Dark-fantasy RP where we play as demons hidden in human form

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  1. Hey everyone! I've had this idea for a long time and thought I'd run it by the Interest Check forum to see if anyone would be interested in giving it a go. This idea is kind of half-formed at the moment, and so I'd also like a bit of help with fleshing this story out if you can spare some thoughts. :p

    The following is all just a preliminary take on this world and story. Let me know what you think!

    The story will take place in a sort of dark-fantasy/steampunk world where people use guns, blades, magic, ect. In this world, religion is a big part of everyday life. There is one major religion and most of the world's people are adherents of this faith. This religion has its own pantheon of gods and saints, and these deities don't just watch the world from the heavens but actively walk the earth and rule like kings.

    Eons ago, there was a civil war between two divine factions of gods and goddesses. At the end of this civil war, which tore apart all creation and caused a lot of crazy stuff to happen (maybe this was the advent of magic in the world?), the pantheon was broken in half. The side that lost the war was banished to a dark realm deep beneath the earth and were cursed to become horrible demons, while the gods who were victorious went on to rule over humanity.

    Millennia have passed, and the fallen gods, now known by humanity as a race of terrible demons, have managed to uncover a way back to the realm of humanity and to the gods that walk that plane-- the very same deities who banished them to the dark long ago. In order to cross over to the world above and carry out their revenge, the fallen gods can only manifest a small fraction of their own power in the human realm at any one time. This has led them to create "avatars", demi-gods in human form who wield a fraction of their patron god's power, to carry out their will in the human world. The avatars have all been implanted with the ravenous desires of the fallen gods from whose flesh they were made, and must journey the lands, steadily increasing in strength until the day comes when the fallen gods claim their bodies and are fully reborn into the human world.

    Despite the avatars being created by the demons for one purpose, they were not born exactly as the fallen gods intended and in essence, were 'faulty' from the onset. Each of the avatars has a degree of moral free-will and independence, and each has the capability of rebelling from their creator's grand design if he or she chooses.

    When creating our characters, we will be creating our 'avatars' (a demon disguised in human-form with advanced fighting capabilities as well as a burgeoning mastery in a certain type of magic), as well as their patron god or goddess. I'm thinking each fallen deity can have control over a certain aspect of existence--be it elements, emotions, ect, and the avatars can inherit some aspect of this power. The avatars would maybe have to do some not-so-nice things in order to increase in strength, like maybe devour human souls or something like that.

    The avatars are born as ageless, fully-formed men and women. They can change their human form at will, but tend to have a favored visage. Beneath their human disguises, they appear as otherworldly beings that can be frightening, beautiful, or anywhere in between.

    The fallen gods can be as crazy-looking as you want. I'm thinking them having insane Lovecraftian-forms could be interesting. :p

    So yeah, that's the basic pitch of the story. Besides that, I'm thinking the human world could be in the middle of a Game of Thrones-like civil war or something in order to make the journey above interesting.

    What do you guys think? Any ideas or comments?
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