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Dark MxM Ideas

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Wolf-Anima55, Dec 23, 2014.

  1. Ok so I have been in the mood for some dark or sexual (or both) roleplays. With the holidays rolling around I will either have lots of time to RP or none at all because I do like to take this time to spend with my friends. my posting is a bit sporadic, it ranges from responding right away to taking awhile to post due to lack of inspiration. I like OOC but I do not like it when people get really pushy for a post, reminding me is one thing but being annoying and rude about it is another. I do not mind the occasional "hey do you mind posting?" but I swear if you spam me I will end the RP right then and there. I usually post 2 to 6 paragraphs, depending on how motivated I am to post. When it comes to what role I like to play I usually get put in the more dominant roles but I'd really really like to be submissive for a couple of these ideas. So here are my ideas and if there is a * next to it then I have a plot idea that goes with the pairing or atleast a general idea, remember most of these will have dark plots.

    Prostitute x Corrupt Police Officer
    Cross Dressing Prostitute x Best Friend*
    Stockholm Syndrome boy x Rescuer (This would be power bottom x Submissive Dom kind of pairing) *
    Prince x Captor
    Vampire Prince x Human*
    War ridden universe where children with special abilities are sent to academys to be trained as soldiers the pairing would be Student x Monster/punisher **
    Sweet Mute x Mafia Boss
    Apprentice x Teacher"
    I'm also up to hearing any of your ideas!​
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