Dark Moon Rising

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  1. Quick note: This roleplay will probably only be for 18+ simply because I want it to try and explore darker themes. Sorry if this excludes you, but that's just how I wanted it.

    Rise oh moon for it is time for the wolf to howl.
    Time for the sky to be filled with his mournful song.
    The wolf is awake, roaming and longing for your light to show him the path.

    Rise oh moon, for the hunter is prowling.
    His moment of triumph is breaking with the glow of your waning light.
    Your ominous form fueling graceful strides.

    Rise oh moon, the wolf’s heart is beating, racing
    The hunt has begun and the ending is near.
    When the wolf howls….there is much to fear.
    ~Infant Pheonix.
    Feel the thrill of the chase, the thrill of the hunt. The Dark Moon is Rising.

    A werewolf, also known as a lycanthrope (from the Greek λυκάνθρωπος lykánthropos: λύκος, lykos, "wolf", and ἄνθρωπος, anthrōpos, "man"), is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf or a therianthropic hybrid wolf-like creature, either purposely or after being placed under a curse or affliction (e.g. via a bite or scratch from another werewolf).

    For as long as man has roamed the earth there have been werewolves, and for a long time they were at war with one another. Man feared the dangerous werewolves, and the werewolves fought for their lives. They weren't the only creatures to go bump in the night, but still man would tell stories to their children of the big bad wolves who hunt innocents in the forests. As time passed the war drew to a stalemate and the werewolves hid their existence from the world. They became stories, myths and legends used to strike fear into hearts and provide entertainment. But to this day they exist in the shadows of the world, surviving the only way they can.
    Plot Overview
    Although this is open to suggestions and changes so hit me with ideas....

    The general idea is that you are a member of a North American pack, blending in with your own human life. It can be whatever you choose, from being a member of a rock band to a school teacher, in whatever place you choose, provided it is in one of the 23 North American countries. But when a member of the pack dies, the Alpha calls everyone back to their territory to deal with the loss. Your character is expected to drop everything when the leader of your Pack calls, but how you react to it is up to you.

    But as the Pack begin to investigate what happened to your fallen friend, they discover that not everything is what it seems and a long forgotten enemy makes themselves known. An enemy whose hatred for the pack runs far deeper than any man could fathom. And in order to survive, you must band together with your brothers and sisters and fight to the death if necessary.
    Places would be limited to maybe 6 people with one character each, simply because I don't want to be overrun with a massive group but we could probably stretch it to include a couple more if necessary.

    The ratio of males to female characters should be 2:1, for no particular reason other than I think more men than women would make it have the 'darker' vibe I'm hoping for. (And no I'm not trying to be sexist). This roleplay should be focused more on protecting the secret of the Werewolves existence even if it means killing, torturing, etc. And when I previously tried to do this with a more female driven cast it turned out to be a big soppy romance-fest. And while there's nothing wrong with romance, and it is certainly welcome in this rp provided it sticks within the rp rules, it's not why I wanted to create it.

    I get it if that makes me sound like some kind of maniac, but I thought I'd give it a try for once!

    Interested? Lemme know below!
  2. I would love to join you I am a female and play females
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  3. I really like this idea of your's but I usually play females but can go extremely dark if need be with them since I have a forte for them along with a bit of everything. If not I can play a male since it would be good practice
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  4. I have no problem with even numbers of male to female characters if needed as long as it does keep the 'darker' feel. I'm going to play a male character for once, so it's fine if you both want to be female. Either of you have any questions or ideas?
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  5. Is the 18+ limit a maturity thing or to avoid younger people complaining that you didn't warn them there'd be dark themes?
  6. Ultimately it will be a group decision on whether we accept under 18's or not, but I did mainly put it there just as a warning. I know Iwaku's policy on roleplays with under 18's allows graphic violence and what I've called 'darker themes' which is essentially just the cruelty of human nature vs animalistic impulses, war, etc. but I wouldn't really feel comfortable with anyone under 16. I know you're 17, because I checked your profile before just straight out denying you, but it really is up to the others too.
  7. That's fair enough. Given you want a 2:1 gender ratio and I only play females, I hadn't really been planning to join, but I felt I ought to ask as a matter of principle, since I don't like the idea that age determines maturity. The 15/18 ratings for movies and games always felt very arbitrary to me.
  8. I do have a question or more so questions.. Since I'm trying to figure out how I'd have my girl designed. For our character's will they all have previously known and or been raised around one another before they decided to take up their own ways , jobs and etc in the world before being called back?

    Are their bloodline's pure and or been kept among a certain set of families?

    Also along the line's of Alpha's and such. I am already fully aware of this not being a centered RP on romance but being allowed. But , in several Werewolf RP's I've been in , I have noticed that the Alpha has a mate he has deemed or claimed as his own whether there be love or not. Along with other pack member's whom have done the same. Will that be allowed to happen in this one? It honestly wouldn't have to be romantic at all if chosen not to be. It could be solely based upon duty and not disappointing pack elder's and other family member's.

    I hope this actually made sense and didn't sound to chaotic... <.<
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  9. I love questions! Ok so this was more a general idea than a set in stone one so I figured we could work the details out as a group.

    One thing I'm certain of is that you can either be born OR bitten. So if born, then yes your character will more than likely have been raised in the pack and then go off and do whatever they like. I had it set up in my head kind of like a mafia family so no matter where you are you're always linked to the pack. Some people can stay with the pack full time, and that's fine if you want to take that route, but if not then your character is only called back when needed (i.e. if there is a job that needs doing, celebrations, deaths... that kind of thing). However, if your character is bitten then they most likely will not have grown up in the pack. It will open up all kinds of adjusting problems, etc, and they are more likely to resent the fact that they are wolves. The character will be less likely to remain in constant contact with other pack members... etc. etc.

    I think the whole 'pure blood' thing is a little overdone, but it can be done amongst the original werewolf families if you guys want to. I'm not fussed by that :P

    I do like the idea of claiming a mate though.... it's not something I had originally thought about. I mean it would make sense if the Alpha was expected to produce an heir to secure the legacy of their pack or whatever, but I'm not sure.

    The way I imagined it was that there are maybe 20/30 or so pack's in the world who each own territory, and the rest of the werewolf population are drifters who never stay in one place for too long. I want to include some romance, but I just don't think it should be the main focus.... Honestly it would depend on the Alpha because he would always be pressured to produce an heir, but we will see how it goes I think....

    Anything else? :P

  10. Will you allow drifters?
  11. Sure I don't see why not, but if you wanna be a drifter then we should set up some kind of protocol.... Like when Drifters enter Pack territory they have to tell the Pack or something...
  12. Sounds good
  13. Nope , I'm all good :) I might invite some more friends to check this out and all.

    @Huntress ~ I found something you might like though ^^
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  14. What might that be? :D
  15. This RP lol :D
  16. RIGHT!

    There's a lot of female characters here and I was gonna play a female but I guess I could try out a male if they're needed. :/
  17. I did say I would make the numbers more even if needed, so as long as we get more male characters before the start it should be ok. I know some people really don't like playing male characters, so it's up to you. But for people reading this back, you would be taking the last female slot xD
  18. Okay, so I'll take that female slot and then if you're struggling to find males I will switch over.
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  19. So I'm going to start and write up info for the sign-up, but it probably won't be posted for another couple of days. If you guys want I can post the Character Sheet I'll probably use so you can start and write out who you want to be, etc. Fair warning though, it'll probably be detailed.
  20. I'm expressing soft interest for now because I'm not one hundred percent certain that I'll have the time, but this looks fun and I love the concept.
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