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  1. The sky was overcast once more, but it did not prevent the class from their excursion. In fact, the sun hadn't shined since the class had arrived. As the day went on, the clouds darkened. The class was split into different groups of seven and sent into the bush with a compass and directions to find their way. It's now getting late. The group, consisting of twins, a geek, a jock, a priss, the tech nerd and a normal girl managed to get themselves lost.

    "Crim," Acantha sighed, squinting as she glared at the clouds overhead. "It's gonna storm."

    Crimson giggled, nodding her head. The two were well behind the others, chatting softly to each other. "How long do you think it will take before they realise we're lost?"

    "I reckon about another hour or so? Perhaps?" Acan replied, shrugging. She knew she wasn't any good at estimations.​
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  2. Sierra was quite annoyed. What kind of adult would do this to a group of teenagers. The nerve. Her hands became fiss as she walked along with the others, trying to keep from screaming in anger. She heard the twins Acantha and Crimson from behind her and stopped, turning half way. "Pick up the pace! We shouldn't split up at a time like this!" She called to them.
  3. "Oh, my apologises, your Majesty," Crimson replied, bowing low. "However, I'm sure we won't be splitting up so long as we can see you. Now, thank you for your concern." With those words, Crim turned back to her giggling sister. "Now, I didn't expect that."

    "I very much doubt she really cares," Acantha sighed, stretching and yawning. "She probably just doesn't want to get into trouble for loosing us."

    Crim rolled her eyes. "So what? We're gonna get into deep shit for being late anyway."​
  4. Cas glanced nervously at the girls, "Now isn't the time to start a fight guys. Please, lets just focus on getting there." His voice was a little hushed, as if speaking to loudly would set any one of them off on him. The last thing he wanted right now was for them to start bickering, that was like ASKING for more to go wrong. He was to the middle of the group, so he glanced behind him to check how the others were keeping up. Sierra was keeping their pace pretty fast. He was a little worried about one of them falling behind and getting separated from the group.​
  5. Sierra rolled her eyes at what the girls did then heard Cas. She walked up to him and cast a worried glance at the twins. She turned back to Cas. " Sorry. I'm just upset." She told him, looking ahead now.
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