Dark Descent (Me & A.L.)

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  1. Chaos would slowly push her blue hair out of her eyes and looked about her as a cold wind drifted through the bright night that was lit by a full moon. The girl would move down the street heading towards the newest club in town. She had once thought she knew the owner but it seemed to have changed owners over the last week, she had heard from a friend that some new mobster had taken over. Chaos decided that she wanted to look into it and see what was up, she had never been to this club before. Chaos slowly made her way down the sidewalk dressed in long black pants, a bright cobalt blue shirt with netting for sleeves. She wore a red leather jacket, on her feet she wore a pair of combat boots that were the blackest of leather, she had no weapon except for a knife in her pocket which she hardly had to ever use.

    As she made her way into the club her eyes would narrow as a shiver shot op her spine, she felt her gut clench as she saw a bouncer who looked rather familiar. She felt eyes on her but she tried to relax and put it behind her, she would try to relax and enjoy something new for once. She would slowly make her way to the bar where a tender would bring up a whiskey and hand her the tumbler. "Whiskey on ice, I has a feeling that you would enjoy it." he said with a smile. She nodded her head, cocked it slightly to the side and took the drink. Slowly she would drown her glass unaware that the man was a henchman of the clown prince of crime, The Joker himself. She shook her head when he asked her is she wanted another. "I want a clear head so I can dance with out toppling over." she said smiling.

    Slowly she would make her way towards dance floor only to lean against the wall as she felt her vision leaving her, her head growing heavy and her mind was dull. She would slowly make her way towards one the back private rooms where she would slump onto a couch and shut her eyes. Before she knew it she would pass out unaware that her life was about to change forever. "Here she is boss, you were right...those drugs did knock her on her ass." A goon said. Hearing a voice poor Chaos would slowly open her eyes and looked around her, she had been moved so she was sitting up, she was aware her hands were unbound but for some reason she knew that she was too weak to use her powers. "Ah....great just who I needed to run into." she hissed when her black and red eyes landed on The Joker in front of her. "What do you want?" she asked lowly.
  2. "Hey Boss, that blue haired girl is outside waiting to get in. Whattya want us to do?"

    "It seems the canary has found her way back into the cage again boys."

    Yanking open the right desk drawer, tattooed hands rummaged through the mess. "Guns...guns...oo brass knuckles! Ah...here we go, just what we need. A little magic powder to make her feel so....happy!" the voice snickered. The man tossed the little baggie to Rocky, his lead henchmen who positioned himself by the door. "Give that to the bartender! Tell him my birdie came back! Just like i knew she would!...hehe...he..he.. HA..HA..HA..HA.."

    The Joker leaned back in his chair and plopped his shoes upon the desk with a 'thud'. Smirking he watched his men leave the room and grabbed the remote to turn on the cameras. Blood shot eyes squinted as he watched the screen, the bartender was serving her the spiked whiskey. In less then 10 minutes she would be stumbling about the place in a confused haze and he could make his move.

    ---20 minutes later ---

    The club he had recently purchased was built next to an old warehouse. He too owned the warehouse and now he his plans were falling into place. After breaking a few walls down and redecorating, the Joker had himself a cozy lair. Waltzing through a back door, he found himself in the ware house's main garage. Big tv screens had been set up and couches for his men, he had something he wanted his new pet to see.

    He wasn't a conventional man but he did enjoy a few good laughs. Standing at a solid six foot, he was covered in tattoos. Most found him intimidating, bright green hair and pastey complexion. His teeth had spots of silver and gold, matching the chains that dangled from his neck. He wore white face paint and red lips, after all he was the Joker. Everyone in Gotham had their own thing, even if he did end up in that batch of chemicals on accident. He was who he was and no one was going to change that.

    Making his way to the center of the room, he could only smile as the girl came to life. Her eyes narrowed and he gave a chuckle before motioning to his men to leave. "Well my dear there are many things I want. But I brought you here to show you some new information...it is pretty important. It was just my luck that you...stumbled into my new club. I should say."

    Lifting his hand to his face he covered his mouth and his eyebrows lifted high with excitement. Tattooed on his skin was the spitting image of his own mouth with the biggest grin. Pointing over to the tv screens, he twisted his cane in the other hand. Removing his hand he continued to speak, "You see...I have information on your family. And....documents...from the Bat."

    Side stepping he got closer to Chaos and grabbed her face between his hands. Leaning his face down, his green eyes looked at her closely. "Tell me birdie...does such information not...interest you?" he mused.
  3. Chaos stared at him, took him in with her strange black and red eyes, she had no pupils to them. Most people were disgusted or scared to look her in the eyes, she knew he was not. However as he grew closer, her brow narrowed staring over at the screen then looking back at him. However when she felt the warm hands on her face she glared at him, her lips twisted back and she snarled at him, her canines were pretty much fangs. "So what if you have information on them. My family is long dead, I already know who the suspects are." Chaos grunted as her hand moved grasping at his wrist. She could feel her body nearly tremble from the lack of her powers, she was scared of what he would do to her now that she was so vulnerable. She grasped his wrists with both her hands but her nails did not dig into his skin like she wished she could do. "You know your messing around more with a monster than some innocent little bird?" she hissed at him.

    She knew she could pull his hands away from her face but she did not want to anger him, he seemed to be in a good mood which would be safer for her until her powers were back. "What kind of information do you think your going to sell to me? I know why you want me, I can see it in those green eyes of yours." she hissed. Her left moved from his wrist and she brought her head back trying to keep a bit of space between them. "I mean if you found out who killed my parents then I would be interested in hearing what it is. However if your wanting me to work for you......I would have to say no. I work alone, I do not take sides. You and the bat have your own problems, you should work them out." she growled again as her blue hair fell against her forehead. She could see why Harley liked him, however with Harley gone, ran off with Deadshot or Captain Boomerang she knew The Joker must be getting lonely and desperate, she knew something what going on in that green capped head of his.

    "Look you clown, I know your Harley is gone but I am not her, I will never be her. I am my own person and hundreds of more times powerful than most Meta Humans in Gotham." she whispered as she grasped his wrist again and pulled her head free from his grasp now. "I may think about it however if you have something good and if you play nice, only if you play nice. Drugging me was a little unprofessional you know?" she hissed. "I didn't know you took over for Little Jimmy but I guess you offed him to get the club. I thought I saw your goons slinking around the docks a couple a weeks ago." Chaos smirked slightly her fangs showing from her grin. However she still was keeping her eyes on him and they were wary, she knew he could snap at her any point. She clenched her fists and bit her lip wishing she could stand but she would just fall if she tried anything. Chaos stayed put on the couch, her eyes watching him non stop, though she glanced at the screen from time to time.
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