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  1. Please make sure you have read the rules and plot thank you! If there are any questions ask away.
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    C H A R A C T E R ♦ S H E E T
    Appearance: [Don't care what kind of picture is used]

    Name: [Full Name]

    Brief Description:
    Usual attire: [How your character typically dresses from day to day]

    Health Ailments:

    Backstory: [Can be as long or short as you want]
    Significant Others: [Can also be family & friends]
    Enemies: [Anyone who has a distaste for your character or vice versa]
    Extra: [Can be who your neighbors are, I recommend asking first but not necessary]
    Theme Song: [Optional]
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  2. W E L C O M E - T O - R E D W O O D

    Name: Memphis Carys Paderau
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Birthday: August 21st

    Brief Description: Memphis has a slim figure with slight curving at the hips and stands at about five foot six. She has strawberry blonde hair, more towards the orange side, that usually is in curled tufts that fall loosely just over the chest area. In the winter her hair becomes a very light shade just as her skin becomes paler. During the warmer days her hair turns more into a brownish shade from the extra sunlight. Her skin tans rather nicely during these days, not enough to become three shades darker but enough to not be a ghost. Unlike either of her parents, she has pale blue eyes that stand out from her bright hair. Memphis also has a few small cuts on her left arm, from a slip of the hand while constructing things, and a bruise on her hip that never healed correctly.
    Usual attire: On a regular basis, Memphis wears clothing that she can easily slip into. She prefers comfort over flashiness. That typically is gym shorts or skinny sweatpants and a fitted t-shirt. On days where she wants to actually attempt to look presentable, Memphis can be found wearing denim shorts or leggings, she hates the restriction that jeans create, and a cute top. Although this is not often, she dons a romper or dress with pretty accents. Most of her clothing are white or light colored hues but she does own some dark colors for when she is working.

    Personality: Memphis is most likely to be the calmest person anyone has ever met. She rarely, if ever, loses her temper or gives herself any reason to kick start her migraines. She found that the more leveled she was the easier it was to keep her migraines under control. Due to the life she was given she prefers to be in control. She's no stranger to hard work as that was all she knows. "Everyone has a job to do and you won't have to do it twice if you work hard enough." She's lived her entire life by this saying that her old friend told her as a child.
    Likes: Chill music - Tinkering with things - Warm temperatures - Dancing while she does things
    Dislikes: Wasted time - Loud noise - Having to do nothing until her migraine calms down - Stuffy clothing
    Hobbies/Talents: Building/Fixing things - Dancing [not professionally] - Solving puzzles
    Health Ailments: Chronic migraines

    Backstory: Born to Cyril and Aneira Paderau in the country of Wales, her mother being native from Wales and her father from England. Memphis was raised in the lively town of Newport, living in a small house with her two loving parents. The happy couple would take their daughter everywhere, fueling her imaginative mind and giving way to her creativity. This gave the adolescent enough interest to start creating things. It started with just taking things apart but eventually she figured out how to put things together, things that weren't originally together. Her parents were proud of their little genius but all the happy times ended when her mother died. It was a Sunday, Memphis accompanied her mother on a trip to the grocery store because they wanted to make a pie for dessert that night. On the way home a car crashed into theirs in a head on collision. It was only an accident from a not as experienced driver, but that was enough to end the life of her mother and cause Memphis to have severe migraines. She was only age seven but it felt like she had grown up faster than a blink.

    Her father wasn't able to cope with loss of his wife and later took his own life in their bedroom. Memphis was upset from the loss of both of her parents but moved on quicker than most. She didn't have any relatives to live with so she spent the rest of her adolescence in an orphanage. She attended school like the rest of the children and even found herself a job at age fourteen. The boss was merciful, understanding her circumstances, and decided to take her under his wing. It was only a little job working at a corner store but she learned more there than she ever did in school. As she got older and proceeded to graduate high school, Memphis decided she going to move to America and attend university to start her life over. The orphanage supported her idea of leaving but the one person who gave her the most was her boss Cayden. He thought of her as his own daughter over the many years of knowing her and seeing her leave was one of the proudest moments in his life. With that in mind her gracious friend gave her enough money to make it to America and support herself at college along with the money she had been saving since she was a child.

    At the ripe age of eighteen she moved to America alone and moved into the dorm of the college she was accepted to. University was hard but she graduated with a major in engineering after a lot of diligent work. At age twenty-three Memphis left the city her university was in and started traveling around. After about a year or so she found herself in Redwood. The little town seemed normal, except for the excessive warnings the locals gave her. Of course Memphis listened carefully and learned quickly why it was the way it was.
    Significant Others: Aneira Garreth [Mother - Deceased] | Cyril Paderau [Father - Deceased] | Cayden Kingsley [Close Friend]
    Enemies: None
    Extra: Her migraines can go from light to severe and usually last between two to eight hours. They are more spontaneous than with a cause but some things, i.e. stress, can trigger it. She also has a habit of taking things apart and putting them together again for no reason.
    Theme Song:
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  3. [​IMG]

    (Picture by @Vermiciro)


    Name: Nicholas Vaughn
    Age: 47
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Birthday: January 3rd


    Brief Description: Nicholas looks every bit like a grizzled adventurer, from his short ponytail to his ducktail beard and mustache. His left eye, covered by a leather eyepatch, has been rendered useless by severe burns. (He'd be happy to show you or tell you the story if you ask.) His complexion has also been tanned from frequent exposure to the sun. Age has flecked his normally-dark hair with white and set some wrinkles around his large round nose, but it hasn't done much to his impressive height (just over six feet) or his broad shoulders and tree-trunk legs. His teeth, however, have suffered quite a bit; they're covered in stains and a few are even missing completely.

    Usual attire: Baggy, neutral colors, lots of pockets. Most often seen in mountain climbing clothes. There is a loop of additional leather sewn to his belt to accommodate his hunting knife, which he hates to be without.


    Personality: Nicholas moves slow, but don't let that fool you: he's a loud and boisterous man who isn't afraid to invade your personal space. He adores bad jokes, especially his own, and he's always fighting his old age with wild adventures. His motto: "Always be prepared." He even picked up bits and pieces of languages from around the world so he can travel in style. Despite his raucous attitude, he has some opinion or another -- usually a negative one -- on just about everything, but he's always making excuses when told to do something about it.

    Likes: Bad jokes, sculpture, being part of a larger group
    Dislikes: Perfectly clear weather, sweet foods
    Hobbies/Talents: Marine life, rock climbing, camping, animal care
    Health Ailments: Nicholas is completely blind out of his left eye, meaning he has no depth perception and no way to make up for his blind spot. Both of these limit him in a fight, and it's not recommended to toss him anything you don't want broken. It doesn't stop him from driving, though.


    Backstory: Nicholas lived most of his life as a farmer, working alongside his younger sister Katherine. He had always quietly resented the authority of his small hometown in Kentucky -- the police, the mayor, they all had to be corrupt. He believed their promises of never ignoring the little people were a pack of lies, and that they were always trying to stay likable while simultaneously doing only what was best for them. Nicholas dreamed about dropping everything and moving somewhere new where he could follow his own rules and no one else's, but he always insisted there was nowhere to go.

    That all changed when a mysterious young man visited him with rumors about an anarchist group that called themselves the Soul Guardians. They were, for all intents and purposes, a cult, but the promises they offered got Nicholas's attention: freedom, family, money, power, the works. He followed the map he'd received from the messenger to a recruiting station a few hours north of town, where he met Andrew Aldrich, an imposing man covered in tattoos who told Nicholas all about the Soul Guardians and their goals. They were an anarchist group set on dismantling the establishment through any means necessary, believing that human beings had no right being ruled by anyone but themselves. For only a small monthly fee, Nicholas could be a part of their growing family and aid in their noble cause. He was sold immediately. Nicholas went back home, packed up his meager assortment of possessions, and left, ignoring his sister's prodding and leaving her to take care of the farm.

    A few months after moving much closer to the Soul Guardians and making all kinds of new friends, he was tasked with his first mission. There was a small town in Michigan that had all but dropped off the map: no contact in or out, and those that went in never returned. The Soul Guardians decided that whoever was running the place needed to be taken down a notch and let the residents free, and so they assigned Nicholas to move into the town of Redwood and investigate while keeping his true motives a secret. That was two years ago. He hasn't had any contact with the outside world since he entered. The SGs have to be worrying about him by now. Maybe they've even decided to kick him out since he hasn't sent any money in so long. He has no way of knowing. What he does know, is that it's time to bust out of here.

    Significant Others: Katherine Vaughn (younger sister), Andrew Aldrich (recruiter)
    Enemies: Nicholas hasn't spoken to anyone about his true family, but he does have a habit of annoying anyone who can't keep up with his high-energy, close-contact attitude.
    Extra: (Open to neighbor suggestions!)

    Welcome to Redwood, they said. Stay a while, they said. This is just plum ridiculous. How am I s'posed to follow my dreams like this...?
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  4. [​IMG]
    Welcome to Redwood...


    Name: Kyle Lowe
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Birthday: April 15th


    Brief Description: Kyle has never cut an intimidating figure, born short and slim, never quite growing out of his boyish looks. People often mistake him to be younger than he is, something he is quick to correct them on. Kyle's slight appearance hides a lifetime's worth of hardship and pain, beautiful dark skin marred by silver scars, most rather old and long healed. Some seem newer, not so faded and easy to miss in the few moments where they're not hidden beneath his clothing. The one scar that's harder to hide cuts down along his left eye, which explains why his chestnut hair is always in his face.

    Usual attire: On warm days when the sun shines, Kyle is normally found in long sleeved shirts made of light materials. Colours are generally in the Blacks, Blues and Whites. His lower half is adorned in jeans, of the same colour variants. On cooler days when the sky is gray, the young man has a fondness for sweaters, most of which happen to be a bit too large for him, the hem hanging mid thigh, and sleeves down to the ends of his fingers. If snow falls and the wind is biting cold, long winter jackets and scarves are added to the ensemble. And perhaps maybe a toque.


    Personality: Ask anyone who has lived in Redwood for any significant length of time, and they'll tell you that Kyle has always been a bit of a troubled child, manifesting itself in anger and aggression now that he's grown older. The man is quick to lash out at people, used to having to defend himself from those who come near him. Everything about Kyle seems to push people away. And yet, he desperately wants to connect with people, craves friendship and love and hates to be alone. He knows he's damaged, and carries a lot of pain with him that he needs to deal with before he even starts reaching out to others.

    Likes: Reading, Tea, Spicy Food, Cats, Moonlight
    Dislikes: Crowded spaces, His Family, Sour Food, Hot Weather, Being Alone
    Hobbies/Talents: Running/Track and Field, Lock Picking, Extremely adept at reading body language, Climbing, Breaking and Entering
    Health Ailments: Fragile mental state, suffering from panic attacks and reoccurring nightmares when left alone at night. As such, he's generally sleep deprived.


    Backstory: Kyle was the youngest son born to Ira and Bradley Lowe, two prominent figures in the Redwood community when it was still a thriving town. Ira Lowe always the bustling busy body, into everyone's business and always having an ear to community gossip. On the surface she seemed a calm, if a bit too chatty, lovely woman. A model citizen for others to aspire to, with a loving husband who adored her, blessed with a beautiful, dutiful, well behaved child. Certainly, not a woman who deserved to have such a destructive child as Kyle. Ira was brutally strict in her home, small mistakes met with harsh punishments. Such brutality molded Ethan, her eldest, into the perfect son on the surface. Hiding increasing stress and depression behind forced smiles. It turned Kyle into a terror. At least, to those who didn't realize what all was going on behind closed doors.

    Punishments veered into physical violence, perpetrated by his mother, his father hearing but never stepping in to end it. No, it was Ethan who came to his rescue more often than not, putting himself between Kyle and their mother. But only when he couldn't stand to see his baby brother in such pain, because while it may have stopped the beating temporarily, they grew even more severe when his brother wasn't there to save him. "Corrupting him!" She'd scream. "Turning him against me! He was a good boy before you!" As a result, Kyle began to spend more and more time away from home, falling into company with less... savory folk. Petty thieves and the like, learning how to break into homes and take whatever small baubles they could. It wasn't about money or trinkets, it was about rebelling.

    He got caught quite a bit in the beginning, causing much embarrassment for his family when his mother would need to come collect him. She bemoaned her parenting skills, played a poor victim, and Kyle became a villain in the minds of any who listened. Asking for help wasn't an option, and so the boy fought back all the harder. Staying away from home for weeks at a time, slowly growing angrier and more isolated. Losing whatever standing he had left in the town. Only Ethan seemed to enjoy having him around, the two of them stealing moments together in whatever free time they could find. But even the presence of his doting big brother wasn't enough. When he was sixteen, Kyle ran away from Redwood, stolen and saved money and three sets of clothes.

    It was excruciatingly hard to get started on his own, finding a stroke of luck in a crotchety old man who took a chance on him and gave him a job. It didn't pay well, but it was enough to keep going. Pinching pennies where he could, sometimes going hungry. Always going cold. But he was... more peaceful than he'd ever been at home. Maybe not happy, but at peace, existing pleasantly for a few years on his own. And then he heard of Ethan's death. Suicide, they called it. Ira and Bradley refused to believe it. Kyle for the most part simply felt tired, knowing exactly why Ethan would have gone so far. He came back to Redwood, expecting just to stay long enough to bury his brother... and found he couldn't leave. No one could leave. He was trapped within the town that held so much pain in his past. Trapped with her. The next few years were spent in misery, attempting to survive both the strange creatures of the night, and staying sane in such hostile surroundings.

    Significant Others: Ethan Lowe (Older Brother, deceased)
    Enemies: Ira Lowe (Mother), Bradley Lowe (Father)
    Extra: Open to old friends, Friends of his brother as he'd know them, or neighbors who'd know his family
    Theme Song:
  5. W E L C O M E TO R E D W O O D
    B A S I C S
    Name: Rory Ryan
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Pansexual
    Birthday: September 27th

    P H Y S I C A L
    Brief Description: Rory is tall with a fairly athletic build. His strawberry blond hair is often left to air dry into a charmingly disheveled mop that he can rake his hands through for the rest of the day. He is usually seen sporting a stubbly beard, but can't commit enough to full lumberjack, so he shaves it every now and then. His pale skin bears no distinct markings other than a patchwork of freckles over his broad shoulders and chest, and a few childhood scars that have long since healed on his knees and elbows.
    Usual Attire: Often dressed casually in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, Rory doesn't feel that he has anyone to impress. He likes to be comfortable, especially while working in the woodshop that sits on the edge of his property. It's not unusual to find Rory covered in sawdust or to see a trail of wood shavings behind him. On any occasion where a suit and tie a required, though, Rory cleans up well and isn't above a snazzy pair of shoes.

    P E R S O N A L
    Personality: Generally rather easy going, Rory is the type of relentless optimist who always has a smile on his face. Even on a very bad day, it takes a lot to irritate him enough to the point of snapping, and even when pushed to that point, he is not the type to yell. Along with his laid-back nature, Rory is also witty and will frequently add his humorous two cents to any conversation. He is a natural people person, and goes to great lengths to keep his loved ones and friends happy. If anyone needs anything done, whether it be an errand or a shoulder to cry on, Rory is your guy.

    On the flip side, however, and beneath his sunny exterior, Rory is prone to bouts of self-loathing and even depression. He is quietly sensitive and sometimes ends up with his feelings hurt, which paves the way for a day or two of personal time. While he has always bounced back in the past, the long winters and lack of sunlight have never helped those days where Rory wishes to disappear from the world around him.
    Likes: Nature, Bird Watching, Swimming, Bonfires, Thunderstorms, Animals, Large Groups, Beer
    Dislikes: Snow, Long Silences, Hospital Smell, Sudden Change
    Hobbies/Talents: Woodworking, Guitar, Baseball
    Health Ailments: Seasonal Depression

    H I S T O R Y
    Backstory: Born to Carole, a waitress at the local diner, and Bill Ryan, a craftsman, Rory was a happy and well-loved baby. His childhood carried the same tune, shared with a handful of family pets, after school activities that kept his creative mind busy, and eventually, a little sister. Although they are several years apart in age, Rory couldn't have been closer with Gretchen as the two went through school and much like every other social role that came into his life, Rory was a protective and caring big brother.

    Things started to go to hell during his first year of college, however. After leaving Redwood with a baseball scholarship to a nearby university, Rory received a call from his father about his mother's failing health. The breast cancer diagnoses was a punch to the gut from the dark and the family, who had always been extremely close, had no way of preparing for what was to come. Although Rory did his best to, at his father's urging, keep his mind on his studies and athletics, worry overtook the freshman and he eventually chose not to return to school. Coming home to Redwood was hardly a difficult decision, not when he needed to support his father, sister, and most of all, his mother.

    Rory will always cherish the time he had with the woman who raised him, but the family was massively shaken by her death. The house felt empty without Carole's presence, dark and lonely, and each member of the family grieved in their own way. Rory watched his relationship with his sister collapse as she neared the end of her high school career, while his relationship with his father was strengthened through loss. Eventually, Rory saw Gretchen off to college, a dream he had given up on for himself and resigned to work with his father in the wood shop behind their home. It was a decent living, and Rory seemed to have a natural affinity for woodworking--plus, the added time with his father never hurt.

    Unfortunately, nothing good ever lasts and just recently, Rory walked into the shop on a crisp, clean morning to find his father's body sprawled across the floor. The doctor's at the local hospital said that it was an aneurysm, that it was one of those freak things, but that explanation didn't offer any comfort. One thing that did ease some of that pain, however, was Gretchen's return from her shiny new life on the west coast for the funeral. She chose to stay for a while, and Rory isn't sure how long he'll have her back, but their childhood home is less lonely with her there. He just wishes there weren't metal plates on the windows at night.
    Significant Others: Gretchen Ryan (sister), Carole Ryan (mother, deceased), William "Bill" Ryan (father, deceased)
    Theme Song:

    B A S I C S
    Name: Gretchen Ryan
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Birthday: January 15th

    P H Y S I C A L
    Brief Description: Taller than average, Gretchen sports and thin, willowy frame with few curves. Beneath shoulder-length blonde hair, an elegant neck gives way to jutting collar bones and a boy-like chest. Her hips jut out in the same fashion, a line of sharp angles covered in pale skin. Unlike her brother, and their mother before her, Gretchen takes after her father and lacks freckles across major parts of her skin. Along with an old scar on her leg from a clumsy shaving accident, Gretchen has two small tattoos. A small heart below her clavicle, and a colorless daisy on her ankle.
    Usual Attire: Always a fan of neutrals, Gretchen's wardrobe contains its fair share of black, grey and navy blue. On days when she can get away with it, when she doesn't need to look professional, she can be found in a pair of black leggings and a comfortable, oversized sweater. For work, she prefers clean lines, usually from slacks and some kind of tailored blazer. Although she isn't someone who likes to fuss with make up, a little lipstick, mascara and blush help her to stand out a little more than she normally would. Her hair, which is often parted down the middle, if not tied back in a bun, has been worn tucked behind her ears for the last decade.

    P E R S O N A L
    Personality: Although she suffers from a case of "resting bitch face", Gretchen is much deeper than she appears. Beneath several layers of logic, resentment and the constant need to analyze everything to hell and back, sits an infrequently accessed heart. Emotions aren't something that Gretchen deals with anymore, not when things have gone so horribly wrong in the past, but she does care deeply for her family and her very tight circle of friends. Among those she is closest to, Gretchen is warm and accepting, a vibrant story-teller who is just as likely to crack a joke as she is to crack open a beer.

    Professionally, Gretchen is more rigid, a little more hard-working than those around her for no real reason other than to meet her own goals. She is the type of person who enjoys a full schedule and likes to keep busy well into the night if possible.
    Likes: Problem Solving, Old Records, Ankle Boots, Fresh Seafood, Crude Humor, Tacky Junk
    Dislikes: Crying, Helplessness, Seagulls, Animal Cruelty
    Hobbies/Talents: Competitive Swimming, Antiquing, Armchair Psychology
    Health Ailments: Rotator Cuff Injury, Mild Shoulder Arthritis, Beginnings of Alcoholism

    H I S T O R Y
    Backstory: The second and last child of Carole and Bill, Gretchen was born into a loving, happy home and enjoyed her childhood. Independent from an early age, Gretchen never needed nor wanted to be coddled--her scrapes never needed kisses, and no monsters under the bed sent her crying to her parents' room in the middle of the night. Through her early school years, Gretchen was somewhat bossy and aggressive, but she soon found an outlet in swimming. Like a duck to water, the pool was Gretchen's favorite place to be, and after winning her first competition, it was apparent that she had a natural talent.

    Gretchen continued to swim competitively through middle and high school, earning a place on the varsity team when she was just a freshman. Between sports and schoolwork, Gretchen didn't have much time for anything else, especially family. Her relationship with her older brother suffered in the years to come as he went off to college, and things only got worse when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Although the family was now too busy (or sick) to attend her swim meets, Gretchen kept at it, and quickly disassociated winning with the pride her mother and father felt for her.

    After her mother passed, Gretchen came to resent how much time she spent at the pool, but the shame wasn't enough to stop her from swimming. With Rory now dropped out of college, she was more determined to keep at her own education and athletic career, and there were back-pocket aspirations of one day becoming an Olympic swimmer. When college came around, Gretchen thought her dreams were fully realized but a series of shoulder injuries robbed her of her bright future and soon, she found herself off of the swim team and switching majors to something that mattered. Disillusioned with being ordinary, Gretchen distanced herself from her remaining family even more and chose to party rather than come home for school breaks.

    Emotional distance became physical after college when Gretchen took her Computer Sciences degree and moved west to Oregon. There, she hoped to put the tragedy of Redwood and the past behind her and become her own person. All that transpired was a series of bad relationships, more binge drinking and several jobs in cyber security. However, with the sudden death of her father, Gretchen is back in town and has even decided to take some time off to be with Rory now that it's just the two of them left. The town has changed since she left, though and Gretchen doesn't understand why the windows go metal at night. With a little convincing, Gretchen hopes to convince Rory to sell the family home and move out to Oregon with her where he can be happy.
    Significant Others: Rory Ryan (brother), Carole Ryan (mother, deceased), William "Bill" Ryan (father, deceased)
    Theme Song:

    w e l c o m e TO r e d w o o d
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  6. ~~Welcome to Redwood~~

    Antoinette Monteclair
    October 8th

    Brief Description
    Antoinette is slim and a bit taller than average. She has quite a bit more muscle than you'd think just by looking at her. Her legs are long, thin, and strong. Her light red-brown hair is kept neatly short and her face is soft but striking.
    Usual attire
    Long dresses and skirts in dark colors, stuff that usually brings to mind images of a stereotypical witch. She even owns a few pointed hats.

    Antoinette is reserved and quiet. She likes to keep to herself unless speaking to her students or their parents. She's a simple elementary school teacher who is mostly well liked by her students. Though some of the children speculate that she may be a witch. She enjoys this rumor and likes to tease people with it.
    Retro aesthetics, Halloween, reading, tea
    Summer, troublemakers, bees, grading homework
    Herbology, collecting stones, Kendo
    Health Ailments
    Poor eyesight requiring glasses

    Antoinette was born in a small town. She mostly kept to herself, focusing on reading and kendo practice. She'd always wanted to be a teacher. But once she was finally qualified, all the schools in the area where fully staffed. So, she moved to Redwood after being offered a position teaching 4th graders. Antoinette adapted to life in the strange town easily, not really minding that she couldn't leave or go out at night. To her, that was just a condition for a job she loved in a town she loved.
    Significant Others
    None (Open)
    None (Open)
    None (Open)
    Theme Song

    Open to changes!!
  7. Welcome to Redwood

    C H A R A C T E R ♦ S H E E T

    Name: Krystelle "Kris" Alirgnon
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Birthday: October 23

    Brief Description: Kris has long chestnut hair, and ever since she was a child, the first routine she always do each day is to braid it. But everytime she comes home, she always looks as if she went to a fistfight: escaped strands of hair everywhere, a loose braid and a new sideswept bangs shaped like a cave. To match her hair, she have dark brown eyes, the color of chocolate, the eyes her grandmother had. Even though she stays all day outside, tending to her farm animals, she never got tanned. Her milky white skin stayed the same, perhaps it runs in the family.

    With her everyday chores and the scarce meat (though that does not mean vegetables amd fruits are abundant), Kris is a slender girl. She doesn't skip meals and always eat 3 times a day (but they are some times, mostly winter, where she only gets to eat twice or even once a day). But it also matched her height, being a 5 feet thanks to her mother's genes, she doesn't look skinny nor fat.
    Usual attire:

    She often wears a long brown skirt matched with her knitted white, elbow-length sweater and huge brown knee-length boots. Due to lack of clothes (she has like 3 sweaters, 2 skirts and 1 boots), she can't avoid repeating her clothes. This is also why she have stains on her clothes whenever you see her. She only washes them once week.

    Personality: Kris is friendly and helpful, all smiles and respect. Ask her anytime and she'll do anything she can help you. She's a hardworking girl, she can almost do any farm work or household chores, as she only managed to finish elementary, but she never disappoints. She aims simple: have something to eat, something to sleep and something to pay for all the costs in the house.

    But despite all of that, despite of the smiles and kindness everyone sees, there's a hole inside her that bears sadness and rage to the others. The darkness to most people is frightening, but to her, it just reminds her of the sadness she felt when it took all of her loved ones, and rage to all those creatures that
    Likes: animals, knitting, fresh air, kind people
    Dislikes: rude people, the others,
    Hobbies/Talents: knitting, taking care of animals, farming, cleaning
    Health Ailments: None. She's quite healthy and she's glad for it.

    Backstory: [Can be as long or short as you want]
    Significant Others: [Can also be family & friends]
    Enemies: [Anyone who has a distaste for your character or vice versa]
    Extra: [Can be who your neighbors are, I recommend asking first but not necessary]
    Theme Song: [Optional]

    Name: Wyatt Matthew Mead
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Birthday: October 9th

    Brief Description: Wyatt stands just over six feet and is of athletic build. His eyes are a crystal blue color and seem to hold a sadness in them from his past. Wyatt's hair is shaved on either side and is normally swiped to the right and is a mixture of dirty blonde and ash brown, this is his natural hair color. He bares a tattoo of a cross on his left forearm and it is about five inches long and spans three inches wide. He has a scar just below his chin from a motorcycle accident he was in a few years back. Wyatt normally has facial hair, but he never let it grows out too far.

    Usual attire: From day to day, Wyatt's prefers to dress in something casual and comfortable with flannels and jeans. But on some days he changes his style up and wears a leather jacket, dark shirt, jeans, and black work boots. Normally, Wyatt's wardrobe consists of dark hues and white clothing pieces. He normally doesn't know the what it feels like to wear bright colors because it never wears them. Maroons, navy blues, blacks, forest greens, and grays are the typical colors in his outfits.

    Personality: Wyatt has always been a very opinionated man, who sometimes doesn’t seem to hold his tongue on matters that concern him. At times, Wyatt can be quite and listens to what other people are saying and doing. He likes to observe them in depth. Though he is a very caring and protective individual who hates to see his loved ones in pain. Once seeing them in pain, his anger level goes through the roof for the person who hurt them. However, to even reach that stage of friendship is hard with his immense trust issues. Wyatt is a hard-worker and devotes himself into getting things done, despite the obstacles in the way. He is a fast thinker, and light on his feet.

    Likes: Motorbikes, four wheeler(s), running, working out

    Dislikes: Extremely hot weather, high snow, the smell of burning flesh, being trapped

    Hobbies/Talents: Drawing, Mechanics, bartending

    Health Ailments: Allergic to Peanuts.

    Backstory: Originally a native to Russia, Wyatt was born to two parents that did not want him. He was placed for adoption rather quickly after his birth and some how was adopted by a nice, older, couple from the U.K. Wyatt was loved, but never really belonged to that family. He was always the outsider looking in on a family of four.

    His adoptive brother and sister were kind for the beginning years, but when the family moved to the united states for business, they took a turn for the worst. There was never a end to the constant bullying and harsh words, but as Wyatt grew and surpassed them both in mind and body, their words started to fade. Wyatt was no longer the small boy that was adopted out of Russia, but he was a tall man that was good at sports and fixing cars. The little brother became the big brother in height and spirit.

    Despite a family dynamic changing, Wyatt soon moved after his eighteenth birthday to Los Angeles to attend college, though he soon found that he was not suited for the college life and joined the military. Iraq was difficult and hardening on Wyatt's soul and it made him a little more rude and caused him to push people away. Coming home from war was simple, but the toll it took on his relationships with people in California was too weighing and he had to get away.

    Moving to the small town of Huntsville, Wyatt met the girl of his dreams, Carrie. She was everything, Wyatt ever wanted out of a girl- caring, loving, understanding, passionate, and of course adventurous and wild. The relationship moved fast and so did her father's anger for Wyatt. One thing led to another and the two were on the run from her insane family.

    Venturing to the small town of Redwood, Wyatt and Carrie found once they were in there was no getting out. Carrie was smart, in fact she had a masters degree in medicine, but she wasn't smart enough to listen to the locals like Wyatt. She needed out, she needed to escape the town and one night she ran out to prove that nothing was there waiting in the dark, but there was something waiting in the dark. Wyatt heard her screams and cried. His fiancee was dying and he couldn't help her.

    Now, Wyatt lives in Redwood and has for some time. It's hard, but with time he healed some and he was able to move forward.

    Significant Others: Isla Mead (Mother), Julie Mead (Sister), Henry Mead (Father) *Biological family is unknown*
    Extra: TBA
    Theme Song:

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  9. [BCOLOR=#000000]Appearance:[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]Name: Nathaniel Carton Stuart [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Age: 27[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Gender: Male[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Sexuality: Heterosexual[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Birthday: 9-20-1992[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]Brief Description:[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Usual attire: What you see in the picture above. He wears a nice short-sleeve dress shirt, a black vest, a dark red tie, black dress pants, and shiny black dress shoes.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]Personality: Nathaniel is the typical good guy. He always tries to be the best he can. He’s always help people that needs help, doesn’t matter if the person's problem is big or small, expect his help. He’s unusually stubborn person, never finding any reason to give up on something, no matter how difficult the problem.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Likes: Chocolate, solving crime, listening rain, helping people[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Dislikes: Criminals, the unknown, the idea of a corrupt police department[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Hobbies/Talents: A sharpshooter, wood carving, writer for mystery novels[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Health Ailments: Broke his left arm when he was thirteen, so that arm has a higher chance of breaking again[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=#000000]Backstory: [Can be as long or short as you want] WIP)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Significant Others: Fred M. Stuart (Father) Martha S. Lowe (Mother)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Enemies: None he knows of[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Extra: [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]His personal car[/BCOLOR]

    His Pistol
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Theme Song: [Optional][/BCOLOR]
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