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  1. 'Our story follows six young men who showed supernatural abilities from a young age and were ether kidnapped or given to the laboratory known as Dark.inc whereupon they'd stay for much of their lives.

    The scientists that run the laboratory can be cruel or kind, but many tend to be cruel to the boys.. subjecting them to all kinds of strange things, but.. what if as the years have gone on, a love starts to bloom.. a forbidden love? A dark love?

    The boys themselves ether stick together or are forced farther apart by the scientists. Some of the boys may even willingly form a relationship with a scientist to keep themselves safe, or at least safer. But what if the need for safety becomes something more?

    What Dark flowers of love will bloom in the stainless cold halls of the laboratory?'- intro

    The sun rises a slow and lazy ascent, bathing the sky in light. The morning birds start to go about their routines of bird song and joy, the grass blows gently in the breeze. It's a beautiful summer day, picturesque and ideal. There is however a slight blight in this perfect moment, the facility that's situated in this quarantined area. The only man made thing that seems to openly sneer at mother nature with it's electric fences and cold walks, but at least it sill gets a bit of sunlight.. hope. For some days like this would bring hope, for others it brings pain and sadness.

    For a moment there is no human sound, only the sounds of nature. Suddenly the double doors that lead out into the courtyard slam open with such a force that the windows shake from the friction, a man stands in the doorway and narrows his steely blue eyes at the sun and birds. His strong jaw clenches before he roars. “SHUT UP!” at the birds, causing them to take flight. Gladarniel Silencia grunts and smirks at his work of chasing the things off.

    He strides down the corridors and licks his lips. “and so begins another fun day! I love my job!” he walks into the control room and watches the security camera's that show the sleeping boys in their dorms. He narrows his eyes when he notices that Sepiroth is already awake and staring at nothing, as he's huddled up in the blanket. “kill joy.” Gladius grunts. “useless failure.” he cracks his neck left to right before slamming his fist on the intercom button. “up and at 'em, boys!” he roars in his booming voice. “YOUR DAY STARTS NOW!”
  2. What day was today? Saturday? He couldn't remember. He had been cooped up in his lab for so long now. He had practically been living at work these, collecting the results he needed for his studies. Before he knew it, the intercom was blasting and signaling that it was time for him to get one of the boys, but he wasn't exactly sure which one he would be working with today. As far as he was concerned, he didn't have anyone scheduled for today. Dr. Leo yawned quite obnoxiously before wrapping up the last of his notes. He hadn't slept yet today either. He probably should have seeing as anything could happen here at this lab. He brushed off his thoughts. Dr. Leo would sleep when he returned home for the evening. That would be the only place he could get peace and quiet for eight consecutive hours.

    Finally after several minutes of thinking to himself, he clicked on his voice recorder to document his thoughts.

    "Today is the start of a new day [full stop]. I have yet to pick a favorite experiment [comma] but perhaps there is a reason [full stop]. I believe that I may not be fit for such a thing [full stop]. Is it possible that I have forgotten how to show affection? [question mark]," Dr. Leo stopped recording himself and took a step outside of his lab. Yes, he would go searching for one of the boys today, but maybe he was not for sure which one he was looking for in particular. It was starting too look like it would be a very long day.
  3. Zaide had been suffering through a pattern of randomly awaking at different times. One night he could get a full night's rest, the next night could be only one and not get anymore sleep for the rest of the evening. Not sleeping when he was supposed to could get him into trouble, he knew that all too well. In an attempt to appear that he was sleeping, he pulled the thin covers over his head while his slightly dark lavender eyes gazed the material covering him. He wasn't afraid of the scientists themselves (except the man who wishes to be called "God"), but he was mainly afraid of what they were capable of doing. No one knew what was happening within these walls except the others and the scientists. They could hurt him and nothing would be done. Hell, the other boys he called 'friends' could be planning to hurt him for all he knew. But he didn't know, and he wouldn't know until it actually happened. When it happened.

    No. No.. He could trust a few people in this place, right? Just a few? They wouldn't hurt him, right? Like the others who were here with him; they could be trusted, yes?

    'No, they could hurt me whenever they want. They could just be waiting for the perfect moment to strike me down. They will stab me in the back one of these days, just one of these days when I trust them most. They'll deliver my carcass to these scientists so they could gut me like some animal!' The voice in his mind screamed, making Zaide grasp at his head.

    "Shut up..." He murmured quietly to himself, wanting the voice in his mind to go away.

    The purple haired man sat up immediately after hearing the loud voice boom over the intercom, startling him immensely. His eyes flashed the glowing bright lavender, causing his telekinetic ability to throw a nearby object. Since there was no direct target of the noise, the object flew across the room and collided with the wall on the opposite side hard. He placed a hand on his heart and took a few gentle breaths to calm himself down. If the person on the intercom kept that up, Zaide will end up turning the whole dorm room upside down.
  4. It was more the sound of something hitting the wall that the head of his bed against then the voice over the intercom that jerked him out of his sleep, and Tristan groaned as he rolled over, squeezing his eyes shut in an attempt to not wake up fully. He really needed to talk to one of the 'doctors' to see about getting his room rearranged. You'd think after living beside someone with telekinetic powers who had a habit of accidently throwing things at walls for nearly half of his life, that a guy would have gotten used to it and be able to sleep through it. But nope. It was probably for the best anyway, trying to sleep in could get him in trouble depending on what type of mood his scientist for the day was in. Rolling back over, he slide from under his sheets and sat at the edge of the bed with is head cradled between his hands as he tried to prepare himself mentally and physically to stand. Once he did, he shuffled over to his dresser and started pulling clothing out of it to change into after he had had his shower. For now he was stuck in loose fitting plaid pajama pants and no shirt until one of the 'doctors' decided to unlock his door. As an after thought he reached into his drawers again and pulled out a pair of old, faded swimming trunks and placed them on top of the pile of clothing. He should probably ask for a new pair seeing as the ones he had were from a couple years ago and fit rather snugly at this point, but it was always a gamble asking for new things and when you did ask, there was always a price. So instead he would just continue to wear the pair he had until he no longer could and then find one of the....nicer wasn't exactly the word he was looking for but it would have to do, nicer scientists to ask for a replacement pair.

    A yawn fought it's way out of his mouth, his jaw popping as it stretched to accommodate the action, and Tristan stretched his lean, slightly muscled form backwards in a slightly arch, his joints popping in protest. Once he had straightened, he made his way back over to his bed and sat, reaching over to the bedside table and retrieving the glasses that lay there. He didn't really need to wear them all the time, only for reading really, but he never knew what the scientists would want him to do when and if they called him in for testing and if he wasn't able to preform up to their standards....Tristan shivered despite himself and shook his head to clear it, which only really succeeded in making him hair look more disheveled then usual. He scooted across his bed so that his back was against the wall, which was the wall next to the one Zaide had thrown something at, and rested his head against the wall and waited.
  5. Laughter. It was a sound he hadn’t heard in years. Sure, he had heard laughter from the boys at the brothel, when they told jokes to each other around their breakfast, or when they held him down and hurt him, drawing his blood to see if he was even human. He had also heard laughter in his months at the lab, the sadistic laugh of the odd scientist, doing god knows what to some poor boy, or the laughs of the other boys, as they exchanged inside jokes gained with time, jokes he couldn’t understand. This laughter was different than that. It was different than anything he had heard in the past eight years. It was his own, light and young and more full of life than his lungs had ever allowed. It bounced off the laughter of another, heavier and fuller than his own. It was his mother’s, almost exactly as he remembered it, except without the misery and fear that he was used to hear lingering behind it. They both sat in the corner of an empty parking garage, sharing a small bag of candy his mother had stolen from a store. He remembered this. It was his 7th birthday. His mother was singing him happy birthday, using the most ridiculous voices she could muster. It was a tradition of theirs, something that brought structure in his life. Whether he slept with some sort of roof over his head, whether he had eaten that day or not, whether he was cold or warm, he always could expect his mother to sing to him on his birthday. To play with his hair, long or short, while he sat in her lap, watching her make faces and sing. He had always loved his birthday. It was safe and normal. He knew what he could expect at the end of the day. He smiled, burying his head into his mother’s shoulder as she ran her fingers through his hair, twisting it and wrapping it around her fingers, humming to him softly. This was safe. He didn’t have anything to worry about. His stomach ached, and he was happy. His mother’s embrace was too tight, and he was happy. She stopped humming for a moment, kissing his head gently. “I love you Mommy.” He murmured, his words muffled by the fabric of her shirt. “I-

    Rein jolts as he is abruptly pulled from his dream, pulling the cover from his head in a panic, his eyes darting around the room in search of whatever woke him up. Realizing it was only the voice over the intercom he fell back onto his pillow, covering his eyes with his arms. His body ached from the transformation he had been through while he slept, and the idea of moving seemed almost impossible. He had gone to bed female, and from the harsh pain in his waist, hips and chest, had awoken male. He grit his teeth as he tried to slow his breaths, his lungs burning as he slowly pushed himself upright with a groan. His shirt hangs off his shoulder, too big to fit properly. He always wears oversized clothing to sleep. It hid his figure, leaving him only able to tell if he had changed by where he hurt the most. Though this method proved mostly ineffective, the routine of it brought him a sense of comfort. He carefully swung his feet over the side of the bed, standing up slowly as the blood returned to his legs. He looked forlornly around the small room, all the necessary furniture there but empty of personality. He never had many personal belongings, and the few that he did were still at the brothel, likely destroyed by the other boys. He pushed the idea from his mind as he approached the small mirror on the back of the closet door, focusing instead on his reflection. His hair is shorter than yesterday, and his facial features more defined. When he removes his shirt he can see his shoulders are broader and his chest flat, and his hips are no longer rounded. Yes, definitely male. His eyes sweep up and down his body, lingering slightly on each scar before stopping at his brand. Scowling, he looks away immediately, throwing the door open. Quickly, he grabs his clothing and closes the door, changing in front of the mirror. It was comforting in a way, watching his skin disappear inside the fabrics. He liked to think if he had enough cloth he could disappear completely, and be done with the world forever. Just a dark cotton ghost, floating alone in the void. The thought makes him smile. He buttons his shirt, watching intently as the dark cloth covers his brand, leaving only the top exposed. As he stares at it his smile fades, his eyes beginning to sting. He leans into the mirror, pressing his forehead against the glass, eyes squeezed shut.

    Who was he kidding? There wasn't enough fabric in the world to hide him.
  6. Malik had usually been a fairly deep sleeper, so even when he first stared his new life in the lab, he was able to sleep through the wake up call, though the men that worked there found a way to insure he would wake on time. Today was one of those days he woke before they could get him. Though is wings popped out of his back as he jolted awake. He growled a bit and looked around the rather bare room. Unlike the other rooms, he didn't have anything in his, well except for his bed. The metal had been warped a bit over time thanks to the fire ability he had, which was why he didn't have furniture actually. The first time he nearly set the building on fire when he was angry, so nothing flammable for him!

    Grumbling slightly he got out of bed and headed for his closet to grab something to wear. He generally went shirtless now thanks to his wings popping out at different points in the day, and it was a pain to deal with shredded clothing. A thin layer of hard scales covered his body except for a few locations. HIs groin for one thing was still fleshy, but then again most dragons and things he had been aware of pulled such things into their bodies and he couldn't. He was also not covered on his face, probably because it would make it harder for him to talk if he was scaley from head to toe. Still, he most of his vitals were covered which was what mattered right?

    When he first arrived, he had thought the men working on him wanted to see just how durable his scales were, and to see if they could someone genetically modify soldiers to have them as well. It seemed that while his scales could withstand almost anything, bullets were not an issue with him, he learned that when one of the men testing him brought in a hand gun and shot him. Sure it hurt but he was left without a scratch. After several other tests, they found his scales couldn't be duplicated and while he thought that meant he would be let go, no, he was still stuck here.

    Standing by the door, Malik wondered what would happen today. He knew most of the boys would head for the showers, but he couldn't unless he wanted to be as red as a tomato when he finished. He couldn't get near water, he wasn't really sure why, but he never went near it. He also made sure he never went near the pool again, or ran into one of the other boys when he wanted a swim. He didn't trust Tris to not try and get him back into the water. Last time that happened was shortly after they had arrived.

    The boy code named dragon wondered just when he would be let out, and who would be the one studying him today. Honestly, he hoped it wasn't Gladius, the man had a god complex wanting everyone to call him god or sir. While most of the others seemed afraid of him, Malik was 'made' of tougher stuff, no pun intended of course. But what was the worst the man could do? If he was in his scale armor the man couldn't actually hurt him, well except for the blasted collar he had around his neck. He had wanted to fry the man that came up with that idea, and he almost succeeded, but then a bucket of water was dumped on him and he stopped his attack. The man should have been smart enough to wear one of those fire suits, but he must have trusted him not to attack. Stupid man. You didn't collar a dragon, not that he really was one of course, but he seemed to have that kind of personality.
  7. {Sepiroth- intro post!}

    Sepiroth didn't get much sleep last night, though this is nothing new. The nightmares are getting worse, their effects are getting worse. He has to try and cover up the fact that he's started to wet the bed, at his age that's a humiliation. Sepiroth cannot and will not show weakness around the other boys, he can't. The dreams are always the same, they are always about his father. Sepiroth doesn't fear any off the other scientists in the facility, but he fears his father.. his master. He feels his eyes water a little and he blinks the tears back, he keeps the blankets cocooned around himself.. partly to deter anyone from touching him, but mostly so they can't see his abused body. Only his face isn't scarred and burned, but there's time yet. He faces the wall because he can't bring himself to look at his dorm mates, they're all so pretty.. so perfect, and he's not. 'ugly..ugly.. why am I so ugly?!' Sepiroth thinks to himself, not noticing that the mirror by his bed has cracked and now big gorges run all the way through it. His father always brought him down, always made him feel worthless and like filth. Sepiroth would have done anything for his father, anything.

    Sepiroth lowers the blanket a little as he gazes at his body, fingers tracing the various scars and burns. A lifetime of pain, a story etched upon his flesh and written in crimson ink. His father could do whatever he wanted -he did what he wanted all the time- and Sepiroth wouldn't complain or even try to fight him. He'd just take it, didn't he kill his own mother because his father told him to? 'why aren't I good enough? I am nothing without him, nothing!' Sepiroth thinks as a single tear trickles down his cheek, Sepiroth feels totally rejected.. he doesn't feel good enough for anyone for anything, after all.. if his father no longer 'loves' him, if his father looses interest.. then how can anyone love him? Who'd want him? Who'd bother with him? No one. Even worse is the fact that his father also has his eye on someone else, Sepiroth feels as though his drowning inside.. silently screaming.

    Sepiroth curls himself up and hugs his knees, grinding his teeth together slightly. 'why? Why?! I could understand if father picked someone more to his taste, but why has he picked that one?!' Sepiroth curls up a little more. 'I..I'm going to be thrown away for someone completely different, I'm going to be cast aside without so much as a..without..' his mind flickers back and he quickly shakes his head and brushes his thoughts to the side, his face returns to the flat and emotionless state it's often in. he sits up slowly and gazes at the wall flatly, and he remained like that until the intercom went off. Sepiroth stays where is is for some moments thinking. 'today.. is the day, the day I will be replaced.. that glint in father's eyes, today is the day Malik will get a taste of what his father has to offer.

    Sepiroth stands up slowly, keeping the blanket around him. He'll try and wait till the other boys have had a shower before having one himself. He picks out some clothes his father would want him to wear and sighs softly, glancing at the mirror as it shatters into pieces.


    {Gladarniel Intro post!)

    Gladius yawns a little as he watches the boys, making the camera zoom to each one of them. He takes every detail in thoughtfully, before stopping the camera on his son. “you'd better wear that red lacy maid outfit, you worthless fool..” he mutters as he cracks his knuckles slightly. “I could do with some amusement.” he chuckles flatly to himself and licks his lips, glad that there are cameras everywhere and everywhere. Gladius normally takes time out of his day in order to preform various experiments on Sepiroth, the father and son duo have always being this way. Gladius has always being in total control of his son, dictating what he eats and wears.. even how he lives his life. Gladius likes that about his son, that total obedience. “he's a good subject..” Gladius says to himself with a cruel laugh. “so it would suck if I broke him no, after all these years.”

    that's the reason for Gladius deciding that he needed to have a spare victim-errr subject- in case Sepiroth ever permanently broke at least he'd have a backup. So he did his research into every boy within the facility, looking for the traits he likes most. But in the end he decided to try something very different, something that he wouldn't normally go for. Gladius likes boys who know their places, fiery and defiant aren't his thing.. but he has come to the conclusion that if he keeps chasing after the same type, he'll keep coming back to this issue. That is what drove him to get out his comfort zone and try something new, and if it doesn't work out.. Gladius has thought ahead, he's planned. “I am such.. a good man!” he smirks. “my level of altruism shocks even me, I mean.. I'm just perfect!” he panders his own ego a little longer, Gladius's ego is like a fluffy little pet and precious to him.

    He switches the camera to Malik and watches the boy thoughtfully. “enjoy your current peace while you can, boy.. everything's about to change, the dragon will fall to earth and not rise again.” he says softly, not realising that he can be strangely creative with his words when he wants to be. He continues to smirk as fantasy’s play through his mind, he tilts his head a little and cracks his neck left to right. “I think I've kept him waiting long enough.”

    he slams his hand down on the intercom button. “DRAGON BOY, GET YOUR BUTT TO MY OFFICE NOW!” He roars before clicking the button that unlocks the doors. He adds sharply. “AND HURRY UP!”
  8. @Sepdemonium
    Malik heard the click of the door unlocking and the same voice that woke him call his name. So it seemed that his luck was not with him today then. With a sigh he took a last glance around his empty room deciding on if he really wanted to go to the office or if he would just stay here. Either way, he wasn't going to be speedy about it. Hey, he wasn't a morning person and he was a real Grinch in the mornings even when he was in a good mood. Stepping out into the hallway, he looked both directions to see which way he wanted to go, he wanted to be sure he wasn't going to run into Tris today, or the guy might decide to try and get on his good side again. He still hadn't forgiven the other for what had happened with the pool all those years ago.

    Well, at least it seemed that he was the first one out and in the hallway, which was fine with him. He wasn't going to go right to the office however, not liking to be at someone's beck and call like some sort of dog. It was fine if some of the other boys were like that, but he wasn't in the mood to do so. He casually strolled down the hallway and when he did get to the man's office he leaned against the doorframe his arms crossed over his bare chest, wings tucked behind him. Even in the hallway light, his scales were still visible and he smirked.

    "So, just what does the mean old scientist plan to try and do today?" He asked knowing it would probably annoy the man at least slightly. "I thought you tended to go for the more obedient boys here, what get bored?"
  9. Tristan cringed when he heard Dr. Silencia's voice yell over the intercom and for a moment his heart stopped beating. 'Please not me, notmenotmenotme' and he visibly relaxed when it was Malik the 'good' doctor was calling for. He signed softly and shook his head. There was a part of him that felt bad for feeling happy that Malik had been called by Dr. Silencia instead of himself. No one deserved to be treated the way that man treated some of the others, especially the way he treated his own son. The sound of the door unlocking drew him from his thoughts and he scooped up the clothing he had previously set aside and made his way out of the door and right into someone who had been walking past his door. His clothing fell to the floor in a heap and he cursed softly.

    "Fuck....I'm sorry. I wasn't really paying attention to where I was going. Are you heading to the shower t......." before he could finish the last word of his sentence, he looked up to see who he was talking to and froze. "Oh Malik...oh, um...of course you're not going to the shower..." he laughed nervously "I didn't realize who I was talking to. Thought you would be in Dr. Silencia's office by now. So, um, yeah...I'll just be going....to the shower then...." he quickly made his way around the older male and walked away quickly, not waiting for a reply.

    Once he had rounded a corner, he stopped walking and leaned his back up against the wall. 'Maaaaan did I dodge a bullet there.' he signed softly and caught his breath before pushing off the wall and heading down the hallway towards where the showers were located, thinking aloud to himself. "I wonder if the others are already there...."
  10. (I am so behind on this omfg im so sorry guys)

    Aiden turned off his bike, slipping the white helmet from his head. The smell of the exhaust stinging his nose, but he loved the smell. Loved the thrill his bike gave him, that all too familiar drive to be reckless in hope his life would be proper again. His gloves placed loosely into the helmet, followed by the keys and the cheap aviators he dropped while turning too fast. Aiden loved that bike, and had a second thought to name her Lucy. But bikes didn't need names, they were not real but when he rode her, he became one with her, giving her life. With the kickstand up, Aiden proceeded into the building, the chill of the air conditioner hugging his neck. This was one of the days he would rather be at work and not surfing. One of the few days. His sleek black converse making small squeaks against the linoleum. The helmet under his shoulders smug.

    A few hallways and doors later, Aiden hit his own office. The smell of dust pollinated the room, he needed a actual office. Aiden's office was more like a dorm room than anything else. When you opened the door the first wall you would see was a navy blue one, a few pictures hung on the wall, him and a blonde girl in a gold cap and gown holding a diploma of Neurological Science. His sister always wanted to be Brain Surgeon, she spent many years of her life dissecting the brains of dead cats and dogs. A picture of a Blue Roan horse with a brown face and valliant expression, which was bigger than the graduation picture and in the middle of them all, seeming to be most important. Various pictures of Aiden when he was younger, graduating high school, getting a proud cheek kiss from his sister while he held his advanced diploma. Him graduating top of his class in Neurological Psychology and Physiology. And him with his sister riding horses in an arena, the Blue Roan frozen in a steady gallop. Underneath the pictures, was a neoclassic Brown leather sofa, brand new as if it had never been touched, a western style saddle blanket draped over the left armrest. Aiden never looked at the wall, he had stared endlessly into the pictures for years, hoping the once in his many stares and glances that his sister would come back. She never did, and Aiden had that wall memorized.

    The other walls were a light baby blue, they held paintings and hand drawings of horses and people, sharks and the waves they swam under all in etchious detail. A solo desk and chair, mahogany oakwood. Topped with papers and a 'Study of Law' book the size of a brick. The floor was a dark wood with dusty finish, not easily kept clean but suited the room well.

    Aiden set down his helmet under the desk and stripped off his black leather jacket, easily tossing it onto the couch. Aiden always wore his jacket when he rode early in the morning. However, as sneaky as he was getting to his office, he was a few hours late. He wasn't ready for the work day but it seemed he was content with being there, even though his face did not show it. His eyes did.

    He wore a tight red shirt with blue ripped and faded jeans which hugged his legs as if they were molded for his skin. He rarely came dressed up for work, and after the first three years, no one ever asked him to change. Now he was his own boss, working with the fellow doctors to help boys with supernatural abilities. Aiden was very smart, however he didn't think being a child at heart would ever help him with his job. Children weren't supposed to be with other children, even if he was an adult. It was unlikely that he would ever be paired with a student to assist, he was too flaky all the time. Aiden took a seat at his desk and sighed at the stack of papers, he needed to do them. Aiden twisted in his chair to straddle the back rest of it, his chest leaning against it as his fingers fiddled with the blue pen in his hands. Today would be a long day, he decided, reading over the material the papers presented. Wondering if any of the boys had seen him in the halls, or worse a doctor.

    2013-Kawasaki-Ninja-250R-sports-bike-revealed-Photos-Video-19.jpg Aiden's bike (perhaps called Lucy)
    flat,550x550,075,f.jpg Aiden's horse. (Named Cadillac Swing (Female, 16.5 hands, Ex- racehorse, rescue)
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  11. Rein raised his head at the sound of the door unlocking, contemplating whether he should go out or not. He really didn’t want to speak to any of the other boys, and he wasn’t in desperate need of a shower. It was mostly hunger that plagued him, the all too familiar pains in his stomach becoming sharper by the minute. If he went to the dining hall now, he could probably finish by the time the others finished showering, then shower alone, if the long white haired boy wasn’t there already. He had ran into him once or twice in his first months at the lab, but after the third month he had figured out how to avoid him altogether, only seeing him in the showers occasionally.

    Rein sighed as he pushed himself away from the mirror and towards the door, tugging the collar of his shirt to better conceal his brand. As he walked through the door all the emotion disappeared from his face, replaced instead by an aloof expression, his eyes dull. It was clear to anyone who saw him that he was disinterested in conversation. If he could just avoid running into anyone, he could eat and shower before any of the scientists called for him.
  12. Zaide had visibly flinched when the doctor called for Malik, but soon settled down a bit. Though his inner conscious was praying that the dragon boy would be okay in the hands of "God", the voice within was cheering. "Better him than me" it would always say. Of course, these were not thoughts that the purple haired man would be out spoken about. These were not even his own thoughts, really. The purple haired man considered these the thoughts of his "inner demon", so to say. He thought about what he should do that morning (considering it was morning). He hadn't bathed since yesterday evening, so a shower was not desperately needed (but would be pleasant to calm his nerves). His stomach wasn't growling, so food wasn't a complete necessity at the moment. He most likely won't want to eat until the afternoon, skipping meals was always common for him. Due to his disorder, he always believed that there was something in his food. Sometimes that disorder was right. Needles terrified him and would often end up shattered across the room if a scientist tried to inject him with whatever substance was in it. What better way to experiment on him than using food as his enemy?

    Though he had awoken him, Tristan should know that Zaide would be apologizing profusely for waking him every morning ever since he was there. He was easy to startle, and it showed each and every time the man on the intercom screamed for them to wake up or do whatever it is he wanted them to do. Hopefully the scientist assigned to him that day would be a lot more kind than that Devil man. Zaide silently got up and made his bed; he decided that he would shower that morning so he wouldn't have to worry about it later (or upset the scientists). The purple haired man collected his clothing as well as other necessities and began to make his way towards the shower. It would appear that Tristan had made a run in with Malik, because he could practically feel the awkwardness that was still lingering in the air. There really was some tension between the two after that day. Zaide was lucky he hadn't created tension between himself or another individual; or so he hoped. Tension in this sort of facility could prove life threatening, or just very uncomfortable depending on what you do.
  13. @Gothicbeauty

    Gladius slowly stands up and cracks his neck left to right, keeping his steely eyes on the boy. “how annoying.” he murmurs. “you know, boy.. there's a way this world works, and that means you keep that annoying little mouth of yours shut if before you say another dumbass coment. I get the idea.. you're a big bad boy who wants to be the hero, who wants to look after the other boys and scare the big bad monsters away!” Gladius drums his fingers on the table for some moments. “..it fills you with joy when you think you're helping those younger boys, I bet you see yourself as some kind of defender for the weak.. isn't that right?” Gladius's eyes flash a little.

    “but let me tell you something, I don't give a fuck.” he starts to walk around the desk, tracing his finger on the wood. “you may think you're a hard man, a tough boy.. but you're just a little fish in a small pond, the people you defend those shrimps against aren't even real monsters.” Gladius clicks his tongue against the roof of his mouth. “they all have some reason for being here, a reason that is not black or white.. but rather grey.. and as it is with grey, black and white become muddled and filthy.. tainted. Good and evil have merged together, I wouldn't be surprised if many of them often used the terms 'the ends justify the means.'” he smiles faintly. “do you see where I'm going with this? You haven't met a real opponent, you haven't met a true monster. All you've met so far are people pursing the right ideals, but going the wrong way about it. Me?” Gladius picks up a walnut from the plate on his desk, sets it into the palm of his hand and crushes it with his middle finger without even trying. “...I don't care much for ideals.”

    he walks over so their inches apart. “it doesn't matter to me if you live or die, I don't care how badly hurt you get. I don't care if what I do violates your human rights, you are not human. You are just an ugly little freak with no intrinsic value, you are worth even less then an animal.. you are nothing more then a loud mouth object. You are nothing more then an arrogant little boy trying to play the hero, and that doesn't increase your standing with me. I don't like pretend heros.” Gladius moves quickly and cups Malik's chin and roughly turns his head left to right. “not even attractive, still.. even the most loathsome object will tend to my needs, at least for a while.” he let's go of the boy and strikes him across the face.

    “get this through your thick skull. Today you are mine, tomorrow you will be mine, next week you will be mine, next month, next year.. you will be mine! You will do whatever I want and you'll keep that mouth of yours shut, unless you are grovelling at my feet. I would say that I'll break you but in fact..” he looks Malik in the eyes. “you are already broken.. now go and get something to eat and report back to me when you're done, then we'll have some fun together. If you are late or show defiance towards me in anyway, I'll personally teach you have to swim after I give you a taste of my belt.. are we clear, toy?”
  14. Yuu Nozomu
    -His lab to Patrolling the Halls-


    *A loud shriek sounds down the hallway of the bottom floor, followed by a rather loud bang.*

    "Damn these idiotic apes...more fragile that man it seems...at least it is fun to watch them explode..." Yuu stood, cackling softly over another one of his failed attempts to clone one of the boy's genes. He had been at it all night, hell he did not sleep anyway. This time, he had went about trying to use one of Sephiroth's genes, only to come to another dead end as the Ape, appropriately named Victim 57, came to a drastic end when its head exploded. Yuu had found it rather funny, subjecting the "cattle" to such pain and misfortune. If only he could do the same thing to one of the boys.

    He had yet to get his hands on one of them, seeing as how only when they reached the end of the line, they would come to him. Instead he had to settle with samples of DNA and different animals. Dogs, Apes, Bunnies, Cats, and Rats. Their shrieks filled the his lab.

    Yuu's lab was rather high tech, filled with the newest forms of technology and even some of his own creation. All white and silver with hints of blue. The animals were lined in perfect, orgainzed rows. His tools were set up in perfect symmetry. Even the tables were aligned to the T. Yuu did not believe in disorganization. Unfortunately for the boys and the animals, the lab was severely lacking in anestesia of any kind. Yuu never believed in knocking out his experiments. Hell, they were nothing more than meat to him so why should he give them the luxury.

    He turned away from the remains of his failed project and heaved a loud sigh. With the explosion, his tables were now covered in Apes guts and blood. He had been lucky as well. He was now covered in a layer of red, causing a sadistic smirk to hint at his lips. Removing a bloody glove, he brushed his long digits through his bloodstained, purple locks and clicked his tongue before speaking. "Victim 57, I am very disappointed in you...I had put so much high hopes towards your progress. Fuck, I even offered you a damn banana and this is how you repay me. How dare you explode and dirty my perfect lab." He whipped around and his eyes narrowed, moving back to the table and pulling out a scaple before stabbing the lifeless body in the chest. "Piece of filth..." With that, he moved to the ends of the table grabbing the handles and pushing it towards a nearby vent. He stopped just before it and ripped the top of it up, tilting the table and watching the body fall into the blackness. "That will teach you, filth..."


    -40 minutes later-

    Yuu had left the mess down in his lab and was accending the steps to the main floor, his eyes locked in a blank expression, except for that same smirk on his lips. He opened the door to the main floor just in time to see Aiden entering from the other side. His smirk suddenly grew into a sly smile as he stepped forward, watching the large man quickly move to his office.

    He came to a stop just by the open door and tilted his head in, his blue eye piercing with sudden vigor. His clothes were still covered in bits of blood, but he had at least managed to wash off of his face. He watched Ace in commited silence for a moment, almost like a predator would watch a small fawn. he must have stood there for a couple minutes unnoticed until he chimed in an almost demented chuckle.

    ((Sorry if it is bad, I am in a bit of a rush and needed to get him in the game! I'll do better next post~))

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  15. Tristan hummed softly as he scrubbed at his hair with long thin fingers. It wasn't that he minded sharing the showers with the others, he had had years to get used to being naked in front of other people, but he did enjoy it most when he was able to shower alone. It allowed him the freedom to take his time and enjoy the luxury, one of the very few they were allowed, of the hot water and the silence, well aside from his singing or humming. It wasn't that he had a bad voice, on the contrary, he sang very well, but he didn't want to bother the others with it, so only did it when he was able to shower alone. He ducked his head under the spray to rinse the shampoo out of his hair before turning the water off with a sign. He shouldn't stay in the shower too long or one of the scientists might come looking for him, and though he wasn't bothered by being naked in front of the other boys, he really didn't want to be caught without clothing on by one of the doctors, not if he could help it. He made his way over to where he had placed his towel and clothes and quickly began drying off, laying the towel over his head to keep his hair from dripping as he slid into a pair of tight fitting jeans, a thinly stripped black and white shirt, socks and a pair of loafers. They had all been gifts from his last doctor, who had preferred Tristan to be well dressed at all times. Even though that doctor had left, or been let go, or worse, Tristan was still allowed to keep the clothing, which he appreciated. As he made his way out of the showers he saw Zaide heading his way and offered him a small smile as he toweled off his head.

    "Morning Zaide. Rough night?" he was of course referring to the incident this morning but didn't want to come right out and say that he had been woken up by the lashing out of Zaide's powers. He knew that the younger boy couldn't help himself sometimes, and really didn't fault him for it. He just wanted to make sure the other was alright.
  16. When Zaide was approaching the showers, he saw Tristan stepping out of them. There was no more sound of running water, which meant he would probably have it all to himself. He let out a small sigh in relief; thank goodness. It's not that he was self conscious about his figure, it was that he'd be looking over his shoulder all the time if there was someone else in there with him. With a voice influencing that the other person would stab him in the back or hurt him while he was there, it really does make you have a near heart attack. Hearing Tristan's question, the purple haired man nodded lightly to answer it.

    "Same as always...Nearly no rest and a yelling doctor... Sorry if I woke you... again.." He told him. He was aware that his powers would probably become a disturbance to his roommate, but it wasn't easy when there was a doctor who liked to yell and he was easy to startle. One of these days that same doctor was going to make his powers lash out at him, then Zaide would be punished for something he couldn't help.
  17. Tristan gave the timid boy another smile, but had to resist the urge to pat him on the shoulder in reassurance. "Don't worry about it Zaide. Some of us have powers that are easy to control and some of us don't. I'm sure with enough time you'll get better. Besides, it doesn't help things when we have 'God' yelling us awake every morning." he surpassed a shiver at the thought of Gladius then turned his attentions back to the purple haired male in front of him. "Anyway, I better get going or they'll run out of my of so favorite bland and tasteless breakfast." he started to walk off in the direction of his room to drop off his towel and dirty clothes before calling over his shoulder with a wave. "If you hurry, you should have the shower all to yourself for a while."

    Once he had returned to his room and put his dirty clothes away, he began to make his way towards the dinning hall. He secretly hopped that the doctors were otherwise occupied or not in as of yet, because he had to pass a couple of their offices to get to his destination and he really didn't want to be 'invited' to join them before he had something in his stomach. As he rounded a corner, her bi-colored eyes widened slightly at the sight of another long purple haired male standing outside what he thought was Dr.Donnie's, or Ace as he preferred to be called, office. Since he knew it wasn't Zaide, it could only be one other person, and that person scared him even more then Gladius. His stomach rumbled, reminding him that he needed to eat and he signed softly, making his way down the hall as quietly as he could, hoping that the two men were so involved in a conversation that neither would notice him passing.
  18. Zaide knew Tristan was right and felt a bit better. His powers weren't easy to control, and neither was everyone else's. He wasn't the only one with problems, he knew that. But, he was the only with a voice in his head that kept telling him he was going to get hurt. Sometimes that voice would take its own form in his head. It would seem so real yet so... fake. Surely someone else in the facility had something like that, right? The purple haired man only had the voice to cling to for protection. Everyone else in the facility were capable of hurting him in every shape, way, and form. All except the nameless voice. The nameless voice was all he had.

    The purple haired man made his way into the shower, undressed, and began to get clean. Zaide too had a nice voice. Much like Tristan. The difference between the two was that Zaide had a very broad vocal range. His voice could go high, to the point where he sang like a woman, or very deep. He never had the desire to sing so deep or so high, but did so when he was completely alone. He continued his shower, now deep in thought as he shampooed his hair.
  19. @DoomyCakez

    Aiden shifted in his seat, why the hell did he ever decide to go back to school when there was nothing more anyone could teach him on his sisters studies. He didn't always want to become a scientist. As a young boy he had always wanted to be a video game developer, he grew up very well with computers and game systems. His sister was the one who wanted to become a scientist, she wanted to be in this lab, studying and helping these boys with their powers and abilities. Bumble Bee wanted to help people, watch humans grow and evolve in different genes. Aiden wanted to make them fat. When she died, Aiden felt the need to assist her in fulfilling her dream job, he owed her everything. She saved his life, a life he didn't deserve having. But if he died, who would tend to Cadillac for him? Certainly not his mother. Aiden scoffed just thinking about his mother, the demon spawn.

    His room was silent as it usually was, these papers needed to be worked on and Aiden got distracted whenever he listened to music. Thats what he wanted to happen, his phone pressing against his hip, begging to be turned on and played. Aiden had almost complied, if not for the sharp metallic smell of blood, it stung his nose and twisted his stomach. He knew that smell all to well. The Iron pressed against his skin for the second time that week, drops of crimson tainting the porcelain of the sink... Her concerned voice as her slender hands gripped his wrist, the wrist white knuckling the razor blade. He was lost in himself, and he couldn't find his way out. He only stared at the pink water, a blank expression. Her lips against his bruised knuckles "Aiden, Aiden sweetie listen to me...Don't give up on this life, there will be so much more happiness when we leave home... We will be away from mother, move to another country where she wont be able to find us. I promise....Aiden.. please... put the blade down." The razor fell down onto the hardwood, and Aiden collapsed, all his energy leaving his body. Tears streaming down his face as she held him, the smell of her lavender jade perfume filling his nose. The smell so comforting. The whispers of his sisters voice in his head "You can't keep doing this to me, Aiden"

    He should have stopped that day, thrown the razor away as soon as he could. But he was addicted, never thinking it would go any farther. He was only 13 at the time. And he had stained her favorite blouse, the blood stains never came out, like a brutal reminder of what Aiden had put her through. The voice of someone new drove him from his thoughts, the smell still knotting his stomach. Lifting his head to face the tall man at his side, a slight smile forming on his face. "You smell like Rust. Must you always come in and remind me that you are a maniac? Or is this your way of telling me that you are going to take me to lunch?" Aiden's smile got wider, leaning back from the back rest of the chair he folded his arms lazily. The past getting lost behind his head once more. "I'm not one for dates, but if you are paying then I'm happy to comply." He would pay for his own meal of course, but he was a flirt. He couldn't help it, even if he found the man psychotic.
  20. Yuu Nozomu

    "You smell like Rust. Must you always come in and remind me that you are a maniac? Yuu's eyes narrowed for the slightest second, his expression growing rather demented upon being called a maniac. He had never enjoyed that word. He was not crazy, and for someone he had graced the privelage of being an "aquaintance" to call him such a word nearly sent him over the roof. He remembered the last person that had been stupid enough to call him crazy. Let's say that he made a nice pair of human skin shoes and sold them on the black market. Just the memory of his screams sent a chill of excitement through him. He smiled again, but this time it was more sadistic than anything else. "It is not insanity, Dr.Aiden. It is genius."

    "Or is this your way of telling me that you are going to take me to lunch?" Yuu's made a small gasp and lightly placed his hand over his mouth, his icy blue eyes widening. "Oh! Is it time for that already? I must have been down there longer than I had expected...Well seeing as you are late, as usual, I don't see why we should have lunch now." Yuu gave a small chuckle and brushed a bit of hair from his face, his eyes narrowing once more. "I would not be as brash to call it a date, dear Dr., but I would possibly call it an outing. In regards to paying, you're a big boy so I am sure you can oblige for the both of us." He turned slightly and leaned against Aiden's doorway, glancing silently at his wall of pictures before glancing back down at him. "Just now...you looked rather pained..." His eyes widened again as he gave Aiden his full attention. "You looked a little like Victim 57 just before his idiotic little head exploded. You should have seen it. It was rather...interesting." Yuu had wanted to say 'beautiful', 'glorious', 'delicious' or something along those lines, but had settled with a simple 'interesting'. He clucked his tongue once more and lightly brushed his hands against his blood stained labcoat, speaking absent-mindedly. "Might need to lower the dosage next time...don't want to soil anymore pretty labcoats...don't want anymore filth soiling my lovely lab..."

    When he glanced back up at Aiden, his expression was rather stolic as he asked. "What sack of filth-" He paused then and gave a small cough, adjusting and turning his expression into a light smile. "What...charming young man...yes that is right... What charming young man have you been assigned to? I am not sure who mine is yet, but if I cannot remember, then I will simply pluck one while they are alone..."
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