Dark Fuses

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  1. Chapter 1: The Heir Revealed

    Arianna stood silent among the groups of Hob Goblin corpses that had been recently slain by not only her sword but by her word. The bodies wracked by eldritch magic causing the burns and electrical charges to course through them. Then.. with out warning she took them and threw two of them into a large bag before beginning to tredge her way back to the town on the horizon. Lucky enough for her.. no one had recognized her for who she truly was... The last living 'Princess' to the throne of the kingdom. Although not a true daughter she remained loyal and was raised to take that reign... so.. she was their kingdoms princess... The largest kingdom in their world... now she was a knight and was far happier.. but it was a fact she couldn't push out of her head any longer.

    She returned to the town dragging the bag behind her and approached the guard house. Two men and the captian came out to meet her only to nod. "Hello Knight." He said as she nodded. She wore the helmet to cover her face and to keep the guards from recognizing her. "Normal payment.." She said to the men. The guard nodded "Of Course Knight.. your kindness for taking food rather than the little money we have is unheard of...please.. rest easy." The captain said before she took the coin and walked to the Inn of the town. She stepped into the Inn and gazed around before settleing on the edge of a chair and sitting down. The Inn keeper walked over and recognized the Sigil on the armor to be that that of the Eldritch Elves "Hello." He said to her. Arianna nodded and held the coin out "I have a pet outside... Thrown the food in the box and just run for your life alright.. Also, please.. a glass of Wine and some food for myself..." Arianna said.

    Luna: A soft voice comes from behind Arianna, “Actually, if I could, I’d like to handle that for you.”

    Angel: Arianna turned aorund and looked at the girl "Oh, Uhm... Sure if you wish..." She said hopeing the girl woulnd't recognize her face as she took her helmet off. She was known commonly but her disappearence would hopefully make people look else where in the kingdom for her.

    Luna: Gathering some food for the pet as she talks, “Don’t mind me, I’m just doing favors for the inn since I don’t have the means to pay normally. There are a lot of strange requests, but you are probably the strangest so far.” Although she says this, her dress was certainly an oddity, exposing everything from her knees down, and even her shoulders. The only thing that made it acceptable was the clear magic properties it seemed to possess, glowing cyan at the edges of the fabric. Furthermore, while not immidiately obvious, the girl seemed to come from nowhere despite her apparel. She must really lack presence.

    Angel: Arianna smiled at her and nodded "Just... be so very careful... Open the box.. Drop it in and run for your life... Don't let it react... Its a Mimic... I caught it and tamed the damn thing... Or.. to be safest leave the food infront of it.. Actually.. I will go out with you so it doesn't try to eat you as well." Arianna said as she looked over the girl. She got up and followed her outside before pointing a chest that was not there an hour before. "Here.. let me see the food..." She said and slowly took the food from the girl before letting out a whistle "Azazel! Open up!" She said and saw the massive chest open up a horrifying mouth with three eyes staring out. It looked normal up untill this point "Keeps theives away while I can keep my stuff in him.. best thing is... He just appears where I am so.. I don't need to carry him at all." She said and tossed the food into its mouth.

    Luna: The girl looks over the mimic with a seemingly unreactionary reaction, unless you happened to see her eyes, which were busy studying every facet of the creature. She seems to do this for several moments before looking back at Arianna. “Oh, I’m sorry, you wanted something too. A glass of wine and some food right? Just follow me Arianna.”

    Angel: Arianna looked over at her suprised that she wasn't screaming her head off about the giant man eating chest. Never the less after it finished eating the food, plate and all it disappeared back to its regular chest like properties. With that Arianna walked back inside following the girl. "You have some courage girl.. Not many have seen those creatures... but hes loveable if you keep him fed obviously. But! Yes, please I am hungry... It was a rough past few days on the road.. I ran into a goblin and Hobgoblin encampment. Lucky enough I was able to get rid of most of them and bring them back" It then just dawned on her that she had never said what her name was. It was in that moment that she went pale as a ghost "How do you know my name...""

    Luna: The girl seems to maintain an aura of calm pleasure, “Well, I don’t know how much of it is courage and how much is just understanding. Mimics may look vicious, but you aren’t the first to have the idea of taming one. It would be nice to have one myself, but I haven’t learned that skill yet.” The girl heads inside with Arianna as she recounts her adventures, “Wow, so you’re an adventurer too… I think I can understand the feeling of coming back from an experience like that. There is nothing like a good meal and bed after a good adventure.” Though when Arianna asks the final question, the girl’s smile widens slightly, “Well, it would be a shame if I didn’t recognize you. I just thought you’d prefer I didn’t mention anything.”

    Angel: Arianna blinked "What... Why not say somthing... Think of the reward... they think I am kid napped you would be set for the rest of your life. So... Thank you I guess..." She said before taking a deep breath "Its a skill I learned through my time out in the world. So.... yeah..." She said before taking a deep breath. "Yeah... I definitely need some relaxation... I think I also need someone to tend to some cuts... My armor hides them well but I am bleeding on my outer right thigh.. Hob goblin got me with a dagger decently well." Arianna said before taking another breath.

    Luna: “Well, I could be rich if I turned you in, but I can’t think of anything to use the money on. Plus, it doesn’t seem to be what you want. I think I’d rather get to be friends with you than be rich, even if it is just briefly. But, now that I know that you are hurt, I’d like to address those wounds right away. Those get worse the longer you leave them open. Lets go to your room so I can get to work.”

    Angel: Arianna looked at her surprised. She wasn't expecting someone to not turn her in. The wealth they would receive would be beyond their wildest dreams.. and they could possibly get her hand in marriage.. much against her will. This girl was somthing else and she felt oddly at ease around her. "Alright.... Lets go to my room then I guess.." She said and followed the girl up to her room. She then sat down on the bed and gritted her teeth "Whats your name... so I may call you it...?" She said confusing herself slightly.

    Luna: The girl pulls out a green tome from the Aether, likely a minor tomb of healing, “My name is Akasuki, I’m a freelancer of sorts.” Akasuki places her hand out for Arianna to see, it has begun to glow with a healing aura. “I’m going to close your wounds, but I need to make direct contact. Is that alright with you?”

    Angel: Arianna looked up at her and seemed hesitant. "I've never shown my legs to anyone... So.. kinda..." She mumbled but gritted her teeth as the adrenalin finally began to run out. She shook her head and sucked up her pride. She lifted the armor plate off revealing her white leg and the rather large gash going straight up it. "Please... Just... Heal it.." She mumbled and looked away obviously frazzled and embarassed at the situation. "Also... Its nice to meet you Akasuki.."

    Luna: Akasuki takes great care to make this process as painless as possible. Placing her hand gently across the wound, and begins to move her hand across the wound in a circular motion like that used to clean a table. To Arianna, it might feel much like the warm water from a hot spring. The wound rapidly begins to close, and the feeling becomes more and more stimulating until finally it is as if she had never been injured in the first place. Akasuki talks without even a hint of shame or restraint for her actions, “Thank goodness. Since you were attacked by goblins, I was worried the wound might be tainted, but that wasn’t the case.”

    Angel: Arianna glanced over at her and mumbled somthing "I may not be stuck up but.. I don't like being touched that much.. So.. you are lucky.." Arianna said and partially hid her face. "Thank you.." She gurmbled out ever so quietly. "The taint wouldn't be an issue.... I may look kinda... small.. or large or whatever!" Arianna began to get flustered at someone helping her and tried to get up but fell down onto the bed as she groaned obviously hiding another wound. The look on her face was pathetic and it was obvious she was hiding somthing.

    Luna: “You are welcome Arianna. I really don’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable, but I just thought it would be easier with me. If I call in a healer, they are likely to be male in this town. Since we are both girls, I thought it might be easier, but if you’d rather wait it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you let someone else handle the rest.” Although Akasuki said this, she seemed slightly more aloof than before. “I just don’t want it to get infected, since you’d be in a lot of pain.”

    Angel: Arianna looked over at her and sighed "I... Alright.." She said before taking her chest and leg plates off. All that was under it was some loose fitting cloth clothing used for padding. There were several wounds showing she ahd taken considerable damage during her flight. She turned over and laid onto the bed and buried her face in a pillow "Just... Please be gentle with me.." She said.

    Luna: Akasuki sits on the bed next to Arianna, “Of course. If there is anything I can do to make you more comfortable, just let me know, and I’ll do my best to accommodate you. I just hope I don’t seem rude. I don’t know the proper etiquette for addressing royalty.” Just like the previous wounds, Akasuki mends each wound individually. It seems her healing is limited, but it gets the job done.

    Angel: Arinna nodds slowly and relax's considerably. The soft nature of the bed seemed to be working wonders on the over worked Warrior Princess "Uhm... Some wine please... that would be wonderful... I am also starving.. I am so hungry... I give all my food to Azazel.. I haven't eaten in like.. two days..." She mumbled before beginning to tear up. "I... Im a princess... but... I shouldnt be! Im an Elf! Not a human... though I look like it.. so.. my.. my adopted father took me in and I am the only one left... I.. I can't go back.." She mumbled obviously so pent up that it was unhealthy.

    Luna: Akasuki frowns softly upon seeing the outburst, “That is no good. You are a wonderful person. You just don’t feel well because you bit off more than you could chew. Fighting all those goblins must have been difficult alone, and if you don’t manage supplies then you go hungry. Not eating is dangerous because you can find yourself being overly emotional and not reacting properly when making important choices. I’m going to get you something nice. Lets see how you feel on a full belly.” Akasuki runs off to get food and wine for the princess.

    Angel: Arianna lokked over and shook her head. "Good... im a terrible person! I failed... I killed their entire band! Dozens of them! Im not mad about my injuries.. im mad because... I let everyone down.. because I dont want and I cant be the princess.. because I! I cant do it!" She said into the pillow. Then it all went silent with Akasuki disappearing. In the silence Arianna shook her head and began to try to turn over. She put her hand on her stomach and just stared at the ceiling. "Why... Ugh... I wonder what it would have been liek if I wasn't left for dead by my real parents.. would I be like this now..."

    Luna: Akasuki comes back with plenty of food and an entire container of wine with a small table to set all but the container on. After setting the table within Arianna’s reach, she pours out some in a glass for Arianna’s consumption, then sits quietly on the floor, laying her head on the bottom frame of the bed by the princess’s head. Akasuki seems to be listening still.

    Angel: Arianna looked at her and smiled slightly "Why are you so kind..? No one really is that.... Why..?" She mumbled before taking some of the food and slowly eating. She felt her stomach aching from the food for the first time in days and squirmed slightly. "Im... IM so hungry.." She cried as she continued to eat. She was truly pitiful and she began to tear up. "I... I want to go home.. but I am so far from home.... but I.. I don't know what home I want to go to..." she shook her head and began to cry louder. "Im..." She mumbled beofre she shut herself up by drinking a considerable ammount of wine in one go.

    Luna: “I’m not really that kind. I’m just a lonely person looking for warmth and companionship. When I see people who are in need, I just want to help them. It makes me feel better. I don’t really have the answers you are looking for, but at least for tonight, I don’t mind being here to support you.” Akasuki closes her eyes, “I think that it is a little relieving, to see that even royalty struggles with these kinds of questions. It must have been really hard to go without food for the first time.”

    Angel: Adrianna shook her head "Well.. I thank you for that... I am so tired... I can believe I made it this far... As for going without food.. I survived on my own for a year after being abandoned by my birth parents because... I looked human... And this isn't abnormal for me... I... I don't eat much... Im so skinny.." She mumbled and put a hand on her stomach. She may be strong but she was skinny enough that her ribs were beginning to show. "I... I am so miserable..." She said and began to curl up after finishing her food. "Thanks for staying with me.. it means alot... Hey, I am here for three days... after that I have to go... mind showing me aorund for the time being... I don't carry money so..."

    Luna: Akasuki looks just a bit amused, “I know what you mean. I actually had my growth stunted from not eating for so long. I’m not going to grow any bigger than I am now. I’ve been eating well lately though.” Shifting tone to one just a shade more cheerful, “Though I’m actually in the same boat. I only arrived here just recently, so I don’t know where anything is. Plus, I’ve not a dime on me, it is why I’m helping out. They didn’t actually promise me a room, but usually inns let me sleep in a chair or something if I help out enough.”

    Angel: Arianna looked at her and saw alot in her that was in herself. "Yeah... Im luckily tall for being an elf... I didn't grow nearly as tall as the others of my race.... So.. I know what you mean..." She said then saw that Akasuki had taken another tone. "Well... I don't know much but you can sleep in here... I don't take up much room and you deserve the bed.. so..." She said before moving to the other end. Without her armor Arianna was extremely small.

    Luna: Akasuki smiles, “That is very kind of you, but I really shouldn’t impose like this. Especially considering you don’t like touching.”

    Angel: Arianna shook her head "Don't worry.. I normally keep to myself in my sleep... I wont bother you at all.." She mumbled and turned over to fall the wall where the bed was located leaving a rather large spot for Akasuki.

    Luna: “Actually, I meant it the other way… I usually don’t keep to myself in my sleep. I don’t want to ruin our friendship by making you uncomfortable.”

    Angel: Arianna just nodded "Its fine.. You helped me and you deserve a bed... I can deal with it... I need to learn to in the case I ever get married.. or matched with some prince...." She mumbled. "I was told my body is to tiny for kids but... Guys like my compact body.." She took a deep breath and curled up abit. "I never was with a man but... many have tried... I was far more beautiful than the others... They didn't like me and that is why I left. Only recently did I know they all passed due to a disease that ravaged the palace... lucky enough... I don't suffer from human disease.."

    Luna: Akasuki looks almost nostalgic, “Well, if practice is what you want, I’m not the best example. Sleeping with girls is totally different. Our bodies feel different, and the smell is also different. Sleeping with a guy is less fun.” Akasuki tears up for a moment, looking visibly upset, but it is hard to tell what brought it on. She looked like she had meant to continue with another thought up until the moment it happened.

    Angel: Adrianna looked at the girl as she turned around. She looked horrible and felt horrible herself about it. Whatever it had been must have been somthing bad. She then moved closer to her and put her arms on her shoulder and rested her head ontop of Akasuki's "Only I can cry.... You cant.." She said. It sounded selfish but Arianna couldn't handel others crying at all. It made her cry and she already felt bad enough as it was. "You are a good example.. caring... you don't ask for anything.. you are humble... But.. if you don't want to I wont force you... My offer stands on Kindness.. you deserve a comfortable place to sleep.."

    Luna: Akasuki sniffles a bit, rubbing her arms against her eyes. “I… Thank you. I just…” Akasuki closes her eyes as tears continue to press on through. However, in a short amount of time, the tears fade, and all that is left is a very sleepy Akasuki, clinging to Adrianna’s midsection, barely conscious. She looks so at ease, but also powerless, as if she needed Adrianna.

    Angel: Arianna felt the girl wrap around her and shuddered slightly but after time the warmth began to spread across her body and she began to relax. It was definitely a new feeling. She was of course a cuddly individual but having someone else do it to her was an entirely different thing. It made her feel special... and she enjoyed it.. more than she thought she would. The girl was so nice but... so vulnerable... like her but unlike her. After abit Arianna turned around to face her and put her arm around her "Your coming with me then... I think you need me as much as I need you.." She whispered to make sure she wouldn't wake her up.

    Luna: The next morning, Akasuki wakes up to find Arianna still sleeping like a rock. As much as it looked like she could get out of bed without disturbing Arianna, Akasuki opted to remain as she was, simply closing her eyes to think of a dream to occupy her thoughts until Arianna was awake. Akasuki smiled, happy to feel the embrace of another person. Whispering, “Its been too long,” before settling back down.

    Angel: Within an hour Arianna woke up to see Akasuki looking at her. Arianna blinked and squirmed out of her grasp slowly "Hello... Sleep well? I know I did.. not like I ever had before... Its comfortable having somthing warm close.." Arianna said to her. "Well, Today begins my first day here... two more before I have to head out and you my dear are coming with me.. what do you say to that?"

    Luna: Akasuki seems responsive to the question, “I slept very well. Better than I have in a long time. I like the feel of a person next to me.” Akasuki sits up, releasing her hold of Arianna. Akasuki’s hair is all messed up from the way that she slept, which is a shame since it seems so well taken care of. With a soft smile, “I’d love to come with you Arianna.”

    Angel: Arianna smiled at her response "Im still.. alittle weak so I may be here for the day... I am so tired.. but that last night helped me out." She said and rested her head back down on the pillow. "I.. I don't want to ask you.. but... could you get me alittle somthing to eat... please." She mumbled obviously upset that she had to ask her.

    Luna: Akasuki smiles, dutifully retrieving some breakfast for Arianna, also carrying some apple juice. The town is known for growing them in a nearby orchard, so they are very fresh. “Here you go Arianna. I hope you like it.”

    Angel: Arianna smiled and took the food but leaving a decent bit for her "I don't need to much to eat.. you can have the rest." She said and quietly ate the bit she had for herself while leaving more than half for Akasuki. She then took abit of the juice and drank it before sitting up.

    Luna: Akasuki shakes her hands, “The food was only meant for guests to take. Since I stayed for free, it doesn’t belong to me. Besides, you just came back from an adventure, you should recharge. I’m used to going without for a day or two, so you don’t have to worry.”

    Angel: Arianna stared at her "No, You eat it or you aren't coming with me.. I can say I ate it.. so you eat now or else..." Arianna said and stared at her with a serious look on her face "You will eat it.. You need it more than I do.. I have enough... bone on me to keep me moving.. also, I cant stand seeing someone be hungry..."

    Luna: Akasuki holds onto a piece of bread, clearly divided on if she should really do this. Even though there wasn’t any danger in eating the food, it seemed to be difficult for Akasuki. “But, the people at the inn trust me. They let me serve the food, even knowing I could probably eat some without anyone else being the wiser. To betray that trust feels wrong, worse than hunger.”

    Angel: Arianna looked at her and sighed "Then... we need to get you something to eat... I.. I cant deal with you being hungry.. well.. I.. I don't know what I should do." She said and sighed. "Well, I will have to get you somthing to eat then. I need to.. I just wont feel right. So! Untill then I will not eat either." She said with obvious intent.

    Luna: Akasuki, “Well, I was planning to help out some more in the kitchen. Maybe if I do a good job I’ll get to eat something. Usually they don’t mind feeding me leftovers. The other thing I could do is go to the market and see if anyone is hiring adventurers. Usually someone has use of my talents.”

    Angel: Arinna took a deep breath "You are coming with me and I am getting you some food. We may have to work for it but! I have money in Azazel... Alot of Money.. I get off of Troll Hoardes so! You will be fed! I just need to get Azazel to cough it up the greedy bastard." She mumbled and slowly got out of the bed.

    Luna: Akasuki seems curious, “Azazel?”

    Angel: Arianna nodded "Yeah, my Mimic... he holds my stuff. So! Lets go get my money.. well what money in there is mine.. the rest he converts to get larger."

    Luna: Akasuki seems to take a mental note of this, “So you don’t think of the things the mimic holds to be your own?”

    Angel: Arianna shrugs "When I put them in we split it in a Symbotic realtionship. What I don't want he gets but I always keep some coin inside of his gullet. So! Whenever we raid some hoarders lair I shove half in him and half for me in him. In the end I get about 75% as he is constantly growing larger." Arianna explained before peiceing her armor on once more. "I have some nice clothes in there to so... Once I get them.. I will change to a more comfortable outfit.

    Luna: Akasuki is about to answer when she hears a knock at the door. Who could possibly be visiting at this time? The maid perhaps? Whoever it is, Akasuki looks at you as if to ask permission to get the door.

    Angel: Arianna nods surprised that she is actually asking for permission "You.. you dont have to ask for permission..." Arianna said comfortingly. She finished putting her armor on and clenched her fist causing sparks to shoot up her armor.

    Luna: Akasuki opens the door, and sees the innkeeper at the door. The inkeeper, upon seeing Akasuki suddenly seems quiet upset. Innkeeper, “Girl, I understand you’ve been helping out with the inn, and I’m grateful, but why is it that since this customer came in you’ve been neglecting all the others?” Of course the reason was because Akasuki recognized Arianna as the crowned princess, but there is no way that she could say that, and Akasuki was too ethical to lie. Shyly, “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you why. It is just something important.” The innkeeper seems to be annoyed by this, “Look, if you can’t be useful, get scarce before I get someone to escort you out. I bet you took advantage of this poor customer so you’d have a bed and something to eat. Disgusting rat.” The innkeep leaves without another word, and Akasuki begins wandering out the door. She definitely seemed hurt.

    Angel: Arianna looked at the Inn keeper and quickly grabbed her sword and sheathed it. She picked her helmet up and looked at Akasuki "Get ready to go... Don't worry about Azazel.. he finds his way." She said before chasing after the Inn keeper and grabbing ahold of his Shoulder. "Don't you dare insult Kindness in my presence.... She has helped me.. The Crown Princess Arianna!" She said before letting go of the mans shoulder. With that her presence was known and that she was alive. The Inn keeper stopped dead in his tracks "P-Princess..." He said. There was no mistaking her identity. Her features were unique and now she was known. With that she continued out the door even as the Inn keeper followed behind her "Princess! Your Alive!" He shouted before she broke out into a light run.

    Luna: Akasuki looks somewhat stunned at Arianna’s sudden outburst, obviously not expecting such an outburst. A new look for her, as she has been nothing but calm and collected, but her actions still come without hesitation. Moving swiftly, Akasuki moves into a dash, grabbing ahold of Arianna’s hand. Donning her armor ended up being a bad idea, as it was slowing her down. Akasuki could add some momentum, but was careful not to outspeed Arianna’s step rate. Akasuki says nothing about her choice however.

    Angel: Arianna looked back seeing the box. " Leave it! It just follows me so don't worry about him.. God help whoever opens it.." She mumbled before they made their way out of the town. Finally in the semi-clear she took a deep breath and leaned against a tree "So! An eventful first day.. Give it abit and Azazel will show up.. then I can get my weapons out."

    Luna: “Why would we need weapons?”

    Angel: Arianna stares at her "Do you know what lurks in the dark corners of this world... Trust me.. at night the woods are not safe.. wolves prey on the bodies of the dead. This close to the town is dangerous yet protected.. and... here he is." She said as the Mimic began to surface from the ground. She went over and opened the lid to see rows of teeth disappearing "What do you work with?" She asked.

    Luna: Akasuki seems to understand, “Oh ok. I just thought we had a plan to go back to town. We were going to get something to eat remember?”

    Angel: Arianna shook her head "The guards will be on alert... Sadly... Well.. You coud... HEre!" She said and stuck her hand into the chest. She pulled out a small coin purse with pure gold coins in it. "Get whatever you want and some things for me okay!" Arianna said with a smile before giving it to her.

    Luna:Akasuki doesn’t seem satisfied yet, “What about the next town we visit? Are you going to wait in the wilderness while I gather supplies then as well?”

    Angel: Arianna blushed slightly "No.... I guess I can go with you.. they wont hurt me but... will try to get me..." She said before taking a deep breath "OKAY! Ill go.. " She mumbled and put the helmet on to obscure her facial features.

    Luna: Akasuki smiles, even letting out a little laugh, now that Arianna realizes that she hasn’t thought everything through. “Would you like to hear my plan?”

    Angel: Arianna nodded slowly obviously abit afraid. "Well... Okay.. lets hear it then.. My stomach is urging me forward.." She said before leaning on Akasuki slightly.

    Luna: Akasuki begins a lengthy explanation, “Well, one thing that was established back at the inn is that it is extremely uncommon for someone to know the appearance of royalty. Generally speaking, people know royalty based on the limited interaction they have with them, family connection, and through official channels. This is fortunate because it means that all we have to do is change some of your distinguishing features, and even I wouldn’t be able to recognize you. With this, so long as you don’t go blurting out that you are royalty, then you’ll be safe to travel. So, first thing is first, how attached are you to the current state of your hair?” Although Akasuki mentions this, she disregards the crazy state her hair is in. It is extremely tangled.

    Angel: Arianna stares at her and squeaks "I love my hair.." She mumbles and clutches onto it with two hands making herself squirm from the slight pain. "Well.. I wont change my hair.. no ma'am no way no how.." She said before looking dignified. "Know what... lets just go.. my helmet wil cover it.I should be fine..." She said before taking a deep breath. Arianna began to strip out of her armor not caring if Akasuki was standing there and took a beautiful dress out of the chest. She then shoved her armor into the chest that wouldn't naturally fit.

    Luna: Akasuki seemed to have an answer for this line, but on seeing Arianna’s naked form suddenly turned bright red. Turning away, Akasuki tried to give Arianna some privacy, but she already had the image burned into her eyes. Akasuki seemed to lose track of what she wanted to say, and she refused to turn back until Arianna was clothed.

    Angel: When she finished she took a hand and ran it through her hair as a glow began to flow through it. Her blonde hair began to turn black as she temporarily changed it to another color. "Hows this?" She asked and smiled before taking Akasuki's hand "Lets get food then we really need to leave. My father will swarm this area looking for me in a matter of two days.

    Luna: Akasuki still seems bashful, though she refuses to lose her wits, “How did you get your hair to change color?”

    Angel: Arianna looked over "Magic... Im an Eldritch... A Fae... Im an Elf Akasuki." She said with a smile. "I am an Eldritch Knight" She continued before facing her "So, what do you want to eat?" She asked with a growing smile. "You also seemed flustered.. whats wrong." Arianna asked before nudging her "You know.. I never really had a friend before... So this is what it feels like.."

    Luna: Akasuki speaks with honesty, though the embarrassment nearly kills her, “Well, I, its just. I didn’t expect you to change in front of me, so now it is a little hard for me to face you confidently. But, I’m glad that you think of me as a friend.” Akasuki tries to face Arianna seriously, “I’m glad that you have magic like that, but I want to know its limitations before we go anywhere. I don’t want anything bad to happen in town.”

    Angel: Arianna smiled at her "Sorry.. I kinda... I kinda did that suddenly." She said before looking over "Well, It has it limits especially this one.. we have some time.. how much exactly I have no idea..." She continued on before they began to reach the outside of the town. "Alright! Here we go then!" She mumbled.

    Luna: Akasuki holds onto Arianna’s dress before getting to the gate, “Listen, if the magic starts wearing off, lets go somewhere private. I have a back-up if your magic fails, ok?”

    Angel: Arianna was tugged back and groaned before coming to a stop and looking at her. "Well, Alright then.. So! Let go!" She said before continuing towards the town "Food.. I hunger and I will feed you well.." She said with a larger smile.

    Luna: Akasuki, with no further delay, runs ahead of Arianna. Once again demonstrating her powers of observation, “While we were running out, I think I saw a cool place to eat. The meat smelled very well prepared.” Turning around to face Arianna while still maintaining Arianna’s speed, “Since it isn’t a good idea to use your full name anymore, could I just call you Aria?”

    Angel: Arianna looked up as she ran ahead and smiled "Well... Alright I am up for it. So... Lets go eat." she mumbled. "Alright! So.. food.." She mumbled. Arianna then took a seat near the place to eat and nodded "Yeah.. I was never given a nickname.."

    Luna: Akasuki seems a bit more lively, though as always, her feelings only show a few shades over her usual calm. Arriving in front of the restaurant, it can be seen that the place is quite popular. It is just around lunchtime, so of course there is quite a crowd. Fortunately, it looks to be only a 15 minute wait.

    Angel: Arianna looked around and thought about running off to look around to actually buy somthing. She eventully leaned against Akasuki to keep herself from fidgeting. She hated sitting still and it was one reason she ran off in the first place. Now... she had to sit still again over somthing so stupid... so she had a reason to sit still and that was Akasuki... she had to get the girl to hold her still.

    Luna: Akasuki smiles, “You know, for someone who doesn’t like touching, you are very affectionate.”

    Angel: Arianna blushed "So.... I don't mind it if Im the one doing it... it sounds horrible but its true.. Im selfish.." She mumbled before they were seated.

    Luna: Akasuki looks down at her feet, “It doesn’t matter, I’m selfish too, just in different ways. Plus, it is nice to have some physical contact.” When they reach the table, Aria might begin to notice a subtle discomfort in Akasuki. People are giving her strange looks. “The food will be here pretty soon since they make it in advance at this time of day. I can tell by the way the cooks are behaving, and those people who were just 3 places in front of us just got served.”

    Angel: Arianna looked at her "Whats wrong.. I can see people are looking at you weird." She then looked around "Im... Im so hungry... Atleast you are observant more than I am..." She mumbled before their food got there. Immediately she began to eat "I feel so bad... I... Ugh.." She mumbled as she began to get teary eyed.

    Luna: “Well, I think it is my hair and dress. It isn’t exactly normal attire, and my hair isn’t very kempt for eating in a nice place like this.” Unlike Aria, Akasuki takes the time to enjoy her food, eating at a polite pace. Though, she is quite hungry, so she is grateful for each bite.

    Angel: Aria looked at her and nods "Yeah... I can kinda see that. But... I... Ugh... Im.." Aria mumbled. "Im..I Akasuki Im a wreck.. Being alone for a long time makes being emotional and needy easy.. Im sorry but Im.. I kinda want to leave.. being around people makes me feel so weird... like I am letting them all down.... Akasuki I really need to talk to you when we are done here.. I have some things to think about."

    Luna: Akasuki looks on with concern. “Let leave right after you eat some more. Trust me, you never want to turn down a meal when it presents itself. I’m here for you ok?”

    Angel: Aria nodded slowly but stopped eating suddenly as her stomach began to hurt "When I get like this.. I don't eat... I've gone days without food... IT hurts but I.. I just cant eat because I chose this life.. and.. I.. I want to go home.. but its so far away." She mumbled and shook her head "I spent so long getting all the way out here... Now I want to go back.."

    Luna: Akasuki nods understandingly, and calls the person over so they can get the rest boxed up and paid for. With that fomality out of the way, Akasuki takes Aria by the hand, leading her to a more private area. Finding a bench, Akasuki sits Aria down. “Ok, it’ll be a lot easier here. Nobody is around, so I’m listening. Lets talk.”

    Angel: As soon as Aka sat her down she took a deep breath "I want to know if you would come with me on my trip home.... As much as I dont want to take the throne... I.. I miss home.... I don't remember much from my Elven home but... this home I do.. My father misses me.. its a long trip and its dangerous.. I nearly died so many times... Its almost across the world.. I made sure to get as far as possible and here I am." She said with a slight smile. "So... what do you say.. come home with me... You will love it and you wont have to worry about anything anymore.. Ill take care of you like you did to me when I was near... death.... so tired that I.. I couldn't have continued any farther."

    Luna: Akasuki seems to have reservations, “Aria, I wish I could understand your feelings, but I really can’t. I have a home too, but I never want to go back there. I’ve been on the road since I was 11, and I’ve never been able to stay in place. I’ve never stayed anywhere for more than 3 months. I get anxious from staying in any one place for too long. I don’t mind taking you home, but I won’t be able to stay.”

    Angel: Arinna looked heart broken but nodded slowly "I understand... and thank you.." She mumbled almost at a whisper. "I didn't expect you to stay. No ones does but its normal you know. Its not easy being on the road and expecting just to settle down. But, I will make up for what you did for me recently during our travels.. so! What do you say to the future." She said with a fake entusiasm to hide the saddness and pain of returning home.

    Luna: Akasuki turns away, “You know. I studied body language for a time. So I can sort of understand… I’m glad that you want me to be happy Aria, but the truth is that I get upset when people pretend to feel one way when they actually feel another way. I just want you to know, I want you to stay with me, and that is why I want you to get back to the life you desire. I never once thought you had a debt to me. Because it has been so long since I felt the warmth of a travel companion.” Akasuki gives Aria a hug. “So I’d love to go on an adventure with you.”

    Angel: Aria nodded slowly "Im sorry.. Im so used to covering up how I feel its just second nature but... I wont.. not around you." She said before she was hugged after Aka finished speaking.Aria wrapped her arms around her in return "Then that is how I will repay you.. if you ever need a hug or someone to cuddle up with when its cold.. My body is... overly warm to be honest... so its not an issue.." She said before slowly ending the hug and standing up. Her hair was beginning to turn back to its normal blonde "Well then.. What do you say we get going.. Azazel will have what you need and I would like to... kinda get out of town.. im getting looks again."

    Luna: Akasuki nods understandingly, “I’ll be counting on you, for a lot of things. I want to gather some rations for the road, just incase there are days that we can’t hunt for some reason. Part of adventuring is being prepared. I’ll take care of preparations, so wait for me on the outskirts.” Akasuki dashes off, holding onto some of the money from Azazel, it seems she knew to do this all along. Akasuki, something must be strange about someone who always remains so soft, so calm, so ready.

    Angel: Arianna looked over "Same with me to you.... Alright I will wait outside." With that Aria took off outside wondering how she could remian so calm through all of it. It was odd but they balanced each other out due to their opposing nature.

    Luna: After waiting for about half an hour, Aria sees Akasuki approach with a large sack. It looks pretty heavy, though Akasuki doesn’t seem to struggle with it. Maybe she is stronger than she appears.

    Angel: Aria ran over to her and nearly ran into her. "So, what did you get! Ohh.. I love surpises.. kinda." She said half excited to get moving. "Aka! Did you get any kind of sleeping thingys? I have one that we can share if you don't have one." She continued on.

    Luna: Akasuki shakes her head with a small smile, “I don’t have enough endurance to carry around something extra like that. I only had enough money with me to buy extra provisions for us in the case that we need something to eat. Between the two of us, this should provide 36 meals, and more if we are forced to ration it. Of course, that only accounts for 12 days of eating, so we should definitely hunt wild game when possible.”

    Angel: Arianna nodded "Yeah, we should have enough to reach the next town. I guess I will have to ask for money in return for ending their monster issues.. so we will have to hunt alittle bit but most of the time we should have food ready...but the time between could bog us down! So... I guess toss the food in Azazel... He eats whatever we kill so as long as we keep it fed it wont eat our food." Aria said as Azazel's chest top opened.

    Luna: Akasuki looks a bit forlornly, “It might just be my adventurer’s instincts, but I’m actually worried it might not be enough. The goal right now is to reach town, but it is dangerous to expect that goal might not be different by whatever happens on the way. Though, I’m glad to hear that Azazel can hold the food because it hinders my endurance and mobility. The first thing is first, do you know how to navigate this forest?”

    Angel: Aria nodded "Very true.. espcially since we have alot of uneven ground to travel through.. so..Good thinking." Arianna said before smiling "Of course I know how to navigate my dear.. I am a ranger... I live on the forest... The only reason I was so beat up is that I took it upon myself to eliminate a Hobgoblin group with Bugbears.. But yes, I can hunt and navigate for us. I perfer a bow over a sword anyway." She said with a smile.

    Luna: Akasuki seems pleased, “That is fantastic. Now we have two people who can navigate. We can split up if needed so long as we can communicate a meet-up place.”

    Angel: Aria nodded and smiled before realizing she never got an answer earlier "What kind of weapons do you use? Or are you one of the people who just used magic. I am inbetween.. I love Eldritch magic.. but I relish the bow far more than a sword and shield. Also, Its good to have two of us like you said."

    Luna: Akasuki seems to recall that she never showed Aria. “Right, I never showed you. It would be important to give you a demonstration.” Akasuki’s dress begins to glow more vibrantly for a moment, then changes color to red, yelling out, “Astra Gate, unlock!” From the aether Akasuki pulls out a glass bow alongside a quiver of arrows. After firing off 3 arrows in succession, she immediately switches to a glass sword which she swings against the behind tree as if it were a surprise attacker, and lastly she switches to a magic tome and creates a cyclone of wind all around her. After performing all this in roughly 7 seconds, Akasuki begins to talk, “I can fight using any style that I’ve learned. I’m not very skillful with any particular weapon, but I always use the one most suited to the task. That is the power of my Astral Gate.”

    Angel: Aria nodded completely impressed "That was awesome... Well Im kinda just a overall girl as well but I specalize in Combative magic obviously.. So.. if you need somthing blown up... lit on fire... or just gone.. that is what I am here for. So! Are you ready to go... You will be much better off than I will be.. since you know more generalize things... Im just a magical knight." She mumble before shrugging "Never the less... its what I was taught.. but I like to rely on my Ranger skills more than anything else."

    Luna: Akasuki shakes her head, “Trust me, I’d give anything not to have this power.” Realizing she let herself get too negative Akasuki tries to change the direction of her thoughts before she ends up crying again, “I mean strategically it is annoying. I need to retreat more than I attack because I need to always attack with the advantage. Also when training I need to keep all my skills relatively balanced so that I’m well rounded, and I’m not particularly good at anything, so people who specialize but don’t have pronounced weaknesses are really tough opponents for me…” Aria might detect that Akasuki lost the aura of calm she usually has about her, something might be troubling her.

    Angel: At seeing Akasuki getting visibly upset after her explaining how she didn't want her unique gift Aria walked up and wrapped her arms around her. "Don't worry about stronger oppontents... An Eldritch Knight is one of the hardest opponents that you will ever face... We know magic and combative arts... I wont let anyone harm you okay." Aria said and rested her head ontop of her's. "Trust me... There is much more to me than you know... Im almost a Paladin but I decided to forsake religion for sheer magic... Darkness does not scare me.... The Undead fear me... And they will fear you... But I need your versatility.. I can hold them back with sword and shield... You just need to worry about hitting their sides.." She said with a reassuring smile and just let her head rest against Akasuki's

    Luna: “I’ll do my best to be useful to you Aria.” Akasuki pauses to give Aria a big hug.

    Angel: "You already are useful to me and do not think of yourself as a tool. You understand that Aka." She said and kept her in an embrace. "You are far from anything but a beautiful girl who just is good at everything but best at nothing which makes you a fantastic and unbelieveable person to have with no matter where you are. You bring things to the table that I would never be able to do... like I cant cook.. to save my life. But... I can hold back a troll with my shield..." She said with a smile.

    Luna: Akasuki suddenly starts crying just like she did earlier, seemingly randomly, but she looks horrible all of a sudden. She also seems to have a sense of guilt about herself, like she didn’t want to cry like this in front of Aria. She can’t even seem to get words out because she is so worked up.

    Angel: Aria looked at her and let go. She didn't know what to do at this point. She couldn't handel others crying and she felt like she was going to do the same. "Did... Did I do somthing wrong? Are you okay? I.. Im sorry if I said somthing.." She mumbled before taking a deep breath and trying to make sense out of what happened. "I.. Akasuki..Im sorry I involved you in this..." Aria mumbled beginning to feel upset as well.

    Luna: Akasuki looks even worse when Aria lets go of her, and not controlled by rational thought, basically tackles Aria, wrapping her arms around Aria desperately. If Aria looks at Akasuki’s eyes, she’ll see them wrapped in terror, like there was some horrible creature she was waiting to go away.

    Angel: Aria fell to the ground and began to tear up as Aka latched herself onto her. She didn't know what to do and began to ball her eyes out as well. Finally she looked up and saw the terror in Akasuki's eyes and her heart melted immediately. She just returned the grappling hug and rubbed her head against Aka's "Its okay! Its okay!" She said unsure of what to do at all. The only thing she could think of was to reassure the girl that she was okay. "Your with me okay! Just relax.. I wont let go.. okay.." She said and just laid there letting Aka cry her eyes out as she did the same.

    Luna: Akasuki continues like this for about 7 minutes before she finally regains her good sense. The tears don’t stop, but they slow, and Akasuki seemed to get more affectionate. Realizing that she was right on top of Arianna, Akasuki looked right into her eyes with a very needy expression. Nestling her head atop Arianna’s chest, Akasuki seems to find herself soothed. Her long, black, tangly hair also rested against Arianna. It felt so extremely smooth and nice to the touch, and she could now smell the subtle perfume Akasuki wears that smell a bit like a peach. Closing her eyes, Akasuki hums a soft melody, and by the time she finishes, she has regained that calm aura that she is so known for.

    Angel: Aria waited patiently for her to slow her tears and continued the hug even as her arms were tiring. Then Aka stared down into her eyes and she saw somthing that made her smile even as some tears dropped onto her face. To have her this close and then nuzzling her head onto Aria's chest felt comforting. "Im not going anywhere okay.. Just.. take your time.." She said as she ran a hand through Aka's smooth hair and sniffed the air getting the scent of peaches "You smell amazing.... better than I do.. I smell like Goblin guts...." She mumbled before giggling. After abit longer and listening to what Aka was humming she saw the girls tears stopping "All better now?" She asked with a smile but keeping her hands wrapped around her "Im sorry if I upset you.... But.. Im glad you took it upon yourself to hug me.... I guess.. I had no idea what to do."

    Luna: Akasuki seems more relaxed than usual as Aria strokes her hand through her hair. Unlike Akasuki’s usual reactions being more subtle and controlled, a definite and pronounced reaction is evoked when Aria runs her hand through her hair. It seems as though it is something Akasuki fondly enjoys. “Its ok. You couldn’t have know. Just please, don’t shorten my name. It brings back really bad memories from back home.” Akasuki seems hesitant to move, as she greatly enjoys laying against Arianna like this, nearly losing herself to desire. However, Akasuki knows they can’t afford to spend more time without moving on. They need to find a campsite by nightfall. Smiling, “We should probably get going right?”

    Angel: Aria looked at her and continued to stroke her hair as she explains what had caused her to begin crying. "Im sorry Akasuki.. I didn't know... I wont do it again... I understand the names part.... Arianna isn't my real name... I took it up after being abandoned... My true name is somthing I try to forget... but....its a start you know..." She said before just relaxing with her arms around her friend. "Yeah.. lets get moving.." Arianna said before moving so she was ontop of Akasuki and smiled and picked her up as she stood up so she was still hugging the girl before putting her down. "Sorry... Im abit heavier in this armor but I wanted to hug pick you up." She said with a smile. "So, we probably have.. about five hours untill night fall."

    Luna: Akasuki seems much happier now that some of the tangles in her hair have been straightened out. She seemed pleasantly surprised when she was suddenly picked up as well. After a short laugh, “Lets definitely find a place to set up camp by then. We just need a large clear area so that it is hard to sneak up on us. If we can find an alcove in a hill or cliff, that would be ideal.”

    Angel: Arianna nodded and smirked "Alright, Lets get moving than okay?" She said to Akasuki before kicking the box waking the creature up. It just turned before disappearing into the dirt as the two began to walk into the woods. Two hours passed and it was slowly beginning to get darker as the light was waning. "So.. it will take us a long time to get there.. I hope you don't mind me for you know... a few months." She said with a smile.

    Luna: Retorting, “What is a few months when every day is an adventure?” Akasuki ends up sighting some wild game that she is particularly fond of, and activating her Astra Gate technique, fells the beast with arrows. She didn’t have the precise aim needed for a clean kill, so the meat is likely to have a few arrow punctures in the choice parts of the meat. Fortunately, there is a clearing in the forest on which to cook the meat. Akasuki brings out a tomb to start a fire not only for warmth in a cold night, but also as a means to cook the meat. Akasuki was of the opinion that it is best to cook everything, as it gets rid of many diseases, makes you more energetic, and extends your lifespan.

    Angel: Arianna nodded "Very true..." She said before Akasuki shot a beast with an bow she pulled out of her conjured gate. She then set up the camp site while Aria helped around making sure everything was good She then disapepared and began to walk aroud the small camp site mumbling somthing as her eyes glowed a mana blue. When she finished she sprinted over and stopped an inch from Akasuki "Done! I set up a ring around the camp site... So! What now?" She asked as she sat down on the ground as Azazel began to rise from the ground now that she was stationary. She flipped the chest open and began to dismantle her armor peice by peice once more.

    Luna: Akasuki knew to expect Arianna to want to change this time, and ready for this moment, took time to inspect the barrier that Aria had constructed. It wasn’t that it was a task particularly necessary, as Arianna was far more skilled in magic than she was, but she needed something to think about besides Arianna. After all, having those kinds of feelings towards people can make things complicated, especially considering they were both girls.

    Angel: Arinna finished undressing and just wore a simple night gown that was cut off at the knees. She yawned and sat down near the fire as she looked around for Akasuki "Hello! Im done changing now.. sorry...Im not used to having people around so I just strip down.... I need to get used to having you around.. I dont want to make you feel uncomfortable.." She said to Akasuki as she leaned up against Azazel.

    Luna: Akasuki smiles, “Its fine. I’ve already learned to adapt. Besides, it actually isn’t that uncommon for people of the same sex to change clothes together. Honestly, I’m just shy about that kind of thing. I also never had any room for extra changes of clothes, so I’m used to staying in the same thing for a while. I’m honestly just surprised that you’ve never said anything about my dress. I’m used to be hassled about it when I team up with someone, so I have a response lined up and everything.”

    Angel: Arianna looked at her and smiled "Well.. I guess I can see how that isn't uncommon.... but I... Yeah." She said and smiled. She then turned and opened Azazel "What do you like to wear to bed? Normally I am an individual that sleeps kinda.... without anything on so I put on this gown to make it easier for the both of us." She said with a smile before digging around "Want anything out of here? I have alot of useless stuff I dont fit into anymore.."

    Luna: Akasuki thinks for a moment before giving her answer, “Well, I’d like to sleep with something minimalistic, but I don’t like completely exposing myself while I’m asleep. I’ve never really had to think about it since I’ve never had the room to hold onto extra stuff like that. I just sleep in the same clothes that I wear in the day usually. It has been interesting since this material glows.”

    Angel: Arianna smiled at her rather interesting take on sleep wear "Alright well... hope about this?" She said and took out a new gown that was an aqua blue. It was abit longer than her own but was loose fitting and looked rather comfortable. "Trust me.. I like to sleep comfortably.. otherwise I get.. upset in the morning and I.. Im not to happy to be around." She mumbled "So, how about you try it on and see how you like it. If not then you know... yeah.. Also! Tomorrow I want to find a stream to bathe in.. I have taken a bath in nearly a week.."

    Luna: Akasuki nods, “That would certainly explain why you still smell like a battlefield. I’m sure if we continue on the path we will eventually cross one. Though, not sure if I’m looking forward to meeting some monsters. Now that we are so far in, they are going to start getting more aggressive.” Akasuki pulls out a map from her Astra Gate, using magic to highlight a particular area that they are going to cross. “This section is too dangerous to camp in, so if we want to cross we either have to venture around or fight our way through.” Shifting topics seemlessly as if it were the same type of thing, “But I would say the other thing I want from my sleepwear is to fit me somewhat snuggly. I wonder if such a combination exists...”

    Angel: Arianna nodded "I do smell rather bad.. im sorry.." She mumbled out before Akasuki began to explain her plan for approach. "Alright, I say we go through it. Trust me.. I went through it before to get here and although tough being alone together I am sure we will do fine. This close to a town I don't expect anything too big..." She said before taking another gown out of the chest "How about this... this is the last one I have... So try it on if you wish. Its abit smaller but it looks to be your size." She explained before putting the other one in and shutting the chest. She then leaned up against it again before realizing she forgot the sleeping bag. She then turned around and yanked the bag out of the Mimic before placing it down. "Alright... We are ready for bed when it is time."

    Luna: Akasuki looks over the garment curiously, and then over towards the barrier. There is absolutely no privacy, as this spot was specifically chosen for being flat and open and we didn’t bring along a tent or anything. Breaching the barrier didn’t seem like an optimal option, so Akasuki simply had to dig for the courage to undress herself. If Arianna chose to look, she might notice a very large scar across her lower abdomen.

    Angel: Aria glanced over once and saw the scar but quickly looked away blushing. She couldn't help herself at all from looking. It was curiosity that killed the cat in the end afterall. With Akasuki now changed she looked over at the girl. "Uhmm... is it comfortable? I hope it is.. you look rather good in it." Aria said with a large smile trying to cover up the fact that she knew the girl had been through some things in the past judging by the scar on her chest.

    Luna: Akasuki playfully sulks though clearly embarrassed, “Remember that body language thing… Its still a thing.” Akasuki seems to understand that Aria’s big unwarrented smile was not in fact due to liking how she looks in sleepwear, but instead because she looked at her while she was changing. Though, there is no telling if she saw the scar or not.

    Angel: Aria looked at her "No.... No.. Im fine.. No body language here..." She said with a large playful smirk. "You looked beautiful..." Aria said and stood up to look at her. "So! What do you do at night? I mean each person has their own ritual.." Aria said as she looked over at the girl from where she sat. She leaned back against the chest and brought the blanket over herself in the sleeping mat.

    Luna: Akasuki smiled softly as she receives the compliment, but then is made to think about the concept of nighttime rituals. After thinking for a while Akasuki calmly expressed, “Actually, I don’t think I have anything like that.”

    Angel: Aria nodded "Yeah, I don't really have one either... If you want to you can join me.." She said before raising the covers for the girl. "I don't have anything night wise that I do." She continued before stretching out as she waited for Akasuki's decision.

    Luna: Akasuki happily accepts, sleeping next to Aria much the same way she did before. Holding Aria again her, arms wrapped around her waist, and with the demeanor of a child sleeping next to their parent for comfort. Drifting off into sleep, “And today, our adventure starts.”

    Angel: Aria wraps her arms around the girl much the way Akasuki did to herself. "Yeah... but... Akasuki.." She mumble as she let a hand slip under the covers. She placed it right ontop of where the scar was.

    Possibly NSFW (open)
    She rubbed the area gently feeling the scar tissue on the skin. "Im sorry.. but I saw it... Does it hurt..." She mumbled keeping the girl close as the used her other hand to run a hand through Akasuki's hair. "I... Im sorry I am doing this.. I shouldn't be.. Im curious..." She said not realizing how close it was to her privates.

    Luna: Akasuki suddenly felt the urges of sleep replaced with all new feelings, namely arousal as Aria suddenly started rubbing her sensitive area softly as her hair was stroked. Akasuki couldn’t help but squirm a bit, very stimulated at this point. Even as Aria explained it was because she had seen the scar, and that she was curious, Akasuki couldn’t use her powers of rational thought like this. Aria can tell that the scar won’t go away anytime soon. It must have been stiched together like this many times, as the skin on the area of the scar is several times tougher than elsewhere, a sign that it has been mended on multiple occasions. This had to be an injury she has received multiple times in her life, but why?

    Angel: Aria felt the girl squirm and her hand slipped lower on accident. When she felt her hand brush somthing she pulled it back up and began to blush. But she felt the entirely of the scar and it was rough indeed. What had this girl gone through... She seemed to like the feeling of her hand there but... oh... she liked it. With that Aria lowered her hand back down to be sure she didn't accidently do what she did before once more. "I felt it Akasuki... Its alright... Whatever happened... I wont let it happen again okay.. I can tell its... its rough... Does it feel better when I rub it?" She asked as she continued slowly.

    Luna: Akasuki moves from a state of pleasure to an entirely different level as Aria slides her hand across her most sensitive area. Akasuki, being entirely new to these feelings, finds herself completely overwhelmed. She can barely even bring herself to respond, and does so in a way almost mindless in nature, “Akasuki, likes it.” Completely flushed and closing her eyes, Akasuki begins to pant slightly, not knowing how to say that it is too much for her.

    Angel: Aria looks at her body as it squirms and begins to feel alittle odd. "Oh.. You like it... Uhm.. why do you refer to yourself as Akasuki... when you can you that oh, I like it." She said with a smile as she continued. She also began to wonder what it felt like but decided to help her friend more. Whatever it was she looked like she was enjoying it wholeheartedly.

    Though... she was unsure if she should continue and slowly pulled her hand back. She placed it back on the girls stomach and squeezed it gently. "Im glad you liked it I guess... but.. I.. Im feeling alittle weird..." She said and let go of Akasuki. She turned over to face the other way and curled up slightly. She had felt Aka's... privates... what... No... its not right.. but she liked it... is that what its like if she were to do it to herself... But no... not with another near.

    Luna: Akasuki knew this was dangerous. Akasuki knew she had an attraction to Arianna, but having had this feeling formalized, could she really accept that? Would it change anything? Can Akasuki continue to rely on and travel with Aria, or will the adventure come to a close. An exhausted Akasuki was unable to answer this question, as she fell asleep on the spot.
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