Dark Heresy: Silent Bastion.



Incoming Transition...

Ordo Hereticus authorization confirmed...

Stand by for information packet...

Code: Adeptes Sororitas emergency Alpha...


Deploy planetary forces?

Negative, situation unknown.

Evaluate situation?


Listing field agents...

Welcome to the 41st millennium.

Mankind's reach extends from galactic fringe to fringe and his armies are well armed, motivated and always moving. And yet his grasp is slipping, slowly, invisible to the teeming billions.

But you stand above them, you must confront the horrors of the galaxy and ensure mankind's continued domination, you will witness demonic incursion, alien aggression and the deepest pits of heresy. And if you fail, you will not be missed.

For those unfamiliar with Dark heresy it is a role playing game set in the grim future of the Warhammer 40000 universe where the Imperium of man teeters constantly on the edge of oblivion and is surrounded by enemies so terrible and yet the existence of them are seen as superstition by many, and unheard of by many more. The imperium's armies number billions and it boasts thousands of genetically enhandes super soldiers known as the Adeptus Astartes, The Space marines. The emperor sees all, the emperor knows all, the emperor protects from his golden throne there he has sat near lifeless for 10000 years.

For more information see the Wikipedia Article, the TV Tropes page or the Lexicanum

In this roleplay you are an aconite, an investigator in the service of an inquisitor. You go where he cannot and me his eyes, ears, and hands. You and your team will save worlds, or if necessary, advice your inquisitor to condemn them.

This game will be freeform so you don't need to worry about dice and numbers. Just have fun.

For further information contact me.

Character Name:
Payne Carthus
Gender: Male
Species: Human, hiver worlder
Gunmetal Hive, Planet Scintilla
Occupation: Adeptus Arbites
Theme Song, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DVDQwkYRCk


General Appearance:

Being the Vengeful bastard he is, and being an arbites, He's equally adept at kicking ass, Investigating a crime scene, interrogating a subject for information, or shadowing a particular individual.
Weaknesses: For one He's a Frenzon Addict, he needs a fix every few days. is emplayers use this to keep him on a leash
He has a Master Crafted bionic right eye
He wears Standard Arbites Carapace Armor, and packs a pair of Armsman-10 pistols along with his Combat shotgun, that uses specially crafted Executioner shells. he wears a Leather Greatcoat over his carapace armor, and carries a Shock Hammer should thing get too close, He also carries a full crime scene investigation kit and an auspex. Charm, Inquisitoral Symbol (Worn on a roasary around his neck.)


Current Goal/Purpose:
He works for the Inquisition, Ruthlessly hunting down Heretics and Mutants, He is quite satisfied with his current line of work.
He's particularly merciless, and also a crack shot with anything that he can get his hands on. He's not opposed to working with a Criminal to take down a syndicate, or heretic cult.
He's a frenzon addict, he can't go without a fix every few days.
Fears: None, the only thing that every scared him has already happened
General Personality:
He's a callous, and vengeful man, and softness has been crushed within him
Inner Personality:
He's survived his monsterous past by allowing himself to partly become a monster, this side comes out after each hit of frenzon, or in an extreme case without it.


General History:
Payne used to follow the straight and narrow path of the arbitrator, but he came too close to the cult he was investgating. In response they hunted down and killed every one of his family members, with each death he grew darker and darker, until he finally snapped and began to hunt them down in kind, tracking down ad killing each one where ever they hid, leaving no place for them to be safe. One of those he killed, was actually an undercover operative working for the Inquisition, to repay the Inquisitor he agreed to take that operative's place. A position he's since begun to enjoy, allowing him to employ his extreme methods without the possibility of reprisal.

Present Life:
Now Payne serves the Ordo Hereticus, employing his skill hin finding and rooting out Heretic Cults wherever they hide, no method for hunting them is too extreme, and his results have aided the Inquisition well.

Character Name: Remy Mclinnian
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human/Scintillian
Age: 24
Birthplace/World: Scintilla/Gunmetal City
Occupation/School/Grade: Combat Specialist
More: Remy's skills mainly focus around speed. Learning to be quick by living on the streets and fending for himself. And observational, Remy can pretty much see everything when it comes down to saving his life, or others.


General Appearance:

Remy stands in around 5'9" wieghing in around 180lbs. He's a smaller man, better fitted for his skills. Constantly being underneath some type of roof, Remy has acquired a somewhat pale tone to his skin. Hair down to his shoulders, with a sandy brown color.
Strengths: Speed, Remy is definetely known for his nimble ways and his speed. Lots of core strength, from the numerous odd jobs he's endured through, and ofcourse fending for himself 90% of the time.
Weaknesses: Does not take a solid hit to the face very well. Note, thats why he's so quick. Doesn't do so well in close quarters combat, he's the type of specialist that does his best with a bit of distance between him and his enemy.
More: Remy is more of a rugged character, never afraid to get down and dirty.


Current Goal/Purpose: To become a permanent attachment for an inquisitor.
Talents: Observationalist. He always takes in everything around him, always looking for a quick way out, or a support beam that when taken out, will kill several people trying to kill him. Remy has always been a perfectionist when it comes to his marksmanship skills with a rifle, give him a target and a rifle, and that target won't be there in a few seconds.
Inabilities: Social callings, absolutely horrible in social situations.
Fears: Being totally useless, his life dream to always be a service to his inquisitor, would be blown away the minute someone told him he was useless.
General Personality: A very kind hearted person, always looking to help someone out in a time of need, or always willing to blow someones temple out in a time of distress. He's a very helpful person, remembering the people that have helped him in the past, he's always trying to give back in service to the Imperium.
Inner Personality: Mainly a quiet person around people he doesn't know. Always learning as much as he can for personal interest. To him, the more you know about a person, the easier it will be to take them out.
Secret: Wishes to one day, be a weapons dealer back in his hometown.
More: The longer you play with Remy, the more you begin to realize that he's a very down to earth guy.


General History: Remy's childhood was dark. Being beaten almost daily by gangs and random thieves, taking whatever small food or money he would make doing oddjobs for the hundreds of gun smiths and dealers that were spread across the great city of Gunmetal. Remy picked up most of his abilities simply surviving on the streets, picking up things here and there whenever he was in a tight situation. Remy's children were killed when he was young, during a home invasion, the robbers killed his parents while he hid in a small cubby in his room. After they were done, he hid his parents away and took up a life of his own. Petty crime to keep him from starving, and constantly going from abandoned building to building to keep a roof over his head at night. He first became a gaurdsman, going through the regular training, he simply put his skills where they were best fitted, and took up a love with the sniper rifle.

Present Life: After training, he continued to practice and train his mind for any situation, thus why he's currently employed by the inquisition. He's currently lending his services to the great Ordo Hereticus.
Name: Sister Xae Calamity
Gender: Female
Species: Imperial Feral-Worlder
Age: 17
Birthplace/World: Iocanthos and Scintilla
Occupation: Adeptus Sororitas, Order of the Ebon Chalice
Theme Song


General Appearance: Rangy build, 1.9m and 63kg. Bronze skin, black hair, and almond-shaped orange eyes with catlike irises.
Strengths: Her faith in the Emperor is unwavering. An early childhood on Iocanthos made her tough and unafraid to get her hands bloody. What Xae wants, she usually gets, because she’s incredibly stubborn.
Weaknesses: Xae’s temper runs particularly hot, and it interferes with her judgment. People skills aren’t her forte, unless you count intimidation and abuse.
More: Locals considered orange an unlucky color on Iocanthos.
Equipment: Sororitas power armor, livery of the Ebon Chalice, Godwyn-De’az Pattern Bolter, Chaplet Ecclesiasticus.


Current Goal/Purpose: To murder the shit out of every heretic she can find.
Talents: She’s extremely handy with a blaster, adept in the extraction of information from unwilling mouths, and has a gut instinct for liars and heretics which doesn’t often fail her.
Inabilities: She simply cannot make connections with people on any kind of basic level. She has no empathy, and no understanding of tact or delicacy.
Fears: Her largest fear is of failure.
General Personality: Xae is a big bad bitch with a serious hate-on for heretics. Temperamental, arrogant, and overzealous, she has a tendency to rub people the wrong way.
Inner Personality: To Xae, the Emperor is the guiding hand that has brought her to where she is today, and she owes everything to Him. She’s never had anyone else to prove herself to or to make proud, so she devotes herself to the Emperor’s will.
Secret: She’s a sadist. Pleasure at fulfilling her calling isn’t the only reason she enjoys killing heretics; she revels in inflicting pain and death upon those she sees as unfit to live. It’s why Xae prefers violent, prolonged methods of killing; for her, it’s more about the torture.
More: Xae is not overly fond of Machine Cultists or of Psykers.


General History: Born in Port Suffering on Iocanthos, Xae was the child of two Administratum Arbites. Orphaned at a young age in a skirmish between warlords, she was adopted into the Schola Progenium and sent offworld to Scintilla, where she was raised in Hive Tarsus. Part of her Ecclesiarchal upbringing involved volunteer work at the Cathedral of Illumination. At eleven years old, Xae was performing her duties of cathedral cleaning when she overheard a Noble boy a few years her senior make a snide heretical comment; without thought, she leaped on him and impaled him with a candelabra in front of the crowd of worshippers. This nearly resulted in her execution, but despite the outrage of the boy’s family, Xae was instead shipped back to her homeworld of Iocanthos to begin training at the Abbey of the Dawn to channel her religious zeal as one of the Sororitas. Xae did not take well to abbey life, and at sixteen, the Emperor smiled upon her. An Inquisitor came to visit the Abbey, and seizing her chance, Xae challenged him to give her name as a candidate for working with the Ordo Hereticus, if only she could lay one blow on him.

She was successful.

Present Life: As a Battle Sister, Xae does not work so much for the Inquisition as with it. Her hatred is so particularly strong for those who blaspheme that she has been considered potential Celestian material.
Vengeful max payne-esqu arbites

Vengeful Silent assassin

Vengeful hair-trigger Sororitas

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Debateing if I should join as Kain, my Scum who is fanaticly loyal and dislikes Clerics since he sees plenty of them as corrupt.
I won't stop you, you can either be assumed to be at the table or be met in port suffering.

Character Name: Kain H. Leaondros
Gender: Male
Species: Human, Imperial worlder (proto-hiver)
Age: 23
Birthplace/World: Sinclme/Karja
Occupation: Scummer


General Appearance: Kain stands at five feet, eleven inches, and there is not a part of his frame that posesses any fat. His hair is black and his skin a pale white, the usual color of people trapped in the perpetual rain storms in Karnja. His eyes are an oddity as they are an icy blue, quite different from the usual colors on his planet.
Strengths: Kain is extremely flexable as well as quite quick and nimble, be it with his snub revolver, or his trusty knife.
Weaknesses: Kain is a habitual Lho stick smoker, though he considers the bag he carries them in to be his lucky charm.
Equipment: Kain currently has: his Lho stick bag/lucky charm, a lighter, a Snub revolver with acceptable ammo, his knife that he stole back in Karnja from a drunken Imperial Guardsman, a small symbol of the Emperor on a rosmary that is ALWAYS on his neck, and a double barreled shotgun, also with appropriate ammo.


Current Goal/Purpose: To make the Emperor proud, as well as get out of that hellhole alive.
Talents: He is quite the charmer and can easily work his way through the hearts of people. He is also fiercely loyal to the Emperor.
Inabilities: He is so fanaticly loyal to the Emperor that even if it means bad things for himself or others, he will stop at NOTHING to destroy the heritics.
Fears: Kain is rather jaded, seeing so many horrors in the proto-hives back on Karnja, that normal horrors do not phase him. Supernatural horrors are a different thing entirely.
General Personality: Kain seems to be a normal Imperial citizen, if a rather base and charming one. It is when something heretical passes his sight that he goes into the attack, either blasting it away or cutting it away, often carving a Wheel of Chaos with an X across it, a sign of warding against evil on his planet. He is not a good person though...
Secret: --


General History: Kain was born in the ruins of the city Sinclme on the planet Karnja, a former hive world that was severly damaged durring a civil war that erupted a century prior. He was taken into a church, taught, given lessons of the grace of the Emperor, learned to love the Emperor and then thrown out when he was eighteen, when he was set on becoming a cleric himself. Jaded, Kain was forced to criminal actions to survive. His skill with the knife and gun pointed him out to the arbies, and there he gained the attentions of the inquisitor.

Present Life:
He serves the Inquisiton, happy to remove those who reject the Emperor's light.
Retrieving Imperium Records On Subject....

Retrieved From Sanctioned Psyker Personality Records...

Transmitting Data........Complete

General Data

Name: Haxtes
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 22
Birthplace: Ysai Ydumee
Occupation: Psyker

Physical Data

General Appearance:

Height: 6 Feet
Weight: 135 lbs
Body Build: Scrawny
Skin Tone: Pale
Eyes: Pale Brown
Hair: Pale Brown

Strengths: Haxtes displays a strong mental strngth. Attempts at altering the subjects mental attitude have thus far failed. Faster then expected reflexes are also exhibited in the subject. This may be due to specific abilities.

Weaknesses: Physical weakness due to slim frame and scrawny body type make him a low choice for battle where this kind of attribute is needed most. Mental state of mind is fully human, yet unstable and sporatic.

Equipment: Hellpistol, aquired by subject during capture and allowed to retain to keep the subject compliant.

Mental Data

Current Goal/Purpose: Subject shows a profound interest in killing, and will willingly kill in the name of the Emperor. No other goals apparent.

Talents: Subject has displayed an extensive knowledge of unconventional, yet effective,torture techniques.

Inabilities: If the subject remains in a blood thirsty frenzy for too long, subject will loose track of who is on which side of the battle and kill for the pleasure of killing, unable to distinguish between friend and foe.

Psychic Abilities: Witch-Sight. Sanguine Mentem, an ability which allows the subject to capture the control over a person's very blood, and manipulate it at will. Heresy Stare, subject has been able to, when locked in vision with an individual, force the person to relive the hersy of their past in their mind. This can be used well for interrogation, however if dealing with a weak mind can push the heretic over the edge of their own sanity.

Fears: Subject has shown a strong fear towards large creatures. Wether it be harmless or dangerous, subject displayed strange levels of fright when exposed to any creature larger then itself of non-humanoid shape.

General Personality: Subject is more then willing to kill for the Emperor "who gave me such a pretty gun...". He understand the basics of leadership and that he cannot simply do what he wants at all times. Has attantion problems and is borderline insane. However the subject has a firm grasp on his own sanity so far.

Secret: No secrets as subject freely answered all questions to the best of ability.

More: During the process of sanctioned the subject underwent an alteration of the normally seen scarrings. Subject has undergone a mixture of Hunted and Toungebound. Apparenty subject is aware of what is following him, however he is unable to speak of it, or anything similar to it.

Historical Data

General History: Subject was discovered on the frontier world, Ysai Ydumee. When found the subject proved difficult to capture due to its willing use of the bodies of his recent victims as shields and weapons. SUbject was finally, lured into custody through the use of a Hellpistol, which he still retains to the present.

Present Data: Haxtes, is under the closest supervision by the Imperium, this will make his second trip outside of the confines of his captivity.

End Of Records On Subject
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