Dark Fantasy ~ The misty fey beings of the North

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  1. SETTING: Dark Fantasy ~ The misty fey beings of the North
    (Medium Fantasy) Magic is not common but surely exists

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    The legends describe the misty mountains of the grand North as exceptionally dangerous. In the middle of those mountains, resides a tropical jungle called El'Toria. Lot's of adventurers have traveled there and never came back. It always has been a mystery to the entire world. Some say that feylike beings live in the trees and some of them even have wings! Others say that they feed themselves on flesh and blood.

    But what I am really interested into are artefacts... and you know what else they say? That in the very middle of the jungle, you can find ruins of a very old civilization.

    As Totem Plom closes his book, he sighs. As he reaches for his cup of tea he makes an order to his friend the Barman.

    My dear friend! Tonight is going to be a great night! Why not pour me some wine!
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  2. The bar was just as Drystan had expected. A stuffy and busy room, full of laughter and the usual rowdiness. Added to that were copious amounts of alcohol, making rounds on serving trays carried by busty maids. Somewhere behind the crowds one could hear the melodic plucking of a lute as well.

    Something he didn't expect though, was the curious little man entertaining the barman. A halfling, if Drystan had to take a guess, considering the short stature and pointed ears. He was reading quite loudly out of a book as Drystan took a seat at the wood counter. As far as he could gather, the book told of some dangerous jungle with mysterious creatures.

    This was all of little interest to Drystan though and he would have just grabbed an ale and sought out a dice game if not for what he heard next. Artifacts. Interesting objects and curiosities. Items that fetch high prices from the right buyers. He just had to find out more.

    So as the barman, a burly, mustached man, made his way past Drystan to fetch a bottle of fresh wine he grabbed at the barman's sleeve.

    "That's on me," he said, placing a shiny coin on the counter, "and add a mug of ale as well."
  3. As the burly barman places the cup of wine on the wood counter, he reaches to Totem and whispers: "No need to pay for this one mate, it's covered." and makes a nod towards the individual sitting a few feet away from the halfling.

    Totem was silent after receiving his cup. He would flip a few pages, while sipping on his wine. The cup was full, with a nice tone of red, going towards burgundy. Putting his nose close to his drink, quickly took a sniff at it. Making sure it's legitimate with his standards. It was.

    Taking a sip of wine, Totem places his book that is nearly his size into his backpack, where he feels it's safe.

    He whispers:"Hey Blunt(Barman) Do you know who the individual is?"

    "First time seeing him here, why don't you go talk to him? he paid you a drink bud."

    He looks over again at the individual, hesitating.

    "Of course, I will."

    Totem wasn't the most shy of all, but sometimes... just sometimes he would act weirdly socially. Even when tipsy.
    He jumps down off his seat and walks a few feet towards him and jumps back again on an other seat.

    "Well met! Thanks for the wine, didn't expect anyone to be so friendly around here."
    "Been here, been there you know. It's harsh for someone as little as me."
    "I still kick some butts, trust me. When they're looking for me, I deliver."
    "So... who are you? and... why so generous?"

    Totem raises one eyebrow with curiosity.
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  4. Drystan took a swig of the bitter liquid and watched as the little man jumped off his chair and clamber up another one nearer to him. They greeted, the halfling quickly continuing the conversation. It seemed that things would work out easier than Drystan expected, perhaps it was just the alcohol that was to thank, he thought as he listened.

    "So... who are you? and... why so generous?"

    Came the inevitable question. Admittedly things had moved too quickly for him to have a fully formulated answer for it. Honesty would be the best though, or at least a half-truth.

    "Drystan. That's my name. And, unless I'm mistaken, there need not be any reason why one man can't buy another a drink. Especially if he believes he might get interesting conversation."

    "Don't you think, mister...?" Another gulp from his drink followed.
  5. Totem opened his bag where he left his precious notes. With his little hands, he grabbed his book and as he opened it, a cloud of dust formed up.
    The halfing coughed multiple times as he got ready to speak, and finally said: "Well... You're talking about the story I was telling my friend the barman, right?" He looked over Drystan with a creepy smile.

    "Those stories aren't legends. Well, at least I believe they are not. Somewhere out there, adventure awaits."
    As he flipped a couple pages, Totem looked over the human again, to see how he was reacting to his speech. Looking at his body language, Totem had a hard time distinguishing if this man was someone to worry about, or someone he could trust.

    Totem got up on his chair, moved closer to Drystan, face to face and pointed his little finger at the individual's nose.
    "You say you're looking for interesting information... what could make me believe I can trust you?"

    Totem's Insight (Wisdom) vs Drystan's Persuasion (Charisma)
    If Drystan wins, he gets to choose if he lies or not.
    If Drystan loses, he only gets to say the truth about his own agenda.

    Totem's roll: 1d20+0 = 14
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  6. Drystan had to admit he found the little man amusing. The way he spoke of the story in his book, the way he seemed to full heartedly believe in it. Few people he knew seemed to believe as greatly in something as this one. As the halfing continued talking and going through his book, Drystan finished his ale. By the time he had slammed his mug home though, the little man was face to face with him. His finger hovering not even an inch away from Drystan's nose.

    He skewed his eyes for a second, before following the arm up to look the halfling in the eye.

    "I believe I said interesting conversation, not information, my little friend." he said as he move the man's hand away with the back of his. "Trust me or trust me not, I believe the saying goes that you should give another the benefit of the doubt."

    He smiled and patted the little man on the shoulder to coax him into a seated position.

    "Though there is a bit of information I am interested in. Your name, since you have mine," he smiled.

    Success to Drystan

    Drystan's Roll: 1d20 + (1)= 17
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