Dark Gaslamp Fantasy Stalker/Obsession Plot

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  1. Hokay, so I've had this plot idea for a while now. Basically, this takes place in another world where magic is super common and it's gaslamp fantasy (think steampunk but with more magic), yo. So this roleplay is probably gonna be pretty messed up.

    PLOT: Hinawai Kaikane (my character) is a 20 year old ambient water and lunar mage and swordswoman who is traveling to find her missing mentor. One day while tracking down a lead, Hinawai encounters your male dandy character on the battlefield. She recognizes him as a boy she once had a crush on when they both attended the same magical academy. He had no interest in her, so she moved on after a while. However, over the years, your character has become a violent, sadistic psychopath. After your character defeats Hinawai, he is about to kill her when he notices how calm she is and becomes intrigued and realizes how fun to torment she'll be. So, he begins to follow her and lures her to meetings in exchange for information about her mentor. He begins to become obsessed with her and becomes increasingly violent, possessive, and creepy. He begins to follow and watch her even more now and toys with her by leaving her gifts, messages, and threats when she does something he doesn't like. Eventually, he decides to abduct her so that she won't be able to run away.

    So yeah, kind of dark.

    ANYWAYS, in case you want to play a female character, I have a male swallow tanager shapeshifter you can play against. :D

    Also, please match my post lengths. So that's like three paragraphs at the very least.

    So yeah, PM me. <3