Dark Dawn Chapter 1: The Forge

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  1. "It is August 12, 1998, my research thus far has shown signs of the sun preparing a massive dispersal of energy. If my predictions are accurate, all technology upon the surface of this world will be rendered useless, which could result in an unfathomable amount of death and damage to our civilization. Work has already begun on great underground shelters that will safely carry our people through time until we can rebuild and thrive again, though my calculations have not garnered any fruitful results on a timeframe. Project NOAH is estimated at the time of completion to be able to house up to 40,000 families dotted across the American Continent. I've heard no news about the goings on or preparations of other countries at the moment, and I can only hope that they're ready."
    -Excerpt from the Journal of Dr. Giorgio Starkson 1999/08/12

    "Two Hundred cycles ago, the heavens descended upon our world in a bathe of lite, and from this lite came the Sky Master. His anger was felt all around the land, and it was he who cleansed the land of the demo of electricity, teaching us how powerless we truly were. The people who came before us are gone now, and many of the tribes have been taken over by the Sky Master’s beasts. The residual magics the Sky master left after his declaration of war that day forced changes to happen to some of us, our bodies changed, and quite a few of us have gain magical power, the Chorizu rose, but the land saw to separate us and confuse us as the grate stone Vulcans caused grate destructions of fire. Death took upon its nightmarish black wings many who were near the mountains of smooth rock. More residual magics spewed down upon us taking even more of our people into the ground and clouds with only the Sky Master to blame for it." - Excerpt from a Tribal Shaman’s writings circa 2203 during the explosion of a Nuclear Plant near what used to be the Mojave Desert

    “Honey?” She said, her voice plagued by irritation and grogginess. “Honey, what are you doing it’s….” She paused as she noticed a bright light filling the room, and confused she looked over at the alarm clock on her table, however she found that it no longer displayed anything. Her husband closed the curtains and turned to face her, but even with the curtains closed, all she could see was a silhouette.
    “Don’t bother,” He started, his voice showing signs of uncertainty and confusion, “Nothing turns on anymore, it’s just like that doctor said on TV, and all of the electronics are turning off.” His arm soon wrapped around her, trying to comfort her as she was starting to break down.
    “What time is it?” She asked.
    “Last I was able to check 2:30 am, that was the last time I saw the news, something really big ripped through the Chrysler Building, and that’s when everything died out, then light just filled the sky like it was sunrise, but that's not a few more hours....:"

    Chapter 1: The Forge:
    This Chapter will concern the Lily Tribe’s representatives being sent from home to known villages in order to forge an allegiance with them, a tactic to thrive in these times. This will be the majority of the Chapter until the presence of a large group of emergers appear from a living Dragon’s Mouth, thus leading to Chapter two

    Chapter 2 (Coming Soon) : Emergence Day
    Chapter 3 (Coming Soon after Chapter 2 Comes) : Misplaced Trusts
    Chapter 4 (To Be Determined as to whether Chapter 2 or 3 ever comes to be played out fully) : Legacy of the Gods
    Chapter 5 (Speculative Concept for now) : Fall of Mounte Oliampa
    Chapter 6 (Probably won’t be seen) : Homewards
    Chapter 7 (Simple Thought) : 2514 CE

    If you’re going to use technology, you’re character will have to be from an underground NOAH Sanctuary, alternatively it can be scavenged or built by gifted surface dwellers.

    The surface Tribes will most always represent a certain aspect of Nature, be it animals or the classic Elements of earth wind water, fire, but there are also tribes that follow shadows, the forces of light or sound, or they might simply be humans with the ability to link with the new animals that rose after the devastation.

    The Surface dwelling people will always have the use of english however their dialects are going to be devolved and to someone of intelligence they will sound as if they’re stupid.
    Chorizu are the name for surface dwellers with mutant abilities, though the abilities are known to them as Magijiss (Pronounced Mag as in Magazine, ages like the ending of the word images)

    Surviving this world of monsters and savages will be a hard task for an Emerger, though there are task forces that will at times leave the NOAH Sanctuaries for whatever reason be it failing life support systems what have you.

    Due to the devolved nature of Human beings on the surface creatures such as dragons, elves, fantasy staples are permitted, as is the use of Chorizu magiijiss.

    The SkyMaster is only speculated to be real by the surface dwellers, however, as some Emergers feel his story to be close to the story of Apollo, it’s believed that parts of it might be true regarding scientific theories that the gods of Ancient Greek Mythology might be travellers from the stars, and some paranoid scientists believe that this is a punishment from “Apollo” for depending too much on technology instead of the mystic forces the surface dwellers believe govern aspects of the world.

    Character Sheet:

    Name: Kydha (Pronounced Kee-duh)
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Race: Chorizu
    Techniques: Khagihtsira (Shadow Reaver), Khagihtsou (Shadow Wave), Saritsira (Ocean Claw)



    Abilities: Gifted with near Genius level intelligence, she can actually build NOAH technology with scavenged parts if she can follow a diagram of where the parts go and how they stay together. She is a Darkness based Chorizu and can form claws out of her shadows and water. She is also able to emit a freezing tsunami of shadow infused water, an ability she gained from her Adoptive Father the chief of the Lily Tribe

    Personality/Bio: She’s wild and reckless, causes a great deal of collateral damage in her village. She’s a sweet, honest girl who acts out because she doesn’t want to be treated like a fragile little princess by her foster Father by whom she wants to be seen as a great warrior like himself. Her real origins lie in secret and she is unknowingly adopted, the last of the Black Forest tribe that was eradicated by the Skymaster’s Dragons, she doesn’t know about the shadows inside her or why she is mostly unable to learn the Water arts save for a few techniques that her tribe teaches the Chorizu, nor does she grasp why the Sky master is an enemy other than that he destroys things.

    Weapons: Hand-made Lily Village Trench knife, twin wakizashi, L82b Kinetic Semi-Automatic Carbine (Rebuilt from Blueprints and scavenged rifles in a ruined NOAH facility called the Dragon’s Mouth Received in working condition much later)

    Signup Parts:

    Kida’s Older Adoptive Sister
    (Preordained: Ladylike nature, Ability to Manipulate Water like most Lily Village Chorizu, all else are up to the player signing up for her part)

    Kida’s Adoptive Father
    (Preordained: Calm Nature, Lighthearted and slightly stern approach to Fathering, Exasperated easily by Kida’s nature)

    Character Sheet Skeleton:








    Existing Tribes List:

    Anima Tribe: Natives of the Mohov Jungle, they appear like men bred with lions or wolves, Chorizi from this tribe exhibit the power to touch an Animal, and mimic its skills, or summon Bound Creatures to their aid. Their hand to hand combat skills come from animal instinct. They are mostly peaceful, and react violently to the Sky Master's forces, though a few have overcome this and even tamed a Dragon.

    Volcan Tribe: Natives of a newly formed volcano area in what used to be Oklahoma, These people are all Chorizi, and they exhibit the manipulation or generation of magma or heat. They rely heavily on their Volcano abilities and are not very adept with hand to hand combat. They are an easily angered tribe, and very easily offended.

    Lily Village Tribe: These natives of East Coast Oregon live in a tropical gorge, their village surrounding the opening of the river which leads to in a winding way to the Midwest Ocean. Chorizi from this tribe manipulate water and are exceptional at Martial Arts. They are calm like still water, but can be violent like the ocean in a storm.

    Cloud Village Tribe: A tribe that lives a shrouded existence in the mountains. Their chorizi have been reported to use wind and storm based techniques, and nothing is known about their culture or combat tactics.

    Radia Tribe: These Chorizi live in the ruins of a pre-fall Nuclear reactor, and have been reported as psychotic, deranged people who flip allegiances like they change clothes, their powers are based in the atoms, and have been reported to have a technique that can warp the atoms that make up the body.

    Pyre Village: Living in a scorched forest, these People have demonstrated techniques based on fire, though some have been reported to have techniques similar to the Lightning abilities of the Cloud Village. They are passionate in their beliefs, though have little allegiance to anyone, preferring to operate independently.

    Sand Ocean Tribe: The desert dwellers of the North West remains of the US, they exhibit techniques based on sand and rock. They are nomadic, traveling the desert scouring it for food, and the last bits of water that they can dig out.