Dare to Date

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  1. So, I was thinking up some plot candies and plot bunnies, when I came across something I've never tried before. An abusive or controlling relationship. Then I thought of a way to make such an idea softer and more stomach-able to people, and I came up with 'Dare to Date'! It's a bit cliche, but it's a cliche I've never tried!

    The idea is that the school jock/bully is dared to ask out the school's shy girl, the one girl in the school who actually has no interest in him. The only girl in school that doesn't drool over his presence. She even ignores him. But his friends still dare him, and one must stand up to his reputation! As such, he waits a day and gathers just a bit of blackmail, a bit of information to make her not embarrass and refuse him. He finds out that she is actually the daughter of a well known gang's boss, and so he finds that he could date her for a taste of power in the outside world as well. He uses this blackmail, the information of who her father is, and asks her out, and thus a relationship in which she is controlled ensues.

    I would be the female in this roleplay. I would rather avoid bringing gang interaction actually into this, though it can be done. So... takers?
  2. Forgot to mention: This can be yaoi, yuri, or regular hentai.