Dark angels

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  1. Jake stood On the top of big ben over looking London his Pitch black wings furled on his back he sighed he heard a scream and saw a young lady being chased by 3 men he quickly reacted to this he summoned his Pitch black scythe and un-furled his wings and jumped from big ben down and flew to the three men landing in front of them "stop there..." they chuckled one said very jokingly "what are you some kind of evil angel ?"
    the three men laughed jake sighed "no I am a dark angel on of an elite force sent to protect earth from low life like you" he grabed all three of them by the collars of there shirts and threw them into a wall of an ally way where no one could see then screams of the three men could be heard jake walked out covered in blood and he smiled and flew back to big ben.
  2. Serenity, a light angel with the purest heart of them all, walked down a street. She was not visible to other human beings. She didn't like to be visible, anyway. The young angel flew up, her white wings leaving invisible feathers scattered across the pavement. She eyed a dark angel covered in blood, and slowly set down on her feet, facing the dark angel with her light blue eyes.
  3. jake saw the light angel sighed and laid back and looked up at night sky "so are you here to kill me....? if so make it swift....and clean and painless...." sighed "before you do thou let me say my name and true purpose I am jake a dark angel sent to protect this world from low life scums and take there souls....to give them new purpose and meaning..."
  4. A dark mass seemed to form right in front of the dark angel. "If killing him is what you plan to do, I may have to disagree with that." he said watching her with two fully white eyes.
  5. "Hey serenity Wait up I wanna go to earth with you" mike was a young light angle but he diffred from all the others his wings were stained black an the tips white.. no one knew the reason why but when his feathers Fell off they were always the black ones.. he looked about 18 he had only been an angle for 6 years... he smiled as she flew up she probably didn't hear me so he followed he
  6. "I'm not here to kill him, you dimwit." said Serenity, glaring at the other dark angel. "I'm on patrol today. Just here to find out what mischief you're up to.." said Serenity, looking at the blood stains on Jake. "You know Jake, there are other ways to cope with humans than to kill them." she said, writing something with a blue pen on her hand. She tucked the pen back into her short's pocket, looking at the two dark angels.
  7. "I have to disagree. Humans are already below us, but if they're so down below that they can even feed themselves what's the point of them living?" he asked the angel. Stallion grew up with that theory. He thought he was doing the right thing, by putting those humans our of their misery. He looked at himself and noticed just how much of a dark angel he was. This job was picked for him and he might as well fulfill it, no matter how right or wrong it is. "I don't see why you even try to stop us. Light angels don't seem to win against dark angels. I don't recall them ever doing so."
  8. jake hated hearing the bickering sighed and stood up and jumped off and flew away "I just want some alone time butttt nooooo jake has to be watched for he killed himself" sighed
  9. Serenity rolls her eyes. "All of you are so pessimistic. Look, people are happy to be alive. They're humans. They like life, and they all have their own goals, good or bad." lectures Serenity, her light blue eyes sparkling in the moonlight and her blond curls swaying gracefully in the wind. "I know, you have your own opinion. Nobody's right, and nobody's wrong, but I personally think that humans are made to live. If not, then what are they made for? To die? That's just the opinion of someone sad and depressed. Like all you dark angels." she says, sighing a little after each sentence. All these dark idiots never understand, she thought.