Dark Heresy; Storm beyond the Walls.

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    • It is 744.M41 on the fringe of Segmentum Pacificus.


      You have all been gathered together over the period of a single solar year by the Inquisitrix Patrina Homza to form a special unit and are now en-route to a world known only by the codename 'Shadowdown' provided by the Inquisitrix in a brief intelligence package.

      There you will be tested. There you will be pushed.

      You will run down, and cleanse, the Heretical Cult known only as the Despairing. If you die you die serving the emperor. If you are victorious you will claim your place in the service of the Inquisition in the Inquisitors service. If you run for it, you will spend the last of your days fearing the very wrath of the Emperor's most feared servants... but not for long.​

    • The rules are as follows.

      1. All players begin with new characters, instead of 400xp they get 1000xp to spend.
      2. For stats we are going with a point allocation system, each stat starts at the base value for your homeworld and you have 100 points to allocate to your stats. You may allocate a maximum of 20 to any one stat. Example: A Feral Worlder would have a Strength of 25 before spending points. A Void Born would have 15.
      3. You're permitted to use classes and homeworlds from the following. Core Rulebook, Inquisitors Handbook, Radical's Handbook, Book of Judgement.
      4. You're permitted to use the homeworlds, but not classes (or Background packages) from the Blood of Martyrs, Lathe Worlds or Lost Dataslate.
      5. The Daemonhunters and Ascension book cannot be used in any capacity.
      6. The Career of Adepta Sororitas also cannot be used.
      7. Equipment may only be chosen from the Core Rulebook. Let's keep the goodies from the others as something to look forwards to eh ;)
      8. All characters have to be approved.

      • Inquisitrix Patrina Homza; Inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus
      • Commander Gordian Feazelle; Commander of Patrina's personal guard.

    • TBA

    • None yet. Will you be the first conscript of Inquisitrix Patrina Homza?

    • None yet. Will the dice gods command your doom?

    • Roll20 Campaign Link
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  1. NOTE:

    The Schedule will be set for Saturday Australian time. Communication OOC during a session will be conducted using Steam. The IC will be transcribed here onto IWAKU ;)

    NOTE 2: This post will be edited with a character sheet you can copy and use as a template for your own characters.
  2. Sounds fun. I am quite interested.
  3. I take it you're familiar with Warhammer 40'000 Dark Heresy?
  4. Somewhat. I know of the Warhammer, The golden throne and the heresy but I can read up if we are actually doing this ^-^ Mech priest!
  5. You'd need copies of the Dark Heresy rulebooks as well ;)
  6. I can buy the pdfs next week ^_^
  7. Nice, now to see how further interest goes :D
  8. Reserve me an spot please as I end reading the rules and stuff
  9. I think.... but guess there's some issues with time zone...
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