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  1. Vampires are known for having humans as prey and pets, but in this world, it's different, much different.

    There was one human in particular, Ophealia Grae (pronounced Grey) Von Faust. All the vampire covens in the world wanted her for themselves. No one knew what their purpose was for her and why they wanted her, but she was beautiful. During the ballet season she would travel the world and perform on stage. The entire world knew about her dancing and name. She wasn't one for fame nor fortune, but her passion to dance. Humans and vampires would attend these events and the more she performed in front of vampires, the more they wanted her. Vampires first started hearing about her when she first performed on stage in Paris.

    Some would say her last name originated from a legendary Siberian vampire family and coven the Von Drak and Von Faust. Historians argue that Dracula descended from this coven, but there is no evidence to prove it. Since Ophealia had such a legendary last name vampires thought by having her they would become powerful and eventually gain world domination over the rest of the vampires.

    Ophealia Grae Von Faust was at her last ballet performance in New York City. The entire show had an elegant and gothic feel to it, her ballet attire was beautiful flow-like and covered in black lace. Her was tied back into a bun with only a few stray strands hanging lose in front of her face and her eyes were adorned with beautiful gothic makeup. The classical music filled the entire theater. As she danced, she felt the audiences eyes gaze upon her in awe at her beauty and talent. It was as if she was the star of the show and she was. As the song came to an end, she finished with an amazing pirouette and a jump that made everyone's jaw drop.

    Ophealia started dancing from the time she could walk and still continues now at the age of 20. Her life had its up and downs, she lost her best friend and dance partner, Eric when she was in middle school. From then on she promised to continue dancing for both her and friend, it was the only thing she had next to her mother who had passed away to cancer just a year ago. Her father was killed in a car crash when she was a few months old.

    As the curtain was drawn, she gave the audience her last few bows as they threw flowers to her and stepped off stage. Her assistant grabbed the flowers from the stage and handed them to her as she was grabbing her belongings from backstage. Throwing on her coat, she waited inside for her driver to take her and her assistant home. As they were waiting she was greeted by the audience and congratulated on a wonderful performance. She felt the eyes of vampires watching her as they too wanted to congratulate her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw one of them looking at her and she could sense it was a male, but didn't fully look at him since she was in deep conversation.

    "Come Opheallia, the car is here. Amazing show tonight as always. Eric and your parents would be proud of her."
    said her assistant leading her through the crowd and into the car. As Ophealia was being lead to the car she saw who was looking at her. He was so beautiful yet seemed mysterious. As the car pulled off she couldn't help but continue to stare at him.
  2. Clemente was only a boy when the Elder of the Coven, found him, he was abandoned by his own family. No one cared for him nor fif they love him until The Elder came along, Clemente wasn't scared of the mysterious man that came to his rescue, but rather joyful and happy. Now 20, Clemente Edoardo Ettore, was turned by the Elder at the age of 19, which was Clemente's choice, he wanted to become one of them, he lived with Vampires his entire life.

    "Look it's Ophealia Grae Von Faust! She's on stage, the most beautiful human on this blsated earth, don't you agree Clemente?" said his friend, he looked up and saw the woman dancing but really didn't have much care for wanting a human as a "pet" as the Vampires would call it. "Yeah she is.." he said not paying attention, but he could smell her sent run to his nose. He looked up and stared for a while, 'She is quite something.' he thought to himself. And he walked off.

    Clemente was an only child to the Elder, his parents was killed when he was just 3 years old, in a brutal car accident on their way home, he was left out side of his Aunts and Unlces house and became homeless at the age of 9 or 10 until The Elder found him, in time Clemente grew on The Elder and treated him as one of his own, training him, teaching Clemente his ways, and respect and power, on Clemente's 19th birthday, The Elder gave him the greatest gift he could ever ask for...to become a Vampire.

    Clemente walked out side of the theatre and stood against the walls, "Why do I even come to these things. It's not like I'm going to pick a human to become my pet anytime soon." he grunted, chuckling at the thought of the point of having a human as a pet. He knew that soon Ophealia was going to become someones pet, she had to choose, not the Vampires. It was against the tradition, for thousands of years humans choose their master or something of that sort to be his forever and it was their choosing whether the Vampire wanted to change the human and take her as his own.

    He could hear the people chatter all about Ophealia's proformance, he smelt her scent again, he sat up and looked through the people crowding around her, her assistant came from behind her and her car arrived behind him he stepped back and watched her as she walked past him, getting a whift of her scent that brushed against his nose. He saw her staring at him, and he did the same, he stared into her eyes and then scanned her, she must have done the same because as she was driving away she didn't let her eyes off of him.

    "Clemente, Clemente!" said his friend, Clemente looked at him and said "Yeah..what do you want?" he said with annoyed tone in his voice, "I want her so bad Clemente, I could just taste it! Me and Ophealia Grae Von Faust together at last! She'll fit perfectly as my pet!" he said with a smile and laughter. Clemente looked at him and said "Sure man, whatever you said bro." he said and started walking away.
  3. After he was out of her sight she came back to reality and turned around to sit normal in the seat. "So tired and my feet are killing me." as she started to take off her ballet her shoes and throw on a warm regular pair. "Make sure my schedule is clear tomorrow, I'm going to do what ever I want and you can't stop." she said with assertiveness.

    "Of course." and with that Ophealia closed her eyes for a bit until she got home. For some reason she couldn't take her mind off of Clemente. It was as if her soul was calling him to her.

    As the car slowed down and parked in front of the building, she opened her eyes and stepped out. "Good evening." said the bell hop.
    "Good evening" she said back and made her way up to the penthouse. Once inside she ran a hot bath, threw rose petals inand put on some soft music along with some candles that were burning. Her assistant was tired as well and immediately went home to her own apartment. Ophealia liked living alone, it was peaceful and perfect. If she ever had to live with someone it would be with someone whom she really loved. As she relaxed her mind went back to Clemente, her mom and Eric.
  4. Ophealia's scent couldn't leave his nose and it was bothering him, "Hmm.." he said while walking by himself, his mind was fixed on her, remembering how she dance even though it was only a glance that he made of her. She was beautiful alright, he would give her that but he knew that some Vampire had his eyes on her and that was his best friend, he laughed at that thought but was concerned for her saftey as well, knowing his friend he would be to rough with her and possibly hurt, then Clemente would have to hurt him badly.

    *HONK* *HONK* he heard a car pull up beside him, "Get in, lets get home." said Selene, which was one of his friends that has a huge crush on him, she was older, alot older, but she looked around in her early 20's, Selene took care of Clemente when they found him, and Selene grew strong feeling for him which he knew it but should no attention toward it, "Yes ma'am." he said while getting into the car.

    They got home finally, only living with a couple of friends that included Selene, "She was something else wasn't she Clemente." she said in a jealous voice, "You going to choose this year?" she continued, staring at him, he looked back and said "If I haven't choosen a human for myself and they haven't choosen me, then why would I start now." he said while taking off his jacket and then his shirt. He could tell that Selene didn't want him to choose and was happy that he wasn't, but he didn't say no for her.

    Clu went into his room and layed on his bed, and closed his eyes, a picture of Ophealia popped into his head. She was dancing on stage again and her staring at him as she was getting into her care and continued to stare at him. Their was something different about her but he didn't want to be a bother and find out, she was going to be someones, he didn't know who but she was. "She is beautiful..haha..wow.." he chuckled and got up and started to take a shower.
  5. After 30 minutes or so, Ophealia finally got out of the bath and got ready for bed. Throwing on silk pajamas and a robe to match, she grabbed her journal and started to write down her thoughts once she was under the covers. Most of them contained Clemente since that was all she could think about. Writing down her last few words, closing the journal and setting it aside, massaging her feet one last time, getting comfortable in bed she immediately closed her eyes.

    As she slept her dreams were now filled with Clemente, making her night amazing as she slept. For some reason her dreams told her that he was a vampire and when she awoke the next morning hopping on the computer she started to research local vampire covens to see if she could find him. There were only three covens in her area and she clicked on each one. The last coven she clicked on had the coven members' pictures, scrolling down she found him. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw him. He was even more beautiful since she only saw him out of the corner of her eye. Looking for contact information, which she did, she decided to send him an email

    Good day Mr Ettore,
    My name is Ophealia Grae Von Faust and I'm guessing you know who I am already. I'm contacting for several reasons, well for one reason really and that is to see if we could meet privately in person. Ever since I saw you last night after the concert, I couldn't take my mind off of you and I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps you can explain it to me? Much appreciated.

    She knew about the vampires wanting her from the media reports, but that didn't bother her much, in fact not at all. Stepping away from the computer she decided to make breakfast and watch a movie so her thoughts weren't on Clemente and him replying to her email.
  6. After 25 mins Clemete got out of the shower, and walked to his dresser and only grabbed his boxers and gym shorts and put them on after he dried himself off. He was getting tired even more, so he walked to his bed and layed down turning off the light and just layed on his back. He looked over and saw the moon still up, and he pictured Ophealia and his parents as well, he smiled and said with a faint voice "Goodnight.." and closed his eyes. His dream was weird, he dreamnt of Ophealia, which meant something, he dreamed that him and Ophealia met somewhere and started talking with each other but knowing his mind it was only just a dream.

    He opened his eyes and looked at the clock, 12:45PM, he looked up at the sealing, and sighed "Well shit..what now..?" He got up and walked over to his desk, where his Laptop was sitting on, and opened it up. He went on his email to see what was on their and noticed the first the that popped up, was Ophealia's name, "Huh?" he said with a confused look on his face, "How the hell did she find my email address? She must done something.." he said to himself. He clicked on the email and read it and it said..

    Good day Mr Ettore,
    My name is Ophealia Grae Von Faust and I'm guessing you know who I am already. I'm contacting for several reasons, well for one reason really and that is to see if we could meet privately in person. Ever since I saw you last night after the concert, I couldn't take my mind off of you and I'm not sure what it is. Perhaps you can explain it to me? Much appreciated.

    She wanted to meet him privately, he sat there in shock, wondering if his dream was true or if it's his mind playing tricks on him so he replied,

    Good day Ms. Von Faust,
    I have received your email and is interested on meet you privately. I remember you from last night and I felt the same way,
    I don't know how or what it is but I couldn't get you off my mind either but I would like to meet to explain what this is.
    What time and place would like to meet, ma'am?

    Clemente Edoardo Ettore
  7. As the movie was half way through she heard her email notification go off, running over to the computer with high hopes that he had responded. Sitting down and typing in her password, the first thing she was the email from Clemente.

    Good day Ms. Von Faust,
    I have received your email and is interested on meet you privately. I remember you from last night and I felt the same way,
    I don't know how or what it is but I couldn't get you off my mind either but I would like to meet to explain what this is.
    What time and place would like to meet, ma'am?

    Clemente Edoardo Ettore

    Sitting in shock that he felt the same way about her she sat there thinking of how to reply, she finally wrote:

    It would be a pleasure, thank you for
    responding. I wasn't sure if you were going to reply at all. My address is 543 4th Avenue, how about in an hour.

    Smiling happy she sat back in the chair and let out a sigh of relief. Now what to wear, thinking to herself as she figured out what would be perfect. But, wait wouldn't the other vampires know that he's coming here and do I need to buy blood. All of these thoughts were going through her head. Taking things slow she got ready and quickly went to the store to buy refreshments. Whenever she went out in public no one really bothered her, except for the vampire paparazzi.
  8. His notification from his email went off, through his music that he was listening to, he clicked on his email and it was her.

    It would be a pleasure, thank you for responding. I wasn't sure if you were going to reply at all. My address is 543 4th Avenue, how about in an hour.

    He smiled when she replied back to his email, and looked at her name for quite sometime before he replied back.

    Yes ma'am I shall be their within the hour.


    He was kinda excited about all this, but then again he knew that the others would find out eventually including Selene. But he didn't really care about all that, he knew that if they messed with him or layed a single hand on him The Elder would have their heads on a plate, which made him smile. He walked into the closet and looked at all the clothes infront of him, "Hmm..what to wear." he said thinking, he grabbed a pair of nice pants and a nice T-Shirt and a very nice pair of shoes. He did his hair and brushed his teeth, put on come cologne, for some aparent reason he didn'y know why.

    He walked down stairs and to the counter and got his keys and walked to the garge, he stopped and felt for his phone, "Damn it...I need that to find her house...dumbass." he said to himself so he ran all the way back up stairs and ramsacked his room to find his phone, "Their you are!" he said grabbing it off the floor. He hawled ass back down stairs to the garage and the car, he got in and put on the night shade mod for his car, he turned on his GPS and typed in her address not knowing that she was pretty close to his place, only 30 mins away. He emailed her through his phone,

    On my way. 40 mins or less.

  9. She was already out buying groceries and she wouldn't get his email till she got back to the house. Paying for a bottle of blood and some other items she noticed the paparrazi taking pictures of her, "Great! Just great!" she said silently as she handed the cashier the cash and immediately walked out the store. They were following her and kept asking her questions why she bought the bottle of blood.

    "That is none of your concern" was the only response she had given.

    Another asked her when her next concert would be. "Not until the ballet starts again, dates and locations not confirmed as yet."

    They bombarded her with questions until she got inside the building.

    "They never me alone" she said relieved, "Next time, I'm taking the car." placing the keys down.

    Checking her email one last time she saw his note and she exclaimed noticing the time, "Crap, he'll be here in less than 10 minutes." Quickly putting away groceries, doing a little straightening, and finally putting a black long dress and simple jewelry she was ready for his arrival.
  10. Clemente arrived at a beautiful house, "Holy shit..nice house." he said with a smirk. He was nervous with a little excitement but the rest was just nerves shooting through his body, "Ok..you ready Clemente?" he said to himself, and turning of the car as he parked it in her drive way, "Here we go." he said while getting out of the car, he looked up at the beautiful house and he could smell her scent, that beautiful scent from last night.

    He walked up to the front door and knocked twice and rang the door bell once. "Ms. Ophealia, it's me, Clemente Edoardo Ettore." he said with a nervous tone, and slapped his hand on his forehead, "Of course she knows it's you, dumbass. She's the one who sent you the email." he said to himself, that was the nerves talking. He knocked one more time, noticing on the corner of his eye that someone was at the corner of the road. "Hmm.." he said with a caution look, and then saw movement in the house, "Ok..Ok..stay calm bro." he said while taking deep breathes.
  11. Just as she was putting on her shoes she heard the knock. "One moment" she called out. Once her shoes were on, she came to the door and opened it, "Please come in." she smelt his cologne and it was very nice. "Clemente, may I get you anything to eat or drink? Please sit anywhere you like." she forgot that she had left the television on and a report about her came on. Racing over she turned it off, "I hate the vampire paparrazi, always watching my every move. I don't get it. Humans don't do that to me."

    The dress she was wearing accentuated her figure, she wasn't anorexic like most ballerinas, in fact it was her natural body and core strength that made her a wonderful dancer.


  12. imagesCA88YDK7.jpg


    As she opened the door he was suprised on how beautiful she looked in person, face to face, he smiled and walked through the door, "Yes ma'am, and no ma'am I'm fine, just water please." he said staring into her eyes. He heard the TV going on about Ophealia and caught a glimpse of it and chuckled, "Vampires are very stubborn and butts their nose into anything they get themselves into, haha" he said smiling, he sat down in a chair and he was playing with his hands, that's a sign of nevousness.

    "So how did you find about me, if you don't mind me asking? And beautiful house, by the way." he said and staring at her beautiful form. His style in clothing wasn't all fancy but it was just right, he wasn't skinny like the rest of the coven or too stocky but he had a atheletic body that made him who he is, he was hoping it suited her taste of his style.
  13. "Water it is, guess that bottle of blood wasn't necessary." she said with a chuckle. "Yea, it can be very annoying." giving him a soft smile. She noticed his nervousness and sat next to him, "No need to be nervous around me." trying to calm him down.

    "Research of local covens, wasn't hard actually since there are only three in close by. Oh thanks, I suppose it's a big for me since I live here alone. But I just love the view of the city." she said admiring his attire. "I must your different from most vampires, mysterious. Great style of clothing as well. Your other coven members don't really understand you, do they." She was just rambling since she too was nervous.
  14. "Sometimes yeah, but my father understands me more than anyone, including those that raised me when I was a boy and well I was human til I was 19 and no one really understood why my father turned me but I did.." he said and when she sat next to him in made him even more nervous, "Haha you think this is big, you should check out my place, it's huge and that's with 8 other people, which are my friends, living with me, haha." he said with a chuckle in the middle of it. He was trying to make a converation but was thinking that he was boring her with is blabbering and everything.

    "So tell me, why was it that I was on your mind last night and that you where on mine? Did you cast a spell on me? Haha" he said chuckling and jokingly.
  15. "Newborn vampire, interesting." she noticed she was making him even more nervous and she sat in a chair across from him. "Really, 8 others huh? Sounds like a party. To bad I don't have much of a social life cause of my dancing. And when it's not ballet season, I'm usually planning events for the next season. Sometimes I wish my life wasn't like that, but dancing is my life." He wasn't boring her at all, in fact she was enjoying it.

    "There was something different about you, not most humans or vampires have. I've never encountered a beautiful vampire such as yourself and I feel as if we had a connection just from us looking at each other. If you know what I mean and no I didn't cast a spell on you."
  16. She got up and sat across from him and looked at him, she was a very beautiful woman indeed, her body form was perfect. "Well you hang around me long enough you have a fun and exciting life, well I hope." he said with a nervous laugh, and he looked at her into her eyes and continued, "Haha, I was hopping not so. And I know what you mean, things like this doesn't happen very often, well I beleive this is the first time this has happened. I mean us Vampires always dream and stuff about you humans but I've never do so, and this was a first which kinda suprised me in a way." he said with a chuckle, he dress was beautiful, it was black his favorite color along with gray, but he noticed that the skirt was showing a part of herself that he shouldn't see, which was her panties, and he turned his head to the left to not stare and be rude and said, "Um..ma'am your skirt is showing a peice of you, and I swear I wasn't staring, I promise." he said while blushing.

    He got up and still blushing even more, "I'm sorry madam, I-I-I swear I wasn't looking, please forgive me and don't think I'm like all the others." he said stuttering his words. "I beleive I should leave, I just embrassed myself and insulted your presense. I do apologize." he said while staring into her eyes, and faced the door and walking toward it.
  17. "I wouldn't mind that actually and no they don't. That's why I took this opportunity to talk to you and meet you. While I was on stage, I noticed you left the theater, you were the very first one to do that. This is a first for me as well. Perhaps this is a sign that you and I are meant to be." Looking down, she blushed a bit and stood behind the chair to fix it. "Forgive me for that. I didn't realize that because I was in a rush getting ready for your arrival. No it's okay, please stay. I'm not upset or mad, things like this happen and you didn't insult me. Come on Clemente, I don't have much friends nor family. Having company is something rare for me." grabbing his arm she pulled him back.
  18. She grabbed Clemente's arm and pulled him back, he was shocked at the fact that she touched him, he was never touched by a human since he was a vampire. "Yes ma'am, I'll stay." he turned around and his hand brushed against her's him feeling her warmth against his cold skin, she was soft and smooth. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to let my mind wonder like that. Please forgive me." he said staring into her eyes and realized how close they where to each other, he could smell her perfume and he can hear her heart beat, she seemed nervous.

    "You told me not to be nervous but your heart is beat 100 miles per hour. You ok?" he said with a smirk on his face. "So what do you have in mind for our day today?" he said noticing his hand was still against hers and he let his hand down and blushed.
  19. "It's fine, stop apologizing and you're forgiven. Maybe I am little nervous, but I don't show it on the outside, little trick I learned from dancing. Well I don't have much today, I figured I would hang here and relax, get to know you some more, unless you have things to do." she said noticing her hand was still on him. She didn't mind his cold skin, in fact it was nice to touch.
  20. "No I don't have anything else to do today, I don't mind hanging her with today and getting to know you more." he said with a smile. She was different and he knew that, but was afraid of something but didn't know what it was, but he didn't pay attention to it. "So what do you want to know about me?" he asked until his phone rang. He looked at the phone and saw who it was..it was Selene.

    "Oh..no.." he said in an annoyed voice, he picked it up, "Yeah?" he said throwing his head back. "Hey..where are you I came into your room and you weren't their?" she said in a concern voice, "Just chilling with someone..a friend." he said back, looking at Ophealia and acted like his fingers was a gun and pointed to his head and pulled the trigger. "What friend?" she said curiously, "Just a friend Selene. You don't have to know all my friends you know." he said in a very annoyed voice. She didn't like that at all, she rolled her eyes, "Ok, Clemente, I just worry about you. I care for you alot every since you where a boy. Please be careful, hun?" she said, Clemente rolled his eyes and mimicked what she said, "I know and I will. I got to go." he said and hung up.

    "I'm so so sorry about that, I'll put my phone on vibrate so no one will bother us." he said to Ophealia, and shook his head in disapointment in himself.
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