Dark Nights: Outbreak [IC]

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Adventure stories! They can be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, all kinds! Give me some good world travel stories and I'm all over it! I also enjoy romance stories and even though I tend to play females I love playing gay men.
Monet adjusted her belt, the shells clicking against one another in the pouch. It had only been a couple of days since the zombie outbreak had finally breached the inner parts of the city, luckily the power had remained constant so the common luxuries were still working but Monet had a feeling that wouldn't last long. Working in the Willis Tower wasn't a job she had really enjoyed but now it was her bastion of safety, a beacon in the zombie ridden streets of Chicago. She didn't want to risk the elevator today but she could see the entire city from the top of the tower and her plan to make it to the AmTrack station required sight.

As she walked through the lobby a stray zombie walked across, turning its head to face her. "AW HELL NAW! MOTHER FUCKER AIN'T BOUT TO GET IN MY SHIT!" With a quick flick of her wrist her sawn-off shotgun was raised and she pulled the trigger, blasting the zombie's head into oblivion. "THA'S RIGHT SON! AIN'T NOBODY PULLING SHIT IN MAH HOUSE!" She shouted, re-holstering her gun and stepping over to the elevator and pressing the button. "Ain't nobody else better try to wander their narrow ass up in hur."
Zombies. This was just great. Out of all the things to ruin Chase's day, it had to be Zombies. When he woke up that morning his biggest concern had been what to get for lunch that day, but by that after noon he was fighting off vicious hordes of undead with nothing more than the tools he had brought to work with him that day. He adapted quickly however, making small customizations to his everyday tools. His battery powered circular saw became a skull cutter and arm severer, his Co2 nailgun , with the safety head taken off, became a rapid fire zombie annihilator, and his sledge hammer…well that was good just the way it was. Chase became a zombie killing machine almost over night, and as he watched humans die by the hundreds he only hoped he could find other survivors in Chicago.

The scene downtown was like something out of a movie. Cars were on fire, windows were broken, and around every corner was destruction. Chase was lucky enough to have been with his truck when the out break hit, so that's where he had been living. His only real concern was gas; getting it and securing enough to get out of town. However, that proved to be a problem, many of the gas stations had computerized locks on their pumps, making them impossible to unlock. And the little gas that was around was quickly taken up by the humans who were left alive.

Chase was a fighter, he would not give up. Even if he had to go out on foot, he would never give in. If there was a fighting chance to be had, he would take it. That was always his motto before the outbreak and it would remain so now, in the days of chaos.

He parked his Truck. Currently he was on Chicago's east side, near Millennium park. His tank was about a notch and a half above empty. He was tired and in desperate need of some food. As he cradled his sledge hammer in his lap he closed one eye and tried to rest.

Anissa wasn't a strongly athletic girl, but she wasn't out of shape, and she certainly wasn't strong or necessarily the brightest out there. Somehow she'd managed to outrun, and stumble her way out of harm and into the doors of the Atrium Mall on Randolph street. She was wearing black thigh high sock boots, with a long-sleeved tee shirt dress and a matching jacket. Decked in silver jewelry, she certainly didn't look like someone who should still be alive.

Currently she was idly scanning through the Payless ShoeSource, her eyes transfixed on a pair of black pumps that were calling her name. Not really something that would be...practical in a zombie apocalypse, but Anissa couldn't help it! She had aspired to be a model before all this, and she'd be damned if she was going to let a silly little zombie take-over stop her from reaching her goal.

Grasping the pumps with eager anticipation she was startled as a large crash came behind her, followed by the familiar groan. Turning she frowned, "Oh craap, I was just about to purchase these!" she moaned and turned to escape. On her way out another zombie startled her as she brought the heeled end of the shoes in her hands down into its head instinctively. With a soft SQUILSH noise, the heels pierced the eyes and the zombie tumbled forward. Screaming, she quickly ran toward the exit, her heart racing. Amazingly, even in heels (boots or not) she remained quite balanced.

A zombie take-over and Anissa was shopping...typical. Well, she had to look at least fashionable, who knew if someone who could see her talent would still be alive! Running down Randolph Street, she found herself headed toward Willis Tower.
Monet head a girl scream and the sound of heels clacking against the cement outside the door. "You have GOT to be shitting me, dumb ass is funna bring all them damn zombies hur! The FUCK does this bitch think she is?!" Monet cried out, stepping out the front door looking towards the woman. "Damn, man poo' Monet jes can't get a chance. AY YO! GET YER HONKY ASS IN HUR RIGH' NOW BEFORE I KICK YA NARROW ASS!" She cried out, snatching her sawn-off shotgun out of the holster and aiming it past the girl, holding the door open, prepared for the inevitable storm of zombies that would be coming after her.

"This bitch is crazy, soon the whole buildin' will have those mother fuckers runnin' around..." She sighed, firing at a zombie that came stumbling towards her as she waited on the woman to make it into her sanctuary.
Chase drifted off to sleep, for the moment, the hell that had became Chicago was forgotten. Instead, he was back at work and the sun was shining. There was the smell of street vender dogs in the air and the lunch bell was about to ring. It was a perfect day, not a cloud in the sky. In his sleep haze, a smile broke out across his face and a warm feeling spread throughout his body. It was nice to get away, even for just a moment.

Chase Opened his eyes and nearly jumped out of his seat. Staring back at him, withs its gnarled face pressed against his truck window, was a Zombie. Something had torn a chuck of its face off so its teeth and jaw were exposed on the left side. Blackened blood was dripping from its eye and nose and its right amr hung on by just a thread. After Chases' initial fright went away, he was replaced with rage. With a heart felt fury that could only be calmed by killing this undead creature. He opened the, hitting the zombie in the chest and knocking him back a few inches. By the time he was out of the car he had the heavy sledge hammer raised above his head. Chase looked like a madman about to feed his urge for blood shed, and as he brought the hammer down onto the creatures head, a smile was visible on his face.

With a quick look behind him he saw that more were coming, and he didn't want to stay and play. So he hopped in his truck and hit the gas, sending up black smoke and the smell of burnt rubber into the air.

If it wasn't clear before, it was now. Nowhere was safe anymore.

It wasn't too long before she saw the massive Willis Tower looming ahead, and moments later she saw a slender woman appear with a sawn off shotgun in hand hollering at her to get inside.

"people? I thought they were all dead disgusting creatures running around" she said hurrying forward. She'd been doing so well until now as her foot got caught and she stumbled to the ground. The soft groaning of the zombies behind her made her ignore the throbbing of her ankle as she hastily scrambled back to her feet and continued to run forward. The woman was screaming at her to get inside the safe house, she assumed the woman meant Willis Tower, "Are you alive?" she said instinctively without much thought. Breathing heavily she leaned over some, and suddenly gave a heart-felt gasp, "Oh my god! I broke a nail!!" she whimpered softly examining her cuticles.

The woman gave her a 'what the FUCK are you talking about' look as Anissa blinked, "right..." she said and quickly limped inside the large skyscraper. In the months she'd been in Chicago, she never actually had visited Willis Tower. She gasped some as she got inside and looked around, "wow..." she certainly was a small town girl, living in a lonely world. As those thoughts ran through her head she had to stop and think about why that sounded SO familiar, "hmmm maybe it was Benny and the Jets?" she thought out loud humming the song Don't Stop Believing.

She stopped when she looked at her nails again, "man where am I going to get THIS fixed" she pouted some.
Chase drove down south Michigan avenue. The devastation was terrible. Cars were wrecked into the sides of buildings as a thick black smoke seemed to cover the sky. Chase spotted several dogs running around, and wondered briefly where their owners were? Then he realized, as he watched a pair of Zombies feasting on some poor guy in a suit, that their owners were most likely Zombies themselves. A sudden wave of despair rushed over Chase like a sleeper wave dragging someone out to sea. Chase wondered, for a moment, if it was even worth it. Was it worth staying alive just to fight the zombie hordes? He shook off the idea as he realized he needed supplies. He needed food and water, but most of all he needed company. Only a few months into the Zombie out break and the one thing Chase was sure of was the fact that he needed human contact.

Lost in his thoughts, a Zombie lurched out in front of the truck Chase was driving, his natural instincts kicked in and he swerved violently. The last thing he saw was the sidewalk and the many stairs leading to the entrance of the Willis building, formerly the Sears tower. He heard a loud -pop- as his rear tire exploded and then darkness as his head hit the steering wheel. If he gets the the chance to look back on this, he will have wished he would have worn a seat belt.
THIS BITCH IS CRAZY! THE HELL IS SHE TALKIN' ABOUT!? I betta jes throw her ass out if she keeps goin' on like this, shit. Monet shut the door and looked around, most of the zombies had been distracted by other, more tasty looking things. There was still the occasional group of nerdy boys clumped together in a group, thinking they knew how to survive because they had played video games. Monet rolled her eyes as a group just like that ran by, zombies chasing after, the small group would soon be overpowered and Monet knew it.

"A'ight, so yo ass better get somewhere behind that counter ya mean? I funna figure out a damn plan to get the fuck outta this city! Ya'll think yo ass can make it to the AmTrack station?" She frowned and before she could hear the response she heard the bang of a tire exploding. She rolled her eyes and looked out the window to see a truck. She looked it over and the person in the driver's seat was slumped over, he was probably changing into a zombie. She shook her head, at least the truck was salvageable, maybe there were weapons. She turned to look back at the other girl.

"Keep yo narrow ass hidden and kill any zombies that come near you. If yo ass gets bit I won't think twice in cappin' you." With that she turned, pulling out her gun for what seemed like the thousandth time that hour and creeped out the door and headed around towards the truck, opening the door and letting the guy flop to the side. She grabbed him and dragged him out to the seat, shooting the closest zombie that turned its head towards her. She looked down at the body of the guy and noticed no bite marks and hardly any blood on him.

"Shit, yo ass is alive." She kicked him gently in the side, hoping to wake him. She looked in the front seat, there were plenty of tools that could be used as weapons. She had to make a choice, leave someone who could possibly help her get to the AmTrack station. She shook her head. "Shit, this ain't my day." She shook her head and grabbed the man's arms, dragging him as quickly as she could back towards the tower entrance, not encountering a zombie until she had made it inside the tower and one came to the door, Monet dropped his arms and shot the zombie stumbling towards them. The head blew back as brain splattered all over the street behind it. With a nod she slammed the door shut and locked it, looking around for the other woman that she had told to hide.

Anissa wasn't about to argue with this woman. She seemed to mean business, and her yelling and accent scared her some. It took her a few moments of standing there to sink everything in and translate it into her own words. "um...okay...shouldn't I hide or something?" She asked, not catching that part of the woman's speech. Monet was off though before a response was given. Sighing, Anissa glanced around to see what she could do. Hearing a noise, she jumped and gave a soft yelp as she limped over and ducked behind a nearby counter. Peering out over the edge she looked around nervously, "Alright...everything will be okay everything is just--" there was heavy breathing and soft moaning nearby as she stood and turned seeing the zombie approaching. She didn't want to use the shoes she was WEARING to kill it so she searched for whatever was nearby to use and defend herself with. Sign post nearby, it was lighter than she thought. Taking a few swings at the creature she managed to incapacitate is as she kept swinging down at it until it stopped moving. Breathing heavily she dropped the item and took a few steps back, tears in her eyes. No sooner had she done this than Monet came inside dragging some man with her, "It...it was attacking me! I had no choice!! What are you doing!! That guy is dead!" she gasped, "Did...did you kill him?!" she wasn't about to run around with a murderer!
Knocked out. Knocked the fuck out. When it came to making a god awful situation even worse, Chase had definitely out done himself. However, he wasn't completely K.o.ed, he was in that weird in-between state. The one where everything is fuzzy and hard to understand. Similar to the seconds between waking and dreaming, or like the state of someone who has consumed their body weight in alcohol over the course of a night. Chase felt his body being pulled from the truck, but had no concept of why.

As the fuzz in his head began to dissipate he decided to talk, however his words weren't very well thought out. He heard another women asking ' if she had killed him' so he said

"Are you a Zombie?" A look of serious question painted across his face.

He stood up on his own, taking an unsure step back, then regaining control over his body. He brought his hand to his head in a quick motion, meaning to rub the spot that had hit the steering wheel, but instead he knocked himself with the framing hammer that had been clutched in it the whole time. The hammer hit his skull with a dull thud, but the effects were surprising, the hit actually brought him fully back to his senses.

"Thanks for saving me, I'm Chase." He said a little embarrassed, but nonetheless happy to be alive.

"Ummm, the truck is trashed. Tire just blew out and I don't have a spare."

He followed his rescuers eyes and saw the women who had asked if he was dead. She was crouched behind a counter and looking a little frantic, but who could blame her it was a Zombie war zone out there.
Monet had her share of eye rolling as she dragged the man back into the Willis Tower, seeing the zombie on the ground and the woman she had left behind visibly shaken and a sign-post nearby. She had clearly bested the creature and for that Monet was thankful, at least she had some fighting spirit in her. The door shut behind her and she heard the man she had left laying on the floor groan, and ask if she was a zombie.

"Nigga! Do I look like a mutha fuckin zombie? Tch, stupid ass thinkin' I'mma eat him..." She trailed off, mostly ignoring the man's introduction but keeping track of his name. "Chase, yo ass is gunna help me now, ya mean? I'm takin' this bitch-ass to the AmTrack and getting the fuck outta Chicago, this place ain't safe no mo' ya mean?" She shook her head and looked to the woman, "Name's Monet, but don' be callin' that shit out when yo asses be eaten by zombies cause I ain't helpin' ya'll, got it? Now yo asses better rest up and get some weapons cause tomorrow I'm damn sure we're gettin' outta here." She nodded, the elevator bell dinging loudly across the lobby and the doors sliding open. "I'mma go up to the top and check this shit out, ya'll better hurry up and get in unless you wanna wait for them dead asses to get after ya'll."

Anissa was relieved to know that Monet and this new guy, Chase, were both okay. Timidly she came forward to look and Chase, examining him a moment carefully before deciding he was okay. Well, least he was nice looking. Monet was on the move again heading toward the elevator, "Names...oh My name is Anissa!" she said before hurrying over, "wait for mee!! Please don't leave me alone down here!" she hurried into the elevator, taking a seat in the corner, and rubbing her ankle. It was rather sore, but she could still walk and hobble on it.

It was then she noticed the format of the elevator. Clear. Her eyes widened as she almost screamed, but didn't. Instead her face suddenly paled as she let out a meager whimper moving toward the other side quickly. She'd have been fine if it was a NORMAL elevator, but no. Zombies sure they were scary, but heights? She was NOT a fan of heights, "um...how fa...far up are we going?" she managed to say in a shaky tone her eyes moving toward Monet so that she didn't have to look down or out.

Chase had been to the Willis tower before with an ex girlfriend, although it wasn't long ago, it seemed like a life time ago. In a time before all this. In a time where the sky was blue and birds sang out delightful song into the day…….

Chase was jerked from his thoughts about 'how things were' by a string of profanity from the mouth of the women who had saved him. Damn, she cussed like a drunk sailor!, thought Chase. Whatever he did in the next few hours, staying on Monet's good side was his highest priority. At the same time, however, he felt that he had already gotten on her bad side. Maybe thats just how she was, and before Chase knew it she was ordering them to get on the elevator, regardless of her demeanor, it was a good idea. Could Zombies use elevators? Chase wasn't sure, but he was sure that anything beat staying down here.

He moved towards the Elevator, still clutching his hammer, and stood next to his new female friends, Anissa and Monet. Despite everything he was glad to have meet people…very glad.

"Am track sounds like a good idea." Said Chase "I had a friend that worked at the subway for a while, just a janitor, but maybe we'll run into him…If he's not a Zombie already." Chase trailed off, realizing that most likely everyone he knew was a Zombie now.

"Scared of heights? I think it's like 130 floors to the top, although most of the viewing centers for tourists are lower than that. I came here once a while ago, great view from the top…" Chase realized he was rambling and shut his mouth while the Elevator rose quickly.
Monet stood against the wall of the elevator and looked out as it rose from the lobby. The city grew smaller as they got higher, large plumes of smoke from burning buildings and cars dotted the landscape. The girl Anissa seemed to be scared, but Monet couldn't tell why. Bitch is seein' zombies drag their half-eaten asses all over the damn city and this bitch is afraid of some mutha fuckin' elevator? Tch, and this ass over here think he bad or sum shit, shoot bet this asshole won' even help past AmTrack, but fuck we gotta get up outta heeya.

She shook her head, her brown curly locks tossing back and forth as the elevator passed the ear popping area and slowed down to a stop on the observation deck of the Willis Tower. A cheery ding alerted them and the doors slid open, Monet stepped over to the panel and shut the elevator down so the doors would stay open and the elevator itself would stay put.

"Get yer punk asses outta the elevator and help me check out the city and look for the AmTrack station." She said looking at Chase and Anissa before turning around and headed through the carpeted room towards the large thick glass windows that looked out over Chicago. At least there weren't any zombies this high up, and they could spend the night in safety, that is if one of the other two didn't lose their heads and try to kill the others.

Anissa kept her eyes closed as she cowered and waited for the elevator to just stop. When she felt the familiar jerk of the elevator stopping she let out her breath and slowly opened her eyes staring straight instead of out and down. In her booming voice, Monet demanded they get out of the elevator, Anissa happily got quickly to her feet and scrambled inside the observation deck almost hugging and kissing the ground. When Monet mentioned looking for the AmTrack station she glanced around, "There aren't any computers here though I--"

Anissa's back brushed against something as she turned around a moment. She then froze as her face went pale and her knees once more gave out below her, a soft whimper escaping her lips, "um...isn't there...a..another way t...to..." she stammered but couldn't finish because she was stammering so much. Tears in her eyes she began to cry, "First I lose a GREAT pair of shoes, then my nail breaks, and now this! This so isn't fair!!" she said between sobs. Looking up she noticed a twitch in Monet's eye and before the woman could open her mouth Anissa made a final sniff before just sitting there, "I...I'm sorry I...I just can't do heights. You just...don't understand" she whimpered softly with her back to the windows. She crawled forward a bit sitting in the middle of the floor like a small child.

Chase would do what he could to be a helpful member of this group. After all, like so many other things in this world, this place was a sonic shit-storm and they were in it together. It was important that they not only work together, but also stick together. Chase, despite everything that had happened, was happy. He was happy that he had found people. People that he hoped he could soon call his friends. Although he wasn't sure how much the one, Monet, was about friends. She sure cussed a lot. Was she mad at something? Chase didn't know, and at this point in time didn't really care. As long as he wasn't alone he was happy. Looking back, wrecking his truck had been the best thing that had happened to him since the initial Zombie out breaks.

The elevator stopped, followed by Monet yelling at them to get off. Chase was surprised that she hadn't called them crackers yet.

HE heard Anissa ask a question, so he decided to answer.

"I think she means for us to physically look for the station." Said Chase pointing to the jaw dropping view that surrounded them on all sides. Then he thought that maybe Anissa, judging by the way she had freaked out on the elevator, maybe wasn't best suited for the job. He gave her a small pat on the back.

"Its alright, i used to be scared of spiders"

HE then ran to the window like an overgrown kid in a candy store. It was an amazing view! Even with small fires burring all over the city and destruction almost every where he looked, it was still breathtakingly beautiful. He spotted something, was that t? Yes! There it was . The Am-track station!

"Hey, Monet! I think i found it, take a look."
Monet nearly hissed at Anissa, but restrained herself she wouldn't give in to hurting a possible ally, even if she was weak willed.

"Would you shut the fuck up?!" Monet shouted at Anissa as she complained about her nails and other frivolous things. This girl had a way of pushing Monet's buttons but with so few living people to converse with she couldn't afford to shoot out the window and dangle her out. The other man seemed fair enough on his own at least. She stomped around the room and looked out the windows, she couldn't recognize the track and a storm was starting to brew out on Lake Michigan. She walked over when Chase called her name.


Monet looked to where Chase was pointing and nodded. "A'ight, tha's where we're going tomorrow, ya'll better be prepared te fight tomorrow, so rest yo bitch asses up, we safe up hur fer the night ya mean?" She walked over to the corner and grabbed a couple of food meals for her "guests." "Ya'll eat up too, an' tomorrow if ya'll get bit I'm shootin' yo ass in the face before ya'll change." She frowned as the storm began picking up and clouds began drifting past the windows obscuring the view.

Anissa seemed to wince some as Monet flared at her. She probably deserved it though. Whimpering a moment longer as a freshly scolded child might, her lower lip protruded out in a pout. After a heavy sigh and gathering her wits, she slowly opened her eyes and stood, making sure to avoid looking out the windows as much as possible. Ironically when the clouds began to obscure the view of below, Anissa seemed to calm down a bit. Falling silent, she grabbed the meal that Monet had brought her and looked it over a moment.

It didn't seem like much, just shapeless, tasteless, rations of some sort. Probably high in sodium and carbs! If she wasn't so hungry she might have just refused, but she wasn't completely stupid. She knew she needed energy and nutrition to get by. Sitting down again she poked at the food some before eating it without saying another word. Her eyes scanned the room and then Monet and Chase in turn. Monet, if it weren't for her loud mouth, was a very attractive woman and Anissa somewhat envied her for her looks. Yet she was a very strong willed girl and reminded her of a distant Aunt of hers. Chase was a sort of rugged handsome. She quickly noticed his arms and figured he had to do something where he worked a lot with them, they were nicely toned. Each of them had their strengths, but what was Anissas?

That was a good question. A lot of people wondered that, which was why it was almost a shock when they died and she didn't. She sighed faintly when she finished, "Safe or not...I'll be glad to get out of here tomorrow" she stated before curling up somewhere safe to sleep.

Chase was not a simple man, but he no doubt had simple pleasures. When Monet procured a couple Instant meals for them, Chad had to fight back a smile. He was starving, and although these mass produced meals were hardly gourmet, but they beat the hell out of the canned tuna he had been eating. He tore in to the meal like a starving lion. He had a fierce appetite, one that took no prisoners. He went into a sort of zen state that required his full concentration. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed some thick black clouds, the kind that would almost certainly bring rain.

"Alright." Said Chase through a mouthful of mystery meat, in response to Monet's plan " That sounds like a plan." He finished chewing then added " I think I should probably find a better jacket."

He finished eating then burped loudly, for a moment he had forgotten he was with two females. Where on earth were his manners? Chase thought for a moment that many men would die to be in his situation: Apparently the last man alive with two women, but he guessed that he was just lucky to be alive.

"I'm going to that gift shop around the corner, see if I can find a jacket."

With that he walked around the corner and out of sight. There was a small gift shop called "Sky high Gifts", quite the fitting name thought Chase, as he immediately saw what he was looking for. On the back wall were hanging an assortment of Jackets. He found one that had a thick wool lining and a hood attached. It was black and would work nicely. He tried it on and it fit perfectly. He modeled it for himself in the dressing mirror before walking back to the ladies.

"Check it out." He said "Found it in the gift shop, nice right?"
Monet sighed as the other two set off to eat. Monet ripped open her own packet and bit in, they didn't taste very good but she didn't care much, food after all, was food. She looked idly out the large window, sighing, it was going to be a rainy night and that would make it worse tomorrow, bad conditions seemed to bring out the worst in people but at least the smell of the rotten zombies would be washed away a bit.

Monet walked over to the window after finishing her meal and looked down, the fires would be getting put out at least the smaller ones but the larger ones might still burn. Monet brushed a lock of hair behind her ear and looked over to Anissa who had curled up to sleep. Chase had gone to the gift shop and returned with a jacket, modeling it.

"Nigga, we ain't got time fo' yo' ass to be makin' yo'self all fuckin' pretty. This is a zombie situation and yo ass is tryin' ta look fly. If yo ass gets chomped by them stupid ass hungry meatbags then that's yo ass gettin' left behind ya mean?" She stomped past Chase into the gift shop, looking for something more edible that tasted good too. Monet was well aware that between the two of them it was going to be a long night.