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    +about the plot+

    ..I really hope this is the right place to post this..
    well, I've had this RPG knocking around on my PC for a while..it was named something else but I thought this was waay more apt :] this RP came into fruition after reading lord of the flies, maxium ride and Boys' next door :]

    Dark Flowers is an RPG that centres around the relationships and aspects of human nature in a way most.. different. Our story follows six young men who showed supernatural abilities from a young age and were ether kidnapped or given to the laboratory known as Dark.inc whereupon they'd stay for much of their lives.

    The scientists that run the laboratory can be cruel or kind, but many tend to be cruel to the boys.. subjecting them to all kinds of strange things, but.. what if as the years have gone on, a love starts to bloom.. a forbidden love? A dark love?

    The boys themselves ether stick together or are forced farther apart by the scientists. Some of the boys may even willingly form a relationship with a scientist to keep themselves safe, or at least safer. But what if the need for safety becomes something more?
    What Dark flowers of love will bloom in the stainless cold halls of the laboratory?

    +type of RPG+

    so this RPG is more or less a Yaoi one, but if you want to have your character as a heterosexual.. that's fine to, but predominantly it's Yaoi :]

    the boys ages are all in between 16 and 19, and the scientists are from 20 and up. There are six boy spots and six scientist spots, however more characters and spots may become available at a later date.. if all spots are not filled by the next week then all the people who have joined will get to make extra characters!

    The boys can also have romantic relationships with each other, as can the scientists.. so don't feel limited just to the boy+scientist scenario :]

    The RPG itself is what we make of it, it can be warm and fuzzy romance or doom and gloom. That really depends on you, dear reader :]

    if you have any questions, please ask :]

    • all normal rules apply, like no god moddingand be nice in OOC​
    • all types of writters and post lenghs are welcome here..​
    • if things get to.. mature.. please fade to black or move to PM :]​
    • when picking your power if a boy, please make sure it's not to overgoded​
    • that's it, have fun!​
    reserve area:

    boy 1: me
    boy 2:Jessica2477
    boy 3:Lucian Ravenscar
    boy 4: Karo
    boy 5: TheGothicbeauty
    boy 6:WitchesRayvyn

    scientist 1:Daigneault
    scientist 2:Haneul
    scientist 3: Gladis
    scientist 4:Leucothea
    scientist 5:
    scientist 6:​
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  2. >.> …I would be interested in this. What would you consider too powerful for a supernatural ability?
  3. I too would be interested in this as one of the boys. Perhaps a scientist as well if not enough people join.
  4. I would like to reserve a sadi- I mean scientist spot, please!
  5. hi! thanks for showing interest and it'd be nice if you joined :] the only supernatural ablity I would consider to be to powerful would be one like Lucy's from Elfen lied.. that hard core killing power with a pretty good range and no weakness.. or a power that could make a person invunerable for s time :]

    and yay! I'll reserve both of you :] thanks for joining!
  6. In that case, count me in ^.^ I could double up as a boy and scientist as well, if needed.
  7. awesome! thanks for joining! which would you prefer to reserve for now? :]
  8. okay! would you guys also like me to get the OOC and the form area up ASAP? :]
  9. Hi everyone :] just so you guys aren't waiting around for me.. I've put up the OOC thread and the signups :]
  10. I'd love to join as a scientist.
  11. Yay! thank so so much for joining, and I'll reserve you right now :]
  12. Can you reserve me a spot Yumi? Boy, please, though I can bring a scientist later if needed. :)
  13. yay! I'll reserve you! :]
  14. I might join. Not sure. I'm swamped with role-plays but am currently only in one yaoi role-play and I really want to be in more. Sooo I'll thin about this one. :)
  15. hi! and okay, it would be awesome if you joined.. but I understand (being through it myself) the feeling of being swamped by RPGs :] and thank you for your interest! :]
  16. I would love to reserve a boy if that is alright. Im just curious, I might have missed it, but what ages can the boys be?
  17. hi! thank your for your intrest and thanks for joining! :] I'll reserve you :] boys can be anything from 16 to 19 :]
  18. I would also be interested in taking a boy and if need be to get the RP started I'd be willing to double up with a scientist as well!
  19. yay! thanks for joining! :] I'll reserve you :]