Dark Escape: Family Edition

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  1. A Family of Five with a Baby on the way decide to take one last vacation before the arrival of the new family member. However, things don't go as planned. The Mansion they decide to stay in after their Car breaks down is haunted and is monster infested. Whoever is in the Mansion is watching their every move. Can they escape with their lives? Or will they die trying?
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  2. Stepping inside the brightly lit hallway, William shed his dark coat and hung it neatly upon the jacket rack that sat idly in the corner. It had been a particularly busy day but it was expected due to the increase of allergies during the spring season. He must have prescribed a dozen inhalers in the last six hours. Though having been able to leave the office a few hours early he had made sure to tend to all of the more ill patients, leaving his colleagues little to worry about after his absence.
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  3. Ashley was taking a nap in the living room. This far in her pregnancy, which is seven and a half months, almost eight, she was almost always tired. She has yet to reveal the gender of her baby as well. Seeing that they already had two daughters, Ashley honestly wanted a Son. A few minutes after she woke up, she heard the front door open. She stretched out her arms and her legs before straightening out her white dress, which went down a little below her knees. As she sat up, she slipped on her fluffy white bunny slippers, which were probably the most comfortable compared to everything else because she increased in shoe-size thanks to her ankles swelling up consistently, although she found a way around that before she had her second daughter. She also slipped on her Night-Robe, which was also Pearl White before going into the Hallway to give her husband a quick hug and a kiss. "How was work today, sweetheart?" She rested one hand on her stomach before wrapping her arm around his waist.
  4. As she walked home from school, Lillian focused her attention on the soft thud of her own footsteps against the concrete. She had her nose stuck in a worn dog-eared copy of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, though she wasn't really reading it. Her gaze seemed to go straight through the book, as she stared blankly into space. She had had a bad day at school, and though this wasn't entirely unusual, it had still managed to get her down.

    She sighed slightly, pushing a strand of hair that had fallen out of her ponytail back behind her ear.
    Upon reaching her house, she stood up a bit straighter, shifting so the weight of her backpack didn't seem so bad. She smoothed her t-shirt down over her black shorts, and wiped her converse sneakers off, before going to unlock the door and step inside.

    "Mom? Dad?" She called, forcing a smile. "Are you guys home? I'm back."
  5. A simple but genuine smile slipped into place as William accepted his wife's greeting. "Its been the same as always," Came his smooth reply before gently caressing Ashley's ever growing belly. Though he was already the father of two very precious daughters there could never be too many children in his opinion. He was of course very curious of what gender his coming child would be but Ashley had remained ever stubborn through the months and kept it secret. It had caused quite a spark of childish war between them as William had began steadily trying to trick her wife into slipping up and of course earning her prompt rebuttal at his impatient teasings. He cupped her cheek gently in his hand and leaned in for a kiss when the sound of the door opening caught his attention.

    "Were in the living room, Lily," He called, kissing his wife's forehead instead.

    Ever since his little Lillian had turned ten she had asked if they would stop calling her 'sweety' and 'muffin' but refer to her as either Lily or Lillian. At first it had come as a shock but he of course obliged to her request. His little girl was growing up and if she wanted to stop being babied then he would reluctantly comply. But at times the 'independent lady' would revert right back to being the six year old girl who would ask him for an extra piece of cookies when mother wasn't looking.
  6. There was a lot of playful banter between her and William over the gender of the baby. When he started caressing her belly, she couldn't help but smile. Ashley was really stubborn about revealing the gender of the baby as well, but it wasn't like her hormones helped. Her Mood Swings did get worse and worse over the course of the pregnancy, so she tried to limit interaction with herself and her daughters as a result, so they don't think she's blowing up on them for no good reason. Luckily William has been very patient with it. When he kissed her forehead after welcoming Lily home, she began resting her head on his shoulder as she cradled her swollen belly.
  7. Lillian walked into the living room, slipping her backpack off of her shoulder and throwing it into the corner as she did so.
    She paused for a moment, staring at her parents. It was still strange to her, to see her mother pregnant. She wasn't sure how she felt about it. On one hand, a new baby in the house would be fun; but then again, younger siblings could be pretty obnoxious. She personally hoped it would be a girl. She didn't mind her own little sister much, but her friends were constantly complaining about how annoying little brothers could be. The way they made it out, all little boys were the devil, and she would be lucky if she never had to deal with having one for a sibling.

    She shook her head slightly, crossing her arms. "I got a B- on my biology quiz." She huffed, her expression turning to one of annoyance. "And I even studied and everything this time. I just couldn't remember the differences between meiotic and mitotic cell division." She paused for a few moments, before tilting her head to the side. "What was your day like?"
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  8. Amelia had been reading a small chapter book she checked out from her school library. She was practically stuck into the plot of the story, but soon snapped out of it as she heard to voice of her older sister. Putting a thumb in between the page she was on, she closed the book slowly.

    Her chocolate-brown eyes left the book and she looked over to the older girl. The 12-year-old sent a small smile over to the 15-year-old and replied, "My day was okay. . .I didn't really do that much except run around in p.e."

    The youngest Gilcrest loved everyone in her family very much and was sometimes quiet. Nevertheless, she liked to silently spend time with her mother, father, and older sister. Though Lily sometimes scared her when she felt like, she loved her no matter what.

    "It's okay if you got a B- in your biology quiz. As long as you tried, I think it's fine," she commented on her sister's annoyance of her own quiz result.
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  9. Ashley showed leniency towards Lily in terms of her getting a grade that she deemed horrible. As long as she didn't get a C or anything below that, Ashley was okay. Primarily, her focus was on her unborn baby. Unknown to her beloved husband, Ashley has been having a lot of vivid dreams. However, that was something that came with pregnancy, much to her dismay. Amelia, as usual, was happy and cheery. Both of her daughters grew so fast. Lily was already fifteen and Amelia was already twelve. They had a loving mother and a loving father. While she wasn't sure how Amelia felt about her being pregnant, she knew that Lily was a bit iffy about it. "So how do you two feel about Mommy having another baby?" She asked them both. Ashley already knew that William was excited, her too.
  10. Lillian glanced over at her younger sister, sighing slightly. Her sister always seemed so optimistic. Of course, this wasn't exactly a bad thing, but sometimes it made Lillian feel as if the younger girl just couldn't understand the importance of some problems. "I guess so," She said, sighing slightly. "I was just hoping for a good grade, is all."

    She paused, glancing over at her mother. She was quiet for quite some time, not sure how to respond.
    "Oh um... it's nice, I guess." She said finally. "Yeah... really great." She tried to sound enthusiastic, but it didn't really work.
  11. Amelia had noticed Lillian's attempt of trying to seem enthusiastic at their pregnant mother's question. The young girl decided to go against her little urge to pester her older sister since she did not want to make her mother's change or anything. Her smile grew bigger while she looked at their mother.

    "I can't wait! I really hope the baby is a boy," responded the young girl, her eyes were practically sparkling in excitement. Amelia had always wanted a younger sibling. Someone she would be able to teach the things she had learned of what and what not to do. The girl was giddy and looked like she was going to bounce around the room at any given moment.
  12. Hopefully Lillian wasn't bummed out that much about her grade on her test. After all, it wasn't like she failed a final. Ashley knew that her daughter worked very hard in school like she has, and admired her determination. However, she shouldn't let one horrible grade bring her down. A B- wasn't all that bad. Not to her at least. "You studied very hard for that test, so don't worry too much. Its not like me and Dad are expecting you to get onto the Honor Roll." Lillian's response about the baby disappointed her, and did kind of make her want to cry, luckily for her, Ashley wasn't feeling very moody at the moment. It could be that Lillian was jealous of the baby, afraid that she will be neglected once the baby is born. When Amelia showed her excitement, Ashley smiled at her little girl. "Well, we still don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl. But we'll find out before the end of tonight."

    Unknown to the rest of the Family, Ashley had a cake in the Refrigerator. The cake was key to revealing the gender of the baby. William's stubbornness was going to come to an end. Because her belly started hurting, she started holding it as she leaned into her husband's shoulder, slightly pecking his cheek with her nose.
  13. A patient and understanding smile graced Williams lips as he listened to his families chatter. He took into account Lily's satisfactory grade but disappointment at not having reached the goal she had sought after. She was a truly brilliant child and he admired her ambitions towards her studies but hoped that one day she would understand what is perfect to what a person is capable of. At the same time he could also see how perhaps having a new addition to the family was not much cause for enthusiasm to his eldest daughter. He was well-aware of his more than recurring absence towards his family; work being more or less the main cause, leaving his wife to care for their children in his place. It also became Lilian's responsibility to care for her younger siblings. Though she remained more neutral towards the prospect than disliking the notion completely.

    In stark contrast, Amelia remained ever zealous for a younger baby brother. William shared her wishes for he too was eager to experience what it was like to have a son.

    "Though if you do wish to be part of Honor Roll and higher degrees of position then continue well with your studies," He added, giving Lily an encouraging smile. He didn't once doubt that she of all children would be capable of it.

    With an eyebrow quirked in curiosity, William gave his wife a questioning stare. The subject of all his proddings were possibly going to be revealed that night captured his full attention. Before he could pursue the subject further however he suddenly noticed his wife's evident discomfort and easily provided the support she needed to remain standing.

    "Are you alright love?," He asked, vaguely concerned. Having performed many births in his time William was well aware that the pains were only a passing period and signified the babies healthy growth. He still could not help but worry.
  14. She took a deep breath...Not the good kind either. Not that she was in extreme pain, but her contractions were acting up. "I'm fine...I think." It was still too soon for her to be giving birth, plus she wanted one more vacation with the family before she has the baby. She continued to hold her stomach. "I should probably go sit down. My stomach hurts." She took another deep breath as an actual contraction slipped by. Since she only felt it around her abdomen and not her back, she didn't really worry. Today, they were at least two to three hours apart, but this was normal in the third trimester. "The Baby's getting heavy..." she said before letting go of her husband and walking over to the Living Room couch to relax herself. Her back started aching, but that went away as she relaxed herself and placed a pillow behind her back. She then took one more deep breath before inviting her children and husband over to join her. Because Amelia seemed the most excited, Ashley started with her. "If you'd like, Amelia, you can listen to the baby."
  15. The young girl had a concerned expression. Her mother sounded like she was in a lot of pain. Amelia frowned, but soon kept her lips in a straight-line as she did not want anyone to see that she was going out of her usual optomistic and always happy character. After following the others to the couch and hearing her mom suggest that she were to listen to the baby, Amelia had a look of surprise on her face. She soon snapped out of her little daze and cocked her head a bit.

    "I can. . .? Are you sure?" she hesitantly asked her mother.
  16. Though Lillian didn't seem very taken with the idea of listening to the baby, she did seem rather interested in learning it's gender. With brows furrowed, she took a step forward, crossing her arms. She stared silently at her younger sister for a few moments, before glancing back over at her mom. She seemed slightly concerned, though not much. Her mom had gone through two pregnancies and been just fine, so she didn't see why this time would be any different. Besides, she figured that sort of stuff was normal when you were expecting.

    "Why have you made us wait so long to see if it's a boy or a girl anyways?" She interrupted, tilting her head to the side slightly. "When my friend's mom got pregnant they got to find out what it was going to be a lot earlier on than this."
  17. Ashley nodded at her little girl. Usually, the only person that liked listening to the baby was William. Seeing how Amelia was excited for the baby's impending birth, perhaps it was her turn. Plus, it's cute whenever older siblings listen to their baby sibling's heartbeats when they are still inside Mommy's belly. Or at least that's what Ashley thought.

    She then turned to her older daughter, who, like William, seemed to be in a hurry to find out the sex of the baby. "Well, I figured it's be a big surprise to the rest of you. Besides, it's more fun that way." She said, caressing her belly, as the baby was active and she was trying to calm it down.

    After talking to her daughters, she turned to her husband. "How do you feel, sweetheart? About me having another baby?" She asked, even though he was fond of having a Family.
  18. "Well... I don't think it's much fun waiting around." Lillian said. "A better word would be excruciating."
    Never having been a very patient person, she sighed slightly, running a hand through her hair.
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