Dare's Partner Search

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  1. About Me

    I prefer to be called Dare or Alex.
    I'm nineteen years old. I'll be twenty in two months.
    My timezone is EST.
    I've been roleplaying for five years.
    Regarding post length, I usually just match my partner.
    All planning and roleplay will be done through PMs.


    Rival Roommates
    Teacher x Single Parent
    Broken Family
    Summer Camp
    Single Parent x Babysitter
    Superhero x Supervillain

    Orphan Black
    Orange is the New Black
    The Fosters
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  2. I am interested in the single parent x teacher, or summer camp.
  3. Looks cool, interested in a few of these, hit me up if your still looking.
  4. Hi Alex.

    If you still have some time at your disposal, I would be interested in the story of Rival roommates.
    I just simply like to play my chara in funny situations, sticky ones/ and totally out of Her league.

    Rival roommates sounds very good to me. I can bring her to life with her impulsive and yet caring side of hers.

    If you want to build this story together, PM me and we discuss further.

    Thank you.
    Best regards, Kor.​