GROUP RP PLOTTING Dark Fantasy RPG's need GMs.



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Ok, here's the thing. I can create worlds and backstories and things like that. However, I have never been a GM, and I don't particularly want to waste a world I've painstakingly created on my terrible gm skills. So if anyone would like to GM for dark fantasy universes please get in contact with me. I'll set up the worlds, factions, classes and everything, I just need someone to run things.

Alternatively, someone could just give me advice on being a gm.
This is something I am very interested in. I'm actually in the works of coming up with an RP that's kind of dark fantasy, but modern times... A hybrid if you will, but with very limited fantasy elements. I will post a thread up shortly with the plot line and see who and how many people are interested, but if you enjoy scene creation then I think it would be great if you would want to participate in the RP i'm about to create.

Long story short it's a modern fantasy. Supernatural beasts and being do exist but they are rare and unknown to the general population. The antagonist is an Arch-Demon who has been walking this earth for thousands of years in the shape of a man, always in the shadows and unknown, but his work is written through history. Behind every crusade, persecution, downfall of great kingdoms, was him. He manipulates individuals from the shadows, drives his victims insane with paranoia and fear, and through their state of mind they make horrible decisions whose consequences bring about chaos and disorder.

If you are interested let me know, I'll post a more detailed plot line and back story shortly, but if you have any ideas or suggestions for scenes or history let me know, and you are more than welcome to participate.