enjoy a real proper OOC. Instead of something rushed and half completed.

    Am sorry for the wait, but just give me two days top from now and the OOC will be deliver. I am willing to put my line as a Dave-dancer on it!
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