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  1. Looking for a chill/laid-back roleplay that requires a post length of at least 1-4 paragraphs. 'Mirroring' isn't necessary so long as your post has something to work with. Now that halabaloo is out of the way, let's get to the nitty gritty of all thing roleplay.

    About me

    ● I'm in my early 20's ● rp via PM or thread ● Uses Anime pictures or descriptors ●
    ● Don't come to me with seme/uke labels ● Will not participate in off-the-bat smut ●
    ● Likes people who contribute to the plot/plotting ●

    Some ideas to play with:

    ● Sadomasochism
    ● Necromancer creates his ideal lover out of corpses
    ● Age gap
    ● Vampires
    ● Prison
    ● Gangs
    ● Incest
    ● Roommates with a secret
    ● Satan and his fallen angel
    ● Assassin contracted to kill but gets into a car accident and loses his memory ; wakes up to find his target tending to his wounds
    ● Assassin hired to extort information only to find out the man he has to kill is his childhood friend or ex-lover
    ● Experiment/mythical creature captured and tortured in the name of science
    ● Zombie apocalypse (plot below)
    ● Devil in disguise as the imaginary friend of a priest's son
    ● Serial killer's apprentice
    ● His twin is found -insert years later- after being kidnapped at the age of five (can even add he was turned into a humanoid)
    ● House arrest
    ● Human Trafficking
    ● Prostitution
    ● Kpop/KRP
    ● Antagonist of a manga/book comes to life
    ● Stuck in his own work of fiction
    ● A man who suffers from Hematomania (obsession with blood) and the person who will do anything to control his urges
    ● Haunted house
    ● Suicide pact
    ● Trapped in his worst nightmare
    ● Stuck in an abusive relationship
    ● Drug abuse and fame
    ● Slaves chosen and trained to fight (think of dog and chicken fights but with human beings or the manga loveless)
    ● Loan sharks
    ● Online predator and his victim (able to incorporate chatroom, txt, and penpal style rping)
    ● Cosplay
    ● Obsessive fan / anti-fan
    ● A soul/human vessel in exchange for a wish
    ● Held hostage
    ● Black mail
    ● Quid pro quo (abuse of power)
    ● Escape convict
    ● Any sick fantasy you can think of xD

    Setting/themes based off of anime

    ● Tokyo ghoul (is currently obsessed with this anime)
    ● Owari no seraph
    ● Deadman Wonderland
    ● Kuroshitsuji

    Plot Bunnies:

    zombie / school (open)

    The mass development of bio-weaponry has found its way into the factious world of the entertainment business.
    Human rights activist and half of the United States constitution Amendments that once protected the freedom of all those who worshiped its every word has now ceased to exist. As a result, the young and juvenile generation of 2030 has run amuck as crime rates sky-rocketed higher than ever before. In order to solve what was once deemed unsolvable, the government has taken action and turned Japan into a zombie infested wasteland where those fated to spend their high school years surrounded by the undead must do everything and anything that they can to survive whilst still receiving a proper education (just in case they make it through alive).

    This setup was infamously known as a disciplinary tactic where survival of the fittest usually meant a second chance to live beyond the gates where chaos and mayhem resided. There will be tests and there will be chances to collect rewards that consist of fresh new clothes, extra food and perhaps a 5 minute phone call back home where your love ones are most likely watching you through the Television series most appropriately called ’Project-Z’.
    So the punishment is set, what you do to survive is up to you.

    Will the innocent fall prey to the rebels who are to blame for the wicked hand the government has dealt? Or will everyone work together to survive?

    Stay tune and find out on the world premiere episode of Project-Z…

    Brothers / Age gap / gangs (open)

    Character A's mother gave dating another try and, being one who didn't want to meddle in his mother's affair, he thought nothing of it. In the back of his mind, he doubted anything serious would come about until a few months later he found himself in a new home. To make matters worse, he was expected to take care of his step-brother who was no older than one years old. All was good for the most part, up until he began to ignored his responsibilities, delve into the sins of another's man's arms, and unfortunately got caught along the way. Like yesterday's trash, 'A' was thrown into adult hood so quickly that the idea of providing for himself didn't manifest in his head until the drug scene practically consumed him.

    With no restrictions, 'A' worked his way up the Mafia food chain until he was granted a position that granted him wealth and a stable way of living. Life was good for a while, that was until 'B' decided to show up on his doorstep. It seemed his family's lawyer tracked down his address and with the minor without a home, 'A' was forced to take him in. Though, such expenses for food, shelter, and water wasn't something 'A' was going to overlook. He decides to get him into the illegal business filled to the brim with prostitution, drugs, murders and everything in between. Will 'B' succumb to his brothers wishes or will he be left on the streets with nowhere else to go.

    note: not looking for a subservient, defenseless, uke personality for character B. I'm up for either character but 85% of the time I'm left with the more dominate role (which is fine) but I can't stand characters who lack personality and roleplayers who can't contribute to the plot/plot twist.

    Brother / Cross-dress (open)

    No one could explain it, there wasn’t a medical condition in the book that could possible diagnose it, but whenever Character A so much as holds a woman’s hand he breaks out in hives that were so severe, he sworn to never go on another date for as long as he may live. His brother, Character B, was convinced the skin abnormalities stemmed off of stress or some sort of deep-rooted psychological ailment he believed could be conditioned with a few well-thought out experiments. Double-dating was a bust, changing up his wardrobe so not a single inch of skin showed was a disaster, and even a ‘no-touching’ rule was just a ticking time bomb of sexual frustration waiting to happen. So, knowing everything there is to know about his brother, he came up with a plan to by-pass the first-date jitters by dressing as a girl and showing him that dating was simply a matter of getting comfortable in your own skin.

    Okay, so I just made up this plot on the spot and it needs work I suppose. I’m pretty sure this was a plot for some kind of manga or something. Idk it seems so familiar to me but if you have any suggestions to spruce up this plot then hit me up with a PM

  2. Might draw up something to propose to you via PM.
  3. You have so many cool ideas and I cannot pick T-T

    Assassin contracted to kill but gets into a car accident and loses his memory ; wakes up to find his target tending to his wounds
    Antagonist of a manga/book comes to life
    Cosplay (would love to involve cosplay)

  4. Human Trafficking sounds interesting :)
  5. I don't really have a solid plot for this but, if you're still interested, pm me and we can work out a plot together. :3
  6. I am so down for the Cross-dressing plot! That or the Devil in disguise as an imaginary friend of a priest's son
  7. I'm actually extremely interested in both the gangs and cross-dressing rps. I also have other ideas to offer within either one if you're interested.
  8. I've been wanting to try something based on Tokyo Ghoul (I'm watching it now). I only do original characters though.
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