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  1. Hello!

    I've been writing for 12+ years, and have done all sorts of genres. My first few stories were X-Men, before moving on to different genres. Though comics have always been my "go to" if I'm in the mood for writing but don't have concrete ideas. In fact, check out my Fanfiction profile or the story links below, which will give you an idea of how I write.

    Here is the list of RPs I currently have going:
    Rogue & Remy LeBeau: The Queen of Gambit's Heart (w/Wicked_"Innocence") (20+ posts)
    Watchmen: Rorschach's Journal (w/Faithviper) (no reply)
    Wolverine & Shadowcat: The Long Way Home (w/xSiryn) (3 posts)

    Craving 1
    Immortals (aka "The Highlander Rip-off" Idea)

    This is my #1 craving right now, and there's a few ways we can go about it.

    Immortal x Mortal Woman
    Setting: WW1, WW2, 1950s-90s, Present
    Two immortals have battled for centuries, but the rules dictate that they cannot kill one another directly (e.g. if one of them shot a gun at the other, it would mysteriously jam). At some time in the 20th century, one of the immortals finally finds love. . . but what happens when he is unable to properly defend her from an enemy he cannot kill?

    Immortal x Immortal (M x F)
    After the end of a long, bloody war that has spanned decades. . . the two remaining immortals are supposed to clash for the final battle. However, they would rather settle down and spend the rest of their endless lives in peace (and in love). What they don't know, is there is another immortal who has watched from the shadows the entire time.

    Craving 2
    WW2 Pairing
    The Germans are on the brink of winning the Second World War. The Allies are on their knees. The Soviet Union has collapsed. And the world's last hope is a British soldier sent behind enemy lines... and his bad-ass, Nazi-killing female companion. Can they stop the endless German war machine? Perhaps not, but they're going to go down fighting... together.

    Craving 3
    Battle Royale

    I love this movie, and I used to obsess over it when I was a wean. For this one, I'd probably prefer setting it other than Japan. Perhaps the concept proved to be so successful, that it was outsourced to various other countries in the world?
    Anyway. My ideal pairing would be Bad Boy x Good Girl, with the pair striking up an unlikely alliance to survive. Maybe he turns on his gang, when they decide to have some 'fun' with the poor girl.

    Craving 4
    Resident Evil
    I'm looking for a story set during the Racoon City days of Resident Evil (aka when the games were good). Zombies. Mutated animals. And tyrants wandering about, being a nuisance. Obviously need someone familiar with the games, locations and who doesn't mind playing the occasional NPC to keep things interesting.

    Craving 5
    Dark Knight Remix

    I loved The Dark Knight and the first half of The Dark Knight Rises. The second-half sort of fell apart, but what I'm looking to do is 'remake' Rises. Bane can still be the villain, and/or we can bring back the Joker. For this one, I'm mostly looking for Batman x Catwoman, or perhaps introduce Harley in to this universe? Though I am open to other suggestions, but it will take a lot of convincing. . .

    These are the shows I have watched in the last year:
    ► Batman: The Animated Series (aka the greatest cartoon ever made)
    ► Aquarius
    ► Better Call Saul
    ► Fargo
    ► Gotham
    ► Pokémon (reliving my childhood through Netflix...)
    ► Stranger Things
    ► The Americans
    ► The Flash
    ► The Walking Dead
    ► X-Files
    ► X-Men (1990s)

    And the games I've been playing:
    ► Batman: Arkham Knight
    ► Fallout: New Vegas
    ► Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain
    ► Uncharted 2
    ► Wolfenstein: The New Order / The Old Blood

    I'm not really looking for fandoms at the minute (except for the above exceptions).

    N.B. I haven't seen Civil War yet.
    ► Captain America x Black Widow
    --> Check out my "Captain America: Noir Fiction" short story on my fanfiction profile (it's under "Marvelous Tales and Bed Time Stories, Vol. 1"). This would be a blast to turn in to a full story.
    ► Captain America x Peggy Carter
    ► Bruce Banner x Black Widow
    ► Bruce Banner x Scarlett Witch

    X-Men / Marvel
    I have watched all X-Men films except Apocalypse...
    ► Wolverine x Rogue
    ► Wolverine x Jean Grey
    ► Wolverine x Black Widow
    ► Wolverine x Emma Frost
    ► Wolverine x Kitty Pryde
    ► Wolverine x Mystique
    ► Magneto x Mystique
    ► Magneto x Rogue
    ► Gambit x Rogue
    ► Gambit x Belladonna
    ► Gambit x Jean Grey
    ► Iceman x Rogue
    ► Iceman x Kitty Pryde
    ► Colossus x Kitty Pryde
    ► Colossus x OC
    ► Cyclops x Jean Grey
    ► Cyclops x Emma Frost

    Haven't seen Suicide Squad either...
    ► Batman x Catwoman
    ► Batman x Batgirl
    ► Joker x Harley Quinn

    ► Rorschach x Silk Spectre II
    ► Rorschach x OC
    ► The Comedian x Silk Spectre I
    ► The Comedian x OC

    The Walking Dead
    ► Shane x Andrea
    ► Shane x Maggie
    ► The Governor x Andrea
    ► The Governor x OC
    ► Rick x Andrea
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  2. Still looking.
  3. Curious to know your ideas for Captain America and Black widow! Also, the link to your fan fiction lrofile unfortunately doesn't work. :/
  4. I am interested in the Film Noir category.
    Rival Gangster x Mob Daughter is really interesting me.
  5. I'm also new here so welcome aboard too!

    Just gonna copy and paste what pairings I'm confident about and interested in brainstorming and roleplaying with you.

    List (open)


    ► Bruce Banner x Scarlett Witch

    X-Men / Marvel

    ► Wolverine x Rogue

    ► Wolverine x Jean Grey

    ► Wolverine x Kitty Pryde

    ► Gambit x Rogue

    ► Iceman x Rogue

    ► Iceman x Kitty Pryde

    ► Colossus x Kitty Pryde

    ► Colossus x OC

    ► Cyclops x Jean Grey

    The Walking Dead

    ► Shane x Maggie
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  6. I like this idea, may I PM you?
  7. Thanks, but I'm only looking for fandom RPs for now.
  8. I'm looking for Cap players ALL the time for my Winter Soldier (cap can be male or female I don't mind gender bend) but I play Bucky as a duuuude ... Would you be interested in playing cap and Bucky (doesn't have to be romantically I want to explore winter soldiers character and how he and capcope with everything they've been through and where they go from here) I have an into check thread with a couple of plot ideas and things if you're interested (on mobile can't link right now do pm me if interested)
  9. I'm not much of a Bucky fan, to be honest.
  10. Hi! So, I know you said you don't do Canon X OC, but I have a character I created that I've developed over time, and I promise she's not Mary Sue. It's the daughter of Harley Quinn and the Joker(she's actually mentioned in the comics so she's technically cannon). If this seems like something you might be interested in, please PM me! I'm flexible with story line, and love to work with my RP partners on plot. :)
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  11. Harley x Joker RP. Interested. Shoot me a PM if you're still looking.
  12. I would absolutely love to do Captain America x Peggy Carter. ^~^
  13. I would love to do a Rorschach x OC if that is still free.
  14. Looks like I have space for one or two more RPs.
  15. New ideas. This is not a bump.
  16. Added the WW2 idea. Still craving them all.
  17. I'm still looking for all of the ideas, especially the first one.
  18. Looking for Batman RPs.
  19. I'm interested in doing something with Immortals but similar to Hancock
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