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  1. Cold, ice-blue eyes gazed at a setting sun as it bid farwell and sunk into an ocean of sapphire, breaking yet another beautiful movie ending horizon. Ever since he could leave his living space, Crono never missed a sunset. He owed the others that atleast. His blue eyes soon scanned the scene below him, a small shipping dock that illuminated with flood lights that pointed at the dock itself and out towards the ocean. This was part of a giant futuristic looking lab/military base that was located on an island a few miles away from the coast of California. It came complete with Communication towers, labs and a lot more that was located below ground.
    A monotone female voice blared out of a crackling interom that rang throughout the island, causing Crono to look out at the ocean, red haunting blips of light breaking its horizon as the sky became dark.
    "Attention all armed personnel please report to the shipping dock. New subjects are now arriving. Again, all armed personnel please report to the shipping dock."
    His eyes widened as a medium-sized ship slowly came into view, approaching the dock as armed guards marched in lines of all black with assualt rifles at their sides.

    "No one deserves to be in this hell hole.." He sighed as made is way back into his livng quarter's. "I just hope this batch can keep their abilities and sanity.." he mumbled as he got to his tiny windowless room. It wasn't long until men in bleach white lab coats came into Crono's room and ordered him to accompany them to the dock. His stomach became knotted as he thought about the previous subject who occupied the now empty rooms he passed on the way to their destination.
  2. Dr.Gottschalk walked by Crono's room he was honestly the only friend to poor sap had even though gottschalk was the head scientist he went to crono's room. "Crono come with me to the dock a new subject is coming to the lab and as you know protocal is for you to meet him he or she could be a great friend to you." Gottschalk told Crono as he unlocked the door to his room and ordered him out.
  3. Kazuki shuddered as the ship came to a halt. Armed soldiers walked uniformly into the bunker where the holding cells were located. His hands were roughly bond behind him. His red eyes blazed in anger as he was forcefully led through the maze of the ship. They soon made it to the deck on the ship. The sudden sunlight blinded him as he was led onto the dock.
  4. A young girl was sitting quietly in her cell on the ship, her legs dangling from the high bench since she was certainly short for her age. She tilted her head a bit and looked up when she heard a noise, squeaking quietly and jumping when the door to her cell yanked open. She shivered a bit, looking up to the guard that was meant to take her out with her whole form trembling, and she shakily stood since she could tell that he wasn't going to be gentle with her. She flinched as he jerked her around, putting shackles onto her wrists, and she stumbled a bit as she was shoved out of the cell. She looked back to the guard and then began walking along, her steps a bit clumsy from her shaky form, and soon she got out to the exit of the ship. She shuddered when she felt the first heat of the outside, the inside of the ship freezing cold, though she kept walking along, stepping down onto the docks and glancing around with a lowered head, taking in small breaths to try and keep herself calm.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.