Dark Insurgence (Runaway/Supernatural RP)

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Where do you want the story to kick off?

  1. At the breakout; I wanna kick some science ass!

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  2. After the breakout; how we're coping with the outside world is more important to me.

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  3. Before the breakout; what's going on in the facility before we break out?

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  1. In the year 1956, mankind discovered the supernatural. Magic. Monsters. Ghosts. Demons. At first, they feared it. And then, they wanted it for their own. By 1964, most of the major superpowers of the world were in possession of various samples of supernaturals, ranging from cultivated werewolf packs to talismans that could raise armies of the dead. By 1989, the powers of the world each had their own supernatural program, preparing for a war ultimately more devastating than any nuclear holocaust. Yet somehow, peace reigned till 2024. The nations of the world refrained from unleashing their arsenals, while the feral supernatural community remained in fear of any government-sponsored purges. And then, the American arsenal was sabotaged. Five assets escaped their containment facility, grouping together and going off the grid. The information pertaining to the American Project: Penumbra's prison break was leaked to the international community, who immediately set about searching for the assets.

    After all. The Americans had one of the biggest supernatural arsenals in the world. How valuable could five of their weapons be? Priceless...

    Hello and welcome, everyone, to Dark Insurgence! As the above text suggests, the five players involved play as five lab-grown supernaturals who escaped from an American containment facility for supernatural objects and creatures. Designed to be weapons of mass destruction, they are being sought by governments across the globe who seek to gain their powers.

    From genetically-modified monsters to technologically-enhanced wizards, these five runaways will be faced with challenges, inside themselves and from their enemies.​

    Character Sheet (open)

    (14-55 years)
    Race: (cyborgs count as human)
    Appearance: (pictures preferred, descriptions welcome)
    Brief Bio: (2-3 paragraphs)

    • Obey the GM, rules, and Co-GMs (should they exist).
    • Obey the laws of physics, for they rule us all.
    • Be nice to others on the OOC (trash talk is fine, so long as it stays playful and not hurtful).
    • No harassment.
    • Stick to the limits of your character. Some battles can't be won with sheer force, and some can't be won at all.
    • STAY ACTIVE. I cannot stress this enough. It's good to have a life and other RPs, but make sure to post on the OOC, have discussions, and enjoy your character on the IC!
    • The writing level here is Intermediate-Adept. If I see that your CS is terribly written, I'll reject you on the spot unless you can fix it and maintain that standard throughout your time here.
    • Delete the parentheses if you copy the skeleton onto your post.

    Bestiary (open)
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  2. Question: your rules say teens aren't allowed? Does that stand, or was it a copy-paste thing?
  3. GAH! FIX! NOW!
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  5. There we go. Please feel free to note anything else I missed!
  6. No problem! I was about to be really sad about that rule, haha! XD
  7. @The Philosoraptor So I'm having a difficult time finding any supernatural creatures that I might want to use. Do you have suggestions?
  8. I am a tad worried about how far adult content will go in this RP, especially when I have a teen so enthusiastic about this. But I'm confident things won't get too bad.
  9. Well, do you have any particular interests? Werewolves? Fairies? Esoteric ultrademons?
  10. I was thinking dabbling with faeries, but I don't know much about them past Tinkerbell. XD
  11. Oh, my dear, there's so much more! The Unseelie, the Seelie. Goblins, Undine, Trolls, Kings and Queens! The Faerie world is so full of torturous delight!

    If I might suggest a plot thread, perhaps faeries in this world are a form of inherently magical beings oriented towards the natural world. Residing in hills, the Unseelie are breeds that live in the underground (dark elves, trolls, etc.), while the Seelie reside on the top of the hill (pixies, elves, etc.). The most powerful breed, hypothetically, would be the Seelie and Unseelie fae, humanoids that are heavily oriented towards manipulating primal magic, though on different ends of the spectrum (Seelie fae grow and cultivate life, while the Unseelie are predatory and hurt the living). The American supernatural program (dammit, I'm still working on the name!) tasked itself with creating a form of superfairy, combining the best qualities of the two breeds of fae to gain a mastery of faeries as a whole. Your character, if you're okay with this background, would perhaps be a hybrid fae, whose blood is constantly fighting itself. You'd have wildly strong magic (perhaps a much weaker physique), but an equally wild mind. Perhaps you're tormented by your Unseelie disposition towards hurting others while your Seelie side is horrified by your actions.

    Any of this sound good?
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  12. That sounds perfect! I'll start working on a character.
  13. Name: Bradley Carmichael
    Age: 33; born April 14, 1991
    Race: Vampire
    Untransformed (open)

    Transformed (open)

    Gender: Male
    Brief Bio: Bradley Carmichael has never known a life beyond vampirism. Few can claim to have torn themselves out of the womb as a vampire, and even fewer can claim to have survived after. But Bradley was made to survive. From birth till death, he will survive...

    Vampires are as varied as snowflakes. Across the world, each nation has its own culture of vampires, no two quite the same, and some radically different. The generally human-looking Common European breed could never be mistaken for the monstrous Alaskan Nightstalker, while a recently discovered New Zealand breed more closely resembles a giant than a vampire. Yet all vampires have their weaknesses, and their relatively recent exposure to humanity has only led to further exploitation of these weaknesses. This rather common knowledge has left vampires in their natural forms mostly useless to world governments seeking military application. That is, except for the United States of America.

    Seeking to compete with the legendary successes the Chinese had with genetically modified breeds of local vampires, the American Project: Penumbra sought to create a form of super-vampire, combining the DNA of multiple prominent species of vampire into one. These experiments were largely failures, creating monstrous beasts or imperfect aberrations. That is, until the perfect subject was born: Bradley Carmichael. Infected with an experimental strain of vampirism during the first trimester, Bradley's mother died before making it to the second; Bradley's swift development into a vampiric fetus rendered him unsafe for traditional gestation, and ultimately killed his mother. Thus, he spent his remaining development in a tank under the careful supervision of a research team. When he was finally "born", much was gleaned from his physiology: He resembled a human under normal circumstances, similarly to a Common European. However, when stimulated, he entered a transformed, predatory state, like several of the more primal breeds associated with remote vampire breeds, though perhaps to a lesser extent. His bite was extremely venomous, and could kill within seconds of fluid-fluid contact with a human. Bradley's skin was highly durable, and even when broken could "catch" projectiles and seal the wound rapidly. Carmichael's senses were far beyond anything seen in nature: his vision spectrum was far superior to humans and many vampires, ranging from infrared to ultraviolet, and his eyes could normally see twice as far as any human; his sense of smell was unrivaled, and could even be used to discern blood types. In terms of physical feats, he could lift several tons, and the talons present in his transformation made his strength twice as dangerous. As well, he could easily outpace a sports car going at 100 mph, and was clocked going 150 mph at his maximum. As well, along with these strengths came virtually no side effects. The common vampiric allergies to sunlight and silver were completely absent in Bradley, the result of different breeds of vampire balancing each other.

    However, despite the massive successes present in Bradley, they were offset by some prominent issues. Wild vampires are largely immortal, being technically "dead", giving them a general immunity to weapons like guns and tasers. This benefit is uniquely absent in Bradley, who is destined to grow and die like a human. Furthermore, he is far more vulnerable to conventional weapons like electricity, guns, and poisons, which can still affect his very alive body. Furthermore, his hyper-aggressive and narcissistic behavior frequently put him at odds with his overseers, who frequently had to replace their security details when they kept getting eaten. So Bradley remained in a maximum-security facility for 33 years, released only on rare occasions to be shown off to potential investors or for those truly rare missions where his particular skills were necessary. That is, until, the power went out in the facility Bradley was trapped in. And someone forgot to lock the door...
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  14. So, that's an example of what a character would look like: a highly advanced variant of a naturally occurring supernatural phenomenon.

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  15. Well, so far I've only retained two people from the Interest Check. I don't see why not.
  16. I'll be working on my CS tonight! Do you mind if I PM you some ideas to try and narrow down the race?
  17. I'm still here, just trying to figure out which idea to go with.
  18. So we're at seven now... 'Kay. I'm cutting it off here. NO MORE AFTER @WitchcraftIsScience!
    Well, if you're having any trouble, feel free to ask for some input! Kimsim had some trouble, and she found something she liked.
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