Dark Forest.



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As the night grew darker, the fog got thicker.

The quiet girl walked alone, one leg crossing in front of the other with each step, the heels of her boots making a small clicking noise under the stone path. She listened quietly, watching carefully for another person around.

She stopped in her path, shoving her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket. Her optics filled with alertness as she scanned her surroundings, or at least what she could see.

With a few more steps, she sat down at the roots of a tree, her legs stretched out in front of her as she crossed her left leg over her right. She rested her hands into her laps, her bangs falling in front of her eyes as she sat quietly, waiting...
Rose hurried through the forest, she moved gracefully and delicately never making a sound.

She flipped her long blonde hair out of her face and pulled her jacket tighter to ward of the cold from the night air, she silently cursed the thick fog surrounding her as she almost tripped over a large tree root.

As she stepped carefully over it she found herself face to face with another girl simply sitting at the base of the tree, oh no this was bad very bad if they showed up while she was here it was sure to get ugly fast.

She had to get her out of here quickly, but how? what could she say that would make her leave? Her hands hovered above the guns on her hips for a momenti could threaten her, no that was a stupid idea it would only get the cops involved and that would complicate matters.

She argued with herself a moment before allowing her hands to fall to her sides and turning to the girl she gave her a menacing look. "Who are you? and what are you doing out here?"

She sounded tough but there was a small quiver of fear in her voice, fear of what would happen if they found this outsider here.

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The girl, her face blank, looked up towards the voice. She squinted and saw a small figure through the fog walking towards her. She brought herself up to her feet, dusting the dirt of her behind. Her black hair flowed behind her back as she took small steps to the right, her optics still focused on the figure. She stood still, alert, with her feet spread out shoulder-width and her arms crossed under her bust. She blinked slowly. "I'm Kandyl," she replied. "And who are you if I may ask?" Her voice was strong.

Her cold blue eyes scanned the surrounding around the two, waiting for others to arrive. "Why are you out here at a time like this?" she asked. A cold wind sent a shiver up her spine, making the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. "You have no reason to be here." The corners of the girls red lips curled up into a sly smile. "My business in no concern of your's." She cleared her throat, her head tilting to the side.

She studied the other girl carefully, her eyes looking up and down. She sensed she was up to something, but what? Someone like her wouldn't be wondering around the woods alone, there were other people coming. She was determined to wait and find out.
Rose scoffed at her "My name is Rose and if you don't get out of here fast, your business will intertwine with my business and that's something we both want to avoid."

She stepped forward intending to say more but the sound of approaching footsteps silenced her, "great now its too late." she muttered as a bunch of figures surrounded them. There were about seven large muscly men, each one heavily armed
with weapons of every description.

Suddenly one of them stepped forward and glared menacingly first at Kandyl then Rose, he began to speak harshly to her in hushed tones "who's she? You know we don't have much time Rose!" Rose glared back at him angrily, "you think i don't know that? I have not forgotten what the consequences will be if we fail James."

James stared at her for a moment as if he was going to hit her but instead he turned to face Kandyl and spoke to her menacingly"if you want to avoid serious injury, you need to leave this place now."