Dark Fantasy (The Realm of Rathgaria) {Looking for people willing to join}

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  1. I am checking to see if anyone would be willing to join a little rp I've been plotting fir awhile. There is a good amount of lore I've come up with for it though it is mostly optional. It would be centered around the world the characters are in and how they interact with the challenges they face. These challenges could take the form of the villain, or of situational and environmental obstacles. I would be fine with romantic elements and I would have a reltively large list of races to choose from, all I want is to see if anyone would be interested.

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  2. I am also open to questions
  3. Definitely always interested in fantasy rps~ More info and race list would be wonderful!
  4. Got it
  5. Thank you! ~
  6. I have now made an Ooc/ Signup area, go there if you are interested!
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  7. Any way you could link me? I can't find it :x
  8. Ar stranded Vampire Princesses welcome?
  9. Yes
  10. 10 out of 10 would join :)
    Also what @Venna said - some info on the rases and the nature of the obsticles would be nice :)
  11. Check out the OOC/Signups page for races and info
  12. @Aleksandar
    Just click the text a few posts up that says OOC/Sign ups, and it will take you to the thread that has the info! ~
  13. Thanks guys, sorry for being inadequate, I'm still new to this site :D
  14. Its all good
  15. I like what you have so far, just wondering what the central plot may be that would start us off. And where the points of geography you have mentioned are in the world of yours.
  16. I like what you have so far and very interested in joining, just wondering what the central plot will be that starts us off into the story.
  17. The cenral plot is slightly explained in the race list but allow me to expand on it. About 10 years ago (in the world) The Demons and Angels begn appearing out of portals. Once they found eachothers presence in this world, an all out war between them began. Different races sided with the different sides, Demon and Angel. Some remained neutral because the conflict did not affect them, though this is met with increased pressure from each side to join them. One of the two sides is the truly evil one, the question is, which one? That is where the "heroes" come in, it will be up to the players/writers to decide which path they choose and I will show how that affects the war. An example ofa situation would be, the team plunders rare treasures from a tomb an old hermit told them about. By giving the treasures to the angels, they could pay for more armor, weapons and soldiers. By giving it to the demons, they could sacrifice the items to create another rift to bring in more or stronger demons.
  18. As for geography, I will be making a map and posting it in a bit. But to clear things up, thi is where different races will usually start, though you can deviate as you wish as long as youcan exlain it

    Badlands: Badland Drgons, Demons, Dark Elves, Underground Naga

    Oceans, Rivers, Seas: Ocean Dragons, Ocean Naga

    Mountains:Dwarves, Mountain Dragons, Underground Naga

    Forests: Wood Elves, Forest Naga, Fae

    Citys/Towns: Angels, Humans, Wood Elves, Dwarves

    Sky Citys: Angels
  19. Sounds good, sorry for the double post. My computer bugged out when I first posted.
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