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  1. Welcome to Redwood
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    A cozy little town in Michigan that harbors its own secrets. No one knows when it started or how it came to be, but everyone knows it's not safe. Once someone enters the town they can't escape as if there was a force field that enclosed the enter town. It can't be seen, only touched by those on the inside. The entirety of the town, full circle from ground to sky, is covered by the unknown invisible force so there is no digging a way out or helicopter rescue. It was said that this happened after the meteor shower a few years back, others say it was because someone dug up an ancient curse. Nonetheless, the town has an air of mystery around it.

    The civilians living here have barricaded their houses with metal plates, anything to keep the 'others' out. Everyone kept their houses well lit and completely secure from the outside at night as a precaution, which seems to have worked in their favor. After the grid went up and people started to realize no one could leave these 'creatures' started to appear. They thrive in the darkness and only come out at night since daylight harms them. They were physical beings from what people can tell considering they haven't run through walls into their homes. Still, they would bang on the walls and try to break in.
    "Don't go out at night."
    "We have an early curfew here, don't get caught in the dark."
    The townspeople would say to newcomers, hoping to save them from a gruesome fate. Some would take heed to the warnings given while others foolishly pay no mind to it and are never seen again. No one has seen the 'others' face to face to know what they are or look like. Those that have never lived long enough to tell anyone, their bodies completely taken away into the darkness.
    As members of the community everyone banded together to end the nightmare and find a way out of this godforsaken town. This was no place to live so the only option was to break free before they run out of time.

    BREAKDOWN & RULES -Everyone is an average civilian not a super soldier, multi-millionaire genius with a PhD in badassery. Make your characters unique and interesting but try not to go overboard, know what I mean? I'll love everyone regardless.
    -NO ONE GOES OUT A NIGHT. Unless you want your character to die of course~ Character death is always a possibility if someone wishes to explore that. If not, then the curfew is at 6pm so no one gets caught in the darkness.
    -Literacy. It's a thing, use it. I don't expect someone to be a Faulkner or Steinbeck but I don't want no effort put into what you write. Just give people something nice to respond to and everything will be fine and dandy. Also in your posts please include a location so people don't get mixed up with things. I'll be keeping track of the days in my posts.
    -Everyone knows each other, either just by name and face or personally. These people have been living together so obviously they aren't all complete strangers. Yes there can be children, elderly, middle aged, whatever you want. People can be a married couple or widowed, whatever you wish for it to be.
    -This isn't the Amazons. We aren't a town of only women so keep the ratios somewhat close please and thanks. The character limit is three. If you want more then just ask me, I won't bite your head off. I'd advise not to take more than you can keep up with but you already know that because you all are smart~
    -If you read everything and I mean everything, put Welcome to Redwood at the top or bottom of your character sheet.

    Two floor library stocked with a wide variety of books. No clues found.
    Town Hall

    There's a small court inside and all the town records are kept here. No clues found.

    Small museum with a dinosaur exhibit, mini aquarium, and ancient artifacts from various times and places. No clues found.
    Police Department

    Town police department doesn't have many officers. Only the sheriff, and four other officers. Inside there are two cells in the back. No clues found.

    Two floor hospital with a children's section and psych ward. Not many doctors are left since the 'others' came. All medical records are held here. No clues found.
    Residential Area

    Every house on the block that is inhabited by people has metallic shutters that can be opened and closed remotely. The shutters cover all windows and doors, anything that can be entered. No clues found.

    Residents (open)
    Memphis Carys Paderau {@kryptonicangel} STATUS:: Alive
    Nicholas Vaughn {@Moogle-Girl} STATUS:: Alive
    Kyle Lowe {@Mahariel} STATUS:: Alive
    Rory Ryan {@neptune} STATUS:: Alive
    Gretchen Ryan {@neptune} STATUS:: Alive
    Antoinette Monteclair {@Dragon Rebellion} STATUS:: Alive
    Krystelle "Kris" Alirgnon {@Brainess} STATUS:: WIP
    Wyatt Matthew Mead {@CELESTIAL✨} STATUS:: Alive
    Nathaniel Carton Stuart {@Robin man} STATUS:: WIP
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  2. And I just now told myself not to join anymore roleplays :expressionless: Gah! I hope you get players; I'll definitely be lurking. ;)
  3. I would love to do a female for this one! Woot for amazing RP's!
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  4. @Shayla You can go ahead. I'll put up the Sign-ups in just a moment :)
  5. I'm interested, but is it okay if I write a description instead of using a picture?
  6. I don't see why not~ In that case don't write a description for appearance and the short description. Just write all of it under the brief description.
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  7. Oh, nevermind, I forgot I'd gotten a commission of the character I have in mind. :o
  8. Oh okay. Have fun creating it :D
  9. I would love to be a part of this~
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  10. I would very much like to join this!

    I'd be interested in exploring a married couple dynamic in this setting if someone would like to partner up with me
    I'm comfortable playing male or female as well as same sex relationships
    I have a penchant for troubled relationships as well lol
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  11. Sorry to anyone who might have been waiting on me for anything. Yesterday was my 18th birthday and my family wanted to extend the party.

    Go right ahead and make your character!
    If you can't find anyone I'll gladly partner with you~

    @Moogle-Girl Welcome to the community the adventurer, glad to have him aboard.
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  12. I am still kinda confused what this is about??
  13. Well have you ever seen the movie called I am Legend with Will Smith? It's kind of like that except its not some kind of infection, they are forced to be there for unknown reasons, and they don't know exactly what's going on. The community has to come together to figure out what's going on and find a way to break the 'curse' so they can leave the town. I hope that helped you understand a little better.
  14. Are you still accepting? Because I'd love to join this c: Especially because it's set in my home state.
  15. Been a few days and no one has expressed interest in partnering with me but you so let's work on our characters :D
    Do you have a preferred set up for genders?
  16. I am definitely still accepting! Go ahead and make your character in the sign-ups~
    Not really. I'm just not for the fxf thing personally but anything else I'm okay with. Anything you had in mind?
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  17. Got my first character up! I'll be working on Rory's sister tomorrow sometime. Would you like me to make a new post for her or tack her onto my original? @kryptonicangel
  18. Whichever is easier for you. I must say though that he has a special place in my heart mostly because he's the first blond.
    Welcome to the community the blond lumberjack, glad to have him among us.

    @Mahariel Welcome to the community the outsider, glad to have him aboard.
  19. Oh, haha c: He's honored! Thanks for having him!
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